Unashamed Filipinos Gladly Accept Bribes for Votes

I was reading the Reddit Philippines Group (I don’t recommend it. While there are some good posts it’s mostly PINOY PRIDE!!! and deluded expats) and I came across a very interesting post.

How much does a vote cost in your area??

I made a chart of the people in that group who answered and how much they said it costed. Very enlightening, just when you think that the Philippines cannot get any worse.

Here’s what the Pinoys in that thread said:

Username Cost of vote (pesos)
katarantaduhan 100
fryingsquirrels 200
bloodycreature 300
maroonmartian9 300
halfwayequinox2 350
xphyria 400
the_upvotetaker 400
Encaitar 400
kaysn 500
susmaryusep 500
l_61803398875 750
jims_alt_account 1000
minorcults 1000

So the average cost of a vote here is the Philippines is around 400 pesos.

10 votes? 4000 pesos.

1,000 votes? 40,000 pesos.


So let’s put this in perspective. Most Filipinos are total dumbfuck idiots so they see this and they think “Wow! FREE MONEY, sign me up!!!!” without a second thought.

But let’s consider the cost of getting votes for the title of Mayor of Carcar City, Cebu in 2013.

Nicepuro Apura got 20,531 votes, Roberto Aleonar, Jr. got 15,976 votes.

This means it would have only cost Aleonar 2 million pesos for another 5000 votes bringing him to 20,976 votes, thereby winning the election. Let’s say that he already bought 5000 votes for 2 million pesos, and let’s say that Apura did too. So for Aleonar to win, all he would have had to do is spend 4 million pesos.

NOTE: Hey retard, yes you, who can’t read and who thinks everything in the world is “LIBEL!!!” I am not accusing either of these idiot politicians of stealing from the public, I am using their public election data as an EXAMPLE. I have no idea if either of them bought votes or stole from the public but to be honest they probably both did.

Now let me quote the ever-knowledgeable Johnny about how corrupt local politicians steal from the public.

1. A 100ft, 12ft wide road costs $100,000 to build.

2. The local mayor says it will actually cost $150,000

3. He gets his construction crony to build the road through a rigged bidding process. 2 fake bids and his construction crony is the 3rd who also happens to be the slightly lowest bid.

4. Immediately after the contract is signed the contract crony gives local mayor $75,000 kickback (3.5 million pesos) direct to his dummy account, which is like a brother, sister, cousin, fake company, or an office aide who then works out how to get it to corrupt mayor.
– Mayor then bribes each city councilor $1000 each to shut up and for their prior approval as well as the barangay captain who “makes sure the project is legitimate”.

5. construction crony then takes $25,000 off the top for himself.

6. Construction crony then purchases (on paper) top quality, lets say A materials. however, grade f materials are actually purchased with 1/3rd the remaining budget.
– Constuction crony has to make sure his company (on paper) is a legit business just in case. 1/3 materials, 1/3 labor/, and 1/3 profit.

7. construction crony and his materials supplier (who gives the proper invoice to show Grade A materials) then split up the difference.
– Not to mention double the amount of materials are bought, but only half are delivered. I have personally seen a 10ton truck delivering (on paper) 20 tons of gravel.

8. Construction crony now has shoddy materials and not enough to actually construct the road.

9. So a 45ft, 6ft wide road is actually constructed with no rebar and it is worse quality than a USA sidewalk.
– National gov’t auditor is bribed $1000 to say the road is the greatest quality, 1000ft, 12ft wide, and can withstand an atom bomb. He signs paperwork, signs off on the paperwork, and goes back to Manila.

10. Mayor and city council have no shame, guilt, conscience, or embarrassment. Mayor and council spend $5,000 (from another budget and get another kickback) of city money to print up those tarp signs, posters, flyers, etc with their pictures (taking up a large %) to show the people what a great job they are doing since they put in a road. Also, they make it seem mayor and council are the ones who personally paid for the road, you know, to show the people they care.

