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They say that, in America at least, the two topics to stay away from in any conversation is religion and politics.  And I think there’s a reason for it.  Both topics (usually) are full of subtle and not-so-subtle nuances that delve deeper into the core values of everyone at that discussion’s table.  In other words, you can’t really define who is right or wrong due to the individuality of everyone involved.  So…it’s a futile conversation most don’t feel like having.  It just goes around and around and around….

But not in the Philippines!  Here, it’s a non-stop parade of comedy and stupidity!  I present to you……

Senator Bong Bong He's An Idiot!

Senator Bong Bong He’s An Idiot!

Yep!  Meet Senator Bong Bong He’s An Idiot!  Now, I know what you’re going to say (because who knows you like we do, eh?).  THEY’RE ALL IDIOTS!  And you, good sir (or ma’am), have a very strong point.  So let’s call this guy….EXTRA stupid.  Or ECONOMY SIZED stupid, ok?

The reason we’re picking on ole Bong Bong here is pretty simple.  Imagine you’re pretty well off from your acting career.  You’ve got money..no need to worry about the little things.  So, you decide to go after another passion (gag!) of yours.  Politics.

Now we all know that politics is nothing more than a den of snakes as it is.  But what really sets this guy apart (and possibly a lot more like him) is the fact that he got greedy.  He wanted more.

So, he starts laundering money for fake NGO (Non Government Organizations…charities) with Mrs. Janet Napoles (the mastermind of the plan).  Now that, in itself, isn’t what makes him a super idiot.  No.  Greed is a pretty universal concept.  What REALLY sets this guy apart is how he handled the money, both before and after the blowback.

You see, if I’m laundering money and taking big kickbacks, I’m making sure that NONE of the transactions are in any way connected to my name.  It just makes sense.  Dummy people, dummy corporations, dummy bank accounts.  It’s a pretty simple equation.

But not for Mr. Bong Bong here.  Nope.  He funnels the money through over 20 bank accounts in his name.  The money comes in, it goes into his bank accounts, and all of it is withdrawn IN CASH the same day.  Do you think that might put up a few flags?  Maybe?  Since this went on from around 2006, we can all have fun with the Philippines banking system on this one later.  In the US, you can bet your ass that such activity, in those amounts, would be reported to law enforcement right away.

But the fun and hilarity doesn’t end here.  No.  It goes on to when Mrs. Napoles was caught and started naming names, and his comes up.  Now, any intelligent man, knowing there’s all that money tied to his name, would cop a deal.  It’s your best way out.  But the politicians here have only been trained in one philosophy…deny, deny, deny, and let the long, weary legal process wear the issue out until everyone forgets.  It’s worked for years, right?

But not now.  There’s a president who’s making a name for himself for fighting corruption.  The winds have changed, and whether or not it’s going to work or even last doesn’t matter.  It’s a hot button topic right now.  So your options should be limited, and common sense says to cop a deal and beg the public for forgiveness.  After all, he was an actor.  The audiences loved him.  He should be able to make those tears flow better than a flooded street in manila after a light sprinkle.

Instead, this moron takes all of the money out of those 20 accounts…all 87 million pesos of it…and puts it into his wife’s bank account.  Yep!  They won’t look there!  Not at all!

So there you have it, folks!  Not only greedy stupid, but stupid stupid as well.  I tell you…if I was eligible for Philippines politics, I’d be a very rich man for a very long time.  I’d have an edge they’d never suspect…..a brain.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Yep! I just crack up when these utter brainless idiot turds sit there and deny deny deny, even in the face of indisputable forensic, concrete, documented, or even video evidence against them. It not only makes them look even more idiotic, but when he gets forgiveness and re-elected afterwards, it makes the people look just as fucking stupid.

    It’s like corruption is ok and normal here. It’s like, “Oh what’s the big deal he stole money from his constituents?, He built a basketball court in our barangay, I know because his name is plastered all over it. So that means he’s a good guy and has my vote.”

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      It’s like I always say….Filipinos like to stay asleep to what’s going on. As long as they get their bowl of rice every day, they’ll do whatever they’re told to do.

      I once heard about a Mayor that got elected by taking some confiscated bales of pot and dropping them in the middle of the town.

      Apparently, people didn’t care about the kids getting to it at all. In fact, some of them were probably so drunk, they actually sent their kids to pick some up.

  2. Profile gravatar of Todd

    The same President who is fighting corruption also had a pork barrel. Where budgeted money that was not used, it was put into this pork barrel. Then the money was giving to those who are loyal to this President to use on their projects. It is unlawful to use budgeted money on something that it was not budgeted for and therefore a violation of law. So this President is no different than the other corrupt politicians in this country. I never will ever fully believe that there is a politician that is not corrupt! At least here in the Philippines!

  3. Profile gravatar of joe

    This idiot president they got now is hopeless,this country is a perfect example why Hong Kong does not want the masses voting.If it was not for the Spanish and the Americans these flips would still be running around the jungle eating bugs.