We Proud No Matter What

This post does not intend to further humiliate the players for both scoring zero in SEA Games but to make some sense of the common reactions almost universally exhibited and brought to you by in courtesy of what’s called Pinoy Pride… We Proud No Matter What?!

SGAG and AllSingaporeStuff on Facebook turned them into an online sensation. But then again, due to a bruised pride, one “concerned” Pinoy even wrote to the latter’s editors I believe of showing disrespect to their “kababayan” by “mocking” them. LOL. The odd part is that Pinoy “fan” was asking for grace and kindness, that they’re “probably lacking skill” but are “professionals who have trained hard and exerted effort”, calling on “to remove the video as well as its sarcastic remarks”.

FailDiveAnd also, may I ask, what do you think about that player’s response to their gaffe or even to the performance itself? I get the positive attitude but it’s kind of twisted like you could feel a sense of denial and making excuses for what has transpired in the games. He even made a comment to SGAG on how he’s still so proud of themselves, thinking it was not their first fail at diving, that they’re still smiling after that. Wow! Talk about being “humble”?

Practiced in just four days? Out of limit? And yet still feeling like champions and feeling proud for “representing”? Wowowewe! It seems like they can’t even be apologetic for causing such embarrassment. So to feel good but not realize they can come up with such stuff like “Don’t mind them bashers, guys; we say keep practicing and make your trolls eat your trunks next time!”, according to one Pinoy site. That’s sweet. Keep telling yourselves that.

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    Well if the filipinos act like they did when Manny lost his fights I can hear it now.

    1.) We lost because the judges were racists.
    2.) We lost because the judges were bribed.
    3.) We lost because the judges were bias.
    4.) We lost because the other divers cheated.