Way To Up The Stupid Meter, Mr. Politician

And so it goes with yet ANOTHER round of Flips making themselves look even more idiotic each and every chance they get.  And yep!  You guessed it!  It’s a politician this time, supposedly with a whole group of angry youngsters backing him up!

Now, a lot of us are former military, which means we’ve had common sense drilled into us from day one.  Use of that common sense is critical in day to day life of military operations.  We learn, in the least, the importance of colors and the bearing they have on what is going on.  Bear with me, this makes sense real soon.

Recently, an object washed up on the shore in Quezon province, which is on the Eastern side of Luzon.  It was a long tube with stubby fins, and colored a nice bright orange.  It’s obviously American, based on the insignia on written on it.   It’s definitely military, and so what passes for Flip military is sent there to “secure it”.

Up pops the angry youth group, who summarily run around telling every other idiot Flip they know that they have “captured” a US Spy Drone, and they are DEMANDING answers from the US Embassy!

Now I know any former Navy that may be reading this is already laughing their asses off because they know exactly what this is.  But, since we all like to be “official”, let’s hear from the US Embassy to learn what this “drone” really is:

But in a statement, the US Embassy in Manila said the object was actually not a drone but an unarmed aerial target being used for military exercises between the US military and its allies, including the Philippines.

The embassy said the supposed drone was an “expended” aerial target that was launched during military exercises, dubbed Valiant Shield, which took place on Sept. 15-23 last year off Guam.

The aerial target, according to the embassy, does not carry weapons and is not being used for surveillance.

Now, those of us with common sense would, upon hearing that response, and looking at such factors as, I dunno, those below, would immediately backpedal and do damage control.  Nope! They just continue to ignore these rather important facts:

  • It’s ORANGE!  I’d expect the Failippines to develop a spy drone that was painted bright colors and had a picture of the Pope on it, but not an intelligent first world country like the US, who paints theirs in muted grey to blend better and remain undetected.
  • It WASHED UP on the shore.  US drones don’t go for a swim.
  • Spy drones have big, bulbous cameras on the nose.  They also have transmission gear to send the information live.  Notice how this object has neither…
  • Spy drones have a large wingspan to keep them in the air for long periods of time.  That makes sense, since you want to spy for a long time.  Notice the short, stubby fins here.  Trust me..this thing isn’t flying.
  • The US doesn’t just forget about downed spy drones.  That’s why we have Navy Seals that go get it without you even knowing they were there until you read it in the news.
  • This washed up on the EASTERN side of the country.  Anything there to spy on?  No?
  • There are Americans all over this country in every aspect of it.  If we need intel, we’ll just meet up at one of the gazillion Starbucks here and exchange notes.  We know they wouldn’t understand if they were eavesdropping because the very name of the game here is Intelligence Gathering, in a country that can’t even gather Buko without damaging property (I’m still missing a tail light from that)
  • What exactly is there to spy on here anyways?  The only useful information I can think of around here is which prostitute isn’t carrying the STD’s that particular day.  It certainly isn’t their military capabilities, of which most can be found at an ACE hardware store, complete with soldiers buying their own equipment there.

But how is this article about a Flip politician making himself look even MORE idiotic?  Enter Rep. Terry Ridon, and aspiring politician trying to stay “hip” with the “in” crowd, apparently.  He had this to say:

Stupid Filipino Rep. Terry Ridon“We fear that the US military is exploiting the growing tension in the Philippine Sea to deploy spy planes and warships in our territory. In the guise of protecting the Philippine claim over the disputed shoals and reefs, the US military may in fact be surveying the area to assess the value of its oil and mineral reserves which their country surely has interest in,” Ridon explained.

Remember what I said above?  This was found in the EASTERN part of Luzon?  Dem dere riches are supposedly in the WESTERN sea, Mr. Representative (oh, the fun I can have with that title).  He goes further by saying that the US has been “spying” on the Failippines now for the past 10 years, and in cahoots with the AFP!  Blah blah blah, the US is evil and PNoy is their puppet….we’ve heard it all before.  To up the ante, he goes on to say how they’re going to keep the “drone” secure so they can dissect it to see what sensitive information is on it.  Go for it, idiot.  We promise you can keep every bit of that nothing you’ll find in that cameraless empty shell.

What’s interesting to note, though, is that these angry youths, or this politician, don’t say a word against the Chinese who are ALREADY invading the Philippines space.  Not a single word.  Why?  Oh, I think you’re intelligent enough to put it all together.  And not, it’s not just that Flips are idiots.  Some of them are communist idiots as well.

And Flips wonder why the rest of the world looks at them like special needs children.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    When I think of Philippines, I think of a group of islands populated and governed by unsupervised, undisciplined children no older than about age 10 who were never taught manners, or to think for themselves (or to think at all), and are starved for attention.

    The Philippines tends to dumbshit all over themselves to the world at least 3 times a year. And the sad thing is, they don’t ever realize it, nor will they ever admit it once it’s been proven.

    Just a nation of complete morons. I honestly don’t know how they wipe their own ass, much less build malls. Scary.

  2. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    he did it for him to look cool .
    he didn’t even analyze what the thing is , meaning he doesn’t have any idea what he is doing .
    that is how every politician get famous here .

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Yep, I am certain he just wanted some TV and media exposure. These stupid Filipinos are like misbehaving, undisciplined children. And children will do things that will give them any attention at all, and negative attention is better than no attention in the child’s mind.

      This is one of those situations where Filipino idiocy is hilariously entertaining. Such stupid-fucks. LOL!!!!

  3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    You just gotta love that photo. I love how they are standing there, like a couple of Marlin Fishermen who fought and struggled for hours reeling in a prize Marlin, and proudly posing for the memorable moment.

    Look at those fucking stupid Filipinos, guns in hand, looking like they “captured” a spy drone, when it just washed up on the shore, and the intelligent world can look at that thing and know it’s not any kind of “drone” at all. Who paint’s a spy drone bright orange?? LOL!!! Fucking hilarious photo.

    These Filipino idiots just love to pose for photos don’t they? How embarrassing to be one of those idiots. They’re now world famous idiots. LOL!!!

  4. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    Now that a pic is posted, that that representative is fat. A sign of not only wealth here in the Philippines, but of corruption as well.

    “lolz i took 250,000 pesos from that skywalk project, so i can take my fat ass and my fat children out to eat Western food prepared by pinoys. livin the life that was handed down from my grandfather to my father to me.”

    1. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
      L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

      looking closer at the OP pic, i’d say thats an airforce cruise missile, meant to simulate a “bogie” that needs to be shotdown.

      Explosive warhead removed of course. this one probably ran out of fuel, fell out of the sky and got lost. These exercise missiles are designed to be completely harmless unless of course it fucking lands on you, and if that happens you just had no fucking luck that day, of course that’s why they don’t allow civilian crafts and boats in the exercise area.

  5. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    Yep and this same fucker after trying to tip the can on America would be the first to run to the U.S for any kind of help along with his family and friends who knows maybe has the big house there already .
    But like has been said so many times never trust a Filipino he will try and fuck you every time ——————-