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Two weeks ago, I was trying to encash a check OTC at a large unibank. For id purposes, I presented my Firearms License Card (issued by the FEO-PNP) which is still valid for another year. The male teller asked for another id. I reacted saying that the FA License Card is a government issued id and it should be honored. bpi-signHe managed to smile while saying, “we don’t honor it anymore sir”, pointing to a desktop sign at the customer service desk a few feet away. I pulled out my about-to-expire driver’s license and handed it to him.


My driver’s license was in a sorry state, my picture was almost blurred and even if my personal data was almost impossible to read, it was acceptable to the bank. Under my breath I cursed LTO for producing a shitty and poor quality driver’s license (that’s another story) but I still could not understand why my nicely and clearly printed Firearms License Card is no longer acceptable at the bank. After my transaction, I snapped a picture of the desktop sign on my cellphone camera. The teller was right, the FA License card is no longer in the list of accepted ids. I remember seeing it in that list because I have used my FA card for id purposes in banks a few times in the last few years.


Only recently, I ranted about the useless DFA scheduling system for passport applicants. I now feel a lot better knowing that my passport is still acceptable as a “valid id” when doing banking transactions.


We’re talking here about official documents/id issued by two different departments of the PHL Government, the DILG-PNP-FEO and the DFA.


Why banks are honoring one and not the other is the subject of my brief discourse.


In the past it was easy to leave the country on forged passports. I believe that the stringent processes in the verification/validation of the applicants identity and the significantly improved security features of the e-passport have nowadays made it difficult for people to pretend that they are someone else when leaving the country.


What about the Firearms License Id’s? Well, I phoned a friend in the banking industry and asked him about the matter. He said that there were some data integrity issues on the personal information presented in the Firearms License Card. I asked him to elaborate and he gave me two (2) examples.


A.) The home address of the F/A Licensee. Now, I am beginning to understand. Mr. HotShot BigShot gets a license for his FA and give his address at 999 Van Nuys Blvd. Nowhere City, Philippines. When Mr. HotShot BigShot gets into trouble with the law, the LEO can’t find him because he gave a fictitious address or if the address is valid, he doesn’t live there or no one knows him or heard about him in that address.


B.) The Photo of the Licensee. Sometimes, the photo is not the image of the person whose name is on the license. This is even worse. They have his name but cannot associate it with a real face or vice versa. (Wow, hope it’s the picture of a handsome and macho movie star and not an ugly and wanted fugitive).


I read in the papers recently that the PNP has mandated that all renewals for FA licenses must be done in-person at the PNP HQ in Camp Crame. There will be no exceptions and no regional or provincial processing of renewals because they are centralizing the process. The rationale for this brilliant idea is to weed out the fake addressess and ensure only the legitimate gun owners can renew their licenses.


With this directive, the PNP is asking for trouble. You have almost one million registered firearms. Let’s assume for the sake of simplicity that we have a one-to-one relationship – one firearm = one owner. That’s a million legitimate gun owners scattered all over the archipelago from as far as Batanes in the North to Tawi-Tawi in the South who will need to renew their licenses on their BIRTHDAY.

Let’s do some math.


Given : 1,000,000 licensed gun owners


Assume : 83,000 renewals a month (1,000,000 / 12)


Average Daily Licenses to be Processed : 83,000 / 20 working days a month


= 4,166 licenses a day.


You are expecting 4,166 gun owners to troop to the PNP HQ on a daily basis. If you are from the National Capital Region, it’s probably NO BIG DEAL. If you are from Southern or Central Luzon, it’s a HASSLE. If you are from Northern Luzon and the Cagayan Valley, it becomes BIG DEAL If you are from the Visayas and Mindanao Regions, then it becomes an ORDEAL. Just to renew your license (which I think is approximately 3K to 4K) you will rack up additional expenses for bus/ship/air fare, meals and lodging, and probably some shopping :=)


And moreover, the FEO-PNP cannot handle the expected volume. JMHO, but I have my own personal knowledge why I feel that their resources both technology and people, are not ready to take on this huge task.


