What’s Next? A Hammer To Your Penis?

We all know that Pinoys hate foreigners.  We come here and do the unthinkable….treat their women with respect. It doesn’t always mean those women know how to handle that respect, as much as they enjoy it, but we do it nevertheless.  So what’s a poor Pinoy to do when the foreigners have all the good women?  Well, what any other date-deficient man does….jerk it to online porn.

But soon, that won’t even be possible.  The DOJ has decided that ALL porn is kiddie porn.  Kids are just getting exposed to sex too much and too soon, they say.  Might I point out that this is the same government that just barely passed a law to teach kids about their bodies, and why underage sex is bad?  And if you have to have sex, here’s some free condoms to reduce all those pesky unwanted pregnancies?

But, as usual, the PH government can’t help but go with the most heavy-handed solution possible, never looking further than the next 5 minutes.  And so they’re working to implement a new filter at the ISP level to block all porn in the Philippines.  That’s right.  It won’t even come to your phone, let alone  your home computer.

Now, if you knew me better, you’d know that I’m a firm believer that we all be animals.  We all have our special needs, and if we can’t get it at home, guess where we’re going to go?  To one of the millions of women here that think they landed a handsome foreigner for marriage.  Wrong.  And if that well ever ran dry, then I imagine that Angeles City is going to end up being the new foreigner capital of the Philippines.

So, by extension, if the men in this country can’t get a little private satisfaction, then there’s going to be targets on a lot of Filipina’s vaginas.  And since they’re not exactly bright around here when it comes to wrapping it up, or taking responsibility for those little bundles of “whups!”, the PH government is going to get a huge increase in future OFW’s (yay!  remittances!)

As much as the overkill in judgement befuddles my mind, what strikes me as even more bizarre is why it never occurs to them to actually FIX THE FUCKING PROBLEM THAT’S CAUSING THE KIDDIE PORN TO HAPPEN HERE!  You know…like creating jobs to lessen the amount of poverty stricken families selling sex time with their kids…or…OR….making some examples out of those Filipino “fraternities” that are not only profiting from it, but actually teaching parents how to do it?

But that requires brains and money spent on manpower.  Can’t have that.  Let’s go the cheapest route possible to do the job for us by making everyone suffer unilaterally.  But, being intelligent people from first world countries, we know something that these twits just can’t figure out.

There’s nothing like a repressed catholic girl now, is there?  Go git ’em, boys!

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  1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
    etherian smithee

    Congratulations to the Philpines for banning pornogrphy….There is no reason to allow it….From what I hear the internet speed is terrible anyway….No civilized society needs to have pornography anyway….I hope they ban it in the US…..Sex is natural and normal with another person, not with a computer screen…
    Bwagadang Umaga Pilipines.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      So you’re actually advocating for all of these irresponsible Pinoys to “go git some!”? Isn’t 100 million people on a bunch of little islands bad enough?

      You said it yourself. Sex is natural. Guess what else is natural? Self satisfaction. It’s been around since before Mankind knew how to build a fire. And for many, it’s a valuable form of stress relief. In some cases you just can’t count, it’s the one thin barrier between an abnormal person getting his frustrations out and a woman being raped.

      If, for nothing else, why would you cheer to have something taken away that doesn’t affect you even in the slightest? Does the sound of millions of people fapping away somehow reach your ears and keep you up at night?

      1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
        etherian smithee

        Let em fuck their brains out…Its their business… Their Archipelago is not connected to my country so what they do has no effect on my life. If they want to steal from each other , God bless em… If they want to have 400 million people in Manila, God bless em…If rhey dont have enough rice to go around. they’ll figure something out OR they wont, God bless em… Its a free country ran by Philipinos for Philipinos..Its their business… If they are meant to survive, they will…If not, they wont…God bless em…
        Its just a matter of time before much of that Archipelago goes back underwater because its right on the Ring of Fire Earthquake zone and its only a few feet above sea level (hint hint) not to mention the Typhoons.. God dont make mistakes, SURVIVAL OF THE FITTEST.

        1. Profile gravatar of Penance
          Penance Post author

          So let me get this straight. You don’t care if they overpopulate. You don’t care if they starve. You don’t care if they drown as the country sinks into the ocean and/or die horrible deaths in an earthquake.

          BUT…you DO care if they’re jerking off??

