The Ultimate Lesson: Knowing your limits with a Filipina

Hey everybody, excuse my short absence.  I’ve recently been away from the blog because I THOUGHT I knew somebody who I could share my experiences with in person, but being that this person was a Filipina, I was inevitably wrong.

Before I continue on, this female I’m writing about has strictly told me at one time not to write about her on this blog, but by not mentioning any names or bringing up any specifics about her, this mystery woman could really be about anybody, so I’m not violating her privacy in this matter.  Besides, my promise (never promised her anyway) to a friend expires when the friendship expires.

Alright, it’s time to start things off.  Wouldn’t it be great to FINALLY have somebody who you can share all your negative Philippine experiences with in person while staying in the Philippines?  Having someone who reminded you the feeling of being at home.  On top of that, having someone being able to accurately answer your questions as to why some things here in the Philippines are so messed up and ass-backwards.  Well lately I thought I’ve found that person, but of course to be able to provide the perfect answers of the Filipino society, one must be a Filipino themselves.

Without going into detail, this certain Filipina was the ideal companion that any foreigner would want.  Especially when having nearly most things in common with this individual.  Now is this all too good to be true?  Yeah you are damn right!  Apparently there is some type of limitation embedded in some Filipinas that makes it universally impossible for some of them to be socially attractive to some outsiders.  I’m using the word ‘some’ because I am aware that not ‘ALL’ Filipinas are culprits to this kind of behavior pattern, but in my case THIS ONE is.

This Filipina, who I had displayed every friendly attribute towards; kindness, concern, initiative, trust, respect, affection, sacrifice, honesty, and emotional security, turned out to not be the type of Filipina I want to associate with due to her serious subliminal anger issues.  It’s no secret that most Filipinos are idiots, and I’m not taking back what I said about this girl, she really is fucking smart, but it seems like all that ‘STUPID’ energy that was suppose to lay dormant inside of her, has been converted into ‘ANGER’ energy.  That’s what it is, her stupidity has been substituted for anger, and we are already aware of the extremely high levels of stupidity that lies in most Filipinos.  Well try dealing with someone with extremely high levels of anger within a Filipina, the magnitude of this anger is unbelievable!

Ok, I’m going to quit bullshitting around and say EXACTLY what happened, without revealing any details as to who I’m talking about.  We planned to go out drinking through text messaging.  She is one of those very ‘SPECIFIC’ type of people, and I don’t know too much about Philippines, yet I’ve been required to pick the destination every time.  Besides my local area, all I really know is Malate and Makati.  She values discreteness, so local bars were out the question, we already tried Malate (as mentioned in my most previous article), so I said ‘MAKATI.’  Being specific, she asks me WHERE in Makati.  Well I don’t know the names or landmarks of Makati, I just know that whenever I jump in a taxi and say ‘Makati,’ I get taken to the same bar district almost every time.  I tried to research the name of that bar district by searching for keywords “Makati Bars” and came up with “Burgos Street.”  So I told her Burgos street.  Somewhere in that text conversation, she found a few bad jigsaw pieces, and managed to piece them together to create one big HATE PUZZLE.  So things went downhill from there.

So out of no where, she ended up getting all pissy and wont mention why.  Trying to apologize to her relentlessly as sincere as possible, and offering to talk it out was all denied too.  It’s like EVERYTHING I’ve been through with this girl was immediately forgotten, and the little bit of EVIL she saw has been tenfold.  On the contrary, it was all “PLANNING,” and no “ACTION” has been carried out.  But she catches a huge orgasm in getting angry, so it was like trying to reason with the HULK.  An event similar to this happened last week through email, but after clarifying it to her in person what she had misinterpreted, everything was all good.

Oh well, I can’t deal with idiot Filipinas, and I can’t deal with Filipinas who had redistributed their stupidity for hate, anger, and repulsion.  Bad enough I deal with stupidity in public here on a daily basis, but having someone like that around makes me need this blog even more.


This may not be a “Philippine Fail” experience, since it’s more like a “My Fail” experience for ever thinking that a Filipina could ever be a best friend and talking about “Philippine Fail” experiences with her, but being here in the land of unpredictable experiences, ANYTHING could happen.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    FAFI, you screwed this one up. P. Burgos Street, is little more than a high end (as in expensive) place for foreigners and wealthy Pinoys to drink and whore. Hiya would demand that your respectable Pinay friend be offended by the very fact that you asked her to meet you in such a place. She’ll also very likely have adopted a “view” about you, based upon the fact that she may now think you’re a regular visitor to this well know red light precinct.

    It’s not just a Pinay thing. Most western women would be affronted if you asked to meet them in the heart of a well known red light district. I think the only way back (if you even give a shit) is to email her and explain that you didn’t know it was a red light district until somebody told you. Tell her you’d only ever been in the decent restaurants and bars, and were just oblivious. Good luck! 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Thanks for the heads up, now it makes a little more sense. I haven’t been in the red light and hooker area, I guess I mentioned the wrong area on accident. Oh fuckin well, she is pissed off for life and don’t wanna talk about it, so fuck it. I already gave up on her. At least I know it’s not completely her fault for getting angry this time.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          Yeah I know man, but she was one of the very few educated smart ones who actually seemed like an American, and the other Pinays I met so far are fuckin idiots. We text each other last night but it didn’t get us anywhere. Like I said, this shit happened twice within 3 weeks. She may get pissed off if I say “Hi” to her the wrong way. 3 weeks is nothing, I can easily move on from that. But finding another Filipina like her again is rare. Would like to meet another girl like her (minus the negative attitude), but chances are it wont happen. Just gotta deal with what I already got and see what other countries has to offer.

          1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

            Trust me, you don’t want to find girl like her, girl with attitude problem. Why not try to find nice and intelligent girl 🙂

            My friend has been in long relationship with Filipina that has good job and is intelligent, and guess what, she’s as well furious as hell. There isn’t a simple thing you can do right and she she can virtually explode without reason.

            Some women actually use hostility to push the guy into corner and take the power, stay away from those women I’ve seen what it does to a man and castration would be better option that it.

          2. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
            mother teresa

            Another thing i see western guys doing here as i did with my wife when i first came here is they think they can reason them into changing. They think things will get better because the filipina is temporarely being unreasonable. The foriegners think they are in this temporarey state and will soon be able to adjust them into common sensical reasoning because most western people are naturally somewhat reasonable. All the filipinas i have met here never change. Most of them actually get worse with time. I use to lie to myself about the psychopina that i married saying to myself “she will change”. Wow, how i was wrong.

