Warranty Offered, Never Honored

These idiots are so quick to offer warranties on products, and the products usually fail before the warranty period expires. But just try to take it back to where you bought it to have the warranty enforced.

This is something that happens every single time I return something with a warranty. I bought an emergency light for when brownouts happen (and they happen daily – the incompetent morons can’t even keep the lights on for more than 15 to 20 hours with their antiquated systems, yet charge enormous rates for electricity), and the warranty was for 1 year.

The product basically consists of a battery, a relay switch, and some lights. Quite simple. The battery is supposed to last for 8 hours before running out of power. Well 3 months after purchase, the battery looses power after 1 hour. So I take it back to the store.

“I’m sorry sir, the battery is not covered in the warranty.”

“WHAT??????? THE FUCKING PRODUCT IS 95% BATTERY!! AND THE MOST IMPORTANT FUNCTIONALITY OF THE PRODUCT IS NOT COVERED??? So please tell me, what IS covered? The fucking power cord? The box it came in? The carrying handle? Please show me where in writing it says the battery is not covered!”

Well, they couldn’t show me, because it didn’t exist. You see, filipinos are too stupid and timid to fight, so at that point, most filipinos will just say, “oh ok, guess I’ll have to buy another one”. But not me.

You see, they will just lie and try to get out of honoring the warranty. But I fought. So they finally relented, and as if the first part of this story wasn’t stupid enough for you, just listen to their “brilliant” solution:

They tell me they have to ship it to Manila to replace the battery. So they are going to spend more than the price of the product to ship it to Manila and then ship it back, instead of just walking over to the fucking shelf 20 meters away and handing me a new one.

Is that fuckin stupid or is that fuckin stupid??

I’m like, “what the fuck? But I didn’t budge. I fought with them for 20 more minutes trying to cram the tiny bit of logic it takes to understand they would be better off just giving me a new one instead of spending double the cost of shipping the defective one to Manila to do something as fucking elementary and simple as replacing a battery. HOLY FUCK FILIPINOS ARE STUPID!!!!

Filipinos: FAIL!!

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  1. Profile gravatar of kallimann

    Hi, guess what. I recently purchased a 50″ flatscreen tv. 2 month after i bought it the screen went all black and only the sound remained. When I brought it to the dealer to check and replace it (it has a 2 year warranty, whatever that means…) he said that it can’t be replaced, as the warranty only covers repair, not replacement. When I asked him what would happen if it can’t be repaired he got this blank look in his face and said he’ll call the supervisor. When he arrived 10 minutes later he told me that so far they could all be repaired and that mine would be ok in a week or 2. On my question why they could not just replace it I got the same stupid answer and when I asked him too what if…. Guess what? No answer… Then on top of all this bullsh.. , when I went to the same mall 1 1/2 weeks later to check on some GPS I passed by the shop to follow up on the repair. Believe it or not, my damaged tv made it from the place where I left all the way behind the counter (so it couldn’t be seen…). On my question if it was ok now and why I wasn’t informed that it was repaired already, the supervisor told me that the delivery truck from Manila couldn’t come yet because of bad weather. Bad weather my ass, so much for my experience about warranty in this country…

  2. Profile gravatar of EarthAngel

    fuck these warranty rules, everybody hears the same shit. me included. someone should revisit rules on repair and replace I guess. My dad blabbers all day about it now he’s in FL he easily replaces as he pleases.