Using God All The Time

I’m wondering what’s wrong with those pinoys, using God all the time, even the situation or topic has nothing to do with it. I just checked the facebook of a friend of mine who is waiting for his “treasure” to arrive (treasure=his scam pinay wife). That woman, who is clearly a moron is using the word “God” as many times as possible. I just copied a few comments :

“Another Christmas celeb without my darling, but thanks God still the joy filled in our hearts by God’s grace and love. Merry Christmas to my husband family….May the Love, peace and joy of Christmas be filled in your heart, All year long! i love you all! Godbless!”

I don’t know if my friend is a believer or not, but it seems those people just force it down your throat. This woman is already irritating me and I never met her yet. God’s joy, God’s love, God’s grace, God’s peace, God bless, love, love, love, in just a few sentences. What a crap.

Then, when somebody else asked when she will arrive, again a bullshit answer :

“We will see each other soon,in God’s perfect time”

To me this seems like another brainless answer again and just putting yet another religious slogan that has nothing to do with the question. If you’re married what’s God’s perfect timing to be with your wife ?? Just like there is something like God’s perfect time to go to the toilet. Makes lot’s of sense such a dumbfuck comment. The most stupid of all of this is that those people don’t even believe in God. They just feel that whenever they communicate, they have to use God all the time. It makes them look even bigger idiots than they already are.

And then still talking about the “husband family”, claiming to love them all, even she never met them yet. Typical, the same dumbfuck things I also received in a christmas card from my then wife to be. The truth is, I never met a pinay who was sincerely interested in her family in law. They are all just interested in themselves, in their own family and money, money, money. They don’t even give a shit about us. Again just merely slogans and blah blah blah.

And the last thing, same applies to lot’s of jeepneys, full of again : slogans, rosaries hanging in the windshield, figurines, …. And then, if you look at the driver, you would swear they just escaped jail, honking at every sexy woman they see and calling them words, while the figurine of Jesus and “God bless us” is in front of them. What a bunch of idiots.

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      Can I use that saying I love it.
      Another fucking cross !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Ill bet he would fucking run as fast as he could.
      I bought a car from an Honest Filipino.
      YEA RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! How do I know ?????????
      All services done HAH, Her husband was an American Chief, she was going to him in the States as she had her Migration Visa.
      She had twenty fucking statues on the fucking dash, Would she lie ??????????????????????
      Not only was it a piece of shit,
      Trying to get rid of those fucking statues was a fucking nightmare, WHAT SORT OF GLUE was that shit.
      It would hold the Queen Mary to the dock.
      The only way I could remove them was after dark so the wife didn’t catch me, it was easy to work in the dark because half of them GLOWED.
      How the fuck could you drive after dark. They glowed.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I suppose she didn’t have to turn on her headlights either, as the Fucking statues illuminated half the fucking road.

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    I find it ironic that Filipinos are so religious when Philippines as a country is LIVING PROOF that there is no god. I mean, just look at it! One of the most self-proclaimed god-fearing and religious people on earth, yet they are in the shittiest possible state of life. Yes, I say that because the physical conditions (what you see) is equally shitty as their mentality. At least there are some countries out there that only looks fucked up, but have their mind in the right place and not making false claims.

    Another thing I believe that is wrong with the Failippines is that they don’t distribute credit where it is due. It’s like, whenever something good happens it’s all thanks to god, and when something bad happens then it”s the government’s fault. No responsibility is placed on their actions, which makes them completely immune from credit or blame.

    Whenever I ask a Filipino why is the country so corrupt, 95% of the time the answer I would get is, “It’s because of our government.” So does that mean EVERYONE in Philippines is part of the government. The overcharging taxi drivers, the pick-pocketing beggars, the extorting policemen, the cheating students, and etc…. this list can go on a mile. What I’m saying is that everyone contributes to corruptions in the Philippines, and it’s not just the government.

    I wanna tackle one more thing about giving credit to god. They make it seem like god is a lottery scam where he pick and choose and who gets blessed and who gets cursed. When a high category typhoon strikes Philippines and one’s life has been spared, the first thing you would hear is, “Thanks God I’m still alive.” Ok, that’s all good and dandy, but how about those hundreds of thousands who didn’t make it? What has their precious god did for them? It sounds to me god just said, “fuck them, let em die.” Why come he didn’t save everyone and just a select few? Isn’t he not all that mighty and powerful as they say he is? Maybe he has some bias prejudice of his own (or favoritism), or it could just be the obvious reason that this fuckin sky fairy doesn’t even exist! Well, a flip would NEVER come to that conclusion. To a Filipino, a world without god is like a world without rice. They would never accept life that way.

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    Pinoys do this to show off how much of a good person they are. They think that mentioning god like that in everything they say online is a sure sign of a good hearted person.
    On the flip side, if you question that or show any sign that you’re not christian then you must obviously be a godless heathen with no morals.

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    Kira Lim

    Once nephew was pray to GOD before lunch & mum went up to him:

    M: What are you doing?
    N: I am praying
    M: To who and for what?
    N: To GOD for giving me food
    M: Then you had better hell pray to me because I am the one who got up at 6am to get to the market so that you won’t starve during lunch!
    N: huh >.<

    So much for GOD