          I imagine this is a big issue for you, seated somewhere in your childhood. It’s ok. You don’t have to explain what caused your hatred for masturbation. Guessing is more fun anyways.

          1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            i think in actuality you are the one who wrote an article that seems very concerned with using electronic media as a form of birth control for Philipino men and boys….Your thesis seems to be that if Philipinos are jerking off to on their I-phones and laptops they wont be over populating Manila….My response was that all you need is a good imagination and maybe the assistance of a good nudie magazine to jerk off,,…Am I wrong?
            Your article seems to say:

            No internet porn= Overpopulation

            I think that is a ridiculous and a scary notion that electronics have that much control over humanity.

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            In the vast majority of the free world, pornography is legal. It is a form of adult entertainment. If consenting adults want to be filmed having sex to be sold to consenting adults who choose to watch it, then we are free. But if shitheads who can’t think for themselves, but let the church do their thinking for them feel it’s their right to take away freedoms from those who are not harming anyone, simply because the church has instilled such a fear of sex in their dumbed down brains, then we are no longer free.

            In the vast majority of the world, child pornography is illegal. I agree it should be. Because in the vast majority of the world, we have decided the age of consent (or adulthood) is 18 (21 in some countries). I think this is appropriate as well.

            What is the difference between a nudie magazine and a porn video? It’s porn. So etherian smithee once again contradicts himself. He has spewed his mindless, ancient thinking, non-progressive ignorance, all over this blog.

            If I prefer to yank my boner in front of my computer screen in the privacy of my own home instead of dealing with the idiocy of a Filipino/Filipina who will no doubt have their hand out while I’m wiping the cum off his/her face in my bed, HOW DOES THAT AFFECT YOU?

            Some people prefer sex with people. Some people prefer sex with themselves with the assistance of a porn video made by consenting adults, sold legally on the internet, just as legal as a nudie magazine in a bookshop.

            Why are Filipinos so god damned ignorant and bat-shit stupid??????? WHY??? WHY???? EVEN THE OFW’s in SAUDI are brainless idiots only there to wipe the asses of the Arabs and send money home (clearing throat…etherian smithee….cough).

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            I don’t think the average Pinoy idiot has time to watch internet porn on their smart phone. They’re too busy texting texting texting nonsense and forwarding stupid mushy religious bullshit to each other and idol “hey how are you?” conversations as if they are children with a brand new novelty toy. The novelty still hasn’t worn off for these idiots with no sense of time.

            Go out and about, you’ll still see 8 out of every 10 Filipino idiot with their face in their phone and their thumb pounding on the keys like mad at any given moment.

          4. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            I care about ALL PEOPLE AND ANIMALS….Let me get that out front….People have FREE WILL….If their behavior is leadiingi to their extinction then they are supposed to be extinct….Thats the law of survival…If you arent intelligent enough to survive then you arent meant to survive…There is no intervention for FREE WILL….Who are we to say what is right or wrong for a free people? Its their fucking business….If they cant feed their own people then they gotta starve until they figure something out….If they dont figure something out then they gotta go….Its simple Quantum Physics.

          5. Profile gravatar of Penance
            Penance Post author

            For someone who says they believe in “intelligent survival” so much, you sure haven’t noticed your own backwards thinking. You can’t say you care about ALL PEOPLE AND ANIMALS, and then toss human life off to the side so nonchalantly. Caring about human life doesn’t have grey area options…it’s pretty black and white. To do even an iota less is to be a hypocrite, and all of your rhetoric is just a wall of rationalizations to feel better about what YOU want to think.

            What’s even scarier is how similar your mindset is to a recurring point I bring up about Filipinos. You can’t just accept that you’re wrong. Everyone else is wrong. No matter how many times you’ve been called out for having double standards, you just won’t accept that you messed up on this one.

            Live with that for a while, eh?

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB


          What an idiot you are @etherian smithee

          Please, choose a side of your mouth to speak out of. Stop speaking out of both side to suit your trolling needs here you typical double standard Pinoy shit-for-brains.

      2. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
        etherian smithee

        And btw…
        Are you saying you need a computer and an internet connection to yank your crank? Let these illiterate little monkeys ger nudie magazines like we did back in the old days… Maybe even try reading an article or two.. My goodness. has humanity become fucking robots who cant even masturbate without permission from Bill GATES?

        1. Profile gravatar of Penance
          Penance Post author

          Big Gates controls porn? Is that what you really said?

