We’ve Become A Small Community

Hello my Friends,

I have added a system to the blog that acts like a community site. You can now create your profile, friend each other, private message each other, we have an activity stream (Newsfeed) and such…

I’m still trying to figure it all out, so help me out and give suggestions as to things like what other info do you want in your member profile? Right now it’s just “Name”, “Age”, “City / Town”, and “Years In Philippines”. I know we want to “keep a low profile”, so I’m making all fields optional. You can fill them in if you choose.

You can also add your Avatar, just some unique picture for other members to identify your membership here. Doesn’t need to be a picture of you.

You’ll notice the new navigation menu. You can create a group (I’ve created on already; “Expats In Philippines”) You can view “Members” and see all the members of this blog, you can sort the view with the drop down menu on the top right…etc.

If you hover your mouse over your username up at the extreme top right of the tool bar at the top of the site, you will find all you need to edit your profile, activity, private messages, change/add an avatar image, etc.


Play around with it, hope you enjoy it.

Feel free to comment and discuss…

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB Post author

    You guys can view and edit your profile by hovering your mouse over your member name in the extreme top right corner of the tool bar at the very top. Let me know any suggestions as to more info fields to add to your profile.

    You can also upload your avatar (please take a moment to do this, it looks much better than the default avatar, and makes it easier to identify you when you post and comment.

  2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    I have a suggestion for an “about me” detail. How about ‘How many times you got fucked over by a Filipino?” I don’t mind disclosing that to the public. You probably wont approve of that wording, but I’m sure you can find a more clever way to say it. As of now, I’m sure I’m somewhere in the 100s as far as that concerning. For another suggestion, how about adding,”how many trips to Philippines?” If I only put how many years I been here, that would only be about 9 months for me consecutive. But looking at my passport, this is my 11th trip here, so that makes it sound better than just being here 9 months. Including my previous visits, I think it will sum up to about a year by now. Well anyway, you are the boss here and you dictate if you wanna implement my ideas into your site creation. I’m lovin the improvement by the way. I will definitely create a profile later next week, I’m crammed for this week trying to prepare for Prelim examinations, which are next week. Even though I claimed my Philippine College to be idiot proof and non-challenging, I decided to make it challenging by taking 32 Units in one semester. I did that by taking some 2nd year and 3rd year classes while I’m here in my first year. This is getting interesting, I’m feeling smarter already….. well, not really.

  3. Profile gravatar of PeaNooi

    “BRO….I need a FAVOUR from you” is the common approach from my pinoy “frens” here in Singapore. This approach haunts me till now and im really avoiding these frens.
    I know at least 30 pinoys who are working here and they have a list of errands that they need to fulfill. …from the sick brother in law needing 1million pesos for his operation in that super expensive high class hospital in Pasig….to the minor ones like moving furniture from house to house. These favours have to do with BARROWING money or to do free transportation for them. YES ….I let myself be a victim to them from the pinays who work in the pubs to the professionals who held a good post in the American Companies here. I have been pestered by these frens to go enjoy in a pub and end up being the ass paying the bills while the pinoys just stare blankly when the bills are presented. Going out with girls from the pub is a very expensive affair….and I never even f**ked them. They like bags,shoes,expensive restaurants….and occasionally need financial help to mama’s third brother’s wife sister’s fourth child who need a lot of money for medical bills.
    My pinoy “frens” only came to me whenever they “have a problem” and after helping them they are so rude not to give a word of thanks. ..
    This year….I have BURNed many Bridges with them so that they can no longer come over and steal MY resources and waste my time. I dont care even if they spread that I m a bastard fren within the community for cutting their phone calls. They are such nuisance. I have thousands of SGD of unpaid debts from these Pinoy frens but its better to write off and move on rather than to hope that they pay back cos they never MEAN their words. Always all talk and no action. Its such a disappointment to have these frens. AMEN MAY GOD SAVE THEM

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    Filipinos think money grows on trees. They believe rich people (even they aren’t really rich) should always give them money or pay for things. Filipinos don’t understand the value of hard work, integrity, or common sense. A Filipino is a dog and you’re trying to teach it basic accounting skills like budgeting. FAIL!

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Not only that, they do not possess anything that can be remotely recognized as the dignity of standing on their own two feet, and finding a way to provide for themselves. They show their helplessness in the most blatant ways. They are manipulative liers, and terrible ones at best.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Yeah you are both right. They think money grows on trees and are manipulative liars. Here is an example: A classmate of mine (he is Filipino) asked to borrow 5,000php to pay his tuition, and plans to pay me back 500php a week until it was paid off. First off, I’m not stupid enough to believe that bullshit, he has no job or any source of income. Plus I’ve been fucked over by these idiot Filipino classmates by allowing them to borrow petty little things, and was never returned from me. Letting a Filipino borrow from you is the same thing as giving them permission to steal from you….. DON’T DO IT!!!