What?? Actions Have Consequences? Wait,,, Who Can We Blame?

I drove past a sign earlier that said, “CLIMATE CHANGE DELEGATES” for some convention of corrupt politicians to discuss climate change. I pretty much shake my head each time I see that, but I always wonder what they discuss. I would love to attend and demonstrate how it’s not climate change that is fucking up their country, but their own behavior.

They blame the flooding on climate change. Possibly 3 times a year we see the flooding in Manila, the people are crying, business screeches to a halt, some people die, they talk about climate change, and you see images of pinoys wading through flooded streets. Of course, they blame climate change each time and say it’s the fault of progressive countries for polluting so much. They really love to blame China and the USA for some reason.

What very few actually report is the rivers are filled with garbage. Namely, the Pasig river, which is one of the biggest, if not the major waterway in Manila. I actually feel really bad for that river being surrounded by millions of dirty Filipinos. It never stood a chance and its been dead for over 20 years now. Here is a brief history on it. (from Wikipedia)

·         1930s: Fish migration from Laguna Lake slowed

·         1950s: Bathing activities declined

·         1960s: Washing of clothing was forced to stop and ferry service declined

·         1970s: The river began to give off a smell

·         1980s: All fishing activities were forced to stop

·         1990s: The river was declared biologically dead

 It is estimated there is up to 3 meters/ 12 feet of garbage filled in some areas of the river and another estimate claims 5 tons of garbage is thrown in the river each day. So, these morons have been throwing garbage in the rivers for decades. Then they also throw their garbage anywhere on the ground, which basically clogs the shoddy drainage system.

Then when it rains heavy, it floods so easily. Then the images of crying, death, flooding, etc come streaming over all media. However, as soon as the water starts to subside, they are right back to the same behavior.

Why?? Climate change of course. These morons just love using that as an excuse. It’s what they understand cause it doesn’t put any blame on them for THEIR actions.

When we hear about mudslides, they don’t tell you they illegally logged all the trees on the mountain-side. No trees on a mountain + rainy environment + loose soil = mudslides. Craziness is, the people of the town or village that gets destroyed watched the loggers doing the work. The local mayor probably got a cut of the profit or took a bribe to let it happen and the people of the area probably took part in the jobs taking down the trees. Then of course when the mudslide happens, the crying and begging start.

Natural Calamities happen. However, the Philippines turns a natural disaster into a catastrophe. For example: typhoon Yolanda, they had plenty of funds (from abroad) to rebuild good homes. Hollow blocks are like 20 pesos a piece and the international community donated so there was no cost by the actual Filipino gov’t. Plus, there were just a bunch of Filipinos sitting around with nothing to do. So instead of building something durable, they purchase some shoddy overpriced trailers that fell apart.


It is part of the Filipino psyche to never learn. When the consequences catch up, then it’s someone else’s fault. China and the USA had nothing to do with the environmental issues of the Philippines, but don’t tell that to a “proud pinoy”.

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    Don Quixote

    The child bride says , local government just loves A Calamity so they get money from Manila.
    Yolanda and others.
    With the housing, I always wondered why they didn’t seize all those containers choking ports in Manila and elsewhere, Establish Eminent Domain over them Load them with aid and supplies ship them to devastated areas and leave them there. all except the Canadian ones give them to AL.
    1. Ports are cleared of all the old containers. Opens up miles of storage space again. cuts costs with Demur-age for shipping banked up for days.
    2. Supplies are already in vermin proof and rain proof theft proof sealed storage until needed
    3. They can convert the used up containers then into houses with gas torches, termites cant eat them and extremely difficult to blow over.
    OK Hot, but they can build a cheap swali grass roof above them to insulate them and that will cool them .
    Fuck they charge $50K to build a container house in Australia.
    I also thought the Australian Govt, should have bought those defunct mining camp accommodation and donated them to the Philippines instead of money, they are selling entire towns in Australia for scrap value.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I take issue with #2 on your list. When it comes to theft, nothing is filipino proof. We lived in a two story two bedroom townhouse and as usual all the windows had bars on them, a gate out front. Wife went out and bought barb wire and had it installed on the sides and rear of the outer walls, each door to the outside had no less than 4 locks EACH on them. What happens? Pinoys climb the gate, got up to second story balcony, opened a window that was locked and used a stick to unlock the four locks on the door and walked in.