          3. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            I already came to terms that the idiot I married will never change, and that she will be illogical and an idiot for life. I’m just exploring my options as to seeing what I could’ve got if I took my time, and spending unforgettable platonic memories with them, without going beyond the boundaries of adultery. Momentarily, I can see myself being happier with this lady than my own wife, but after the two mishaps we been in already, I could tell that it wouldn’t have lasted very long. She wasn’t even seriously mad according to her, she was just warming up. So imagine how it would’ve been if she was pissed off for REAL?! I’m sure all Hell would’ve broke loose and whatever voodoo tricks she had in stored for me would’ve had me screaming in pain for years of agony and suffering. If you ever meet a Filipina who can unleash THIS much anger, but only says “I’m just blowing off a ‘little’ steam.” I suggest you get the hell out and move on while you still can!

          4. Profile gravatar of John

            “Psychopina”, that’s funny.

            Why did you guys marry these pinas on the roll of the dice that you could change them, instead of moving on to something better?

            I mean, I should talk I married (and divorced) a plumb crazy Caucasian girl thinking things would get better (they didn’t) but at least I have the excuse I was only 22 years old at the time and wet behind the ears.

          5. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
            mother teresa

            The reason i married my psychopina is because the first week i was with her i knocked her up and felt sorry for her. I also wanted to raise my son. I hung on for 12 years of torture. It took a toll on me but i was able to rear my son into a pretty nice young man.

          6. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            Nice and intelligent girl? Are you sure there is such thing? Maybe so, but NOT in this country. And if there are any ‘NICE and INTELLIGENT’ Filipinas, I’m sure they ought to have another major problem (Too many kids, really physically unattractive, or they were just pretending to be nice and intelligent).

          7. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

            So far I haven’t found any, meaning nice and intelligent Filipina must be myth like bigfoot or chupacabra. Maybe it’s easier to the the latter.

            The best I’ve found was gorgeous, nice and hardworking, my ex, but she wasn’t intelligent. The ones I considered bright felt to category I don’t date.

            Btw. what is it with Filipinas, many are pretty and in good shape till they start to earn/get some money after which they gain minimum 10kg extra weight per year. I must find opportunity from Thailand to be able to move there 😉 🙂

          8. Profile gravatar of GodDamnThis

            Totally bro! It seems to be the trend. I think it is due to the fact that they possess increased spending power once they start working and are excited by all the food that they now can buy. And they really, really, really love donuts, at least for the filipinas i know haha. They actually yearn for a lot of creature comforts.

          9. Profile gravatar of Mae

            gees where the hell do you get this psychofilipinas … I would be sure not part of them… I think sometimes there some explanation we Filipinas cannot explain fully. My boyfriend always corrected me with how I say it or how I want to make sense cause sometimes there is really a language barrier. So lucky to have a very nice bf.

  2. Profile gravatar of John

    I know this Chinese girl, and pretty much every situation you are in, or everything you say will be interpreted by her as you somehow being a bad person. Like the other day, I was over at her place, and we finished watching a DVD. So I go to take the DVD out and put it back in the box, and she goes “what, are you afraid I’m going to steal your DVD?” WTF? Actually, she’s kind of a sweet girl, but the negative attitude is tiring. Another time, I bought her some flowers, but because they weren’t red roses, she goes “why you buy me these, am I your mother?”.

    Bottom line: Some people are just weird, you don’t have to be any particular nationality to suffer from it.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      In reference to your last line, you are right. I didn’t quite label this experience as a “Philippine Fail” experience since this is a “Friendship/Relationship” experience that can practically happen to anybody. Even the fact that this girl is Filipina, I can’t relate her to these other idiot Filipinas because she doesn’t act anything like them. So in actuality, this is just me bitching about my personal life. Something like this could’ve went down in America too.
      Oh well, I’m sure she is not the ONLY educated smart Filipina out there, it’s just gonna take me another year to find another. As for this current girl, I had a chance to patch things up last night, but she was looking for another apology. The way how she blew me away when I tried to (blindly) apologize to her immediately she got upset made me completely give on apologizing to her again. I tried it once, and I’m not going to give her the opportunity to blow me away (even though she wanted an apology this time) again.
      So right now we are at a stand-still, as if we are competing against each other in a dick-measuring contest, seeing who will budge first. If she apologize I would forgive her, or if I apologized (again) then I’m sure she would probably accept it. Being full of ego and pride is a burden, but I think this is just one of those things I should just walk away from.

      It totally sucks because we planned to watch that new TMNT movie together when it came out this Wednesday….. we were both totally into that. Oh well fuck it! I already reserved my ticket to watch it in 3D Wednesday night. Sorry guys, but I’ve always been a TMNT fan since birth 🙂

  3. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    One thing that makes filipinos so paranoid, angry, and aggresive is the fact that they are all so jealous and insecure of each other. I think they are brought up not to trust anyone from an early age. They are constantly fighting and back biteing each other. Most of this child bullshit is centered around jealousy. They also think you are the same and if you arent verbally expressing some kinda back biting bullshit against them or somebody that you are thinking like that. They look at most situations as if there is a ulterior motive for you doing whatever. They don’t trust you, their neighbors, the local priest, or their mother. They think everybody is dishonest and i think it is because they themselves are in general dishonest. Most filipinos should spend about a straight week in the confessional. There is a reason why god has made the philippines the most natural catastrophic place on earth-he’s punishing them for their sins.

    1. Profile gravatar of jm

      1999 clean air act R.A.8749 covers noise pollution that include videoke and many noise making machines also functiones etc.
      Most cops, Barangay officials and Municipalities are not aware of this law. There is also many other updated to this and also R.A. 4136 (Republic Act) that include noisy motorcycles with no or altered exhaust.
      Look for them online then copy and bring copies to Barangay officials, cop shops and Mayors office along with a letter demanding enforcement.
      Also any noisy barking dogs are considered a nuisance and the owners can be brought to court. The dog owners will also have to pay the persons attorney fees that bring the complain.
      Best write down the times and durations that the dog(s)bark. After a few days (or longer) bring it and a letter requesting the barangay to take care of it with a return letter from the Barangay captain on “Actions taken”. (have them sign, date and time the receipt of the letter.
      If after a specific time nothing has been done or the dog still makes noise bring the copies to an attorney and have him file a complaint in court.
      Ultimately the dog owner will have to silence the dog or the animal will be disposed of.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        they piss on laws just they do on the walls.. You have to remember they are all the same and you are a kano..
        i remember a farmer who used to try and help farmers form a union. he finally got tired of that so he got rich building houses.. then people looked up to him and admired him
        helping people is just like putting gas on a fire

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    I go to P.Burgos street every weekend because I am poor and need money for my family. If anyone on here needs a date please send me a message *wink* Anytime-Anywhere

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      How come they can go to another country and adapt to the laws?
      Just basic laws like proper driving rules and a little consideration for your neighbors peace and quiet goes a long way.
      How ever in da Philippines, they just piss on the laws.

