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    Pinay Lover , GOOD ONE!!! I like the name on the resume too. That is the very same name they use on a text scam here. You get a text on your cell phone saying your cell phone number won P250,000 in an electric online raffle and reply to this number to claim your prize. Only difference is they claim to be a lawyer.

    I use to get one of those text at least once a week. I would just text back an answer even the stupidest would have no trouble understanding. ” Why are all filipinos thieves? FUCK YOU ASSHOLE”. So what happens after I send the text? They call my phone telling me how to claim my prize.

    Guess I was wrong when I said even the stupidest would have no trouble understanding my meaning.

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    lolllllllllllll hilarious! You only forgot few details mate. Filipinoise always spread all their personal infos on their resume: religion, age, place of birth, the name of their parents etc. What an ethic!