Ultimate Pinoy Rudeness: “Don’t Forget Your Christmas Gifts For Me”

Is anyone else out there as TOTALLY FED UP with idiot Pinoys asking for Christmas gifts as I am? Sometimes it’s the gentle reminder style, “It’s Christmas time sir, don’t forget your gifts for me!” I am not kidding, 98% of every fucking Pinoy I know has asked for Christmas gifts from me, under the assumption I have completely forgotten what time of year it is.

Rude, stupid Filipinos asking for christmas giftsIs it a fucking Filipino tradition to be that blatantly rude at Christmas time? I gotta tell ya, when I was a kid, and my mother heard me asking for a gift from someone, she certainly would have smacked me upside the head and told me to mind my manners!

I can’t think of anything more rude than to ask someone for a gift. Oh they say, “just kidding”, but you know they’re not. They have every intention of planting the seed in your head to be sure to get them a christmas gift. They’re not kidding. Even though they claim to be kidding.

For all you stupid-ass rude Filipinos….here is the definition of “gift”:

A gift is something that is given by the giver because he wants to give. A gift is not owed, it’s not an obligation. And the whole gift-giving tradition is derived from the “three wise men” who came to the baby jesus with gifts of gold, frankensense, and murr. Did they bring the gifts because the baby jesus asked for them??? NO! They brought them of their own accord, without being asked, because they wanted to give. Don’t you think you should FOLLOW THAT EXAMPLE? Especially if you claim to “Follow Jesus”.

I cannot think of anything more fucking inappropriate and rude than to put someone on the spot and ask them for christmas gifts. But then again, that’s just more Filipino stupidity and rudeness for you!

I just come right out and tell them, “Didn’t your mother teach you manners? Don’t you know it’s rude to ask for Christmas gifts? Well unfortunate for you, I am an Atheist, I do not observe religious holidays or traditions (not that asking for gifts ever was part of the Christmas tradition, but leave it to the stupid fucking Pinoy to fuck that up too with rudeness and stupidity).

I REALLY HATE THIS TIME OF YEAR. Call me Ebenezer Scrooge, I’ll admit to it. I just really fucking hate KKKreischtmazz time. I count the days till it’s passed, and some semblance of routine can return.

I can’t stand the gangs of children sent out by their parents to go to people’s gate and scream at the top of their lungs what is barely recognizable as a christmas song, and call it Caroling, and you have to give them money just so they’ll SHUT THE FUCK UP.

Don’t get me wrong, I DO give money to those that I see ACTUALLY SPENT SOME TIME AS A GROUP to rehearse and come up with something pleasant and entertaining. I also give to those who have spent time perfecting a talent with a musical instrument. I am all for giving to those who OBVIOUSLY DID SOME WORK. If it’s entertaining, I want to pay for it.

But gangs of children screaming out of beat, out of timing, get my complete ignore mode. Fuck off kiddies!

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  1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I can’t agree with you enough on this article. I was gonna jump the gun on a story similar to this, but I’m afraid it will be too similar to the Christmas article I wrote last year about the blank envelopes. Speaking of which, I just received my first blank envelope yesterday from the gate guards of my condo. He was extra excited as I was coming home, he had a big smile on his face, and he says to me,”Merry Christmas!” I said the same thing back him, then after I walked about 3 paces, he hands me an envelope. Of course it was empty, and it read, ‘Merry Christmas’ from ‘Condo Security.’

    I’m not stupid, this isn’t a gift, this is a DEMAND for a gift. I already predicted this shit would happen since the caretaker of my condo pulled a similar trick last year by sliding a blank envelop under my door. Money isn’t the issue, its’ the pure principle of it, and the fact that bitch kept coming to my door damn near everyday asking for the envelope (with money) back. When I saw her last week, I approached her and slammed 40 pesos in her hand and said, “NO ENVELOPES THIS YEAR! OK?” I feel terrible assuming that she would do this, but she pulled that stunt last year, so she might do it again this year.

    I’m sure I will be getting a few more of these, this is only just the beginning, and it’s only 10 days prior to xmas. I’m gonna make sure my ass stays INDOORS this Christmas to avoid the countless many beggars with Christmas shoe boxes who doesn’t know how to use the word “PLEASE.” Such rude little fuckers.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I would have handed the envelope back, but filled with a simple note “Merry Christmas to you too!” and no money.

      They can ask and demand all they want. It’s fucking rude. I don’t reward rudeness.

