How To Waste Time, Money, & Resources: Try To Help A Filipino

Trying to help a Filipino is one of the things much of the world has learned is a complete waste of time, money, and resources. This is tragic. I want nothing more than to help the people of my ethnic heritage. But native Filipinos cannot form any understanding or concept of the phrase “feed a man a fish, he eats for a day, teach a man to fish, and he eats for his lifetime.”

What I experience is that when you try to reason with them, and impart some wisdom from your own life experience, it is often shrugged and disregarded because “that’s not the way we do it here”. And there’s the failure. They cannot make a connection between “the way they do things here” and “if you wish to make changes and improve your situation, you need to realize, or at least consider that “the way you do things here” is the reason you’re failing.” Why not try something different and see what happens? If “the way you do things here” has been failing, why can’t you change “the way you do things here”???

kitchennightmares2A good example is Gordon Ramsey’s “Kitchen Nightmares”. If you’re not familiar with Gordon Ramsey, he is arguably the most famous, most successful chef and restaurant owners on earth. He knows how to make a restaurant succeed. His life and his restaurants are proof of it.

One of his many TV shows is “Kitchen Nightmares” in which failing restaurant owners ask him to help them turn their failing restaurant into a successful restaurant. So Ramsey goes to their restaurant, samples the food, the service, observes how the restaurant in managed, evaluates, and offers expert advice on the needed changes to turn it into a success.

And like the average Filipino, the restaurant owners are usually unwilling to budge on the way they do things. They tend to blame the customer or community for the reasons why their restaurant is failing. And it often appears that they just expect Ramsey to wave a magic wand and somehow convince the surrounding community that this restaurant is good the way it is and they should stop being so mean and come patronize it.

Ramsey often ends up banging his head against the wallkitchen-nightmares-gordn-ramsay-frustrated-lack-of-concern and asking,

“why did you call me in to help you if you’re not willing to take my advice? Being an expert with dozens of successes, my evaluation of the way you do things is 100% to blame for why you are failing!!”

It doesn’t matter if you think your food and service is great. If the surrounding community thinks your food is terrible (which it is), then they’re not going to come back!! Why can’t you see that??? Get off your high horse, get some humility, take some constructive criticism intended to help you, and make the changes necessary to succeed! Otherwise, I’m wasting my time here. I would rather go help someone who can first admit they’re to blame for their failures and take responsibility for their mistakes, learn from them, not repeat them, and make the necessary changes for success.

There are many examples that have proven that the way things have been done for 100’s of years was discovered to be the wrong way, and a progressive mind that is willing to learn and grow will depart from a tradition that keeps them in a mud pit, and make the change based on proof that it’s the wrong way if he/she wishes to improve. But Filipinos cannot form that logic. It’s impossible. They spend their time blaming the world for their woes, and work overtime trying to convince everyone that it’s not their fault, and their way is best, no matter how fucking stupid and illogical their way is. They expect those around them to change, so that they can succeed.

THE FILIPINO LOGIC: “I failed because you refuse to see things my way.” And since you won’t help me, I’m going to repeatedly slam my testicles in the doorway until you can’t stand it anymore and decide to make me successful.”

It is a cultural institution for Filipinos to shrug personal responsibility. In their mind, it is a dishonor to admit they were wrong. It is customary to justify their wrongdoing through some kind of blame, instead of fully owning it. This prevents them from learning and improving. Accountability does not exist in Philippines. There is no such thing as taking responsibility for your offense/mistake and doing what is necessary to make corrections or pay for the damage you’ve caused, most especially if it involves monetary cost. This places morality far below self preservation. And what makes this so unbelievably pathetic is that they all claim to be such moral “god fearing” people. And that’s the funny thing about religion. I find that the overwhelmingly vast majority of anyone claiming to be religious are among the most morally corrupt people on the face of the planet. And Philippines brags itself to be the most “Catholic” nation with high morality. Unfortunately, THINKING people don’t believe words unless those words are backed up and supported by action. You surely don’t see that in Philippines.

This stems from the general sense of entitlement that is the downfall attribute of the average Filipino. It’s strange. They see that if they plant a seed, and water the soil, a plant grows which bears fruit. But unfortunately for them, the Filipino mind is about the most unfertile soil in which to plant a seed. They can form no application of how the basics of life work to their own life. Planting a seed of independence in the average Filipino will most likely fail. Therefore those who have tried, quit trying. Now Philippines is left to rely on their OFW’s and charitable handouts. Philippines is like the lazy, apathetic 46 year old son who still lives with and is supported by mom and dad. The only way they’ll survive is by those that are willing to support them without obligation.

There is a difference between disablement and just plain refusal to do for oneself / laziness. If someone is incapable by no decision of their own to support him/herself, I feel that the community should provide. But that is certainly not the case on the most part here in Philippines. It is the refusal to think, reason, and get up off your dead lazy ass and find a fucking honorable way.

