Wasting Money, Because Hey, Its Not Mine!

Hey guys been awhile since I posted been busy back in the real world .

Todays tale is a sore spot at the moment for me  . After getting bugged non stop to put my wifes brother in university I caved in and said OK .

So off to the best one I could find signed him up with big promises of top grades  so after dropping close to 20.000p to get him in and buy school shit  he starts ..

FFWD to the next semester I get asked again to pay his tuition for the next term I say ok I will be back in a few weeks I will go pay . I am told no no you pay now because I can not start with out money .

Ok I know this is bullshit because I was the guy who went to the university to sign him up .they will let it slide until the first test at which point you pay or no tests and you can not continue after that.

I tell him that and get to school It will be ok ,I did phone and ask again !

mcdonalds-stoogesWell now it seems he decided not to attend school because it was interfering with the time he could spend with his girl friend ?

And he says maybe he will go back next year . Never once thinking about the money I put out for his lazy ass to go now he wants to work at Mcdos because its a great job ?

I just informed the whole family there will be no x-mas presents for anyone because of them letting him quit school and me losing 20k !

It has caused a shitstorm of epic proportions on the home front with accusations being throw at everyone because no one is at fault well except me for cancelling x-mas .

Its really not the 20k its the harassment I got to give the 20k then to just say meh I would rather work at Mcdos and kiss my virgin GF  .

By the way my wife is a total idiot But thats another post



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    Captain PFB

    Utterly, totally, completely NOT surprising. Filipinos are Fucking Idiots.

    Never help them with money. They will never appreciate it, they only feel entitled to it.

    Filipinos Are Fucking Idiots.

    Enough said.

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        Disapointed Post author

        I hope your wrong but its on the list of places to go (the school) because I asked for a report card and was told maybe its lost ? At which point I said no problem i will go to the school and get another copy . If this was a scam there will be epic payback . I will post when I know more .

  2. Profile gravatar of Penance

    I’m sorry…when did you become in charge of Xmas?

    As it is, they just give each other 50 peso shirts they buy at the cheap-o market anyways.

    Ohhhh! That’s right! One of them landed a foreigner! Now you get to give out the nice presents and get some stupid shirt in return!

    Yeah, I’d be canceling Xmas just for that alone.

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    Captain PFB

    I always tell them I’m an atheist, and I don’t observe, nor do I celebrate KKKrieschtmaz. If I buy gifts, that means I’m observing KKKreischtmaz. But feel free to exchange gifts among yourselves, just please count me out. Thanks.

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      Disapointed Post author

      Yep I wonder who is the idiot Me for caring and maybe pulling a young man out of poverty with education or the young man for pissing away a golden opportunity for free university .

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    [email protected]

    Yeah, general consensus would be that much harder to stop giving cash (once it’s started flowing) than it is to simply say “No” in the firstplace and deal with any consequences that may follow.
    In terms of the position that you’ve found yourself in, all you can do is start reducing the flow and let the chips fall where they may.

    Don’t even think about trying to insert logic or fairness into your thought processes as, well, we all know how that will end.

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      Disapointed Post author

      I do not give cash to the family very easy it needs to be something they can not afford IE: sickness or education

      I wish the kid would have stayed in school he is a idiot to turn away from a payed education for a little girl .

      1. Profile gravatar of Kevin

        sad for you bro . im a pinoy .
        i got a foreigner uncle , her wife is my aunt .
        so okay , my father is having a trouble on his work , so i have to ask my aunt , if she can, at least provide my daily expenses (100pesos) so i can go to school .
        i am glad that she agrees, and i know the money comes from my uncle(the foreigner) .
        once i graduated , i personally say thank you to my uncle .

        i really appreciate all the help he did, he even provide my father a jeepney , which is a big big help .

        okay , all of US , is an idiot , i admit . but dont lose hope on trusting some of them .

        btw , that boy is really a fcking retard . he didnt even appreciate what you did .
        20k is a LOT .
        i can even buy a complete gaming computer set or treat all the beggars near our area .