      1. Profile gravatar of Aaron

        Agreed. I bury my head in my palms everytime I hear some pinoy half-jokingly ask someone (especially if it’s a foreigner) to give them gifts. Who the fuck do these cretins think they are?

  2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Only pinoys could take something magical like christmas and just completely fucking murder it with noise, stupidity and begging. They don’t bother asking me for gifts anymore or that word I’ve just come to love to hate – pasa-fucking-lubong. They know I’m the ultimate grinch.

    Damn, I’m in a bad mood today. And it’s my own stupid fault. I made the unwise decision of moving next door to a chapel. So these dumb fucks stayed in the chapel all night getting drunk, pissing up the wall and just being the usual noisy inconsiderate dickheads that they are. Then, at 4am they start ringing the bell to call everybody to some kind of middle of the night mass shit. So from 4 am until 6am we’ve got praise mary and hallelujuh at the top of their lungs. And of course the obligatory 5 minute mic test to kick things off. “Mic test 123” over and over and over. I swear, one day I’m going to grab that mic and test it to see if it fits up somebody’s rectal passage.

    I swear this country’s going to turn me into an alcoholic, just so I can sleep through the noise.

  3. Profile gravatar of Alcolol

    Pinoys do this shit to anyone that seems relatively well-off. Christmas has been scrubbed of any meaning. It’s now just an excuse to be blatant about expecting freebies from their “betters” like it’s their responsibility.

  4. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Yep getting it too all the fucking time,but this is the kicker no gifts and no tips,and those fucking kids annoying little shits asking for money it xmas they get the short shift and quick as well.

  5. Profile gravatar of Sasha

    I used to go home to the Philippines yearly every December to celebrate Christmas and New Year there. One time, I arrived in NAIA International Crap Airport, bringing two luggage with me. One of the airport janitors or at least he looked like one, “helped”me with the luggages even though I didn’t need any help because I loaded them in the trolley. After his “help”, he secretly asked me for a “pamasko” in the currency of the country I work for. I told him that he wouldn’t be able to find an exchange office for the particular currency but he said he doesn’t mind. I gave him one which is about equivalent to more than 100 pesos. However, he felt more entitled I guess because he asked for a higher amount. I didn’t give him any. How ungrateful!

    This year I’m not going home in the Christmas season to avoid pamasko-asking people like that. And that’s just a stranger. Some family and friends do that too.

    And I hate the stupid “porters”in the bus stations. Anyone encountered these relentless jerks?

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Yeah Sasha, this reminds me of my “Forded Help – Mandatory Tip” article from last year. I really can’t stand it that whenever a pinoy voluntarily helps you, they demand compensation in return without giving you the chance to willingly give a gift of your own will, which appears to deteriorates my values tremendously.

      Sometimes I do find myself in a situation where I am forced to hand over a little cash since they forced the obligation upon me by giving me unwarranted help that I never asked for, which I ended up not needing at all. These petty helpers always assume that the stranger they are helping will always have small change on hand to give them for their forced efforts. They gotta be on crack if they think they are getting large bill from me! I know they wont make change for it (since pinoys are scammers at heart), so I’m best off giving them nothing and let them pout about helping me for free.

      Yes Sasha, I get them too and I fight for my luggage back every chance I get. I’m young and strong enough to haul my own fuckin luggage, no assistance is needed on my end. 🙂

  6. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    how about a creep wave ( kids ) that says “mamamasko po” in every houses right after the christmas ? it’s different from “caroling”. because here , they dont have to rehearse something , they’ll just have to wear AT LEAST “decent looking” *sneezes*clothes .

    good thing i didnt do this on my childhood , i only did caroling , but only on the houses of the people i know .

  7. Profile gravatar of Feral Aussie
    Feral Aussie

    I have never encountered another race of people who start the countdown to Christmas so early!

    They begin 100 days out…and remind you every day that Christmas is one day closer…all the way to December 25th. The Phil news programs even get into it…working people up with their own countdown.

    The irony of it is that when the big day arrives…there’s very few presents to be passed around…because no one’s worked hard enough in those 100 days till Christmas to afford any.

  8. Profile gravatar of CGM@BGC
    [email protected]

    The guard at my local 7/11 has recently started opening the door and giving a happy, smiling greeting each time I enter/exit.
    This behavior is quite contrary to his usual routine of reading the newspapers, leaning on the shelves, and generally getting in the way of people who are just trying to get a chocolate bar FFS.

    I watched for a while whilst having a smoke-break and he only does it for “foreigners” (jeez I hate that term)…..

