We are not alone…

Sorry, this isn’t a story about aliens (although that would explain all those spaces between ears where the brains SHOULD be around here).

This is a story about proof that we’re not the only place where you’ll see some refreshing honesty, rather than that nasty plastic sweetness of stale kool aid the Department Of Tourism wants you to drink when they tell you “It’s more fun in the Philippines!”  In other words, real people with real truths about Filipinos, and it’s not just us this time!

Ok, enough prattling.  On to the good stuff.

So I’m looking at Craigslist for work.  Yes, I know it’s Craigslist, and it’s in Manila.  Put together, those two words alone give a lovely image of which Filipinos will undercut everyone else to make $1 USD for a job that should be paying $100 USD.  Filipinos just do it to themselves.

But I need to make money.  You can’t live here for free, and even going outside costs money here in Manila.  As I’m browsing around the writing jobs, I suddenly stop and start laughing rather maniacally. In a sea of kissing Filipino ass to convince them to work for the cheap, I come across this diamond in the rough:


 Writers bloggers Permanent job for the next 10 years!!

compensation: depends on experience

telecommuting okay

Are you tired of working alongside fellow Filipinos that:
1. Don’t honor their word,
2. Are not responsible,
3. Don’t show up for work,
4. Are immature or are backstabbing
5. Envious of you and your desire to be promoted and succeed in your job?
After hiring 48 Filipinos and getting screwed by them in one way or another I have come to the conclusion that 90% of the Filipino culture can not be trusted or relied upon to do what they say.With that said I am building a company in the Philippines that will grow to 50 employees in the areas of researcher, web development, telemarketing and blogging writer.IF YOU HAVE EVER:
1. Lied to an employer on ANYTHING,
2. Not shown up for work
3. Provided a false medical excuse
4. Cheated an employer by not giving 100% effort
5. Worked for another company or client at the same time that you were suppose to be working for your employer.
DO NOT RESPOND TO THIS AD AS YOU ARE WASTING YOUR TIME AND WILL NOT SURVIVE AT OUR COMPANY. WE HAVE A TRACK RECORD OF FIRING YOU NON-PERMFORMERS QUICKLY.A leopard does not change its spots. if you sucked at one company that pattern and work ethic will follow you everywhere you go which is probably the primary reason you are reading this ad looking for a new job.LOSERS NEED NOT APPLY – YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!

If on the other hand are in the other 10% category which means you have a good work ethic and are trustworthy and do not lie, cheat or steal ,


Insert “I am in the 10% category of Filipinos and want a career!!” in the subject line.


Now either FIlo is hiring (of which I’d love to have a chat about! lol!), or we are not alone in the BS we see and hear around here.  As we know all too well, Pinoy Pride is going to get that guy a lot of spam emails.  Despite how it works for the rest of the world, the truth does not set a Pinoy free.  But kudos to this guy for laying it down straight and true.  Now if we can just get the other “employers” to be just as honest, maybe Filipinos will start using the same work ethics as the rest of the world.  Cue Supertramp’s “Dreamer” in my MP3 player….


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    Penance Post author

    This is what he said in response to me telling him he should pay more for an American to do the job.

    “Look at the blogs on theoxfordgroup.net and give me a flat rate . You will research cloud computing , iaas, saas, paas, all in sales and sales management and write articles in same style as the blog.”

    I told him I can do the style of writing easily. I think it’s just going to come down to money. Either he’s smart and willing to pay a better rate for the quality he wants, or he’s expecting the impossible; Filipinos doing American quality for Filipino pay.

    I sent him an amount. His response (if any) will answer that question.

      1. Profile gravatar of Penance
        Penance Post author

        Yeah, no response from him at all. I guess you can tell the scammers when it comes down to money. Put down a price that, though not fair, isn’t the equivalent of a dry run up the backside, and they disappear.

        Even though this guy complains about poor quality from the Filipinos, he’s not willing to pay a little more for American. To me, though I loved seeing him be honest, that makes him no better than the Filipinos that screwed him over. He just wants to pay peanuts for rockstar performance like every other scheister on there. LOL!