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    Steve Declerck

    My personal experience with Filipinas is that they are aggressive and have anger issues. A little conflict can easily turn into screaming and throwing things. Until these angry idiots bump into somebody who has the balls to put them back in their place.

  6. Profile gravatar of

    Much better you boys email me at krizkarishna (at) yahoo (dot) com ……. Mwuaah! See you guys! I want to change my name to MagandangCebuana. Hehehe

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    I am aware that Filipinos are stupid because I do a lot of stupid things too. I apologize to everybody for being a stupid fucking pinoy. Do anybody else live in Cebu City just like me?

  8. Profile gravatar of Keith Richards
    Keith Richards

    Bummer mate. Just when you started to float your balloon went down. It happens, i guess its just another example of how we gotta be careful in everything we do. Unfolding gradually to these birds if and when we do unfold.

    It can take years, if ever, to really know someone. People fucking hide their true character and some are so well practiced…

    I refuse to pity these types.

  9. Profile gravatar of Keith Richards
    Keith Richards

    For example she could have gone directly to you just when her feelings started to turn and asked you for help, explained what she was going through in her mind…you could have probably helped her with this problem but instead the situation gets ruined.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Yeah, it definitely could’ve been talked out instead of being rushed into a hate thing. I’m guessing this anger just happens spontaneously and naturally, because she finds her outrage as being normal and that I should’ve taken it like a grain of salt. You read the story, so how else was I suppose to think? Well we are in middle of patching things up, but it wont be the same as before if we do continue this path of friendship. She is like a bucket of bottle rockets, once you light her up, RUN back for dear LIFE! Then come back later when things are calm. It’s just a matter of adjusting from different friendship styles. (Not being racist) I never even had an African American woman as rowdy as this Filipina. In terms of options here, if I can hold onto this bull by the horns, then she will be worth being around after all. Compared to sticking around some of these sweet, soft, and stupid Filipinas without a brain.

  10. Profile gravatar of Keith Richards
    Keith Richards

    Mods: I copied this from another website, check this out, right from the horse’s mouth:

    I am a filipina and married to an american.
    I tell my husband to be careful becasue many filipinos lie.
    I am a filipina. I have experienced this all through my life.
    Usually the lie is not big. But occasionally big.
    The problem this creates is that you don’t know when they are telling the truth or lie. So we just assume they are lying most of time, so to protect ourselves.
    Again most lies are not big, just so that they can cover up their mistakes or to not look stupid.
    In some cases, children learn to lie even from young age, and come to consider this “normal” in some ways.
    For example, parents tell their children to tell their teachers/schools that they have no money so that they don’t have to contribute to school activities. Sure, most activities are unnecessary to begin with, but instead of saying NO we don’t want to contribute, the children are told to lie, so that teachers don’t get angry.
    There are many, many situations like this where people are more or less forced to lie to survive. And i suppose for some people, lying becomes a habit afte a while. This probably creates impression toforeigners that most filipinos lie.
    This is something I am not proud of, but have to be honest about.
    And the fact that out government and businessmen lie regularly and seeing it on thenews all the time certainly does not help our children.

  11. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    Most filipinos lie all the time. I know this sounds unbelievable buts its true. After about 3 years of marraige it came to the point that i questioned ANYTHING my wife said as to whether it was true or not. It didnt matter how big or small there was usually part of any statement some sort of an untruth. These were flat out lies not mistakes. It was automatic as if she had to do it and she had no guilt about doing it. I have even had her tell me lies about my sons doing something wrong when she had done it and not them and point the finger at them blameing them when she and my sons knew the truth. Later my sons would tell me she was lying. It was challenging trying to instill some morals into my sons habits.

  12. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    I once saw one of those detective true crime shows. A filipina maid had had her american boss killed because she wanted her u.s navy husband. The americans lived in Subic. The woman was murdered on the base so they had a HUGE investigation team fly in from usa. They interviewed the maid numerous times. These interviews entailed her being in a room under a light with 6 or 8 of the toughest naval investigators for hours on end trying to get her story to crack. Now we are talking about a simple young provincial girl of about 20 years of age under all that pressure that nevered quivered for an instant. After every interview they were always thinking there was no way she could be lying because they had never experienced such an expert lier. I was laughing my ass off throughout the show because from being surrounded by so many filipino liers i knew she was probably fooling them. Eventually they got the evidence against her from different sources and prooved her guilty. Lierpinos…

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      The two things that did not surprise me about your story: 1) The fact that Americans take so MUCH REAL PRIDE in their work that to get it done expediently, they flew in investigators immediately to uncover this story. Which sounds very American-like to me. I would expect Filipinos to care enough to spend fuel and time to launch an investigation in a timely manner to solve a murder case of one of their own, they just wont give a shit and just talk about it on the news.

      2) The lying ass Filipina, and her lying spectators helping her to cover the story. This is a damn shame.

      One thing that did surprise me was how easily she was able to fool them at first. If American knew as much about this country as most of us do, then they wouldn’t have never been fooled in the first place.

  13. Profile gravatar of mother teresa
    mother teresa

    I was thinking how great it would be if we could set up filipino free zones all throughout the philippines. These areas would kinda be the way the israelis divided up israel with gaza and the west bank. These filipino free zones would be only for foriegners. They would be like little shangri las-clean, no body cutting in line, jeepneys not running you off the road, no lying, no karoeke, nobody pissing on your wall, no body back biteing you, and restaurants that were clean with edible food. The only reason the foriegners would leave the filipino free zones for was sex. Because really the only good thing about filipinos is fucking them.

    1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      mother tersea… /facedesk

      This would explode into a huge “elysium/escape from new york/la” science fiction story. Countless pinoys trying to reach the “promised land” through illegal means, some make it but most end up getting stuck in a loop of prostitution while the men are killed for their organs, leaving out the liver and kidneys due to excessive damage caused by drinking cheap domestic liquor. The industry would be chaos! to the point where radical terrorist cells are found with the soul purpose of breaching the pinoy free zone, for what purpose? just because.

      Before long the local government of the pinoy free zone would become a militarized organization that will come to the conclusion that the pinoy free zone’s survival will require the elimination of all free pinoys. Then the military self-conquest of the Philippines begins, forcing the conquered to live in chains and cages until the death of their generation. Any pinoys put through “the system” will be sterilized to prevent the production of offspring. The stray cats and dogs of the philippines would have a brighter future.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      The Israelis have D11 Caterpillar tractors with heavy protection and machine guns on the sides for clearing houses,,, i would like to have about 10 of them to clear manila,
      you can watch them on utube.