Erap (Joseph Estrada) flipping the bird to the Filipino peopleRather than appreciate a helpful lesson, or if they’ve been given some kind of financial start with which to expand on, they will selfishly and unwisely squander it. They tend to feel it is other people’s DUTY to help them and provide for them, rather than do for themselves. There is such a low value placed on human life, dignity, charity, and good of community. It’s “every man for himself” in Philippines. They cannot take a given opportunity and turn it into a way of independence. They will just continue to expect handouts. And this is why today, countries have given up on investing in this country. It doesn’t help them, and the investor always loses to the corruption and irresponsible management.

Scams, rip-offs, lies, and selfishness is the mode of survival here. Elected officials see the suffering, poverty, and desperation, yet continue to plunder their own people, and then the people elect them back into a position of power after they have been tried, convicted, and served prison time for plunder. This is an obvious indication of the lack of value placed on human life.

The only way to help Philippines is to NOT help them. And most of the world community has learned this, which is why Philippines is so isolated. The world community has tried to help, only to find out it was no help at all. So they quit, and leave them to live in the pit they continually choose to keep themselves in.

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    Yet again you continue to speak the truth about this pathetic country. This inspired me even more to leave my good-for-nothing wife and her leeching family. Yeah, her family leeches off my monthly income in order to make a living because they are too damn lazy and pathetic to make it on their own. It turns out that the goal of every household here in Philippines is to have at least one foreigner married into their family for financial support. I remember how back in the day my wife’s sister was interested in my buddy, who happens to be an American. But soon after we got married, her sister married a filipino. Before, all her sister talked about was wanting to be married to a foreigner. Well since her family is livin it up by leeching off my monthly salary, there is no need for a second foreigner in her family to satisfy their financial desires. Well she doesn’t know what’s coming to her when I leave this place in 2 years. I’m totally gonna leave her ass and her sister is gonna have to get a divorce and marry a foreigner. hahaha!
    As for the Gordan Ramsy Kitchen Wars show, I’ve always seen commercials of it, but I never watched it. All those Top Chef, Kitchen Wars, and other cooking shows don’t seem like something I would be into, but now I’m curious about Kitchen Wars thanks to reading this.
    I know what you mean Filo, even I am currently trying to help these low-life fucks in my own little way. There is significant progress, but it’s not enough to permanently change the Filipino mind, but temporary change is all I’m asking for now so they can come to realization on how a better environment looks. I have reached a equilibrium between my contributions to helping these idiots in comparison towards the results I was expecting. So it’s somewhat working out for me. Well anyway, I have final exams this week. I already witnessed 10 of my classmates dropping due to their lack of intellect in their subjects, and their failure to pay the rest of their tuition fee. Some of these fuckers are already asking me for money to help pay their tuition fee before the final exams stats on wednesday. I want nothing more than to see them drop/withdraw from the class. The less annoying filipinos there are, the more I can concentrate inside the classroom. They act like fuckin imbeciles!

    1. Profile gravatar of mike-test

      You should show your wifes family who’s the boss. or refuse to live anywhere near them. for the past yrs im turning into crazy alpha and im showing these retards who’s the boss and insult them in their faces if they exhibit filogic infront of me.

      1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

        Just stop sending money, i learned the hard way. Tell your wife you don’t have income like you did before… make some shit up, like got demoted, or some crazy off the wall shit.. filipinos will believe the lies, they believe their own lies, and lie all the time anyway (and when i say filipinos i mean the ones who grew up here).

        I have an ex filipina wife and now a current filipina gf… Which is i think the only thing most filipino guys know how to do well.. Make hot filipina daughters 🙂

        Again Fil-Am, Brit, Aus, etc are much much … Aww fuck it, they’re human beings compared to “filipinos”.

  2. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    My wife and I have tried to help many of her family members and came to the same conclusion. They are beyond help. No matter how hard you try or how much you give it just doesn’t make a difference. I have realized that you could give everyone of these assholes a million pesos and they would be back in a month or so flat broke and asking for more money with some type of broke dick excuse why all their money is gone. Why is it that the Filipino can not stand on their own two feet. It seems like the only job many of theses deadbeats have is borrowing money. That’s how they make a living. They wake up in the morning and try to figure out where they can borrow money today. Of course when they ask to borrow money they actually mean to give them money because they have no intention of ever paying it back. Also have you ever noticed how they never seem to be able to leave their parents home once they grow up? They get married, have kids but remain in their parents house. Also all of their brothers and sisters do the same thing. They have a real problem going out on their own. They may add on a room for their family but they all remain together in the “Compound “. So it becomes a small community where some people work but many others remain unemployed just taking advantage of the ones that do work. Maybe someone gets a chance to go abroad but then he ends up supporting all of the losers he left behind. They expect him or her to and many times it is the female going abroad to support the lazy males. I swear, the Filipina is the backbone of the family here. They somehow ended up with the shit end of the stick. Also, these losers that continue making the rounds borrowing money always need money for rice or their kids milk or to pay the light or water or for medicine but it always seems like they have plenty of money for cigarettes, liquor and gambling. FILO is right. They can’t be helped. Don’t waste your resources on them and don’t fall for their lines of Bullshit. The one thing that they are good at is scamming and they will fuck over a family member just as fast as they would a stranger.