And what a way to solve the data integrity issue problem. Punishing the majority in order to fix the problem caused by a minority. Of course, I am assuming that majority of gun owners are legitimate like me. But I could be wrong.


It’s like drying up an entire river so you can catch crocodiles. Never mind the small fishes.


Bright idea indeed !

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    Shit! You beat me to the topic Richard 🙁 But since you already brought it up first, I would like to mention an experience I had relating to this situation. I was trying to cash in a Check at my local Security Bank main branch last month. This is the 2nd time cashing a check here, and being prepared as always, I already brought the appropriate Identification to claim my cash, in a matter a fact, I brought the same shit as last time. Since it’s embedded in a Filipino’s tiny little mind to ALWAYS present a moment of inconvenience, I had complications receiving my money, and this is why.
    I was in school uniform that day since I don’t have time to cash in my check throughout the week, and it’s closed on the weekends, so I went there between classes. Upon entering the bank, having my bags checked, and waiting in line for 20 minutes for the 2 customers ahead of me, I was finally called up next. I presented the check, and I was asked for ID. I came more prepared than usual and brought my Passport and Stateside drivers license. Unfortunately that wasn’t ENOUGH!!! The fuckin idiot asked to see my school ID (only just because I showed up in uniform). What the fuck he needs a school ID for?! Anybody can duplicate a school ID, plus the only information it has on there is my name and what college I am attending. I didn’t bring my school ID, just my drivers license and passport. Keeping in mind that a passport ALONE should be enough to verify everything about me.
    Well anyway, after prolong minutes of deliberation, I had offered to show him records of my enrollment, foreign bank cards, and homework with my fuckin name on it! He accepted the enrollment form along with my passport, went in some back room for 30 minutes to verify my identity I guess, came out and made a phone call, then finally called me up again to finally give me my fuckin money! Then he had the nerve to asks me,”So what do you think about our country?” I didn’t even bother with the question since the hell he gave me to acquire my money pretty much explains it for itself. Then he asked me a few other personal questions, then I simply walked away and gave him the cold shoulder after counting my money to verify his incompetence.

    Just another story to add: 7-eleven had carded me to buy a beer a few weeks ago, even though I cam growing a beard and mustache, what sense do that make? Well anyway, gotta go!

    1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
      Pearl Of My Ass

      …”So what do you think about our country?” I think they do not realize how bad their systems are in general, as most of them never went out, their sub-standard is the standard, they are blocked in old soviet era, all of this is absurdity and if they did not evolve yet, they will never ever reach a better level. Mediocrity will be their standard for all and ever. This is hopeless.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I tell them i think the same of this country as the 20,000,000 filipinos living in the usa. and the slaves that are sent to the middle east for 3 years at a time. Then when they return home,, they have to go thru the red tape and graft just to send a few paltry dollars to feed their families.
        just point to a smoke belching , noisy jeepney that was first made in the 1940’s and 70 years later???
        Point to the homeless, squatters? all the trapos that provide the scams for the local news?
        Basically, I tell them that the filipinos abroad,, call this placce ”hell on earth” then they can’t argue with you.. Sorry Sir, I am just repeating what other filipinos tell me, ” This is my first time here” hahhaha
        That deflates their ego every time

    2. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
      Richard aka Dick Head Post author

      A lot of folks in this country don’t bother to understand the basis, the underlying reason/s or rationale for a process or procedure. They just blindly follow and if the process flow takes an unusual turn that looks like unfamiliar territory to them, they’re stuck. In your case, I think the Security Bank teller was just trying to give you a hard time, can’t see no other reason why he’d ask for your school id. Ever heard of the dumb waiter ? Your teller was a dumb teller :=). I bet ya, when he went to the back room, he probably engaged in some asinine small talk with his colleagues about a “white guy who is studying in our country, who’s probably married to a Filipina, blah, blah, blah. And most likely the teller was a newbie trying hard to look impressive to the bank customers. You see these type everywhere, especially in government offices. And whoever asked you for a card at 7-11 probably has been working 12 hours straight. The guy’s brain has probably turned to mush. 🙂

  2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
    Hey Joe

    Yes Richard not only could they not deal with the numbers you describe. It will add just one more cluster fuck to this, and I use the term loosely…system of government…LOL.