11. Mayor and city council then throw themselves a party as a self-congratulations (remember, no shame and no guilt). Party is thrown as a nice restaurant, banquet hall, or hotel owned by the mayor personally. City is charged for the party.

12. Filipinos are too stupid, uneducated, and/ or don’t care about the blatant corruption so no one says anything. Media is easily bribed or in the pocket of local mayor so they “thank” the mayor for a job well done and a nice road.

13. Road that was never supposed to crack or fall apart starts falling apart 3 years later. After 5 years, mayor announces plans to fix road. Hires his construction crony.

14. Cycle repeats itself. Mayor implements 25 worthless projects per year in his town, repairs 15 more (40 projects * 3.5 million pesos = 140 million pesos). Mayor lives in mansion, owns many local businesses, and has nice, expensive cars he cannot afford on his salary and it is blatantly obvious. Again, Filipinos are too lazy, corrupt, incompetent, uneducated to care or do anything about it.

15. If mayor ever gets in trouble, he just bribes the auditor, judge, prosecutor, or their version of FBI.

16. Mayor hides money in local businesses, the USA, Swiss accounts, dummy corporations, mistresses, relatives accounts, and many times loves to gamble in Manila casinos (even thought that is illegal too).

Welcome to the 3rd world @#$=hole that is the Philippines!! It’s more Fun here because,,,,,,,,,,, ? Yeah, I got nothing.

So let me get this straight…a 2 to 4 million peso investment for a return on his investment of over 100 million pesos per year! And if he loses he can run for multiple things, barangay captain, senator, representative, mayor…And the idiot electorate gladly takes it up the ass so they can buy some rice and Jollibee!!

As local idiots keep telling me…………………“THAT’S PINOY!”

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  1. Profile gravatar of emrys

    I have to agree with some of your points. look at binay and Makati city. a lot of Makati city residents are fighting for him……but because they are getting maybe 100 peso….and maybe after this post they will realize that their vote is worth more. I am actually really interested in how the presidential vote will turn out. pinay don’t understand that if they vote for binay,everything Aquino did that got them TWO major international credit ratings,will probably be down graded. I actually laughed when I heard aquio had all these people who scorn him. yeah, like it’s not big deal to get an increase in international credit ratings because of rooting out corruption. no, let’s get binay in. because he hasn’t done anything corrupt?… and Filipinos wonder why their country is so far behind. they actually hate the people that do something. sure,i will say some of aqinos policies are absolute shit. but whats going to happen is some one being voted in , corruption will take place, it WILL trickle down into every single service, and the international community will keep their distance. meanwhile, Filipinos, will still see their country as super awesome. ummmmmm…..checlk out your currency evaluations pre asshole….which means the 50’s. you were actually on pare with American currency until you voted in a shitty ass ruler of your nation….and that’s been going on until now. Aquino might not have brought the currency back up to 1950 levels, but he actually has started cleaning up the place so you can move forward…….but what happens…….people hate him for other things. so retarded. the next president is just going to be the ass of the country. probably binay with all his vote buying….and do flips know whats going to happen…no…there economy is going to go to shit…but will the government tell them that…ummm….no. the next government will make it all sound so peachy because the Philippine society doesn’t have the balls to vote in people who can make positive change. so be happy with your selves Philippines. you have been fucking your self in the ass for 60 years.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, the crazy thing is Binay as the VP rode the nice wave of best Philippine economy growth for the last 5 years. Got his name out, campaigned nonstop, and made sure his family still controlled Makati. Then last year when he started campaigning, and after he knew the president was not going to endorse him, he started heavily criticizing Aquino. He started critiicizing the admin so much they had to issue a statement saying, “well, you have been in all the meetings, had a strong voice, you are the #2 person in charge, you were head of housing, and numerous departments, so what have you done”? Of course he quickly changed the subject and said he developed Makati.
      That is Binay’s #1 claim to fame. He did not do anything. He was just there siphoning off money for himself. The Ayala’s and local business people developed Makati. It was bound to happen since it was already the “wall street” of the Philippines long before Binay ever got there. Just like the mayor of my town takes credit for all the growth recently.
      What I learned is these guys are usually so proud of themselves. they are the most self-congratulatory, narcissistic, false pride mofo’s you could ever imagine. Basically, Binay (just like my local mayor) said yes to businesses coming into the city. Of course, he did this in exchange for bribes. Just like Binay used to demand 1 condo per building in Makati, which turned into 1 floor after he became VP (and son as mayor). Then when the project is done, they say, “LOOK AT WHAT I DID!!” The morons don’t realize it cost their “leaders” zero, but the leaders will make a ton of money in property taxes the next year. Just like my city will have its 4th mall within a 1km area, my local mayor says, “look at all the progess I have brought you”. Of course no one worries of the over-development he allowed (in exchange for bribes) and the oversaturation of retailers, or the fact he increased property taxes 100% so he will be making a truckloads of money.
      Aquino hasn’t been that great, but by Filipino standards he has been a godsend. The guy turned the country around by doing 2 things: 1)not being openly corrupt 2) actually trying. Sadly, those 2 qualities are so rare in the Philippines, both in gov’t and in the culture. They criticize Aqino, but they will be praying for him 3 years from now.
      Filipinos are natural “victims” or the constant “socially abused”. Anything good they chase away with stupidity and “pride” . When they have something bad, they cry and say how badly they want things to get better.

