UnliCall – Are You REALLY Getting A Deal?

Being a foreigner surrounded by a bunch of idiot locals,  I rarely have anything to say to them in person and I sure as hell don’t have anything to say to them from a distance.  As some of you may know, I do have at least ONE foreign friend here who I keep in touch with once in a while.  Therefore, I ACTUALLY have a reason to make a local call in this godforsaken country.

Well recently, I had to make an important call out to my buddy, and due to the urgency and content of this call, I predicted it was going to be a lengthy conversation.  As emphasized above, I don’t really make a whole lot of phone calls, therefore I am completely ignorant when it comes to these unlimited call features that they call “UNLICALL” under the SMART network carrier, but not completely oblivious.

My buddy uses SMART, and my wife uses SMART, so it’s logical for me sign up for SMART for compatibility reasons.  With that said, my entire household is operated under the SMART network, even my internet.  I’m quite familiar with the ‘UNLISURF’ offers, which is how I managed to surf the internet all day long and posting my rants here on a daily basis.  My wife being a local, she is the ‘UNLICALL’ subscriber who usually rants on about her life verbally with petty gossip.

Alright, on with the phone call.  Being that it was going to be a long conversation, and my wife was already currently subscribed to ‘UNLICALL’ I decided to use her phone instead to call up my buddy to save up on minutes/load.  After several seconds into the conversation, the damn phone had cut off.  So I gave it another try…… then another try…….. and then a few more tries.smartphone

Failed Attempts = 43 timesfrustration

So after my 43rd futile attempt to connect I said,”The hell with it!”  I grabbed my phone, dialed my buddy’s number, connection has been established, then I get a…..


I thought to myself,”you gotta be fucking kidding me!?”  So apparently for all you SMART users out there, there is a LIMITATION when you register with unlicall while dialing on the *6406 network.  So if you think you could get away with calling all day and night with these price-breaking promos, you better think again buddy.  Using the unlicall feature MAY entitle you to make outgoing unlimited calls at unbelievably low rates for the selected period you subscribed to, but the catch is that you are required to make your phone calls on a clouded network that is more congested than Manila’s traffic to get through.  Good luck to those of you who chooses to subscribe to unlicall, I haven’t had much luck with it, and I constantly hear my crazy wife in the other room yelling in anger pulling her hair out whenever one of her calls gets dropped, which happens quite often.

So is unlicall too good to be true?  Is it worth it to you?  I say it’s not!  But I haven’t had much trouble with the unlisurf packages that entitles me to unlimited internet, how else am I on here so much on PFB, facebook, youtube, and that other ‘tube’ site that starts with another prefix?  Well I have no intentions on switching my phone network unless everyone I contact most frequently changes carriers too.  One of you already know I have a Globe sim, thanks to my phone’s dual sim capabilities.

Anyway, you get what you pay for.  We decided to pay less to live in a shitty-ass country, so we can only expect to receive shitty-ass services, and I can’t put it any better than that!

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  1. Profile gravatar of ArgentinaPinoy

    “43 Failed Attempts” — lol. Flips will bite at anything resembling a low-price deal, no worries about the fine print. Just like those numerous reward cards that cost like P200 to buy into.

      1. Profile gravatar of ArgentinaPinoy

        I can’t argue with your logic. But apparently that’s not how Pinoys see it. How else can I explain the empty stares I get when I politely decline any offers to buy into their “rewards” program? Maybe they think I’m stupid.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Actually, I’m the one who tried calling 43 times….. in case you didn’t catch on. LOL. It seem like a low price deal, but I never subscribe to it. I just thought it was a better idea to use my wife’s phone who was currently on an unlimited promo to save me minutes, but that plan went to hell.. That unlicall scam is a complete piece of shit.

      1. Profile gravatar of ArgentinaPinoy

        I got what you meant. Just amazed you actually tried so many times to make the call. I wouldn’t have gotten anywhere near 43 before I slammed that phone to the ground.

  2. Profile gravatar of Alicia Cummings
    Alicia Cummings

    You’re actually lucky, because actually, networks in the Philippines have limited their unlisurf service. It’s not really unlisurf (maybe you have not reached the limit yet), but there is a monthly limit, and it’s actually approved by the Philippine government no less. THEIR REASON is that there are customers who abuse the UNLISURF SERVICE. Well, why they hell do they offer it anyway if they cannot support the network/congestion? Well, stupid govt allows it & citizens have no way to refund or cancel their subscriptions even when it turns out it’s not really unli (obviously, govt got something —- corruption — some money from these telco companies). You will not get any better w/ Globe, there is no good telco company in the Phil

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      >> limited their unlisurf service


      Fucking retards don’t even know the meaning of “unlimited”. I suppose it’s one of those words like “honesty” that has no real equivalent in tagalog.

      But your explanation doesn’t surprise me. It jibes with what the other guy (the telecoms expert – forgotten his screen name) was saying a couple of months back.

      I’ve had the same experience btw. The unlimited service is virtually unusable. Pathetic. Even India does better cellphone service than this.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      Maybe that is because I only subscribe 2 or 5 days at time. I think the 30 day unlisurf plan is so damn congested that I can’t even subscribe to it. I get offers to subscribe to it all the time, and it never works! 2 days cost 85 pesos, or I pay 200 pesos for the 5 days of unlisurf. As of now, I haven’t had any major issues with it except for minor signal interferences that happens rarely, and I get reconnected right away. If you use prepaid internet with SMART, you are better off using the unlisurf feature, unless you have no problem in consuming 30 pesos per hour? And I am never online for just 1 HOUR in a day….. LOL. If you plan on being online for 2 hours or more, you are better off subscribing for the 1 day unlimited for 50 pesos, it’s a lot better than 60 pesos for 2 hours right? I tried using just straight internet with SMART without a promo, and the connection is just as slow and shitty as the unli offers. So take my advice, go unli when using SMART’s internet.