      Filipinos don’t steal to live, They live to steal.

      Then what did a filipino tell me years ago after some stuff was stolen? “If you don’t want us to steal it, don’t buy it. You buy it and we steal it then it’s your fault we stole it.”

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        Reminds me of when Magellan went to Guam.

        They were warm and welcoming and said “Hey Joe! You looking for wife? One shot Joe!”

        He was so happy with the people he named Guam “Island of Friends” (or something pleasant like that)

        When Magellan was done with the party, he and his crew went back to find somone had pinched all their boats!

        So he re-named Guam “Island of Thieves” and then they said “You don’t understand our culture! We share everything without asking!” And kicked him off.

        No surprise later he was shanked by Lapu-Lapu. The racist Muslim terrorist that is a national icon of the Philippines and on every police uniform…

        I guess we never learn??? Here we are again trying to be friendly and getting our stuff jacked and people killed!

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          My ass wipe uncle was only a child, at primary school when the US bases were still there in the 1960s. Uncle told a story where one day a group of US Servicemen were on foot (presumably training) on the way to the beach where Shangrila now stands. For some reason, the Servicemen took their clothes off, presumably to swim on the beach after their training. However, when they went to retrieve their clothes….they were gone! One of my great Grandpa’s brother was a Barangay Captain at the time, so the Americans approached his help to retrieve the Servicemen’s clothing. He found them and the clothes were returned.

          Makes me wonder why they’d steal the clothing when they would have been a lot bigger sizes than the thieving Flips?

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            I think just for the thrill of snatching something. Since there are no consequences, why not?
            I’ve heard of a couple stories like that from former navy guys who were in Subic.

        2. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Magellan was shanked because soon as he stepped off the boat Lapu Lapu said “Give me coin.” Magellen refused and was shanked then Lapu Lapu picked his pockets. The rest of the crew had to pay added fees tacked on by BI who wrote false receipts.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      mining and oil rig camps are going for .10 cents on the dollar,,, They would have to tied down good though.. I worked with heavy lift helicopters and the down wind would even move a container.
      I am sure they have to be inspected every so often.. Cost more to fix them than it is worth. lots of camps made out of shipping conatiners.

    3. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      I completely agree with the storage container housing. It’s 10x better than their squatter, shanty shack. Instead, they purchased these rackety little manufactured houses that barely even made it past the shipping and installment phase in the typhoon hit areas. The report said they paid like 800,000 pesos each and by the next typhoon, they were all wiped out. But mike might be right. Those fuckers would sell the scrap metal to purchase bamboo and cheap tin to build a shanty home again.

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    Pinay Lover

    Climate change is the biggest junk science hoax to ever face humanity. Run by the Rothshchild family, Gores and fraud scientists to help engineer a big brother style society where everyone is heavily taxed and monitored. The earth has been warming and cooling for centuries and this happened long before man made co2 emissions. Sure, we probably contribute, but to say it is entirely the human race effecting the earths climate is outlandish in my humble opinion.

    There have always been floods, wild fires, earthquakes, typhoons, drought etc. before there was man made climate change. It’s a perfect way for politicians to rake in the money by blaming the human race for driving cars. Notice the government is doing nothing to really improve the situation? They still want to fuel our cars! And they will continue to do so with an extra co2 tax for everyone! Thanks government! You will also get a co2 tax for energy costs, flushing toilets, using water, farting, breathing, you name it! The 97% consensus can never be questioned, don’t you dare think freely or critically or even question your politically run scientists and governments!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Why is no one mentioning what was on Yahoo news? Seems the wooly mammoth and saber tooth died out because the earth heated up a long time ago. No, Al and the others from the Great White North did not hunt them to extinction.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        They disappeared down a Black Hole.
        A black hole with teeth , called the Native Americans.
        They are desperate now to blame anyone else.
        Don’t look here just a coincidence
        Global warming YEAH RIGHT.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          Off topic… has anybody else notice this behavior with the blog…. Sometimes it is almost impossible to get the blog to bring up pages using the local IP, but if I switch to a VPN the blog works fine. Is it just me or has anyone else noticed this?

