Well I don’t get it?

I live in the Philippines. I hold several college degrees and a few from the school of hard knocks. I have alot to offer a forum that does not censor it’s users unnecessarily. I posted an article here and it has not appeared, so I guess you are not interested in my insights into the Philippines. Good luck!

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    Captain PFB

    Have a little patience dude. I do abandon the internet for a few days to go have some fun now and then. Also, I have a business, which takes priority over this blog. There may be several days that I don’t check things out here because I’m either away, or too busy with business.

    Secondly, I own the blog. It’s not censoring if I choose not to publish an article. Posting here is a privilege, not a right. If your post doesn’t get published, it’s because I don’t think it belongs here, or maybe the subject has been address in a previous article. It’s called “not approved”, not “censored”.

    Anyway, as you can see, your article (as strangely titled as it was) was published when I got around to it.

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    Martin Brown

    There is a posting under his/her name which is a silly name – click on his name above and it will come up but this is it below

    “Currently living in the Philippines. All of the other forums I have seen on the Country are corrupt in that they will not tolerate negative posts on the Country if the moderators have business dealings with anyone effected or if they simply disagree; members will be banned or articles deleted for no reason other than disagreeing with the forum moderators. I have a lot of useful info to post on this Country, but I will see if this page is censored first. This is a warning: “…

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    Since you already hold a few college degrees, I already published a story on how you obtained your college degrees if you got them in Philippines… LOL! So in all due actuality, your degrees wouldn’t equate to shit. I understand that you are new buddy, but you gotta slow your role. Sometimes it takes me days to get my articles up, sometimes it only takes hours. Just whatever you do man, just don’t push the ‘BIG BLUE BUTTON’ (PUBLISH) when you submit your articles, that’s one way to get yourself banned quick.

    Anyway man, I don’t mean to bash on your nuts, because I’m eager to read your story too. But you gotta understand that some of us are busy. If I had the time to be a 24/7 blogger and complain about an article not being approved, then I would’ve made a living being a blogger. For the mean time, why don’t you just post comments on the comment thread? This is my first time seeing your username and you are bitching about an article not coming up? You might have some more room to complain if you tried to gain some credibility on this site first.

    Whatever you have to say, I’m sure you can find an article on here that relates to it, and commenting your input there. If you want to be heard immediately, the best way to go about it is by commenting. That’s what I do when I don’t have the patience for one of my articles being approved.

    If your comment is about you Filipina Idiot Wife, there is an article about that.

    If your comment is about Security Guards, there is an article about that.

    If your comment is about Shopping in Philippines, there is an article about that

    If your comment is about Fast Food in the Philippines, there is an article about that

    If your comment is about Pinoy Pride, there is an article about that

    If your comment is about Colleges in the Philippines, I just POSTED an article about that.

    Almost every story has been covered, so just comment on existing articles in the mean time until your article gets approved.

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      I’m working on an article right now, and I’m gonna totally shove it in your face if mine gets approved first…. LOL!

      Don’t worry man, we are all on the same side. I’m just giving you hell because you are new, I’m an asshole, and your article here is outlandishly entertaining.