What would you do if you became the president of the Philippines?

Do you want to know what some Filipino artist and businessmen would do if they became the president of the Philippines?

Watch this movie called „What would you do if you became the president of the Philippines?” It’s an oldie but goodie from 2010. It will make you understand why many Filipinos are hoping for a dictatorship again and you also realize that none of these artist, teachers and businessmen have any usable idea about how to help their own country.  All they do is joke or saying some fancy useless things or worse.  Listen to Pegue Gallaga who talks about lining up the politicians against the wall and execute them in Mao Zedong style.  I like Pepe Gallage movies like the Oro, Plata, Mata and he is a world class Film maker but it just shows you that someone with a great intellect is just so frustrated and trapped that all he can offer as a solution is mass execution.   The bottom line is that Filipinos are hopeless and clueless about what to do.


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    Chill Winston

    Philippines seemed to be running fine under Aquino administration, in my opinion. Look how developed the country has become in the past 6 years also its now #1 BPO country in the world with foreign investment pouring in everyday. The main concern in Manila is the traffic it does frustrate me as to why they cant fix the problem.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I tink the dude has really slacked off in the last couple of years. Since the pork-barrel scam and the typhoon catastrophe, I didn’t see a lot to be impressed with after that. However, he’s been the best man for the job in the last 30 years and he should reach sainthood after 3 years of a Duterte presidency.

    2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

      Ive mentioned this before; the roads in Manila were designed and built by the Americans and are actually pretty good and if people obeyed the road rules the traffic would run really well. Numerous studies have been done on the traffic problem (by foriegners) and they come to the same conclusion. So until the culture changes and they start obeying the road rules, the traffic will never get better.

    3. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Please state your sources for investors pouring into the philippines, I hope it’s not a philippine source since they claim that the philippines provides 60% of the nurses to the U.S. Also, if investing is so great in the philippines how come Texas Instruments closed down their factory and moved out of the philippines? If you research you will also find out that Yahoo has also moved out of the philippines and went to Singapore. There is a reason that happened. Just like there is a reason my U.S bank says never accept a cashiers check, bank draft or managers check from any bank in the philippines because once you are out of the country they will refuse to honor it and you lose your money.

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    One. Compulsory castration of all dogs. Two free birth control for all women and fines for more than one child. Three. Banning of open air karoke. Four. Very strict monitoring of road driving habits and fines for violations. Five. Fines for spitting. Six. Have to pay for plastic bags when you buy something. Seven. Strict control of noise from vehicles. etc.
    As you can see, grass roots level stuff that non of the officials give a shit about. But they are things that would change the lives of people forever.

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      How a bout compulsory castration of all flips? At the very least, compulsory castration after one child (that’s one child, period–not one child per mistress LOL). That should take care of their overpopulation/poverty/filth problem…eventually….

      1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        A very good suggestion snake!;-) As they were but 9,7 mill. In 1895 it’s absolutely No reason they should be given the prerogative of polluting the world with 1 billion of themselves, even if they’re giving a good shot at it! Let’s hope the Global Decimation (which comes after Global Warming) can remediate this!;-) By the way, it’s the Only solution to the overpopulation/poverty/filth problem!

    2. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

      Don’t forget about fines for pissing everywhere, and or basically exposing themselves while doing so.

      “But they are things that would change the lives of people forever.”………JoeKano 2016

      I couldn’t agree more.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

    That Mongol peoples were especially cruel was a lesson well learned 800 years ago! Sadly some political correct idiots have taken over the world and we are no longer allowed to speak the truth!

    Fortunately they reveal their true nature, weather Chinese, Pinoy, Japanese, Korean etc. When push comes to show, which means War or real Crises their cruelty and wickedness comes to fore.

    See also how they treat animals; callous, cruel, totally insensitive! When War comes back, probably not in too distant future, we shall see “oriental cruelty” demonstrated again, too blatantly for even the “political correct” fuckers to deny!! Actually I’d rather enjoy if the pc-guys would get to know this trait first hand, but that’s probably too much to ask for..

    They may seem oh so sweet in times of peace, but the Face always has two sides….