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            I noticed an issue when using Internet Explorer. I use chrome now without any trouble.

          2. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

            Even on Chrome I have this problem. But I think it’s only because PLDT doesn’t like to cooperate, as always.

          3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            BIGG, JOHNNY.
            I had problems with Expolrer and chrome.
            After switching to MOZILLA , I note everything is better. and faster.
            So fuck knows.

          4. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
            Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

            It’ll be Filo’s host, blocking your Philippines IP address. What happens is that every day there are thousands of Pinoys, apparently trying to hack every website on the planet. When good hosts detect brute force attacks, they block the IP address where the attack is coming from. Somebody on your IP address range will be trying to hack the server where the philippinefailblog.com website is hosted.
            I have this problem every day of the week, both with my Philippines focused websites being blocked from view in the Philippines, and with workers in the Philippines accessing the back end of our websites. I know that the problem is huge, simply because of the number of IP addresses affected each week.
            I can only guess that trying to hack websites beats doing any actual work for a living.

          5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Actually, I have a dedicated server of which I am in full control. Even the firewall and blocking. That’s not the case my friend.
            Philippines internet has no backbone of it’s own. Therefore there are routing issues. When you use a VPN and you are resolving from an IP in a country where people operate on more than 3 brain cells, the routing tends to work fine.

            I never have issues with this site on any browser, when on VPN, which is 99% of the time.
            A VPN makes it so that you are virtually “in the country of the server you are connected to through the VPN (Virtual Private Network)

            I use “StrongVPN” (just click the banner ad on the right side of this site)

          6. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
            Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

            Thanks for letting me know that. Personally, I hate running my own servers, and stopped doing that about 8 years ago. I’ve looked at hosting my Philippines focused websites in the Philippines, but the hosts I’ve encountered are just fucking useless. One more Failippines fail 🙁

          7. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            I switched from IE to FF, have less problems, but still problems from time to time. But then noticed I tend to get better results with PFB if I used a VPN. Found that odd.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            You admit it then its the fact that all the seagull disappeared down the Flip black hole,
            Not climate change.
            That was my point. I believe.
            But I’m sure the Politicians are looking for that new tax they can introduce. ??????
            Carbon Tax that’s what they want, why not baby tax they would make a fucking fortune in the Philippines.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Well, climate change is happening, nobodyy can argue with that.. but the shysters climb on the ”flaovor of the month” band wagon and MKAE MONEY off it

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Al Gore made tons of money out of ”climate change”. I just google ”*&&^%%* critics an reviews to find the opposite of any story or product,,
      Just follow the money to unravel anything anybody does!! That is my theory anyway. The police use it ll the time.

  3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Climate change is all about the Benjamin’s.
    Grants, and they want to establish a slush fund in the UN paid for by 1st world counties to help the third world.
    You should see the amounts they want us to contribute.
    Australia a country of 21 million I believe they want something like 3 billion a year, the USA 30 Billion a year.
    That’s why all the third world countries are trying so hard to get this fund running.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      Thanx @PL, you are right on, it is bullshit with a capital “B”. @Don, I’m not sure of the benefit of the co2 tax to the third world, I’m a bit confused. My understanding is that it attempts to freeze all countries to their current co2 production and then taxes them on over consumption based on current consumption (very basic description). That tends to look like putting a stranglehold on third world development. I am very confused by it, it could be a covert way of crushing the third world. Our APSD leaders crushing their narcissistic asses. They are up to something, make no mistake about that, but what is it they are really up to?