  3. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

    I think that I read that FILO is staying in Cebu now. Hope you made it thru the earthquake without any problems. As I was listening to the news tonight about the death and destruction caused by the earthquake I was thinking how little help the people can expect from their useless government. I also realized I have not heard one word from any Senator about how they plan to help the people effected. Maybe they are waiting for other countries to send help. One thing for sure is that the country has been plundered by these politicians and now they are more worried about covering their ass from the pork barrel scam then helping out their fellow Filipinos. But as I was feeling sorry for the people devastated by the earthquake I realized these fucking idiots will vote these same fucking crooks back into office come the next election. So actually they are getting what they deserve.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I am in Cebu on business, arrived Monday evening. Staying with a business associate in Cebu City. I leave tomorrow, and I can’t wait to get back to Manila. The ground has not stopped shaking since Tuesday morning. Tuesday was insane. We spend the day constantly running outside with every aftershock, which then was at least every 10 minutes or so. In actuality, I watched the 5 gallon bottled water on the dispenser, and the water NEVER stopped rippling the entire day. The ground was rumbling for hours, non-stop, and you could see it by watching the water bottle. Significant aftershocks continue now every 1 to 3 hours. Felt a significant tremor just moments ago.

      I can’t wait to get out of here and back to Manila. It’s been an insanely stressful trip.

    2. Profile gravatar of

      Dude as outraged and shocked as we all are about this pork barrel scam, the fact that the average Filipino apparently doesnt give a shit or gives you the “well, thats how it goes here” comment proves that they are perfectly fine with it. I researched Manila news articles from 10 years ago and then 20 years ago and would you believe that the content and scandals are almost exactly the same? Same shit – same last names. Scams, theft, plunder over and over and over. And your right Joe..these morons elect these fucking plundering idiots back into office over and over and over. So I have come to the conclusion that Filipinos like what is happening, they have to.

      Regarding the constant money “borrowing”, I use a tactic that to fight this that has worked fabulously. Now, I will lend anyone money ONCE. I dont wanna hear your drama or your momma’s medical issues. You need money? Here you go. Your paying me back next week? COOL. But we all know that glorious day when you get paid back will never happen. EVEN BETTER

      They come a second/third/sixth time to borrow money, I say SURE! When you pay me back what you owe me from the first time, I will gladly let you borrow more money. ** blank stare **

      When you feed their scamming brains with undefeatable logic, their is no intelligible retort to be had. It forces them to rehash and rethink their attempt to separate you from your money. Their replies provide awesome openings to provide intelligible retorts of your own. Observe:
      – Can I just add to what I owe?
      –> If there had been any prior record of any attempt at paying me back from the very first time you borrowed money then that definitely might have been a possibility. So yeah no…
      – Can I ask your wife?
      –> Oh, you mean your blood sister? Where do you think she gets her money from?
      – Then can I advance on my paycheck instead?
      –> I am not your employer, you really need to ask your boss that question. And aren’t you supposed to be at work now?

      I could do this all day

      1. Profile gravatar of RenegadePinay

        My husband and I adopted this owe no money, lend no money deal, and it has served us well for these couple of years we’ve been married. In my previous comment, I hinted how unpopular and almost friendless I am for some reason. (I have a few though). Anyway, when I married a “white guy”, I suddenly received lots of Facebook friend requests. Ok, so I gave them the benefit of the doubt that yeah maybe they just want to re-connect with me or get to know me more. Boy, I was so wrong! Most of them were there for me for two things only: for the latest “gossip” in my life here, and to borrow money. So sad.
        My husband and I only “give” money to my kid brother and sister as their incentive for bringing home straight-As from school, but that’s it. Finally, I think word gets around that they will never get something from me so one by one, my friends list dropped down. That used to hurt me, but now, the heck I care. We work hard to save and buy our wants and needs, and not so we will have something to “lend” to them when they need it. Once my brother borrowed a few grand from us as downpayment for the house he wants to buy. So we gave him the money. Now his house is already built and ready for occupancy and he also paid us half of what he owed. He promised us he will pay us the rest after he receives his 13th month pay, which is fine with us because he has kept his word. Some people sniffed this info and tried to borrow the money from my bro and, according to my bro, they even told him that “your ate (older sister) doesn’t need it, she’s already married to an American”. O_o Daffuq is that? Looks like once we married American guys, we start pooping money (and sweat glitters and ride unicorns into our own awesomeness rainbow). Tsk! Tsk!