  14. Profile gravatar of FAFI
    FAFI Post author

    This girl is starting to remind me of why I gave up on American women…… The indirect mind games, always an irrational negative comeback to counter anything nice said, once angry = Stays angry! I’m starting to think that there is a reason why Filipinas were made stupid and nice, because they sure as hell aint meant to be smart and mean. Not a single cell of positive energy in her body at all. It’s funny how most natural disasters are named after angry black women (Hurricane Katrina, Typhoon Yolanda, Hurricane Jasmine, and etc), I bet she will be the first Filipina to have a natural disaster named after her. Watch out for “Typhoon ********!”

    1. Profile gravatar of GodDamnThis

      Hey! While we are on this topic, can anyone help me to shed light on this situation?
      I have been with this filipina for approximately 3 weeks now and some of her character quirks are beginning to piss me off. Can anyone tell me if they had the same experiences in the past? For example, she will expect me to know how she feels about a particular situation just by watching the way she twitches her bloody eyebrows. If i am clueless, she will play a cold war game with me for the next day until her anger is appeased. In addition, she totally wants me to understand how she feels without telling me and will be angry if i don’t. For god ‘s sake, we have only been together for 3 weeks. I can’t be expected to know every single thing that makes her tick. Her pernicious anger and subtleties are gradually amounting to a killing from within with all the second-guessing that i have been doing. Does anyone have the same problem as me?

      1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

        Nope, because I ditched that bitch 🙂

        Seriously, why ever would you want to spent more than hour with woman who plays power games or try to corner you? She obviously has attitude problem. You’re in da isla of pussy, enjoy mate!

        And read the post from mother teresa on August 12, 2014 at 10:53 pm. He’s spot on.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          Yet another example of a Filipina who traded in her stupidity for anger. It’s like a new fad these days. I never knew they had that option.

      2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        Fuck dude! Are you serious? I’m in the same EXACT boat as you, except that you are wording it differently. I’ve been knowing this chick for 3 weeks too. By any fuckin chance are we seeing the same woman? Hahaha, because it most certainly seems that way. Maybe she is having a tough time trying to choose between us! That would be fucked up if this was true. We should definitely link up in PM to see if we are both talking about the same Filipina. But honestly, I don’t really give that much of a shit. There are so many dumb Filipinas at my school hoping for me to be available, I can choose one of them at any given moment if I wanted to. It’s just that I don’t like stupid women, or whatever you call them…… the true blondes of Asia. Well I have no right to give you any advice since I’m currently facing the same problem as you are right now. Maybe this is a common trait for Filipinas when they think they have gained a slighter bit of intelligence than their idiotic Filipina compatriots. This may not make a difference, but lets switch! LOL

        1. Profile gravatar of GodDamnThis

          Nice FAFI. I thought your girl was just getting angry with you over the lack of specific planning. Did she do the same as what i have listed in my post? It seemed to be common than i thought. Anyway, mine is definitely not as smart as yours haha. And sometimes, i really question the value and legitimacy of their degrees. Is it that they are too sentimental and emotional? Or is it wrong of me to fail to achieve her desired level of knowing her within fucking 3 weeks? Anyway, does yours always try to boast about her intelligence and the fact that she graduated with honours from her university or something? I really hate that. And when she is blowing cold, she will totally ignore all my messages but bombard my phone with useless texts when she is blowing hot. God damn this shit. BTW, how are the filipinas at your school? Are they pretty or smart? If they are, you should give them a chance LOL. to end things off, when are you going to write your article on the universities here?

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            My article on the universities/colleges will come out after this semester is finished (Mid October) due to the fact that I have video clips supporting this article, but it contains enough information to pinpoint my location. So I find it safe to wait until. Even worst, my bitchy friend is partially in the video and she may raise hell about that and try to have me reported. I don’t think she will go that far, but I can’t miscalculate her intentions.
            Speaking of her, yeah she is just like that. She will text me indirectly to a point where her messages are subliminal and encrypted, where it’s just enough to keep me thinking, and she will not reply to any direct questions being asked of her, but she will give me enough information to know that she is a little pissed off, but not to what degree. That’s some kind of shit an American woman will pull on me, and I really hate mind games.
            After texting he recently, I tried to officially end off the friendship if I didn’t hear a response from her by the end of the day, but she just simply text me back,”How dare I give her an Ultimatum.” If she truly hated me and didn’t want anything to do with me, she could’ve just told me to fuck off and not text her again, or if she really wanted to make this thing work, then she could’ve tried being more diplomatic. She still text me petty updates in her life, but hates me enough to not talk in person. I’m stuck in the middle of,”Does this crazy girl hate me or what!”
            She will half-ass read my emails, because after reading it, she is content with me one moment, but completely pissed off with me the next day after reading the same e-mail, and would then indirectly bring up certain pieces of things said in my e-mails. I clearly ended the friendship through email, but then she will say things through text that will give me the impression that our friendship isn’t over.
            Well last time her and I were on talking terms, I let her borrow my 2 favorite XBOX games, so I gotta get those back peacefully before trying to end this friendship again. Then again, sometimes she would be pissed off and play the “ignoring game” and sometimes she will try to act “half-friendly” by texting me neutrally. Last time I checked, if you REALLY hate somebody, you don’t tell them your weekend plans or text them ANYTHING at all.
            I don’t know man, but I’m totally sick of playing this shit with her. I even told her EXACTLY what to say to me if she don’t wanna be associated with me anymore, but giving direct answers is her weakness. She claimed to have been sick for the past 2 days, but pretends she forgot how to text and write emails. But honestly, I think she is just trying to rack up on ammo so she can use what I’m saying against me, and unfortunately I haven’t said anything serious enough that could hurt me.
            For now, I’m just gonna say,”Fuck it” and ignore her. I already ended it through email, and I could give two shits about those games, they are replaceable. I’m sure she will get the hint eventually. Anyways, I’m going to Mindoro this weekend to visit my buddy. See you around.

  15. Profile gravatar of Keith Richards
    Keith Richards

    “If you squeeze with might and main,
    Oil from sand you may obtain;
    If with parching thirst you burn,
    Some mirage may serve your turn;
    If you wander far and wide,
    Rabbits’ horns may grace your side;
    But you’ll never–trust my rule–
    Please a headstrong, bumptious fool.”