      Best to start moving all Filipino currency to USD$ or Euros. I think the peso is going on a wild ride after Jan 2016 with the elections coming up. The USD has already jumped in the last 5 months. Just my opinion.

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I have seen where a candidate running for governor offered my wife 3K to vote for him and the same for mom in law. He never came back to give mil her 3k though. Then I have seen them hand out campaign flyers with 20, 50, 100 pesos stapled inside the folder flyer. Don’t forget when there was that big typhoon and Japan sent tons of free rice as aid. What happened? The candidates caught the shipments, took it and repacked it in 2 kilo bags with their pictures on it then handed out like they paid for the rice. It’s like I tell my wife, filipinos have no shame.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, the VP binay got caught doing that. They put his campaign stickers on it and when they got caught, his excuse was, “well, I cannot stop my supporters from promoting me so enthusiastically” and denied having any involvement.
      Funny thing is vote-buying is illegal. Yet, they put money in an envelop with their names in it and have a person going around passing out these envelopes. If they really wanted to stop it, they could easily.
      3 traits Filipinos are not capable of feeling: 1. Guilt, 2. Shame, 3. Embarrassment.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mike

    This is the same governor wannabe who parked a jeep in front of our house playing loud music. I was sitting with wife on back porch talking about100 foot away and we could not hear each other so I asked the two assholes in the jeep to turn it down. Kept saying “What” and when they did turn it down they said they could not hear me because of the loud music. These two had a group of about 4 that were walking along handing out flyers. Well they turned it down and I went back in the house to the back porch again.

    About 5 minutes later I see wife standing at the door yelling at two pinoys who kept asking where the kano was because they were going to kick his ass. so after a few minutes wife opens the door all the way and there stand 6 pinoys looking at me while I looked back. They then turned and walked away and kept the music down. So wife came back and I asked her what was going on. She told me that the 2 in the jeep got their buddies and they wanted in to kick my ass and she told them best if they just turned around and left. Said they insisted on coming in the house to get you so I told them one thing, “If you want to kick his ass go on, I won’t stop you or interfere but it will be good to watch. That kano you want to kick ass on so back is some kind of U.S. special forces and rumor is a navy seal.” She told me that after told then that then opened the door all the way and they saw me standing there watching and just left.