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Even China is exempt, they actually want money !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        Because it is something to do with their developing .
        They don’t call them third world they call them DEVELOPING.
        Any country developing can claim exemption.
        I suppose that fucks the Philippines they are never going to develop.
        I wonder if they thought of that whilst they try and get on the gravy train.
        Have you noticed , in the street all the fucking trees they have planted, the sign says Global Warming Initiative
        producing carbon credits on the side of the Fucking National Pollution Highway.

      2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        I think Al Gore set up a company to trade carbon tax credits or whatever between countries.
        You can bet bottom dollar some dickhead is making money out of it.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Al Gore started all that bullshit about credits on air, I think he and some other scammers set up a company to ”’enable” the countries to buy and sell air tax credits.
      Somebody like Alaska that has no people,, but has heavy air traffic has to cough up money.
      Did you notice i said ”enabled” just like a flip helping you
      Our national ecowarrior David Zuzuki went to Australia. he held a live tv question and answer program. those boguns asked him ;seriuos questions, He looked and sounded like an idiot.
      Greenpeace comes from lotus land British Columbia, Those hippies have been at the public trough for years… Whenever somebody is going to do ”good” trace all back to MONEY.
      Shipping containers free of charge

    3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Thoise corrupt fucks in the UN waste all the money with their private jets and consultants etc..
      of course they have to have fancy offices,, 1000 a dollar hotel rooms,,, helpers out the ying yang,,
      The UN is just as corrupt as this 5th world hell hole.
      Canuck Al EH!!!

    4. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      Yeah, I’m not at all going or was trying to debate the issue of global warming. That is not the point I’m making.
      What I’m trying to point out is the Philippines chokes its rivers with garbage so they flood over, illegally log there mountains so there are mudslides, pollute their air so the air quality is less than poor, and a few other examples. Yet, instead of looking inward or just taking a quick look around any city to see the problem lies with themselves, they instead blame global warming.
      Whether global warming is real or not was not my debate. I should have put that in the article. I overlooked the fact its a heated topic for both sides.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        when i was a kid,, we never seen wood ticks on our farm. Then one year they came in and stayed.
        There is climate change,, I can not deny that. The cause is probably unknown??
        What pisses me off is all the shysters coming out of the wood work and making money off hard working people.
        Canuck al

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Your point is what ????????
        The Flips are grubs, yup we all know that.
        The flips will blame anyone except themselves for anything, it is always some one else’s fault.
        Yup we all know that as well.
        With all the money around for Climate Change is it possible the Flips will have their greedy hands out.
        You bet your fucking last dollar they will.
        Is there climate change, OF COURSE, that’s why they changed the name from Global Warming because it wasn’t warming. The climate always changes, so they can not be wrong.
        Read ALs August 4 with link to UN, the Flip representative after all his bullshit waffling got right down to it, he said the Green Fund established by the 1st world to help DEVELOPING WORLD should be 100 billion dollars. THATS THE REAL ISSUE.
        Transfer of wealth from the 1st world to the 3rd world and China. With the UN holding the purse strings.
        I have solar hot water, Solar power 5 kw on roof, LED lighting through out the house, my one AC unit is an Inverter , my power bill dropped 1000 peso a month after install. and drive a modern efficient car. I try and make my energy footprint small. am I a greenie, DEFIANTLY NOT !!!!!!
        Do I think those assholes in Manila care about Climate change NOT ONE BIT. Do they care about the money, YOU BETCHA !!!!!!!!!!
        If they cleaned up their act and showed some leadership about waste and litter management they may impress me.
        I wont hold my breath..

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
          Johnny Post author

          “Do I think those assholes in Manila care about Climate change NOT ONE BIT. Do they care about the money, YOU BETCHA !!!!!!!!!!”
          Perfect summary!