  4. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Hey everybody, I just wanted to share an experience that is happening now in my worthless Philippine College that relates to something FILOFAIL had mentioned in one of these articles about how narrow a Filipino’s vision is, and like how their memory/field of vision is as deep as a ball in a stocking. This also relates to something somebody said on here about how Filipinos lives in the ‘Now,’ with no regard for their future. Well I have perfect example of that now! I’m in school with these worthless pieces of shits, and as you know ALL know schools cost money, unless you are a valedictorian or some lucky scholar. Well lets get past one obvious point, the chances of a filipino being a valedictorian is about the same chances as the Sun freezing over….. point blank, it’s not gonna happen! Unless the education is substandard. Ok, let me get to the juicy part! Filipinos really do live in the ‘NOW.’ They enroll in class, they KNOW there is a balance on their account that they have to pay before the semester is over. But when they enroll, they don’t think about the expenses because they don’t have to pay for it ‘NOW.’ Well guess what! ‘NOW’ had finally came, and it’s biting them in their asses! They are running around like a chicken with their head cut off trying to find ways to pay for their tuition. Most of these filipino idiots had even resorted to asking me for money. For one, I’m not fuckin rich. I just look rich bcuz I live in a condo, own a 32′ TV, and throw parties almost every other weekend, but I’m far from rich. These fuckers are begging me like crazy on facebook, texting me, and some came over to me in person begging for money right where I live at! Walking to SM from my place trying to avoid 5 year old beggars is bad enough, but now I got half my poor shit-head classmates begging me too! How piss poor is their planning? Do they have their pets plan their future for them? Did they forget about that tuition fee? Funny how they all decide to just blow off that tuition fee until the very last day they can pay for it. Some of the female students are smoochin up to me, but I know what it’s all about. On the first day of final exams, only 17 out of my 53 classmates were present for the first day of final exams. The numbers were so low some of my other teachers decided to postpone their exam until next week, to give them more time to pay. This is so fuckin pathetic, I was ready to take all my exams this week. Now I gotta wait another week bcuz of this bullshit and the Filipino’s mindset of poor planning. How shitty can a Filipino get?

    PS: For those who don’t know what my name stands for, it’s ‘Filipinos Are Fuckin Idiots’ = FAFI.

    1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

      I can just hear your fellow students asking to borrow money from you and Swearing that they will pay you back. Of course you have lived here long enough to realize once you lend them money you will most likely never see it again. When they ask to borrow money they actually mean for you to give them money. Then when they don’t pay on time and you have to go to them and ask where your money is they actually get pissed off like for reason it’s your fault they owe you money. Recently I lent some money to a worker on the crew that is remodeling our house. His wife just had a baby and they needed money for medical bills. The agreement was that he would pay back the loan on a weekly basis from his salary. So against my better judgement I lent him the money. So the next day he shows up for work but that was the last time I ever saw him. He never showed up again. He just quit coming to work to avoid paying his credit. That is the typical Filipino attitude when it comes to repaying their debts.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        With my experience in loaning money to people in the past, I know it will be 10x worst with fuckin filipinos. The fact that they only live in the ‘NOW’ is a good reason not to loan them money. They are only thinking about paying that tuition they are obligated to pay, and they will obtain that money at any means even if it means to come up with some bullshit repayment plan which they are less likely to follow. Obviously they just wanted the burden of the school asking for their, and in return they can receive their college credits. So it’s a ‘this’ for ‘that’ trade, money for credits. On the other hand, if I was stupid enough to trust a filipino and loan them the money. They are not gonna give a rat’s ass about paying me back, because what will they get in return if they DID pay me back? A fulfillment of a kept promise? Hahahaha!!! Promises are never kept in this country! One asked me for 5,000php and promised to pay me back 500php weekly, I really don’t see that happening! As much as I have observed them in class, the majority of them don’t have any positive qualities about them. Liars, cheaters, and thieves. Did I forget to mention that my classmates stole 3,000php from me one day? To make a long story short, my shitty-ass school uniform don’t have pockets, so I gotta keep my belongings in my back, we had a surprise event that required us to be in a parade and march. I was forced to leave my bag behind. Not all my classmates were present in the march (late or absent as usual). Next thing you know, all money I brought with me was gone. What kind of shit is that? They cheat like crazy too. I lost all respect to my department head teacher when she left the classroom today while her students were taking their final exams, knowing damn well that they are gonna cheat. Guess what? Most of them did cheat. Some of my teachers don’t mind it if they cheat, and if caught, they don’t do a damn thing about it! Yeah, these sniveling assholes gets by in life by cheating, there is no way they can live a honest life. This isn’t the first time, they normally cheat on every exam the very moment the teacher’s back is turned, or leave the room. I actually think that the teachers encourage their students to cheat by purposely leaving the room when they are suppose to sit in class watching them. Supposingly she holds a PHD (Doctorates) degree. But seeing how the schools are ran here, her degree has less value than my elementary school diploma. Doing the wrong thing for 10 years in college doesn’t automatically constitutes that you are doctorate degree material. I’m just stumped that these idiots will be moving on with me to the next semester when I spent so much time studying for it, and they just get by because they cheated by conversing with their seatmates, and reading their textbook during the exam…. FINAL EXAM. They cheat as students, and you sure as hell will expect them to cheat in life when they make it to the real world. What ever little respect I had left for filipinos, I had totally lost it all for them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Maybe so, but I would be willing to bet my life most of the money, if managed by Filipinos, is NOT being used as intended. Most likely ending up in the pockets of the stewards.

  5. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

    Sad to say that I learned this the hard way. After trying to help those subhuman vermin for a number of years, and even making the mistake of marrying one of those gooks, it is evidently clear that these “Idiots of the Orient” are truly hopeless.