    -Bhartrhari [6th century CE]


  16. Profile gravatar of FAFI
    FAFI Post author

    I had finally got rid of this bitch for good this time and she wont ever be contacting me again. I told her how I really felt about her with her anger issues, told her it was over, and she finally backed the fuck off. I definitely wont be making this mistake again! Filipinas are only meant to be “hi” and “bye” friends, something to fuck, or something you marry based on first impressions to later realize that you made a mistake, but they are NEVER meant to be your best friend, no matter how logical or smart they may pretend to be. This is an ultimate learning lesson for me and I wont be falling for this shit again! I’m gonna treat Filipinas like the plague, avoid them at ALL costs! Especially the ones who pretends to be smart.

  17. Profile gravatar of darnlady

    It’s really sad to read all those bad comments about Philippines. I admit that some of them are true. But let me tell you one thing, not all people are the same. And there’s no perfect country either. I’ve been living in Spain for more than 3 years now (it’s almost the same as we have in Philippines,mañana habit and a lot more things that I’m not proud of.)
    Ive been married for almost 3 years now and couldn’t remember asking a penny from my husband.Why would I? I can earn my own money. We argue sometimes (like any normal couple) but we don’t go to bed without resolving the problem. My step kids loves me to pieces and same as my in laws..I know a lot of foreigners who married a filipina and they couldn’t be any happier. I’ve seen a lot of failed marriages and they are not filipina (this can happen to anyone no matter what nationalities you have). It’s just the matter of how you handle your relationship and of course the way you communicate to each other.
    Anyway if you guys can’t take what we have in Philippines why the heck you’re still in there?!!
    If you think all the Filipinas are stupid then why you are still looking for one?!!
    Sorry for all the failed marriage/relationships. (Piece of advice : Go back to your country and find an “intelligent wife/gf”..
    Sorry for the typo error! My smartphone isn’t that smart

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      OK, so far, you said the same that as any dumb-fuck Filipino would ever tell us forigners, The “Why not go back to your own country” comment. It always ends with that. Even the bitch in this article I’m complaining about said the same thing when our friendship ended. You say that as if ‘WE’ are the problem, as if all of Philippine’s problems will go away if we all just left. How about fixing your damn problems so nobody wouldn’t have to feel the need to leave. Do you really want foreigners to leave your country on a bad note each and every time we visit here?

      Now you had totally misinterpreted my article, this wasn’t about a relationship/marriage gone bad, this is about a friendship gone bad. I was just a little stumped that it happened because she seemed quite smart at first, until she had revealed her true colors. I’m not trying to put out that Filipinas makes bad GFs or wives. Even though they are good or bad most of them are still inevitably fucking stupid (which is the point I’ve been raising since day 1 on this blog). What I’m trying to emphasize is knowing your limits with a Filipina. You can either love them all the way, or not love them at all. So far, due to my experiences, there has been no ‘REAL’ in between. In other words, they wont make out to be great friends, or a best friend. I’m not saying that you can’t be friendly with them and say ‘hi’ or ‘bye’ to them. I see Filipinas everyday at my school who tells me ‘hi’ and ‘bye,’ and the conversation pretty much ends there. Some of these girls may consider me as a friend who only says the same 2 words to me per day, but I don’t take the word ‘friend’ as lightly as most Filipinos do. Hanging out, drinking with me, going to movies together, playing XBOX with me, and trying each others cooking will constitute as a good friendship, by adding some hugs, kisses, and touchy feely to it will make her a girlfriend. But I’m not talking about girlfriends in this story.
      My level of attachment to this girl in this article did not extend beyond friendship, and in the end, she became a rotten, cold-hearted thief who bitched about everything.
      As for you, you only described how great of a person YOU are. I’m aware that there are some great Filipinas out there. Plus you also said that you’ve been in Spain for over 3 years. Well guess fucking what! You just proved another statistic right there. Myself and many others on here HAVE been saying on there that the smarter Filipinas are usually the ones who experienced better ways of life. You got out the country for a few years and learned how to be proper and professionalized, unlike some of your deluded countrymen who had never stepped foot outside of Philippines. So as far as stupid Filipinas, most likely you are not part of this category. But the bitch I’ve mentioned above been out the country 3 times…. she is smart, but still a total HULK-angry bitch.
      To summarize, Filipinas makes great girlfriends and wives, but most of them wont make out to be a good best-friend. This happened to me on 2 separate cases here so far with two different Filipinas, and one time in America with an Americanized Filipina (but that’s a different story, and we ended up being friends again, but just not close friends).

  18. Profile gravatar of darnlady

    Seriously, if you are not happy then why don’t you just leave?!(Isn’t it normal to leave if you’re not happy?!!). It’s stupidity to stay in a place where all you can see is bad things around you.. And btw I didn’t misinterpreted your blog, I made a mistake of commenting on this thread I was supposed to write it on your other blog about “Your stupid wife”! The way you say things it seems like the only thing you can see is our stupidity, have you ever look on the mirror to check yourself?! Coz the way I can see it you are just as stupid as we are..

    I’m not saying that you foreigners are problem for my country..I admit that our government and a lot of my countrymen’s thinking is hopeless.. I wish we had the same as the country, I wish we could get something in return from all those taxes that we are paying to our fucking government! I wish we could get a job and support from our government so we could go to University and be as fucking smart as YOU are!!! You see YOU are very lucky! I am working so hard here to get a better life, my husband is not poor but he is not rich either and I don’t want to be a burden for him.

    So please, if you guys are not happy with your filipina wife then better leave the country and don’t go for another filipina!

    1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      “if you guys are not happy with your filipina wife then better leave the country and don’t go for another filipina”

      So you don’t want to give the option to dump the bitch and stay in the Philippines as single, or maybe guide to find a better Filipina? If you don’t want to advice to find another one I agree with you since there aren’t good Filipinas.

      Look guys, it came straight from the horses mouth! I’m innocent this time! LOL

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        Dumping her without a good reason (besides her being fucking stupid) would make her go crazy and keep coming back to me. You say ‘dump’ like it’s that easy? You can ‘DUMP’ a girlfriend, but you can’t ‘DUMP’ a wife. You either have to divorce her (which doesn’t exist in Philippines), or you have to do the annulment process (which is extremely expensive, I heard it ranges from $2,000-$10,000). The main problem I have with her is that she is an idiot (seriously), having to support her broke-ass family, and she is unproductive (no education, no job, I pretty much married her for the looks…. first Filipina I ever met). At first, the family issue wasn’t so bad, because I was making a lot of money at a high end job, but after all those years they haven’t saved a single peso of it and they are still leaching off me, what a bunch of lazy fucks! I didn’t care too much about her stupidity back then, until I finally came to Philippines to see where her stupidity came from. Back then when our relationship was long distance, it wasn’t about how smart she was, but how much we talked on skype. I had to teach her how to use skype and yahoo messenger…. what an idiot, and she is older than me. Oh yeah, and I had to teach her how to use an elevator before, true story.
        She is an awesome maid, and the sex has been getting a lot better during my visit, but that’s pretty much there is to it with her. Well, I’m not gonna sit here and bitch about her all day, I’m sure you know how it’s like to be with the average Filipina… dumb and poor as shit right? Thankfully I have no kids with her, that just makes it THAT much easier to leave her in a few years….. if we go that route (which is most likely).