    5. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      What I like is how the flip rep said the typhoon did great devastation and was like nothing the Philippines has experienced.
      Truth is(Filipinos hate truth) they have had typhoons that were stronger and just as strong in the past.
      The reason for so many deaths is the population explosion and people in rickety homes living so close to the shore. Also, the local government didn’t take the warnings since serious. Remember, even the corruption mayor went down to his beach resort and almost got swept away.
      Next, another reason for the destruction is because the infrastructure is so poor to begin with their roads are basically cheap sidewalks, it is bound to happen.
      I actually kind of belive in climate change. I just don’t want these lying sociopaths to think they are victims of it. Their problems are completely Filipino made. Hey, at least they can manufacture something,,, it’s called bullshit.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        There was a TV documentary about Storm surges on Aussie TV about two years ago.
        They were studying the historic debris lines around remote tropical islands in the coral Sea and Cape York peninsular in Australia.
        The carbon dated and what they could and tried to establish how big the Typhoons were that passed through that part of the world before the historic record.
        They found a coral and debris field half way up a a coastal island, 30 meters above anything else.
        A lot they found up to 8 meters , I visited Cape Melville, where the monument for the destruction of the Pearling Fleet in the 19th Century was recorded the wreckage was found 30 meters above high water mark.
        So every time I hear some one say this is the biggest storm of all time , ever been recorded .I roll my eyes.
        We had 2 category 5 Cyclones go through that area and the debris field was only 8 meters up the side of the islands. So how big was the ones that destroyed the pearling fleet and the one on Fitzroy Island.?????
        I am sure if they looked the Philippines would have something similar, although, they have the population that would move the debris fields over time, that’s why the Australian one was so good , it was in a remote scarcely populated area.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
          Johnny Post author

          They published an article just after the typhoon. I guess they had a really bad one like 30 years ago with the same strength and intensity. It also killed a lot of people as well.

  4. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    Manila the only city ive been to where walking a bridge over a river you expect that “rotten stench” and habitually hold your breath or cover your mouth and nose. Ridiculous that the same thing holds true even in the reclaimed land that MOA and the newer casinos sit on.

    On an offtopic rant. I’ve found that any flip with the name Dante have a 99% chance of being complete failures or ignorantly biased jack asses.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          We were about to send a search party looking for you. I’ll call it off now as we know now your working in the peanut gallery.

  5. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    I was talking to a retired ship’s captain last week and when I mentioned I had lived in PH for 6 years he told me had worked with many filipino crew over the years and their mindset towards the environment completely baffled him. He said they would sail all over the world and then once they hit filipino waters they would dump all their trash overboard into the sea. So the captain asked, “Why the fuck have you just done that?”

    Flip crew: “It’s ok, we’re home now.”

    It didn’t surprise me, of course. I’ve seen many times how they love to shit all over their country. Pinoy Pride yey!

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        flips have over run canada like a oil slick,, i will google that and post a pic of scammers on that news site.. i hope you are bullshitting or i will ship a container to ur door step,,lololol

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            Good thing if they are corrupt, they will actually go to jail or be prosecuted. They can’t bribe the system of corrupt dumbfucks to get out of trouble. I would love to see a Fil-canadian/ american politician go to jail for thinking he can get away with the BS they do in the Philippines. The problem is the damage they do until they get caught.
            However, just based on their country, I would lobby hard against them.

          2. Profile gravatar of Rottt

            And what is the fucking point? Better throw away that piece of crap you carry, it’ll get you killed. Pop pop, head explodes