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    Captain PFB

    That’s definitely not my ad. But I agree, Kaine, I have been hiring Filos for 10 years, and the ratio of finally finding one that has a measurable level of “getting it” is about 10 to 1.

    Here’s funny thing. They have the attitude that because I’m not paying them enough, they will only work for what THEY think my pay is worth.

    And 9 out of 10 forget about the agreement in the interview in which I explain:
    I am not willing to lose a bunch of money right off the start based on what you claim or say about yourself and abilities. I want to SEE AND OBSERVE what you are capable of. Therefore you are going to start at an entry level rate of pay. When I see you can follow instructions, be accurate, do quality work, and I see that consistently for 1 month, I will increase your pay 50%. If you maintain a satisfactory level of output and attendance after 3 more months, I will increase you another 50% of your starting pay. The moment you start slacking, I start docking your pay. For the first year, I do not pay for sick days, vacations, …nothing. You need to establish yourself with me over time. We are not ever going to be friends. This will remain strictly business relationship. You work, I pay. You don’t work to my satisfaction as outlined, I don’t pay. Simple as that. I’m not here to support you, I don’t care about your grandmother’s hospital bill, I don’t care about your son or daughter or brother or sister’s tuition due. I don’t care and I don’t want you to tell me about it. I just want you to do your work, do it well, and enjoy the pride of earning an honest living, like me. I will pay you well, if you work well. Agreed?

    You have to prove your worth to me. I don’t take your word for it. I learned my lesson with Filipinos. So if you want the job, and you want good pay, you have to earn it just like everyone else on earth.

    9 times out of 10, they are calling in sick, or not doing the work, or bitching they don’t get paid enough before the first month is finished, and I send them packing. They can’t remember shit, they only care about themselves, and they want everything NOW.

    They are idiots. It’s so refreshing to come upon one that is not so much of an idiot, and “gets it”. It’s rare, but it does happen, and when it does, I keep them, I pay them well enough to stay.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      All true in there, Filo. You work hard, you get paid well. You keep your personal life and your career life separate. That’s the way it works when it’s working well. No drama, no BS.

      What I ended up having an issue with about this guy is that he WANTS a really high level of quality work. Cloud computing sales blogging is not a “general knowledge” kind of topic. You’re not going to get that kind of insight with any Filipino, really. And if you do, he’s likely making more around here than he’d be paid while chained to a desk writing 10 500-word articles a day about it.

      So, I guess that leaves me wondering if this guy himself has the right clue. Sure, he knows about poor Filipino work ethics, but if he isn’t willing to pay a better rate for such a difficult topic, isn’t he stuck with his problem? I know that if I had that kind of problem, and a solution presented itself where, if I paid a bit more, I got the results I wanted…well, it just makes sense. In the US, they say “Spend money to make money”. I see this guy as trying to weasel around it.

      Just saying…

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        yeah, that guy wants his cake and eat it too. What he doesn’t realize is, saying, “If on the other hand are in the other 10% category which means you have a good work ethic and are trustworthy and do not lie, cheat or steal ,….”

        Doesn’t do anything (I don’t know where he gets “10%” from. Philippines would be a whole lot better place than it is now if as much as 10% were trustworthy and do not lie, cheat, and steal. I think realistically, it’s 1%).

        Because Filipinos in general, consider themselves smart, honest and trustworthy based on their sense of entitlement. Filipinos think that if they feel their dishonesty and cheating is justified in their mind, it’s not dishonesty or cheating or lying. They consider themselves “allowed” to lie cheat and steal, and therefore, it’s not lying, cheating, or stealing.

        So that guy asking for honest Filipinos is going to get responses from the same types that caused him to write that ad in the first place. Filipinos minds work so ass-backwards it’s not even funny.

        1. Profile gravatar of Penance
          Penance Post author

          I think the real brick wall, with or without Filipino “entitlement issues” is the content he’s expecting. It’s fairly specialized, and the “talent pool” he’s trying to pull from is a country with literally one of the worst internet speeds on the planet…ergo, cloud computing isn’t really an option here, and thus no talent to write about it anyways. Chances are, if you do (and I like your number better) find that 1%, you’d best be prepared to pay him very well to keep him.