        1. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

          Of course you cannot dump her like that, and no one else than you knows the whole story. I know you’re smart guy and wouldn’t do what you do without a good reason.

          I only wish that everything goes well and how you want it to go.

          I’m also happy to see that you can sense that I’m half joking in my comments. They’re not to be taken too seriously 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Lucky you say? Lucky is when you win the lottery, lucky is when you are born into a rich family, lucky is when you are born with all of life’s advantages and looked up to as being superior in every way. Sorry sweetheart, but I’m FAR from lucky. I worked my ass off to get to where I’m at today, and I’m fortunate to be born with LOGIC and UNDERSTANDING unlike most Filipinos are.

      How many times do I have to answer the question of “JUST LEAVE YOUR WIFE” today? I swore I already answered that question today when your cousin (all you Filipinos are technically family to each other in my eyes) asked the same thing. Moreover, Filofail even gave a more appropriate answer for him. The numb-nuts who usually ask me this basic everyday questions are usually the same newbie numb-nuts who visited the blog for the first time thinking they have an easy solution to everything without understanding the entire situation. Read the blog more, then maybe you might understand me a little bit more and why I do things.

      But being the unresourceful Filipina that you are, I guess you are not going to do so, so let me summarize it to you….. matter of fact, fuck it! I don’t feel like explaining it over again, because you are going to question me about something else that may seem out of place to you. It’s not your place to try to UNDERSTAND my life when you don’t know the details of it. Maybe she isn’t that bad, or maybe she is better than most choices that are available in my home country? Or maybe she wouldn’t be much of a financial burden to me in the future, there are factors that does influence my decision to keep her, as well as there are factors out there that is influencing me to get rid of her. But the fact of the reality is, I will be here for a while, there is no divorce in Philippines, and I can’t get rid of her unless she seriously fucks up. If I try to kick her out just because I am tired of her, then she will continue to try and come back since I am her PRIMARY source of financial support, as well as for her family. In other words, she wont leave! There you go, I explained part of it for you already. When I am ready to leave Philippines, I will definitely exercise it in my willpower to not bring her back with me and be free from her for good. I haven’t felt so negative about her before this previous visit, and I will be here for about 3 years. Don’t tell me to leave now, because I’m here for other reasons too, some of which is currently responsible for my finances. So are you satisfied now Mrs. Detective? Or do you wanna interrogate me a little bit more about my personal life? Now I wonder how many more nut-jobs like you I have to explain this whole story to?

      You say I’m as stupid as you Filipinos are? Hahaha! Sorry, but my test scores compared to these inferior minded Filipinos shows different results. As much as they cheat and share answers with each other in their secret language, I still manage to come out on top of them most of the time. I behave better, I know how to drive properly, I can be relied on to show up on time EVERY TIME, and I most certainly know how to work my ass off at my job, and take enough pride in my job to work through lunch if I have to in order to get a job done. Can you say any of that for Filipinos? Or do you think your puny little shit-for-brains friends are still smarter than me? Ha! Don’t make me laugh! Just like any Filipino, you are pointing the finger like any Filipino I ever met, so what makes you any different? I almost had respect for you when you started mentioning all these great aspects of you, but whatever cool-points you recently gained from me has all been flushed away.
      I will make you a deal, which is the same deal I make with almost every Filipino who tells me to leave their country. I will leave your country if you can tell your subhuman friends (including yourself) to get out of my country. Other than that, this is a free world and I can travel where ever the fuck I want. I came here thinking this place was paradise because you lying-ass Filipinos has a bad habit in false advertisement and making things sound better than it is, I ended up selling away everything I had in America to come to a shit-hole like this. So deal with it, I’m stuck here for a while until I generate the income and resources I need to start my life back over again in MURICA! You didn’t expect me to go back home empty handed and live on the streets did you? OK, I’m done bashing your balls, I will just let that soak in for a while. Maybe you will think twice before saying something that fucking stupid to me again. Adios!

      1. Profile gravatar of darnlady

        @FIFA I feel sorry for you.. As I’ve said, I know a lot of foreigners who married a filipina and they couldn’t be more happier. For you and for the others who have failed relationships,I’m sorry! I got offended by the way you write about us filipinas being brainless, not all people are the same! If I say that all Americans are fucking dumb will you accept it?!! I’m sure not!
        For your wife and her family, learn how to say no! I’ve known you(foreigners) for being so straight forward then why can you not use it to your wife? Let your wife choose between you and her family, if she choose her family then put an annulment on the table.. I’ve been living in Europe for 4 years(half a year in Holland and 3 and half years in Spain), I choose not to send money to my family in Philippines on a regular basis (I do send on Christmas, New year and my parents birthday but that’s its). I have some relatives borrowing money but I just ignore them coz I know they’re not going to return it. I’m working so hard to earn money why would I give it away?! Stop giving money to your wife’s family and tell your wife that you are not okay with it. Her family is not your responsibility. By giving them money you are just “teaching”them to be MORE lazy! Some of my relatives thinks that I’m the worst cousin/niece but I don’t care! I am not breathing because of them why would I give a damn? I don’t expect you to do the same but I’m telling you one thing it’s okay to be the worst person for your wife’s family or even to your wife’s eyes as long as you’re not doing bad to them..
        Anyways,Goodluck! I hope you find your way out from all of the misery you are into right now..
        I understand that it’s not so easy to go back home if you have nothing left in there..

