Typical Philippine National Police Incompetence And Stupidity

I ran across this video on YouTube and decided to watch. I could not believe the absolute and totally incomprehensible incompetence of the PNP when some random vigilante pulls a pistol and starts firing at the assailant. NOT ONE SINGLE POLICE OFFICER REACTED. Watch how they just stand there. And then they don’t do anything at all to the idiot but shoo him away. They obviously had no concern about how good or bad a shot he was. Thankfully, we was a REALLY bad shot, and missed both assailant and hostage. Yet they still let him run around with a gun in this situation that the OBVIOUSLY had no control over.¬†

My god what complete brain dead idiots!


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    Hey Joe

    All this dumbfuckrey surrounded by spray paint on the walls… don’t piss here..don’t piss here.. don’t piss here..don’t piss here.
    The average viewer would never know that. I just thought it added to all that IS the philippines.
    Keystone cops standing around.. which way did he go George??

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    Phil Doh

    I like how they send in the SWAT team, and the only SWAT gear they seem to have is their SWAT team t-shirt (typical pinoys pretending to be something they’re not).

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    MANILA HOSTAGE CRISIS: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=E1dyKiJHCEk
    I think this has been discussed many times here, but what the hell?

    Just look at how they made retarded decisions at EVERY turn over a long period of time. None of this was “spur of the moment” where the police had to make a decision without thinking properly. This was over the course of like 10 hours with plenty of opportunity to remedy the situation.
    They highlighted incompetence, corruption, stupidity, laziness, the lack of value they put on life, their insensitivity, passing stupid excuses as legitimate excuses, and overall being typical Filipinos. “If I grab the gunman (and save the hostages), no other hostage taker will trust me” or whatever sorry excuse the corrupt, ex-mayor of Manila (Lim) said. I really want to laugh at the stupidity of those comments except that stupid attitude got 10 people needlessly killed. I get so angry just thinking about that tragedy.
    In any hostage situation, you cannot blame the reacting team if the hostage taker is dedicated to killing the hostages. There is little the rescuers can do in a situation like that. This situation had EVERY opportunity to save the people and it was almost like the Filipinos wanted them to die. Filipinos in charge say, “We have a hostage taker. What can we possibly do to anger and provoke this guy as much as possible? Let’s see if we can ridicule and embarrass him on national TV to see if he will really kill those hostages. And for them to die in a long, drawn out, saga of incompetence and stupidity for the entire world to see.
    If their mission was to show the entire world, “Look at how incompetent, stupid, corrupt, and uncaring Filipino people are”, then mission accomplished. If their mission was to embarrass themselves, chase away tourism, chase away investment, and show the world blatant stupidity, then mission accomplished. I mean, they cannot be that stupid by accident can they? To be that stupid and fail so miserably AT EVERY angle has to be on purpose right? Remember the “rescue attempt” of the Burnhams some 12 years ago where they shot the husband in the chest 2 times and shot the wife in the leg.
    ANY person thinking of going to the Philippines should watch this video. This video should be the disclaimer in the “It’s More Fun in the Philippines” ad with a quick mention of the bullet scam. They should tag that at the beginning and end of any tourist ad they run. If they did that, maybe they would start to resemble good Catholics by telling the world what they are really like instead of an image they are too lazy to even uphold.

    Oh, plus there was the fact Filipinos ALWAYS find a way to fail one step further than any other culture could even think of. They treated the massacre scene like it was a celebrity by posing for pictures with smiles on their faces??!!! Not just the police, but college students as well??!! “Oh, please don’t judge us on how we act po. We say we are good catholics so just accep that as dhe truth sir.” https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=N46CuqBD0Q4
    – I wonder if there were any Filipinos doing peace signs and smiling in front of the Paris bombing sites.

    And to fail another step further. The government refused to apologize to Hong Kong and I think the families as well. Again, Filipinos cannot be this stupid on accident can they? It’s like they purposefully seek out the worst way to fail EVERY time.

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      Johnny: “I wonder if there were any Filipinos doing peace signs and smiling in front of the Paris bombing sites.” – I saw a flip news reporter showing the (macho) bullet marks in the walls of buildings. All other foreign reporters were showing the flower tributes and outpouring of grief from around the world.

      Fucking typical twisted flipper.