  6. Profile gravatar of

    It’s same where I live. About a year ago they put drainage ditches on the sides of the roads, but they didn’t cover them. Of course everybody just drops there trash anywhere, so now the ditches are full of trash and when it rains it all gets washed into the ocean and onto the beaches.
    Also about idling. Some how they haven’t learned that idling uses gas. All the ferries are full of idling trucks and cars. CO2 no problem. They have emission checks to get your registration. I don’t know how anybody passes because 90% of the vehicles would fail.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      Yep. I actually asked a local politician one time why there is so much trash on the street and he said,
      His response: We work really hard to stop it.
      – I looked at him like he had a penis growing out of his head.
      Me: Really? There is trash everywhere. Just look outside right now.
      Him: Well we try. It’s really difficult
      Him: We have a policy of no segregation = no pickup.
      Me: So, the trash just sits out with stray dogs ripping it open and garbage going everywhere is the better alternative?
      Him: Well,,,,,, uh
      Him: Well they have an issue cause they ran out of ticket books to give tickets to litterbugs.
      Me: The book costs like 50 pesos?!
      Him: Yes, there isn’t enough money to purchase the ticket books.
      Me: I’ll go to the store and purchase ticket books, then donate it to you. Better yet I have an idea. I’ll purchase garbage bags and a reflective vest. Each time a police officer sees someone litter (which would be so easy to find), you detain them, have them put the vest on, then fill a garbage bag for half an hour. Or they receive a ticket, or go to the police station until someone pays the fine for them. That’s not very difficult to do and it looks like the police are always just standing around anyway.
      Him: Hmmm, That is a good idea.
      Him: Well its tough to get the police to give out tickets unless you give them a commission and we have no ticket books.
      Me: “You’re telling me you can’t get the people in gov’t under your supervision to do their job”?
      Him: yes
      Me: So it sounds like you are all making as many excuses as possible instead of finding one solution.
      Him: Well,,, uh
      Me: It sounds like you all really don’t care that much.
      Him: Oh no, we care a lot and we take it very seriously. We have signs everywhere saying do not litter.

      I’m laughing as I type it cause I realized Filipinos saying something means its true in their minds regardless of what we can all blatantly see. So, I learned the most corrupt politician or gov’t worker is not ashamed as he just tells himself he is great regardless of reality.
      – Filipinos printing up signs saying, “against climate change” means they care even though they are the biggest polluters.
      – Doing emission tests means they care, even though they don’t actually test any vehicle and simply use it to milk 400 pesos from everyone each year.
      – Filipinos are Catholics, so all the lying, stealing, and cheating means nothing. “I’m Catholic so I’m a good person regardless of my actions”.
      The worst kind of liar is one who believes his lies. That applies to 99% of people in this country.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Yup. Filos believe there own lies as its this justification process from home from childhood and mum dad abuse..put downs..lies..cheating..dishonesty..backtalkig etc…….they keep telling themselves mantras “I’m a good girl” that’s what the codependent says living with narcissists. When these good girls sweet filipinas grow bigger they turn in to NARCASSISTS like their lazy breed of parents. It’s simple logic..the abused becomes the abuser. They become narcissists themselves but still pedal the mantra I’m a good girl … So when you hear.. Can I have a loan..I’m not like the rest ill pay you back next salaray ….i promice”

          ; its a lie. They really believe it!!!!;

          1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
            Johnny Post author

            It’s funny cause I actually call them sociopaths.
            They can rationalize anything if it works to their advantage.
            Always the victim no matter what the circumstances.
            Something good happens, I did it. Something bad (even if its blatant theft or dumbfuckery), its someone elses fault.
            I want something that does not belong to me,, well I’ll just rationalize it or justify how it really is mine.
            They can steal your wallet, then deny it while the your wallet is in their hand. And they WILL believe they didn’t steal it.
            Sociopaths are known to be very promiscuous, and that is the definition of Filipinos.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Just like arguing with air and just as maddening,,, These peeps have a ready made excuse for all things, becos they are trained to lie from birth.

  7. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    On my trip to flipland last week, I truly learnt what it meant to be under assault 24 hours.

    Seems that wherever I went with my gf, people would pop out of the woodwork. Of course at the time I believed gf and Mr and Mrs Woodworm were having a friendly chat.

    Turns out later on gf would tell me the topic of their choice. Apparently these woodworms would ask about how much money I send each month. They would suggest I had been seeing other women. They would tell her not to take any shit from me. They would say that I look old and fat.

    Many of these people just came over and said those things at the airport, on the bus. Some were bar staff. Others were facebook “friends” or scum as I like to call them.

    It’s funny that not one had a good thing to say about me. Another lesson learnt the hard way in planet fail.

    I’ll be posting about more shit later on.