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          Well I’m glad you were able to lighten up and be more diplomatic in this comment. Well most of your questions have already been answered recently somewhere around this blog today, not sure if it’s on this article, or the “Filipina Idiot Wife – Dumb as a bag of Rocks” article (which was the first article I ever written on here last year, and it’s still getting comments today). Her family is a lazy sack of shit and there is no rebound for them. She knows my fiances, and knows how much I have to support us and them. Yeah, I thought about pretending to be half broke, but that rarely works out. I have money and I wanna spend it, if she sees me going out, she knows I have money to spend, and I’m not spending it with her. In all due reality, she is better than most choices in my home country, and ultimately, supporting her and her family is less expensive than finding a gold-digger in America. Most women in my country are gold-diggers, or have high demands. At least most that I’ve encountered were that way.
          I know things will get better with me and my wife eventually, but I’m just saying that I fucked up settling down with the first Filipina I ever met. I’ve seen so much better here, but it’s too late to move on. Having her around, it difficult to even have simple Filipina friends come over to visit. She bitches about the few friends I bring over every once in a while. I think of my wife as an overpaid maid, who is slightly useful when it comes to cooking and having a 3rd grade level conversation with. Not all Filipinas are bad, just most. And the biggest concern is the level of stupidity. Well, I have more say, but I’m afraid you may half-read this comment as you did my last, because most the questions you did asked were already answered in my most previous comment. You are not so bad, but I’m still keeping my guard up.

          1. Profile gravatar of darnlady

            You don’t have to pretend that you are half broke, just stop supporting them..Simple as that. Ignore them. They will stop asking if you keep on ignoring them. You said that you’re giving them 400$ amount? Why don’t you just save it for annulment? If you have 200000php you can easily file for annulment.

          2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            I don’t want to be in the game of making excuses, but I had pretty much per-meditated just about everything my wife would do if I did stop supporting them. I would be coined as a selfish prick who is hording money, and will be wondering why the sudden change. I know her first action would be to dig down my best friend’s throat for all the money he owes me, and will make every attempt to pawn everything. She may even leave me (which I don’t really give a fuck about), but I would still be considered ‘married’ to her. Plus, the money I invested in this lumber project is being watched over by her family in Mindanao, and she claims that some of that money is being put towards that investment. 20,000php a month is just enough for them to keep an eye on it, and provide for their basic needs. If I send any less, it will go towards their basic needs and I have nobody to watch over my trees for me (someone who is somewhat trustworthy). I would do it myself, but I’m not going all the way down to that shit-hole to safeguard some damn trees, no matter how much it pays out. Each harvest is suppose to pay out over 1M pesos, and the interval is every 3 years. It’s a pretty good investment, and my first harvest will be coming this 2016. I have been working on this investment for 8 years, and it will soon payout.
            See? The more you know about me, the more you know how complicated my situation is. So her parents are somewhat useful, but it’s not worth me forking over 20,000php a month to them. As a foreigner, I’m only allowed to own up to 40% of a business. Even though it’s land, it’s still considered as a business once sold, and only she has the authority to sell them.
            If you would kindly explain to EVERYONE my situation, I would appreciate it, because I’m tired of telling everyone the same damn story. I’ve repeated this about 5 times already and it’s getting old. Well at least you know, now I just wonder who is gonna be the next numb-nut who wants me to repeat my entire story.

            *I could say ‘fuck the money’ and leave her, but that would be a 8 year investment down the drain, it’s current appraisal now is only worth 600,000php sold as is, but I’m trying to shoot for that full 1M+ can get the steady operation going*

            OK, I think I said too much about myself…. I gotta go

          3. Profile gravatar of darnlady

            Uffff! Yeah, too complicated. Don’t trust them too much, make sure that you will get the money that you are hoping in the end. And make sure from time that your business still exist.. Don’t let your wife knows about your finances. In Philippines, once that you get annulled you will have to divide your property in half even though the other one didn’t put anything on it.. Save what you have to your country instead of Philippines and don’t let your wife have anything with it. Again I’m so sorry for what you are going through. Next time,try to get to know your partner first before jumping into marriage(Me and my husband were living together for 2 years before we decided to get married)..
            I gtg..Again, Goodluck!

          4. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            As explained in my 1st article, I was engaged to her for 3 years before marrying her, it’s just that unfortunately most of that time was long distance. I’ve met her in person while she was an OFW, so I knew about her, and not her idiot culture. Her job wasn’t highly reputable, but when we both left that country, her income ended too. The money she saved up was running out, so that’s when I stepped in like an idiot for financial support. Well anyway, I knew her 6 months in person, and the other 2 1/2 years was long distance. Within that long distant period, I did make trips over here to Philippines to visit her. My trips were short and I didn’t get to know Philippines that well, until I decided to live here during this recent visit last year, and it turned out to be a world of hell. I realized that taxis don’t cost over 700php to get from Manila to the airport, and I was being ripped off this whole time.
            Well, I don’t trust them 100%, but I am left with no other option. Plus it is under her name (since legally it can’t be under mine). 1M php every 3 years is just a little bit more than what I give them every 3 years (20,000 x 36 = 720,000php), actually at my old job, it use to be double that. 20,000php isn’t enough to live in Manila the way they want, and my wife hates being that shit-hole in Mindanao. So I’m sure she wont take off with the money unless she wanna spend her life in that shit-hole down south, because that’s all what that money will be able to pay for if she spends it at proper intervals (1,000,000/36 = 27,000php per month). Besides that, I think I covered enough… Later! I got shit to do.

        2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          And btw, I don’t play soccer (Futbol/Football), it’s FAFI not FIFA. There is a reason why it’s spelled that way because it’s an acronym that means something. Well I don’t really give a shit anyway, it’s not like you are fucking up my REAL name anyway.

          1. Profile gravatar of darnlady

            Barcelona is fine, I guess.. I live 5 hours drive from Barcelona. Life is okay here, although I miss my parents a lot. They don’t want to travel and I don’t have time to go home..Too far and too expensive lol.

  19. Profile gravatar of Mae

    Kinda scared to bring my bf in the Philippines I told him since he is not that tall to don’t talk and I will tan him or have him wear a hoodie or mask. Don’t wanna pay that much for him. I swear I would probably cause a scene since im a penny pincher.

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD

      Teach him some basic tagalog, local customs and rules.
      Best thing you can do when a cab driver says “How much do you want to pay sir” is “Metro plus 50 kuya”. I find that usually shuts them up.
      Sometimes they say “very traffic sir” to which I reply “always very trafic diba”.
      Agree on the fee and see the meter on before you close the cab door as they will drive away with no meter on so you are left with fewer options.
      If they refuse to a reasonable rate, I simply say “Ingat po” and get out.

  20. Profile gravatar of darnlady

    “if you guys are not happy with your filipina wife then better leave the country and don’t go for another filipina”
    @jackblack I wrote those things coz I saw that most of the people here thinks that all filipina are stupid! Why would you stay in my country to find another filipina if you think that we are all the same?!

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      I know you are referring to Jack, but I would like to butt in on this. Never once have I mentioned the word ‘ALL,’ so you misinterpreted something I said once again. And if for some odd reason you think I said ‘all,’ well I’m saying the word ‘MOST’ now. Go back and re-read what I’ve posted in this and other previous articles. Find a English to Tagalog translator if you have a problem in understanding English, because obviously it seems like you do.

