What Is A Troll?

internet troll-aA troll is someone who doesn’t like the content of a website, criticizes those who write content for the website, claims it’s not worth wasting bandwidth on, then becomes obsessed with wasting his/her bandwidth by scrutinizing every little thing on it and wasting bandwidth all night long writing sarcastic post submissions and comments, because they are unhappy they ran into an article that didn’t tickle their fancy.

They take their anger out on the website for having the audacity to publish an article they didn’t like, then engage themselves heavily in talking about how unengaging it is, instead of just simply googling the content that will make them happy. They ignorantly don’t bother to find out what the site is about, expecting it to be what THEY want it to be, then hit the trolling ground running because they are disappointed that the site isn’t what they want it to be.

Every website gets a troll or two now and then. Fortunately, they are far outnumbered by those who do enjoy and appreciate the website. And they are always dealt with appropriately.

I didn’t make this website with the expectation everyone would like it. I don’t make a dime from it, and it would be real fucking easy to click one button and make it go away forever.

And I have thought about doing it many times. What keeps me from doing it?

MANY comments and emails from users who tell me how much they like it, and how it helps them get through living in Philippines.

So if you like the site, welcome! If you don’t like it, WHY ARE YOU HERE? Are you a masochist? Or just simply a troll? There really is no other option.

Go find a site you like.

I just figure since I pay for the domain name, and I pay the monthly server fees, I should be the one to decide what is going to get published, what the site is about, and which assholes to ban from the site. You see, that’s why I get to have the “Administrator” role. That’s what administrators do. If I don’t want to hear your stupid shit anymore, I ban you. If you don’t want to hear my stupid shit anymore, you can muster up the self control enough to NOT COME TO THE WEBSITE AND READ IT.

See how that works?

If I wanted people to critique the intelligence levels and significance of people’s articles here, I would open a critic’s corner section on the site. But do you see one? NO.

If you come and start acting like a dumbfuck by leaving comments that essentially say (in a childish voice), “This is a stupid, trivial article, it’s not intelligent”, simply because the author wanted to share their day with us, or a concern, or a bitch for release of frustration, NOT TO MENTION, THAT IS WHAT THIS SITE IS HERE FOR, DUH!, you will be taken out with the trash. Because we don’t want to hear what you think about the level of intelligence of an article. They are there for discussion on the topic, not for critics to use as a platform for their need to try to convince the world how intelligent they are by cutting down other people’s articles.


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  1. Profile gravatar of richmess

    I’ve said it before. Thank you!

    I’ve said it before, but the thing which this web site does for me is answer the question ‘Is it me …?’ As in, is it just me who thinks that too many (not all!) of these people are stupid, lying, amoral … lacking in so many ways?

    No it isn’t just me. Thank you!

    Girl on reception was actually filling in a form for me and asked my date of birth. I said eight one fifty five. We all tend to say such details too quickly. Her response took a special level of stupdity though. Is that nineteen fifty five. I feel old, but 1855 would be pushing it and, though I sometimes feel like I’ve escaped to the twilight zone, it isn’t 2055 yet, is it?

    I shouldn’t have told the man that I would kill his dog. There are far too many street dogs, which I hate beyond reason. The only explanation I can come up with is that I see them as a symptom of the things which are wrong with this country. If I stamp my foot, walk towards them, shout … and they run away, I don’t have too much of a problem. But when they walk towards me, growling, I want to kill the fucking things. Maybe my excuse when I said it to the owner was economy of expression, but this was the third time that the dog had been aggressive towards me, as I walked past with my two very non-aggressive dogs, and my three year old to get to her school. Further, his son had given me the Filipino stare! His response? ‘Fuck you’. Followed by ‘You shouldn’t walk down this street’. Followed by ‘Go home you’re a foreigner’. His dog can threaten me, my daughter, my two Beagles, and that is ok because it is his street, and I am a foreigner. What discusting moron!

    Didn’t mean to rant. But that is the other purpose of this site. I feel a touch better now!

  2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    “Every website gets a troll or two now and then. Fortunately, they are far outnumbered by those who do enjoy and appreciate the website. And they are always dealt with appropriately.”

    Yeah this is definitely true. It doesn’t matter if it’s social media, youtube, MMORPGs, or whatever. I’ve been in every scenario, and there has always been that ONE who doesn’t like the content of that website. They tend to get a hard-on when expressing their hatred for the website, and getting the attention they wanted (which they never had in person) of a lifetime.

    I used to play this MMORPG when I first got here called “Pockie Ninja.” I loved the hell outta that game. But I remember that there has always been that ONE guy stirring up a shit storm in the world chat box. The more users who opposed him, the more bullshit he had to say. We call that, “Feeding the Troll.” So if you ever do come across a troll people, the only way to kill it is to not feed it! Facepalm him with your 2 cents and let him be, he will scurry away in tears eventually.

  3. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    This reminds me of an American action film called Act of Valor. About jihadi terror cells and the might of the US Military.

    So this film depicts a flip jihadi cell led by a russian jihadi trying to smuggle their asses into the US to cause some terror panic.

    Well on a flip based film review website they go ape shit and demand that hollywood apologize for i quote “showing the bad side of filipinos.”

    Here i am just thinking. “srsly? its a fiction film based on so called ‘similar events'” The film also depicts Russians, Mexicans and Africans enaging in terrorist activities. They aren’t demanding for an apology.

    Long story short. Typical flip nonsense where they can’t handle being misrepresented, even in fictitious settings.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      This is what I know about Filipinos, any form of damaging their credibility (which they already damage enough through their own actions) is immediately taken as offensive. It doesn’t matter if you are just pointing out the obvious, or just joking around with them, they get seriously pissed off if you discredit them in any manner. I’ve been in both scenarios; joking and being serious, and I’ve been taunted by them every time.
      I had this one chick in class last year, she was Filipina. She always viewed me as a friend, sat next to me, and was always exited to talk to me. After becoming friends with her on facebook several weeks later, I saw her post a picture of herself taking an exam. I tried to get comfortable with her on a jokingly level since she likes to joke around with her other Pinoy friends. So I said this ONE little simple comment that changed everything. The comment was: “60……ha ha ha.”
      She completely blew the fuck up on me! I got hate PMs from her on facebook about “Why did I say that?” and “How could I insult her in front of her family.” She said that she didn’t get a 60 on her exam. I mean, it was like Jesus Fuckin Christ dude!

      (By the way for those of you who don’t know, 60% is the lowest possible score you can ever achieve in college here).

      Then she had the nerve to confront me about it the next day in class, and told me to quit behaving like a child. Remember folks, all I said was “60…. ha ha ha.” To sum it all up, I said a number, followed by 3x ha’s. I didn’t even bother to apologize to that little bitch, I literally told her to fuck off, because I was only joking, and if something like that got her that seriously upset, her and I weren’t friends in the first place. I deleted that bitch off my friends list, had her blocked, and refused to speak to her ever again.

      That my first Fail experience with a Filipina, and I’m sure you already read about my 2nd Fail experience with one. It’s amazing how they can quickly change on you after a minor misunderstanding. So there must be a LIMIT as to how close you are allowed to be with a Filipina. Once you get too close to them, something stupid happens that makes them instantly snap and wanna hate you. At least that’s how my luck has been so far with them.

      I’m not letting this shit happen a 3rd time. It’s either I fuck them, or don’t associate with them at all! Being just their friend is out of the question for me!