          The number I threw back at him wasn’t really a high one…just higher than the average pay on Craigslist. Apparently he was never planning to pay well for talent anyways…even for the 1%.

          Just a disappointment. If you want change, it means you’re prone to doing it the right way. If not, then it’s just yelling at the wind and hoping those around you can hear it. In a nutshell, I don’t think this guy is ever going to find what he’s looking for.

          1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            As a fulltime freelance contractor, I can vouch for this 10000%.
            Though in my case, I typically work for companies in the western world. The people see that I’m living in the philippines and attempt to pay me less than a 3rd what I would normally charge. They go to pakistani, bangladeshi, and get shit work for 1 dollar an hour.
            THEN the have the audacity to complain about the shit work!
            Some of these people attempting to outsource have no brains man. I work on an international market, and I produce AAA material for those clients, thats my reputation. But like Filo says, they want their cake and to eat it too.

            Another poignant fact that Filo brought up reminded me of when I was starting an office here. I was hiring with an entry level salary of 30,000 pesos a month. I then explained that after a month you will be getting 35K and after 3 months 50K…. ALL I HEARD WAS FUCKING COMPLAINTS!!!! Most of these people couldn’t even do the job decently and they want executive fucking pay.

            The guy hire to be their “team leader” was demanding 80K from me starting salary with a 100,000 pesos yearly christmas bonus!!! FUCK OFFF!!!!!!! LOL

          2. Profile gravatar of Penance
            Penance Post author

            You know, where I’m from it’s a “work at will” state. If they don’t like the color of the shirt you’re wearing that day, they can fire you. We were raised to appreciate a job. If it didn’t pay enough, you looked for work elsewhere. But you always knew that you weren’t the one in the driver’s seat unless you start your own business. That’s the way it goes.

            I mentioned before about my famous bounty hunter uncle and his two rules. Well, his second rule was:

            “If you get greedy, you lose.”

            THAT rule I’ve seen to ring more true than any other rule I know. So it’s a two-pronged thing. Filipinos being stupid enough to create a play land for greedy business owners that make them forget the #1 golden rule:

            “You get what you pay for”.

            Honestly, if I had the opportunity you gave those morons, you wouldn’t have heard anything more than a “thank you…what do you need me to do.” It’s a job, and 30-50k around here is more than enough to do ok on. Hell, that was pretty generous IMO. If you ever come across something like that again, please let me know. Consider it “doing it right the first time”.

        2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

          Doesn’t do anything (I don’t know where he gets “10%” from. Philippines would be a whole lot better place than it is now if as much as 10% were trustworthy and do not lie, cheat, and steal. ………..(OR SLEEP) ………on the fucking job. lol

          Very frustrating to try and get attention from someone in a business, only to see the ends of their feet sticking out from under a desk, behind a wall or some other absurdity.

          I was at this one place and it was in a mall, I think mega mall actually, I cant remember what was being sold , Coffee I think. The person crawled out from under he counter by throwing aside a curtain, and crawling out all sleepy eyed. Total WTF moment.

          1. Profile gravatar of Penance
            Penance Post author

            This one, believe it or not, goes back to the PH government. You see, the government TECHNICALLY has an organization that’s supposed to represent the fair treatment of workers. It’s called DOLE. They’re supposed to ensure that employers don’t overwork the employees and screw them over with their pay.

            However, DOLE has no power whatsoever. If an employee dares go to them with a complaint against an employer, that employee is immediately fired. DOLE invites the employer in to “negotiate” a settlement. The employer likely doesn’t show up…mostly because they have nothing to fear. Why? Because DOLE’s next step is nothing more than to refer the matter to NLRC.

            NLRC is supposed to be the organization with “bite” on the matter. On paper, the NLRC can have another mediation, and if they rule in the employee’s favor, can force the employer to pay 1.5 times the amount of back pay owed.

            Here’s the problem: The process to get the NLRC involved after waiting for responses and raffling off the case and then waiting for a decision takes at least 1 year, and as much as 2.