    Yep, sure way to get votes, loud music and threats. By the way, they did keep the music down until they were way down my street. Fucking morons.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      But Filipinos are smart! Ace says so!

      But to be perfectly honest, I have never ever ever had a courteous, reasonable reaction from a Filipino when I have ask for them to consider the neighbors and turn the music down or quiet their incessantly barking dog (and over the past 12 years, it has happened A LOT!). Never once a mature, neighborly OR INTELLIGENT reaction. NEVER IN 12 YEARS LIVING HERE!

      They’re grown men but behave like fucking 12 year old elementary playground thugs.

      But Filipinos are smart. I guess smart is a relative term. Filipinos are definitely smarter than paper clip. So I guess I’ll give them that. Maybe that’s what Ace means. Smart as in smarter than a tree stump.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Haven’t you all learned yet? You know it doesn’t matter at all how a Filipino behaves, it doesn’t matter one bit what a Filipino does. It’s all about what they say. They could rob a bank, and all they have to do is deny they robbed the bank, and it wasn’t robbed! Simple as that!

      Words speak louder than actions here in the good ‘ol RP

  4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    thanks for the reference.
    There were a couple of roads that were never built in my area. Or, they were built “on paper”, but were simply the same dirt roads from before. One of them was actually on the news (around the time of the pork barrel queen scam was coming to light). This construction crony was in charge of this “ghost project” implemented by the mayor, and signed off by the auditor. When they confronted the auditor of why he would sign such a blatant corrupt project complete certificate, he said, “well, it is not easy to check all the projects so I had to take their word for it”. Then he started crying. The construction crony took off to the USA very quickly. The local mayor cried politics and unfair journalism. 2 years later, absolutely nothing happened. They have actually gotten a little better as they put “something” there for the project and spend a little more on the glitz, but I’m sure it will fall apart.

    Another point to add is the rental of construction machinery. Usually, this is double the rate. So, all the dump trucks, bulldozers, cement trucks, or backloaders are rented by the city from the construction crony so it works like this, “regular rate is $200 per day for a piece equipment, but local mayor obligates the city to pay $400 a day. Mayor gets back $150 per day deposited by construction crony into his personal, company, siblings, assistants, or other dummy account”. Now the project that should take 2 months, takes 6 months cause tehy are making so much money on the project. Ever wonder why road construction is so slow and so constant? It’s not simply because they build it shitty, its cause they make a constant revenue repairing it.
    Thats why they never want to leave office. When their term limit is over, they get their wife or son to take the spot for a term while they take a role as councilor, then come back after the single term.

    I think once these guys get $200,000 in ill-gotten savings, they are almost untouchable or free to do what they want. After they have made back or paid back the initial vote-buying and campaign money, they are free. They can bribe anyone coming around, and they are prepared to do it. Every prosecutor, judge, auditor, clerk, gov’t office that has evidence or the ability to do something about it can be paid off. Binay, Imelda, Arroyo, Singson, Estrada, Revilla Sr, Ampatuans, etc have never gotten in any real trouble (Estrada temporarily, but paid out a lot) and any local corrupt dynasty has used this strategy. Just bribe anyone, pay off the media, and if you can’t pay them off kill them. If anyone investigates, kill them too.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I saw one government building being built that was two stories tall, about 25 foot wide and75 foot long. Part of the construction included a cement mixer that was to be used everyday with a daily rental fee. This construction went on for about a year and only once was the mixer even brought in. A pinoy told me that the officials and crony were splitting the rental fee while the crony rented the mixer out to other people.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I remember getting bags of rice and said to my ex-gf throw this shit. It was rice full of stones.

    Filipinos are easily bought …

    Funny…the women will swear black and blue they arent like the rest but always accept money for a fuck..
    I joke with friends in australia who showed me in there supermarket $72kg for chinese nuts. I said shit mate… Whats better.. Half a kilo of nuts or a fuck. If only filipinas knew they werent worth much morenthan half a kilo of nuts!!