    This may sound radical, but if I had the power, I would withdraw every single missionary and every single humanitarian worker from that place, and cut off every single bit of outside financial and material support. If I were able to do that, one of two things would happen: Either the flips would wake up and get their act together, or they would wipe themselves out of the Gene Pool within a generation. Knowing how they are, I would bet my money on the latter happening. Sigh….

  6. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

    I just joined the forum after I committed to sending my relatives about $6700,00 USD of my hard earned money to purchase a tricycle franchise and vehicle. God I hope I did the right thing. The intent was for them to have their own business that they can control. The catch is that they are responsible for saving up 50K PHP each (there are 3 of them) to contribute to the college tuition of a younger sibling. The trusting side of me wants to believe that they will save the money so that they could put their younger sister through school. Time will only tell. I’ve composed a contract where they have to go to a licensed attorney / public notary to sign this contract. I’m sure they think the whole notarized contract is a bullshit formality, but I want them to have “skin” in the game and not just wait for handouts. I suppose I could consider any failure on their part of not saving to contribute to their sister’s tuition will be their fault for their sister not getting an education. That will be their cross to bear. I hate to regret what I did but I do want to give them the benefit of the doubt. I know better not to expect anything back with the exception that they will pay it forward and help their sister.

    I too am getting sick of requests for money. I have turned off my Facebook account and have even unfriended some of my relatives who ask for money but choose not to help themselves out. Its fucking pathetic how lazy some of them are. Anyways, hoping for the best from my relatives. Stay tuned for subsequent bitching if need be.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Think there might be a problem depending on where the relatives live.
      1.) Brand new 175cc motorcycle cost about $1,400
      2.) Franchise about $1,000
      3.) Have side car made about $1,550

      Of course the franchise fee depends on where they live but the motorcycle prices are pretty steady nationwide and have never seen one bigger than a 175cc. My wife’s brother just bought a used tricycle with franchise in Manila which cost him $4,000 all in.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Wife says that is too much. If have not sent yet then delay doing that and get more info. As to the notary be careful there. Filipinos will put up a sign saying they are notary when they are not, lot of fraud here. That and filipinos never stand by an agreement and have a back habit of changing the terms of the deal without telling them telling the other party.

    3. Profile gravatar of Kane Malarky
      Kane Malarky

      Welcome ConCanuck…….I think the money you committed to them is too much. It depends where they are located. If they are in a City with a glut of these trikes, then it isn’t going to generate the type of money your relatives may think.. There are Cities in Mindanao where trikes are the only way of getting around town, and there can literally be hundreds of them in a small town. Then, there is the maintenance that will eat into the profits. My prediction is you have not heard the last of the money requests either. Also, what Mike said is spot on. I am sorry it’s not what you wanted to hear! Regards.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Hello to Con.
        The reason these people are poor is because they are lieing, thieving, dishonest morons from top to bottom. They have absolutely no shame whatsoever. Thye remind me of a pack of lions watching a herd of wildebeest for the weak ones. the lions chase the herd to diorganise them. These flips bombard you with dire requests of money etc.
        No. 2 reason. = They breed like roaches. It totally amases me when a hot filipina will hook up with the poorest lump of flip, she can find. So, they erect another hovel within the family hovel and breed some more.
        If they do hook their fangs and claws into some honest soul who will lend them money, they just piss it away. I see 1000;s of signs where the businesses have failed. Mainly beoc of too much competition. There are long lines of trycycles doing nothing but wait. Usually with the driver sleeping in them.
        Next time,, ask for a Microsoft Excel sheet detailing cost and expenses. Blank stare.. ”But why do you need that” Because my banker needs it. You have to be able to lie,, and use every excuse known to mankind to deny these thieves money.
        Every kano who comes here , should realize these people survived before,,so how come they need money for medicine, hospitals, loads, funerals etc now?????
        To Sarah.
        I did a meetup with a whitey from Rhodesia. His wife and him have a one hectare piece of land where he will plant fruit trees. Well the whole neighborhood people are friendly, but asshole has 10 goats, so the flip ties his goats onto this kano’s land so they get can eat. No respect is shown whatsoever!!!!!!!
        Of course the neighbor is thick as a brick with a very bad attitude. So, now he has to fence off his land. A good deed never goes unpunished.
        End of rant.
        Container Al

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          It looks like this fencing will cost me nearly $1000 Al, and I’m pissed off as hell! What can I do? I’m over here. The carpenter knows the land owner is Kano, so likely he’s also charging me the “skin tax”.

          I told my Aunt to negotiate a lower fee. Apparently we have to feed him 3 times a day! I asked why since in the province, we only have to feed them once a day! I think the whole shit is a rort. But it needs to be done because of asshole, inconsiderate neighbors, who are likely distantly related to us (via my late Grandfather), because the whole area was that clan’s land. So yes, they are in-breed as well. No wonder they’re stupid, inconsiderate fucks!

          Hey guys, you had an advise for me awhile back regarding poisoning the goats. I would liked to hear that again please! This time, I’m gonna get even!

          1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
            Hey Joe

            Oh @sarahfin, forgot to tell you. ethylene glycol poising is a ugly death so you know.
            Just tell them the goats were possessed by the devil as punishment for their misdeeds toward you, and they should repent NOW or forever burn in hell.