    2. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

      Maybe it’s wrong to say that all Filipinas are the same, because some start to lie and steal later than others. LOL

      OK OK seriously, I admit that there must be good and nice Filipinas out there, it’s must even statistically. The problem is that I haven’t met a singe one that had it all. I’ve met intelligent ones, but they lacked something else. I’ve met sweet ones but they lacked something as well. That’s why my impression is that at least I would find better girlfriend from another country and probably more easily. (getting a lady in here is not a problem, but getting a good one is)

      Btw. Could you enlighten me why many Filipinas are so self obsessed? Why they post lots of selfies into FB on daily basis, they have their own image as phone’s and laptop’s background.. and why so many of those pictures are purposefully sexy showing some tits, in tiny bikinis etc?

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
        FAFI Post author

        I can concur that is true man, I always have Filipinas on facebook doing that same shit. But it’s like I said at one time. Once you met one, you pretty much met them all. Not saying that ALL Filipinas are the same and that they are ALL fucking idiots, but it’s like they lack individuality. They all have to have at least ONE thing in common with each other that links them into being somewhat similar. But it’s a fad that doesn’t bother me, but I would just like to meet one who is different. I mean seriously, is it THAT hard to be different in this country? Is it a cultural mentality to be such conformists? That’s why at my school, I don’t find none of them appealing, because none of them really stick out to me. They all pretty much act the same, eat the same, and engage in all the same activities. I’m like a mascot to them, and they are all too afraid to approach me individually and talk to me normally, instead of making a big spectator-ship in talking to me, I hated that weird center of attention. If I can’t be treated like a normal human being in this country, I think I have ALL right to talk shit about Filipinos all day, everyday!

        1. Profile gravatar of TheD

          I think you hit the nail on the head there. Carbon copies. I think they are conditioned at school to think and act the same. That would certainly explain why they seem to mostly act the same way with the same attitudes.

          This conversation is a prime example:

          Me: Why do these people act that way.
          Her: I dont know.
          Me: But you act that way too. Why do you do it.
          Her: I dont know.

          They dont know why they do what they do, but they do it anyway. Like an animal not wanting to stand out from the herd as it would be singled out and killed.

  21. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    FAFI I read the beginning of this article and I was touched..albeit by the hand of death, but I understand how meeting a smart and angry Filipina might be..because if I think hard enough..uh..(life was fine before I met a Filipina (penis erects) then it got hard)) if I think hard enough I know that that’s the direction my mind would take me. Into the world of something that only possibly got more scary and less nice, I would run too bang poles with my hard on etc.

    There are many scary bitches here on this blog site, its like the editors movie extras u see on dvd but u don’t see on the street, u gotta watch out man they will hunt u because u aren’t a quiet penis.

    I left the Philippines ..I am so much happier bro. XD haha. life there was like a rat with fat race..i don’t even get horny 35, my story means something. My wife is still with me of course, she yells at every place i’ve been to, every one which happens to be an apartment..or condominium (as in phil)and now im buying a house I am much more secure. with her in mind..ears etc..all that bullsh*t Filipinas do as they use you for security.

    its not funny how my words just turn to written mush and shit when I think about how my life has been with my Filipina, she is younger than me of course..27 as of last December. My wife is a sleeper cell of “shut the fuck up my husband” not pretty. Im just satan with a wallet for her, shes got an obesity problem…not serious but, however she has problems. I will trade mine in for some coin (my wife) I beg her occasionally to meet another man now we are overseas, I get a soft on as she scales me to try and rape me.

    So many aggro bitches here no wonder we talk out so much, all the girls saying shut the fuck up go home etc..fuckin users huh, women never get treated like that en masse lol, unless by rednecks!!! or in the Filipina world redlabias

    I always though that the boys in phil were nicer to have around than the least they don’t get angry as if they are being misused when u don’t give them stay away from those boys..u know but when a boy gets angry u don’t give him money to just back off…but when its a girl you’re like turn around slowly…so I can doggy u. then slam my balls on your a$$..then oh shit im screwed its my penis in a Filipina secret satan minion again.

    what have I done.

    I am going to start telling Filipinos who think overseas is lonely to go home, it a nice way to get revenge for them saying shut the fuck up. As if telling you to shut the fuck up about being upset and keeping your mouth shut and not saying anything just because your wife is badly behaved isn’t domestic abuse, its like go home or shit the fuck up…kinda threatening I think.

    azkal bitches, ps generally I try to be funny but lately as I arrived home I am a little more serene ad sane

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      It’s nice to know that you got the fuck out of this hell-hole. There is pretty much nothing good about this place. And as soon as you meet a Filipina for a long time, like with almost any woman, they put on more weight. I don’t know how long you knew your Filipina, but my wife was pretty sexy and hot back in the day (4-5 years ago), but then she started packing on weight, and she can’t blame me for it because this weight-gaining process started a few years ago while we were communicating long distance most the time.

      Well anyway that’s a good idea, any Flips that wanna complain about America when I get back I would just tell them to go back to their own filthy-ass country. They can’t bitch back because I KNOW it’s filthy. If they had so much ‘PINOY-PRIDE’ they wouldn’t have left their country in the first place. By saying that, I don’t have ‘American Pride’ because I know my country is a little fucked up, but at least I can admit to it. Only pride I have is “Me Pride!” Pride in myself is all that I need 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of John

        “And as soon as you meet a Filipina for a long time, like with almost any woman, they put on more weight.”

        And how thin was she in the beginning? My theory of looking for a woman is to only take one super ultra thin, partly in the theory that there must be something about their metabolism that makes them that way, and partly on the theory that a few extra pounds on an ultra thin girl won’t hurt as much. For an Asian, I would have looked for BMI 17, and someone who eats a lot too, not thin because they are dieting.

        “she can’t blame me for it because this weight-gaining process started a few years ago while we were communicating long distance most the time.”

        Maybe you sent her too much money for food, lol.

        Anyway, cut the rice out and maybe she’ll drop it again.

  22. Profile gravatar of FAFI
    FAFI Post author

    Oh great, now I got this crazy bitch texting me again, and she is trying to sound super nice like when I first met her. But I’m not falling for that shit again. It was completely HELL dealing with her and I’m NOT ready for another ride. What is the nicest way to tell an angry bitchy Filipina to ‘fuck off?” Without stirring her up of course.

    1. Profile gravatar of TheD

      Pretend its not you. Reply and ask who they are. When they ask, tell them you just bought the phone the other day.
      Failing that, get a blocking app so she cant call or text you 😉