Tunay na Tanga

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This guy is my favorite filipino. He actually faces the truth, and does a good job of presenting his views in often hilarious ways. It is in tagalog, so for those who don’t speak the language sorry, I’ll try and put up a translation. Enjoy, and you might check out some of his other stuff it’s mostly pretty good.

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    Captain PFB

    Since this blog is here primarily for foreigners, it would be great if you could edit the post to add the translation. Many of us are here for work or retirement, and don’t have the time to learn the language because we’re working OR because we want to spend our retirement enjoying our final years on the beaches and travel instead of studying a new language in our senior years.

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      huwag-kang-tanga Post author

      Here is an english translation. Some things of course don’t translate well, and you need background information so I provided comments where applicable.

      no look lane change


      no helmet


      According to recent surveys and reliable sources,
      despite the Philippines relatively high literacy rate
      filipinos are getting stupider and stupider.

      Is it because of the many tv channels available to us today?
      Is the reason we don’t use our ability to read because of the
      proliferacy of pirated cheap DVDs?

      Is it because of text messaging and yahoo messenger, that now
      we talk/text like this? (this is ridiculing the tendency of filipinos
      to use “shorcuts” or non grammatically correct speech.)


      Our brain is just like a muscle, if you don’t exercise it,
      it becomes fatty, acts lazy, rapidly decays, and turns to mush.

      So what evidence is there that the Philippines is more and more
      becoming an Eng-Eng Republic? (eng-eng is another word for dumbass)

      Eng-Eng Republic..Sigh… STUPID!!

      Look at the bus drivers on EDSA, they transport passengers,
      crash into things, and run people over.

      Everday we see motorcycle drivers out driving drunk, driving with no helmet,
      and testing the strength of concrete barriers. (A rare use of filipino sarcasm.)

      (The image translates,unbelievable the kid is the one who doesn’t have a helmet,

      Look at this, there are long ass lines in front of ATM’s because
      people don’t know what they are doing, something as simple as pushing
      a few buttons, and they won’t even ask for help even if there was a million
      people in line! why? because they are afraid someone will rob them. STUPID!

      In America they have what are called the Darwin awards. These are awards given to
      people who have done a great thing for mankind by removing themselves from society.

      Like Lesalle Leveriza(unfortunately I don’t know who this guy is but obviously he is the example of a darwin award here, I tried to find the story but no cigar)

      More evidence…Enrile as Senate President (I doubt most of you keep up on politics here,
      but this guy is the senate president he is old and slowly losing it, luckily he finally resigned just a few months ago)

      You could just call it paranoia (the belief that people are getting stupider and stupider)
      ,but making an excuse and just letting it slide would be even more stupid.

      (scene of gloria macapagal arroyo being a stupid ass declaring she won’t run for president again, but she did, and the people elected her because of her popularity among the lower classes, and she was a terrible president, she was the only one to have a negative as in below zero approval rating )

      Correction, if we let THIS (electing a moron) slide again and again, then we really are fucking stupid.

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    Yes it would be cool to have some translations cuz I don’t understand shit. Take a look at this one lol:


    The Miss Philippines 2008 I think (no sure of the year. I don’t fallow this doucherie). She looks damn hot but we can clearly feel a sac of shit in her head). How many minutes a smart guy can stay with such a fucking idiot?

    I also found that Documentary. If there’s something we must to recognize from French people (from France), is their documentaries. I watch many of does. We are pretty good at it. Brits and Americans are making very good documentaries but this art belongs to the French. They always push their documentaries farther and farther. I found a very interesting one about the shit that is going on there (for someone who never been there). Even if you wont understand what the narrator is saying, I’m sure you will understand what you will see. Check that out:


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    I need you to talk about the Filipinos fascination of the corrupt Marcos family. They love them. And talk about the terrorist organization called MILF. Lol.

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    Had another typical Filipino tanga moment this morning. I happened to get a cough again. You know what the filo in my family says is the cause? Get ready… It’s because I washed my feet too quickly after I came back from the palengke. Supposedly, you’re supposed to wait around the house with dirty, stinky, smelly feet for about an hour before washing or you’ll get sick.

    Here’s the kicker, this filo used to be an RN. Yeah, a freaking RN. She worked in the US a genuine, certified RN for many years and was often commended for her good job performance. But after retiring and coming back to the Fail-a-pines, she reverted to the primitive mind dominated by voodoo and superstition.

    What is it about this place? Even educated people who know better revert to dark ages mentality. I’m glad I’ll be leaving soon. I’m afraid that I’ll get infected with the stupidity bug and return to the US as some kind of loin cloth wearing savage.

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      I have a good one for you –

      So..my son was legit sick with a fever. I get home from work and all the lights/fans are out and all windows closed – curtains drawn. Mind you its BALLS hot outside so WTF right? Apparently when kids are sick their bodies become weak and perfect vessels for the witches roaming outside to come and take over. If you turn out all the lights and close the windows/curtains, the witches cant come inside because they will think that no one is home. I turned the AC and lights on upstairs and my mother in law cried for an hour. I swear to God this is the 100% truth.

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        Ha ha ha. Next time that happens, you should go outside and play “You’re the Best Around” from your car stereo. Play it loud enough so your family can hear it. Then punch and kick in the air like you are fighting some invisible witches. End it with the crane kick, Karate Kid style. Then go inside and say: “If done right. The witches no can defense.”

        Here’s the scene from the Karate Kid movie when the song kicks in.

        Now, go get those witches, Daniel-san.

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      One more..this is too fun

      We are all in the pool swimming having a good time. It starts to rain and there is a mass exodus OUT of the pool and under the patio umbrella. WTF!! So apparently if rain touches any part of your body here you get deathly ill. The water in the pool and shower is safe though thank GOD *rolls eyes*

      I always laugh my ass off when I see people born and raised on a tropical island scatter like roaches when it rains. You just cant make this stuff up man…

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    NeoGeo & JustJabari, I am laughing my f’ing ass off. No one in the “real world” would believe this stuff. Been here (6) years now, and not a day goes by that I don’t hang and shake my head. I have given up on caring anymore. On a brighter note, our home is on the market and will be heading home to civilization. Thanks for the stories though. At least I can laugh about it all.