    Clearly, he is fishing for a christmas donation.
    Clearly, he aint gonna get one.

    PS. Anyone else noticed how locals go into 7/11 (or similar) and pickup/putdown multiple things before finally deciding what to buy. I mean, don’t normal people go in to a shop with a plan ?? Why make the effort of going into a shop and walking around getting in the way when you have no idea what you’re actually intending to purchase ??


  9. Profile gravatar of Penance

    I just simply say “Sure! You give me mine first!” Of course, I get the usual “I cannot afford!”, to which I reply “Neither can I.” and walk away. I do get the occasional “Next year! For sure!”, to which I say “Great! That’s when I’ll give you mine.”

    It does a great job of shutting them up and presenting a very good moral….don’t ask for gifts if you aren’t prepared to give one yourself.

    Of course, it comes with a disclaimer. They have to be intelligent enough to understand what a moral is.

    Maybe I should just tell them to go fuck themselves and save me the blank stares on their faces.

  10. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    If your’e a foreigner giving gifts, Expect nothing or leftover foods from the party you weren’t invited to, in return.

    This girl i met just this year gave me a 2,000 php gift certificate in return though. this is my best Christmas yet here in the philippines. Shes not your typical pinoy though. Has a job. pays her own rent, pays her own bills has a bank account etc.

  11. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Christmas time I would get asked by every arse wipe out there “wheres my gift”
    not “hello, hows your father”,
    Hello kiss my ass…

    ….wheres my gift.

    Its fucking rude. Even guards (the biggest liars out there), jeepney barkers,
    sari sari store girls
    and people on the street will say at the sniff of a conversation

    6-10 times a day at xmas.. im tired of it.

  12. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Sayings in the Philippines that give me the shits.

    1. if you don’t like it leave
    2. not all filipinas are like that sir
    3. sorry we are out of stock
    4. (( blank gormless stares))
    5. wheres my gift
    6. filipino pride …
    7. Filipinos are kind and loving people
    8. please dont judge
    9. arr ok .. (after you have said quite a lot )
    10. huh? what! (after you have expressed quite a lot) – cannot relate emotionally
    11. why? (in response to throwing litter on the street and please don’t throw your trash on the ground)
    12. can i ask you something, sorry to bother you… and a million other grovelling words (prelim to asking for money)

  13. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Sayings in the Philippines that give me the shits.

    1. if you don’t like it leave
    2. not all filipinas are like that sir
    3. sorry we are out of stock
    4. (( blank gormless stares))
    5. wheres my gift
    6. filipino pride …
    7. Filipinos are kind and loving people
    8. please dont judge
    9. arr ok .. (after you have said quite a lot )
    10. huh? what! (after you have expressed quite a lot) – cannot relate emotionally
    11. why? (in response to throwing litter on the street and please don’t throw your trash on the ground)
    12. can i ask you something, sorry to bother you… and a million other grovelling words (prelim to asking for money)
    13. do you own a condo here
    13a. why don’t you buy a condo here.
    14. want to invest in a business? (selling 8-in-1 coffee or some MLM)
    15. are you married. you should marry a filipina, they are kind and loving 🙂
    16. Its safe here…you have nothing to worry about, that was a media beatup (near Zamboanga, West side of Mindanao near Ipil :))
    17. whos there with you NOW
    18. have you eaten your breakfast, .. lunch,,, dinner
    19. we are waiting here NOW where are you. Im here with my friends (after you said i MAY BE AVAIALABLE EARLY EVENING – BUT ILL RING YOU TO CONFIRM IM COMING – AKA they want foreigner to pay for all the food, drink )
    20. Im coming to your place now (after you said your at work)—they do random walk ins and turn up uninvited.
    21. why arent you taking my phone calls, whos there with you? (at 4am!!!)

  14. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    First time we went back to the RP the damn immigration officer asked if we had any pinaskuhan for him and it was only the first week of November! When I said “sorry not today” he replied “even one piece of chocolate ma’am”. Being naive of Pinoy ways at the time, I actually felt bad for saying “no”. Nowadays I don’t even entertain the requests.

    1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      I’ve had that a few times. Hard to believe they are actually serious but they are. One time when I emptied my pockets into a tray at the scanner an officer saw a 2 Euro coin.

      “Can I have that, sir?”
      “For what?”
      “A souvenir”

      I tried explaining that a souvenir is something somebody buys when on holiday – like I was – not something you beg from a stranger, but no surprise, complete blank stare.