  8. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

    Kalbo, LOL, my Korean ex did the same thing. Pretty soon was able to ferret out a few words of the conversation and frequently told her to stop talking about me to her ‘friends’ as it was rude. Learn the dialect, pick up a few words and listen. It could keep you from a beating or worse. Do not let on you know what they are saying as they will either shut up or switch to something they suspect you don’t know.

  9. Profile gravatar of Beavis

    Update on the Chris Brown thing.

    The government let him go due to bad publicity, but that isn’t the end of the story. Turns out they are holding his promoter hostage after all. Yeah, when they let Brown go like that, I thought it just wasn’t like the Philippine government to drop it so easily.

    I mean, come on, man: is this a shakedown or what? Why, yes – yes, it is.

    Excerpts posted without comment:

    “The Canadian promoter, Michael Pio Roda, was arrested. He denies he and Brown received one million dollars for a December 31 concert hosted by the sect last year in which the US R&B star was a no-show, his lawyers said in a statement to AFP.

    “To hold Mr. Pio Roda accountable for the entire one million dollars… is not only without legal or factual basis but is a travesty of justice and a continued violation of human rights,” it added.”

    Story ends with this:

    “”Mr. Pio Roda’s Gestapo-like arrest and detention beginning 23rd July 2015 and the filing of a one-million-dollar criminal complaint is a shocking development, if not a reflection of bad faith in breach of the terms of the compromise agreement,” it said.”


    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      I can’t believe they gave $1 Million USD in advance. Who does that?
      Then why pay so much? Chris Brown is on a downward slope right now with his career.
      Also, has anyone figured how much they would need to turn a profit on that concert. If they are already $1Million in the hole. Then they need to pay the workers, security, ticketing, promotion expense, electric, etc so they would have to generate $2 Million to make money.
      Then what they hell does a concert with Chris Brown have to do with religion anyway?
      Google: Beatles Concert in Manila.
      That is if you really want to be mad. The Beatles weren’t even paid. I think the promoter (Filipino of course) didn’t even pay them after the concert and the airport came up with an “airport leaving tax” for about $18,000 USD” .

  10. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Hello to all.
    Just reading between the lines,, I smell B/S on both sides.
    Put a pox on both of their houses. In the real world, companies buy insurance for cancelled shows,, and screwups like this one. Also, they can put the money in an escow account,, that way both parties are protected. Who pays a million dollars to some body without some sort of guarantee???
    Now, If the INC had a real complaint about Chris Brown’s bullshit excuse about a ”lost passport” why didn’t they sue for nonperformance of contract right away (as in next day!!!) The church has their own legal dep’t. Any rich or sane person does not go around with a passport in his car. They keep legal and personal documents locked up until the time they are needed. If the truth be known,, Brown could not get into Canada or any other place, because he has a criminal record. Pure Bullshit!!!
    As for the INC ”losing money” they never reimbursed any ticket money!!! The fans were screwed out of their money. Brown was the star attraction. Which is not saying much. Anybody with any amount of brains in their head would have read his lyrics in his songs, and figured out he is a b/s artist. What sort of message does the INC church convey , when 1/2 of his songs are pure dirt and filth about women. Disgusting!!!!!!!! But that says a lot about what the world is today.
    So, this promoter brings Chris Brown to Manila. In the real world, doing a hatchet job on Brown would be a public relations disaster for both sides!!! But, this is how we do it da feelippines. Now the manager is under some sort of house arrest?? This is a private matter which should be decided by a court of law.
    I believe the Philippine Arena is the cause of the INC recent troubles. On a recent trip to the Arena, it took 10.5 hours to get back to Manila. There are many arenas for shows in Manila. Who wants to fight traffic back and forth??
    Is there any end to the stupidity and mind boggling dumbness of this country????
    Container Al,

    1. Profile gravatar of Rottt

      Al, the INC makes the local catholic corruption look like a kids game. There is no such thing as a catholic vote, all INC members vote as their leadership tells them. I was at a meeting with an old friend when he was negging for their political support, he is well known as a provincial ” warlord”. It was all a matter of how heavy the suitcase was 🙂 . I also have a policy where i will not hire any of them. You rub them the wrong way and you will end up with a battery of INC lawyers after you. Legal basis or not. The leadership of that cult is bad news.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny
        Johnny Post author