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Thanks Hey-Joe, but are you sure the goats won’t be able to detect it or smell it? And can you buy it in the Failippines? Thanks again. If it works, I’ll buy you a drink next time I’m in PI 🙂

          3. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
            Hey Joe

            No not 100% sure. As I have never tried (on a goat) 😉
            But dogs,cats,mice,rats will drink it. It smells rather good and taste sweet.
            May want to try to mix it with some goat feed, like some goat oatmeal as it were.

            It may be less obvious what you are up-to if you mix it with something as it is a bright green or bright yellow liquid depending on brand.
            Yes, Prestone brand is what I see here. And can be had at many hardware stores and automobile part shops in the phils. Look for the pure Prestone, as some comes “ready to use” That means it is already diluted 50/50 with water. Pure will do the deed quicker.
            Read that link I sent. It says toward the end that dogs/cats may die days later of kidney failure even if smaller doses are injested.
            How about some rat poison ?? the blue rice mixed with goat food???
            They may need to eat a lot. Not sure..never tried.

            By the way. Don’t worry about prestone on you’re hands. It is water soluble and washes right off and does not enter the skin. No worries.

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            I’m sorta an animal lover. The goats didn’t do anything wrong. Why make the goats suffer a horrible death? Feed the fucking anti-freeze to the inconsiderate fucking owners of the goats instead. Now THAT’S getting even!

    4. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      Mr Canuck I’d like to retell a true story a Kano told me that I posted previously here.

      A Kano married a flip lady. She noticed the brother sitting around the provincial home all day doing squat. One day, the Kano had a bright idea. He would buy the brother a trike, so that not only would he be in work, he would be able to support the rest of the family.

      Then, the Kano and the wife, who were to move to the US wouldnt need to send as much money. The family would have a good source of income.

      A year later, the Kano and wife returned to the Philippines and visited the provincial home. They saw the brother still sitting around the house.

      “Why isnt the brother out earning money on the trike?” asked the Kano.

      “He cant” replied the wife.


      BTW the threat of losing the school funding wont stop the leeching. They will break their promise. Flips nod and agree to ANYTHING just to get instant cash.

      I guarantee that they will blame YOU if they break their contract. YOU will be the heartless one if those kids dont go to school.

      “Why?” asked the Kano.

      “He sold the engine.” replied the wife.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I was going to say along those lines Kalbo, but as it relate to my Flip family. They are all like that unfortunately.

        3 years ago, Auntie no. 6 “borrowed” P5000 from me to start up a sari-sari store for her lazy drug fucked husband. Being naive at the time, I thought “good, she’s actually going to give him a job”. So I offered her a deal: “you make a success of that sari-sari store and I’ll only get you to pay me P2500. As you might have guessed, the sari-sari store never took off, and she never paid me back. I heard from other Aunts that she bought electronic goods (games) with the P5000 as a gift for her brats.

        I’ve learned since then that “loan”/money gifts to a Pinoy are never treasured. Easy come, easy go? Why? Because the bastards never had to work for it!! Same with electronic gadgets or anything else really that you paid for. Give it to them as a gift or hand me downs and they never last. I started asking a few years ago, what is it with Flip hands that they can’t take care of items that has been on your hands (like a cell phone) for years, no scratch, never dropped. Give it to a Flip and you’d be lucky it’ll last a year in their hands. If it don’t end up at the pawnshop, chances are, it’s not as good as when you hand it to them.

  7. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    A warm welcome to you too ConCanuck. We have a lot of common issues to share here regarding our Flip (freeloading) families. Tell you the truth, I would bet my most gorgeous pair of blingy shoes recently purchased from the RP (but actually made in Korea!) that your endeavour to help your Flip family will come to nothing. Been there, done that, plenty of stories and experiences to share here. This website is a great learning experience for those willing to learn about Flip behaviors and how to avoid the pitfalls.

  8. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    So funny. You talk about the Hells Kitchen show and when Gordon uses his strategy and it’s starting to work, the owner can see things working, but sometimes (especially in the self – destructive people) they start thinking of a way to go back to the old way, the way that didn’t work.
    There is a very self-destructive nature with Filipinos and a very sociopathic characteristic as well. Their corruption gets them nowhere as society, but they care nothing to change it and elect the same evil people over and over.
    As far as sociopaths go, they deserve what you have. It’s not a sin to steal it cause they want it. They can take your wallet with cctv having caught them, but still deny. If they finally admit it, they admit it with tears in their eyes to maximize the victim role.
    Just look at the tranny who got killed after scamming the marine. This 26 y/o prosti-dude who was cheating on his money-sending, German fiance to scam drunken foreigners into sex-for-money got caught and found out. Then got caught by the consequences.
    The family stating the tranny prosti-dude was a devout Catholic. They did all this fake outrage and the latest offer is they will drop all charges for ₱20 million +₱38 million + 6 USA visas.
    Self destructive, begging sociopaths is the best way to describe the Philippines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      “they care nothing to change it and elect the same evil people over and over”

      There’s another way to look at this. My experience is that the overwhelming vast majority of the people are inherently corrupt. In many conversations with them about people such as Marcos, Estrada, etc, they justify their corrupt deeds by talking about the good they did while in office. This culture views corruption as completely normal, unavoidable, and they have no concept of being accountable for what they do, nor do they have any concept of holding anyone else accountable for what they do.