            In a nutshell, employees are fucked. They’re made to work stupid amounts of hours for crap pay, and there’s no one there to back them up. I’m not crying innocence for every Filipino here. But you do see a lot of Filipinos who do work forced to work at least 6 days a week, 14+ hours a day just to make crap pay. The least surprising thing about this is that the majority of companies and businesses these Filipinos work for are Chinese owned. As we know, the Chinese don’t give a damn about anything other than their own wallets.

            What’s sad is that the PH government caters to those Chinese like nobody’s business. Once again, Filipinos doing it to themselves.

          2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            I agree it is a sad state of affairs.
            Thats one of the reasons I felt I was doing right by everyone.
            Not only were me and my partner willing to pay way above average for these people, something like 50 people to start, we gave them so much leeway in the business. We did not require dress clothes, I personally told people cme however you want so long as you get the job done.

            I intended to have monthly raffles, giving away cell phones and game systems, the whole nine yards. But it seemed like it was never enough, so I through in all expense paid company vacations, still………….People complained about the location and asked for transportation allowance. FACEPALM!!!
            Shit, I even broke down and decided to have a small temporary dorm area in the office building so that people could stay if they wanted. This wasnt some shitty place either, it was a decent office on the 15th floor next door to Mega mall. They had it made man. haha

            I realize that most of this was because their boss, was going behind my back and trying to convince them they can get more by holding out. I tried to convince my partner to fire him many times, but to no avail. This guy said, “I need at least 60,000 peso monthly, because its not healthy to live on less than that.”

            Are you kidding me? LOL
            That guy as far as I remember didn’t even have a degree. That wasn’t something I looked for, but I have a hard time seeing someone demanding the kind of money that typically only degreed executives in this country make. What a tool!

            The moral of the story is, that nobody fucks over a Filipino as good as another Filipino.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Your standards of employment are very much parallel with the rest of the world, and the only difference I see here is how you had to enumerate basic standards, which is sad, because these standards would usually come natural in other developing nations. It’s quite pathetic to see the ratio of Filipinos who had let you down within the first month. Well, I’m not gonna emphasize on my opinion about this any further since you may already be aware of the ongoing relentless bitching I will do once I get started.

      I’m quite fascinated how the employer had mentioned that 10% of Filipinos are decent, honest, and hardworking. I personally would’ve stated that it was much lower than that. Well Filipinos are blind as a bat when it comes to seeing themselves. They see no evil, so how can they correctly identify themselves for what they really are anyway? OK, I’m done bitching.

      1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

        If you ever hire a Filipino, and ask them for a self assessment on a given issues, in my case it would be asking on a scale of 1-10 how are you on X software? 1 being useless, 10 being a god.

        They almost all say 10…. LOL This is not a joke, its a true story.

        Im not even a 10, and I was the one hiring them!

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    it seems like whenever you do something in this country,, it is just a repeat of the other screwups you endured!!!
    My bath water drain got plugged up…YUP,,, you facepalm yourself in the head,, and wild thoughts about dark forces decending up on you. I found out where it was plugged,, dug out the concrete and down to the pipe, and found out my neighbor broke my 4” plastic pipe and put her pipe into my mine…and they never made an attempt to cover the hole,, of course sand and dirt got into the pipe, and got plugged..also she hooked her pozzo negro into my pipe
    Well ,, she is a baranguy councilor and ex baranguy captain. But,, she can not say too much,, baranguy elections are coming up ,, so she has to be quiet..
    also to make matters worse,, we share a common exit for our two houses.
    I am sure this story is repeated all over this crap hole but different details.
    end of rant

    1. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      Walked down stairs to tak eout the trash, saw that someone very lazy saat a banana peel on someones door handle, crushed in with their electric bill. THats nice.

      The trend is rather easy to see, it’s Narcissism in its purest state. 100% pure and distilled narcissism. Nothing matters, no one matters, I only matter, only I am important.

      All the traits of a Psychopath, as someone here mentioned before.

      Your story causes my blood to boil. Your story, my story, everyones story, jesus!