        I’ve always heard that about INC as well. They will tell the followers who to vote for. They will give a list out of “approved” candidates. What they don’t say is how much they are paid to put the people on the list for the followers to support.
        It turns out this religious sect is all about money. Go figure.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny
      Johnny Post author

      An escrow account is exactly what I was thinking when that case first came up. Who just hands over $1M USD to a known thug and convicted felon with the hopes he will show up? Did they ever show an endorsed check to prove their story?
      The sad thing is the guy did show up later to make it up to them and they had him detained for 3 days. I called BS on that from the start and I could care less about Chris Brown. It just looked like tey were trying to shake him down or send a message.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        An escrow account would have been the thing to do!! and take out some insurance for no shows,, etc.
        Also if they did have a good case, why not sue immediately. !!!
        I seen some of his lyricss,, what a piece of work he is,,, Something like our Justin Beiber…
        I wonder what kind of immpresion he makes on good chrristians.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Who would give a FLIP ATTORNEY a Million Dollars in an Escrow Account.????????????
        That’s why you never hear of them in the Philippines.
        No one trusts anyone.
        If they fucking steal it, nothing will be done.
        The Govt, only guarantees 500,000 peso.in a bank account.

        1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          I believe an escrow account is handled by a bank??? About the 500000 limit, i would not know about it ?? Dis ole redneck never got that up the corporate ladder!!

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            That’s because you keep buying fucking houses for your wife to rent out.
            You cant have both money and real estate.
            In Australia it is the Solicitors who handle Escrow accounts. Maybe banks but I never heard of that and I worked in the Bank as a whipper snapper bastardus.
            I could not understand why all real estate deals there involve cash.
            Its just the cheating way I suppose.. devalue and get cash up front.

          2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            I meant i do not know if the 500 K refund limit is applied to escrow accounts.However, an escrow account works, a flip would frig it up anyway.

  11. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Looks like Rottt has gone off his rocker. Not surprising. He’s a stupid fuckin’ flip. Sent me a threatening private message, actually sent a series of them.
    I’m shuttering in my shoes Rottt. Now go fuck yourself. LOL

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Do you plan on posting the PMs from Rott? Maybe an article concerning it? I think it would be interesting for all and show some of the shit you have to deal with.

  12. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

    Floods… I’m sure most of the people here have no water supply right now. Well, the guys from DPWH (the department responsible for “repairing” the roads) is starving again so they are planning to make a flood interceptor or some bullshit like that. And apparently, one of Maynilad’s lines is in the way so they have to realign it. And after that, DPWH can finally fatten themselves up again.

    Getting in the way of people’s necessities just to get a bag of cash, just like your average day here.

  13. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    UPDATE on the COW FARTS.
    I just heard a Scientist talking on Radio in Australia about that exact thing.
    Firstly, did you know a dairy cow produces 600litres of methane a day.?????????
    But 80% of that is via Burb, not Fart, maybe that’s why they ducked the fart tax.
    They use a container located in the saddle of the cows back with a hose leading up to right near the mouth of the animal to catch all the burps.They them mathematically calculate the fart effect.
    They have invented a pill.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    That’s right a PILL that can reduce the amount of methane and fart by 60% and as a win-win , the extra energy not lost by the farting,burping puts on weight for the animal.
    WIN WIN, the earth doesn’t smell as bad and the fucking farmer has heavier cattle.
    Apparently the whole world is beating a path to the CSIRO about this fart pill.
    The things you learn each day. eh. Mick.

  14. Profile gravatar of Johnny
    Johnny Post author

    Here is a big dummy they hired as their Climate change commissioner.

    That is one thing about Filipinos. Instead of taking the simple way to fix things, they assign a committee, most times a corrupt committee to delay or never fix anything. If any of us were assigned climate change commissioner of the Philippines, our first order would be, “stop throwing your shit everywhere!” For some reason, that can never get done.