      Go ahead a do all the bad, corrupt shit you want, as long as you do a few good things to counter it. Do good things and it wipes out the bad. I know not a single person in history who held power, and didn’t do several good things for the people to win them over. That’s how they gain power to do their corrupt deeds. It’s a common strategy. Evil people cannot win favor without doing good.

      Secondly, nearly everyone is corrupt here, and they know it. It really doesn’t matter who they elect or re-elect. Because every candidate is coming from a pool of corrupt-minded people, as if corruption is just part of the deal. So they are only guided by how much good they did to counter the bad. They don’t even look at the bad. Because you’re just supposed to turn a blind eye to it, culturally.

      When you only have corrupt people to choose from….well, there you have it…

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Example of the way things work here, and the attitudes toward it:

      Every election season, we see roads being torn up and rebuilt, and there was NOTHING AT ALL WRONG WITH THE ROADS. But they are the most commonly used roads, because it gives the best exposure. The elected official who initiates the construction gets a wildly inflated cost for the construction by the contractor. The contractor pockets a cut of the tax money, the elected official gets a big cut to fund his campaign, and the people see “improvements” (or good deed) to their town or city.

      But most people know what’s really going on. I talk with taxi drivers…”Must be election season, this road was fine, but they’re rebuilding it”. Taxi driver just chuckles and says, “yep, dats dee way of dee Pilippines.” No outrage, no anger, just acceptance and a blind eye.

      So you have the elected official doing his corruption blatantly and openly, knowing full well that this is the way you fund your campaign, and that this method will not get any opposition or resistance at any level. And the up-and-coming future elected officials grow up with this concept, and when it’s their turn in office, use the same methods they were raised to believe is “the way it’s done”.

      And the never-ending cycle continues…..

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Plus the power keeps going off around election time and there are plenty of brownouts.

        The Filipino way is just run the status quo don’t stick your neck out otherwise you’ll get shot dead.

        The more you do for Filipinos the more they expect we noticed that even at a lower level such as dating girls and mixing with friends. It’s like when you get into the Filipinos bubble space and then start becoming demanding and needy as well as greedy.

        It will be a no win for politician they will be giving money out to people and people will expect the money as if it’s their right to receive money or services. Filipinos are some of the most grateful people in the world when it comes to giving them something, I think it’s a God-given right to get those things and when they get that right cut off in some cases they can resort to violence. You just have to look at the number of mayors and counsellors and people that are killed on a daily basis in the Philippines. Life is cheap but people overseas foreigners and foreigners 1st time here don’t realise this.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Where do you live? My experience is this. Power off a lot but pretty goddamn steady two weeks before, during and after elections then back to unsteady.

      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I think it was Mike who quoted me on the vote-buying article and the road scams they love to pull. Agreed, just do one good thing or just do 5% of the job and Filipinos are stunned the corrupt guy did something good like it was completely unexpected.
        What I gather from Failipinos and why they do not care so much is because they would do the exact same if they were in the position. So it is completely understood. Even if one guy gets indicted, some people go, “well, he did a lot of good things and brought progress to our city” to justify it.
        Then, what I have seen with the politicians. They are the most self-congratulatory bunch of corrupt sociopathic narcissists. If they build a bridge, or fix a road, they will spend P100,000 printing up tarpaulin signs with their face on it to congratulate themselves. Then to keep from feeling extra guilty, they give themselves awards as well or one local office who wants to kiss the mayors ass gives him “most outstanding mayor” award, which he gladly accepts.
        The big thing is the after-planning party. When they come up with a plan, they throw themselves a party. I’ve actually been to one. They just say, “thanks to _______ dept, we did ___________ and we expect ____________ to happen in the future cause we are (province name) strong!” Then you realize the party is greatly overpriced and it is held at the hotel or function hall of the mayor/ congressman/ councilor/ etc. If anyone actually does any follow up to whatever project was implemented, they see more effort went into the party and award ceremony they threw themselves.
        I knew some of the Peace Corps people in my area. One guy actually followed up on the 5 “projects” implemented by the mayor 2 years prior. He found anything that was agriculture was 1/5th of what they stated (they were all like that) and the agriculture had been ignored so most had already died (like a mangrove project). If it was a drainage system, it was already crumbling and the waste water was exposed. The peace corp guy just shook his head telling me this.
        The biggest phrase I learned to tell myself out here is, “The worst kind of liar is the one who believes his own lies”. Those are Filipinos on EVERY level of society or profession.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      LOL!! You liked that?
      That is what I always used to say when I saw one of them or a group of them. They are everywhere in Subic. Prosti-dudes!

