What I Know About Filipino Women Part 2

Continuing with the most commonly discussed things among Filipinas…

2) Gossip

It doesn’t matter if it’s their friend, familyfilipina-gossip member or neighbor, Filipino women love hating on other people, especially other women.  I have never heard a group put down others so much.  You can deliver the greatest news and they’ll counter it with negativity.

“Did you hear? Angela is getting married!”

“So? He probably cheats on her anyway.  Because she doesn’t know how to keep a clean house.”

“I ran into Mary yesterday; she’s having twins!”

“Yeah, I bet her husband won’t stick around after they’re born. Plus, her brother is retarded so the babies will be born with retardation, too.”

You know why they do this? BECAUSE THEY CAN’T STAND ANYONE BEING HAPPIER OR MORE SUCCESSFUL THAN THEM.  They constantly put others down–even their own families and close friends–because they hate to admit that someone out there is living a happier life.

Next to money, shit talking is the most popular topic.


3) How filthy white people are

I don’t know why this is a topic they obsess over but I think it’s because they need to have a sense of superiority.  Obviously the Philippines wouldn’t exist if it weren’t for the generosity of these “filthy” White counties but leave it to a Filipino to kick a gift horse in the mouth.

One of their most popular notions is the white person’s inability to properly clean their…umm…happy places.

Circumcision is very common in the Philippines. There is this belief that Whites don’t circumcise (although studies show 50% of males born in the US are circumcised.) They talk about bathing their husbands and tricking them into thinking it’s foreplay; when really, they’re cleaning them before having sex with them.  They also believe white people don’t wipe their butts when they go #2 (??!!!). I have no idea where this came from but I’ve heard it from literally hundreds of Filipinos all my life.  I’ve always been tempted to ask…then why did you marry a guy with a dirty dick and asshole?

Anyways, those are kind words compared to what’s said about white women.  They believe that white women are the dirtiest women on the planet.  I’ve even heard Filipinas openly tell their white husbands how much cleaner Filipino women are (intimately).  There is this idea that a white woman doesn’t clean her biscuit.  They think they reek to high heaven and don’t practice good hygiene.

I find this ironic because I’ve seen Filipino women wash themselves with Ajax (yes, AJAX, the bathroom cleaner).  This breaks down the PH balance in a woman and causes infections, which causes unpleasantness.  When I’ve suggested they buy soap meant for a woman, like Summer’s Eve, they scoff and say it’s a waste of money. So they continue to use Ajax to remove the foul odor from the infection they got from using Ajax in the first place!  The wheel is spinning but the hamster is definitely dead.

They also say white women don’t keep home like Filipinos do.  On one hand, I agree. Filipinas are fastidious in their cleaning but it’s just the APPEARANCE of clean.  There won’t be dirty dishes in the sink but that’s because they used a LEMON to wash them, not soap.  When I tried explaining that lemon only takes odors away, it doesn’t clean off any bacteria, it’s like talking to a wall.  They’ll wipe a dirty counter down with a rag and water but not spray any disinfecting sprays because “That’s a waste of money.”  So a Filipinos home is clean but I dare not take a black light to it.

4) The Catholic Church

If they meet another Filipinos out in public, that’s one of their first go to topics.  I get asked every time: which mass do you attend?  I politely reply that I am Christian and I attend the local Christian church and they don’t get it.  It’s like there’s only two religions in the whole world: Catholicism and atheism.  Also, as a side note, Filipino Catholicism is VERY different from the rest of the world’s Catholicism. Remember back in Martin Luther days when the church sold absolutions for money?  You could literally pay your way into heaven.  And then Martin Luther broke away, said that was wrong and formed the Prostestant church?  Yeah, THAT’S the Catholic Church Filipinos abide by.  It’s all about money and idolatry and paying your way into heaven.  Forget Christian acts of service; just place these statues of a baby Jesus in gold capes around your house and you’ll be saved.  Wasn’t Jesus supposed to be a humble carpenter?  Why the hell is he always in gold in the Philippines?  He probably has a relative in the states who sends him money so he can dress all jazzy.  That’s what everyone does there, right?

What I hate about the religion talk are two things:

1) any civilized culture knows that you NEVER ask anyone’s religion in the first 5 minutes of meeting someone.  They actually kick people out of bars for discussing religion and politics.  It’s so rude.  But Filipinos have no tact whatsoever so it makes sense they think it’s appropriate.

2) please do not verify whether or not I’m a good person by what church I attend.  I have yet to meet a Filipino catholic who is a good Christian.  All the upstanding ones I know follow a different faith or are atheists.  Filipino Catholicism is a smokescreen for all their thievery and greediness.  It’s a mask they use to hide their wrongdoings.