    But on the bright side, just think of all the employment it will make.. think of the 10’s or 100’s of thousands of fake permits out there that need to be redone.

    Hell ..everyone knows someone that can have you a permit to carry in a day or 2 for less than p1k
    Now they all get new customers. It’s like a stimulus program for pinoys black market. LOL…. Gotta love this shit.

  3. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

    I got asked the same stupid “what you think about our country?” by some pinoy and i just responded with “the women are hot and so are the beaches, thats about it…” And got the blank stare, so i smiled and walked away leaving the dude probably pretty pissed off lol

    I was going to retire in Davao, but now will most likely retire in the Dominican Republic (I have family there who aren’t completely retarded)…. and if my fiancee/future wife ever divorces me… she’ll see the mamasitas i will get with haha

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      fiance/future wife divorce you????? You completely lost me right there. Can’t be divorced by a FUTURE wife if not married yet. Sorry if I fail to realize the humor in this, it’s late and I’m tired. Out of all the countries I’ve been to, I can say that Philippines is by far the worst. It has some ups and downs, but the bad outweighs the good obviously. The best thing I like about Philippines is the shopping. I can easily know how much I am spending (with little math computation) before I get to the cash register since you pay the price you see, and none of that hidden tax bullshit you see in America. I like it when the tax is already included in the price 🙂

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

          Hahaha, and you are already talking about a possibility of a divorce? LOL….. I’m with ya on that one. I’m daring my idiot wife to divorce me, actually, I’m encouraging it! My idiot wife being 4 years older than me, no college education, no job, and with leeching-good-for-nothing parents is less qualified to be with me than most Filipinas within my vicinity at school, who are obviously educated. Well, Filipino standards of educated is still considered as uneducated in my book, but at least they can lay a decent low-paying Filipino job and help contribute, unlike my idiot wife who doesn’t have any college education at all. Out of all the school girls I’ve been approached by, I could easily ask one out and them say yes, all I have to do is choose the best one out of the bunch, which is pretty much the opposite of my idiot wife. I can’t believe I got married so early and eliminated all my better possibilities so soon 🙁 That is foreigner fail on my part.

    2. Profile gravatar of Richard aka Dick Head
      Richard aka Dick Head Post author

      A lot of Filipinos have a hard time starting an intelligent conversation with foreigners. If they learn that you’re from, say NYC and they have distant relatives or friends from NYC, they’d say, Oh’ my uncle lives in NYC, he’s working in this and that company, blah, blah, blah. And you would probably respond by saying, “Oh, I see, hmmm.” So, how do you bring the conversation to the next level ? There’s hardly anything to talk about, unless by any chance, you happen to know his relative. But if they would have asked, “where or what were you doing during 9/11, the conversation might take off to a certain level. Davao City’s not too bad, food is cheap and cost of living I heard is pretty reasonable.

  4. Profile gravatar of roadking

    With regards to the proposed centralisation of gun permits,
    I have read that this has now been dropped, even this lot had realised the stupidity & Impractability of it ….

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Yeah, and in the typical Filipino fashion, they just enacted it without thinking. I’m sure someone smarter than the idiot who thought of it in the first place told him about the impracticality of it, then decided to drop it.

      Gawd Filipinos are fucking morons. Think things through before you make decisions!!
      (I know, I know, asking a Filipino to think is like asking a dog turd to sing).

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    the poorer they are,, da more noise they make,, especiaaly with tons of bass and drums pounding the same beat over and over again,,
    Must be the filipino version of the chinese water torture
    BEWARE of resorts with korokes and swimming pools.or anything else they can make noise with
    .. the let the massa in to increase the income,, of course the noise level is terrible.. been there and done that
    beware of 3 or 4 day public holidays in any country.. but here the traffic is terrible, especially going to the provinces

  6. Profile gravatar of TheD

    My GF showed me her passport and wondered why I was rolling on the floor laughing at the page with her picture. “it looks fake” I said, “the paper is thin and it just looks like a fake”. “Show me yours” she replied and promptly spent 30 minutes inspecting the 2 mm thick ID page of my passport wondering why hers was one micron thin.