  9. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Here’s one you all will just love. I was invited to a birthday party for the 3 year old son of a friend, said party took place out in the boondoocks (that’s outback for you Aussie blokes). I noticed that most houses were mere shacks with dirt floors, bamboo, cheap wood walls and such. I was then told that the mayor was a vast landowner on which a lot of houses sat. So here comes Ding Dong Dung who asks to build a hut on this land and owner (mayor) approves. Then I was told that if the people in the house did not vote for the owner (mayor) in election the mayor would tear the hut down and kick them off the land. Another form of vote buying. While taking birthday boy to a resort we passed the owners (mayor) compound. I shit you not the wall along the road was about 500 meters or so and about 75 to 100 meters wide and that was just ONE compound.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, they don’t even try to hide it. It’s amazing cause they are so proud of their ill-gotten wealth.
      You expect these guys to feel guilt, shame, embarrassment at the level of poverty, uneducation, condition of the roads, gov’t services, brownouts of their cities, etc. Instead, they are so proud and put their pictures everywhere, on every sign, and major intersection. The mayor in my shit town puts his picture on every “NO SMOKING” sign. These signs are in EVERY tricycle, store, jeepney, stairwells, and even some carts. The people have to pay $2 for the sign, its laminated 8.5×11 size, has his face on it, and it has is to be purchased or no permit for whatever business.
      If any of us were in charge for the last 8 years of a shit-hole Philippines city, we would hide our heads in shame. These guys (and all Filipinos) are impervious to guilt , shame, or empathy. I guess, they just tell themselves, “I do a great job” and poof, they are absolved of any guilt or “I’m Catholic so that means I’m a great person” regardless of what the reality shows.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I disagree. is most member of PFB were put in charge then this fucking shit hole would be a higher class of a shit hole.

        1. Profile gravatar of juan

          Hahaha, even if that is possible, are you willing to risk your life? remember what happen in Maguindanao massacre? even with media personnel they where massacred that is the reason why even if we want change it would be next to impossible. 🙁 As most of you already knows, it is survival of the fittest even if you are working on a government. I had a doctor friend who previously worked as a doctor in a barangay, then there comes medicine delivery coming from the provincial health office, when he checked and tally the receipt and the actual medicines, they do not match, so he said to the delivery guy, i will not signed that, so delivery guy called the provincial government, provincial government went to the barangay, talked to the doctor and said “Bata ka pa boy, di mo pa alam ang kalakaran, mahirap yan” “You are still young, you do not know how this works, be careful” so what he did, he resign coz he can’t take it.

          1. Profile gravatar of Pissnoy Allergy
            Pissnoy Allergy


            It would not surprise me if there is no word for “integrity” in any of the local languages spoken in the Failippines. 😉

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I’ll answer your question as best I can so bear with me. I entered the navy when I was 17 and before I was 19 I already picked up what was left of a friend with bare hands. I then went on to complete three more tours around the philippines where face to face with the Russians. During that time how much of the AFP was standing besides us? NONE. Now my post put up a what if kind of thing. But in real life here is how I see it. If the filipinos don’t give a fuck about their country then why should I?

  10. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Last election, the people in Mum’s province received P2000 for their votes….but with a threat that if they don’t vote for Juan de la Cruz who supplied the money, there will be a day of reckoning. I always wonder how they would know who voted for who? Not giving excuses for Filipinos selling their votes, but if faced with a threat like that, would you not take the money and sell your votes anyway? Damn if you do, damn if you don’t. If you refuse the money, you try and be honorable, you and your family get punished anyway. And if you happened to be working for the provincial government, even if you’re just the street sweeper, you voted for the wrong candidate who did not win the election, you lose your job! I’ve seen this happened so many times, it is very real in Philippine politics. Now, on the other hand, if cousin Eddie won the Mayoralty, and I and my cronies voted for cousin Eddie, rest assured cousin Eddie will pay us back.

    Awhile ago, I read that the most dangerous profession in the Philippines is journalism. Especially if you are a political journalist, your life span could shorten considerably. Any wonder that the journalists tend to shut up, under report corruption/thieving and nepotism? Filipino political dynasty and nepotism is rampant, that would put the Kennedy clan to shame.

    To say that the Philippines is a jungle out there is an understatement. It’s a dog eat dog society/culture. And don’t forget, if you’re Kano, consider yourself a white chicken in a brown dog’s yard, and they have not had their lunch.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      You and the clan vote for cousin Eddie. Then you can send me and Beavis our Samsung tablet gifts. We expect the latest.

  11. Profile gravatar of Pissnoy Allergy
    Pissnoy Allergy

    Sarah: “It’s a dog eat dog society/culture. ”

    Actually in the literal sense, also. I actually once drove a motorbike past a dog that had been killed by a car. The other dogs around it was chewing on the dead dogs intestines. I did not know before then, that dogs have some cannibalistic instincts in them.

  12. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “I did not know before then, that dogs have some cannibalistic instincts in them.”

    Really?? I did not know that either Pissnoy Allergy. Never seen a dog in the west eat it’s own. I guess they’ve got a different breed of dogs in the RP?

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Why eat dogs in the first place when there are other sources of meats? Like seafood, seashells, vegetables that are plentiful year round, and even dried fish are better than dog’s meat! Dogs is one of the most non-Kosher food there is! Especially Philippine dogs who are known for eating shits if on the loose! Awww,yuk! sorry guys for spoiling your breakkie 🙂