It comes up so often because their lives revolve around their religion.  But they’ve twisted it so much that their religion is just to make them feel better for all the sins they commit.  A baptism is supposed to be a beautiful celebration of a child’s consecration to God.  To a Filipino, it is an excuse to have a loud and obnoxious party, pilfer money out of the twenty or thirty ninangs and ninongs and drink and sing karaoke til 5 am.

For a people so obsessed with such a strict religion, they sure are a bunch of heathens.

I don’t want to give the misconception that I hate Filipinos or that I’m racist.  I’m just divulging what I’ve seen over the years.  I am confident in saying that the majority of Filipino women are like this.  Not all, but most.  I know that there are some good ones out there.  Unfortunately, those are few and far between.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    I read in the Inquirer that only 29 % admit to attending church so what of the other 70% sorry forgot they are the ones doing the scamms killings robberies etc and telling lies L.O.L..
    Yes I agree but gossip is big around filipina’s I think it is in part to them having nothing to talk about they do nor read are in the most part not that well educated, so gossip is the only means of information whether its right or wrong does not matter.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      True. All of the middle/upper class ones I know don’t read anything. Never seen them with a book. They don’t even read the bible, they only listen to what the priest tells them. Which reminds me, I must go in Powerbooks again to check out what ladies are looking at in there. Cartoons maybe? Last time I went in, a guard was staring at me and following me around as if I was trying to steal something! So guess what, I left the store and didnt purchase anything because I felt so uncomfortable! That could be a new posting on this site..shit about security guards! 🙂

  2. Profile gravatar of Eric

    I really enjoy reading your articles, they are SPOT on. We recently got a black labrador and she is a beautiful dog. Very well behaved and gentle with the kids. When we take her for walks she is playful and fun with strangers that approach. So my wife’s aunt comes over with her kids and the our dog approaches them and the kids love it. Auntie is not so convinced. “What kind of dog is that? It looks azkal! OY! You will pay for rabies shots ha!”


    Regarding religion I find the level of brainwashing here absolutely fascinating. Our daughter was born in an Episcopal hospital in Metro Manila (St. Luke’s Medical) because that’s where my wife’s OB is based out of and its a great facility. When filling out the paperwork for her birth certificate there was the typical question about what religion are you. But with ONE box as an option and a line underneath that for “Other”. So I did exactly as you said you did…I wrote down “Christian”. The staff was SUPREMELY confused as to how to handle my paperwork.
    “Sir…we need to know your religion”
    – > I told you, it’s Christian

    More whispers….

    “Sir…can you write down your religion here on this form?”
    – > Ok…are you asking what denomination of Christianity do I follow?


    “Sir…we just need your religion here”

    And round and round we go….

  3. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    “Filipino Catholicism is a smokescreen for all their thievery and greediness. It’s a mask they use to hide their wrongdoings.”

    LOL…I cracked up with that one. It’s so bloody true. They use it as a shield to disguise their bad side. I can’t believe how hung up they are on religion when the majority of them aren’t “saved”. They still look to the invisible man in the sky for answers and live by coincidence, never fault or chance.

    No wonder the majority live in denial. They think God has planned their life and they should accept it. The truth is that, like roaches and with no education they keep procreating and building up a filth pool of disharmony, counting God and their OFW to solve all their problems.

  4. Profile gravatar of JackTheBlack

    Thanks Eve for another great story!

    This is more related to your earlier post about greediness, but I was recently looking for a helper to clean my unit once a week and it was absolutely amazing how some uneducated women who didn’t necessarily have any experience of being maid were expecting higher salary than e.g. call center agents may get. Some even admitted that they don’t know how to iron a shirt. And when I politely told that their expectations might not be realistic they started to get aggressive.

    One applicant even complained how much money she should use for TAXI because she lives so far away. TAXI??!! I’m so sorry miss high maintenance maid that I offered you better salary and options than many of the companies that won’t even hire your uneducated sorry ass!

  5. Profile gravatar of Zurina Alvarez
    Zurina Alvarez

    For a country that’s supposedly Catholic, Filipinos commit the most deadly sins: pride being the worst offender along with envy, wrath, sloth, gluttony, lust, and greed. Pride goes hand in hand with wrath and goes together with envy as well. If someone is doing better than you, it pisses you off because you can’t handle it that someone has a better life. It has nothing to do with the other person, Filipinos just like to drag others down with them.

  6. Profile gravatar of Susanita

    Oh my gosh, I can’t believe I found this blog…. I don’t want to sound hateful but this is soooo true. I worked w a philipina who tried to get me fired from my work 3 times with lies and even got in trouble at work for emailing my ex husband trying to get me in trouble. We might have rude people in Guatemala but not even close on how some philipinos act. I got rid of her and I’m sooo happy with my life now because my life just keeps getting better and the worst revenge is to be happy… Now please if u are a hateful philipino, keep to your culture and don’t try to be friends with outsiders