          Hey, I’ve been as old school as it gets on a lot of things. One can learn a lot from the way people “made do”. But for the same reasons you don’t drive a Model “A” Ford, people like to get a better experience with the way they choose to spend their time. And really? When was the last time you saw an informative article on micro-economics in third world countries written in a Hustler?

          1. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
            etherian smithee

            Bill Gates created the Windows Based internet form….The road to pornography leads through him or that faggot from Apple, Tim Cook….Yes sir, I stand by that..

          2. Profile gravatar of Penance
            Penance Post author

            LOL! You should read up. Windows and Mac OS came waaay later than the Internet, and porn was there before Windows. But, hey…I get it. Some people think Windows is the only operating system on the planet, and that Bill Gates is some evil villain who micromanages every little thing that goes on on the Internet. Keep with that thought. While you’re at it, send me your address. I’ll mail you a tin foil hat I made just for you. 😀

          3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Sorry etherian, but you’re a complete fucking idiot. I happen to be gay, just like billions of other people trying to live on this planet among you dipshit nazi bigots.

            are black people niggers too etherian smithee?

        2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          What I am saying is IT’S NONE OF YOUR FUCKING BUSINESS (or anyone’s business) HOW OR WHAT METHODS I USE TO SHOOT THE LOAD IN MY ITLOG! KKKreischt Almighty! Yank your 4cm cock with whatever assistance you choose. I’ll yank mine my way. Why do you feel anyone should dictate how anyone extracts their sperm??? Let child pornography be appropriately illegal, let consenting adults be consenting adults you god damned NAZI MOTHER FUCKER.

          Smithee, how did you get so mind-numbingly stupid?

          OOPS! I forgot, you can’t answer that. You’ve been banned from commenting LOL!!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            He needs to be banned from commenting anyway. I told that dimwhit before to quit commenting and start reading some more. At least by silencing him, the only thing that he CAN do is read. He needed to shut up and read more anyway. Well done *thumbs up* 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      “Sex is natural and normal with another person,….”

      Yeah, and a lot of people like to watch that natural sex on video. So what? WHAT THE FUCK IS IT TO YOU?

      You know what boggles my mind? It’s why there are so many idiots out there who give a fuck if I watch porn or not. Why do they give a fuck if I have sex with myself in front of a computer screen, or with another person. Next question, why the fuck does such dumbfucks think they have a right to tell me how to have sex? Who the fuck do they think they are telling me that the only way for sexual satisfaction is THEIR way? Why the fuck do they think it’s any of their god damned business?????? Who the fuck do you think you are?

      If you think it’s wrong to jerk off to porn, THEN DON’T JERK OFF TO PORN. But don’t go telling me what the fuck to do in a free society you nazi communist mother fucker.

    3. Profile gravatar of

      bad for you..
      the lord give you a pussy, but no brain!

      stupid peoples need censoring, smart peoples can decide for themselves.

      so wat categorie you are ????

  2. Profile gravatar of

    I just registered on this blog but have read “ALL” the articles here for about a year, and I am agreeing w/this post. Filipinos will always find the easiest path to a solution to the problem even if it affects all the people in this country backed with the “I don’t care” mentality. This is just to show us that they are doing “Something” even if that something is very lame. I am a devoted Catholic but what I don’t want is when a proposition is mixed w/religious “something” that there is a very thin line between the separation of religion and state. For what I think the proposition above is backed by the church, and by the way this will be implemented since election festivity is just around the corner.

  3. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
    etherian smithee

    Btw, I think you are both deflecting and projecting.
    YOU are the one who really needs the porn and you are using the Philipinos as scapegoats to hide your porn addiction with them as your shield and delegate for your personal concerns….

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      You know, there’s a whole set of moral lessons to be told about sticking with the low hanging fruit…most of them warn that it only gives a bad impression about who you are. The article was about the a-typical heavy handed approach that Filipinos take to address a problem without thinking it through. You, however, wanted to ensure that the focus was on the actual act of masturbation, and how that’s a “no-no” in your book. It’s fine that masturbation isn’t right for you. But guess what? Most other people that are normal actually DO masturbate. Is that relevant to the article? Not really. What IS relevant is the direction that this law goes in. Do you honestly think it stops at porn? Remember, this is a country that just passed a law that says you can get jail time for “liking” a post on Facebook that another person finds libelous. But hey…be more concerned if me or anyone else is jerking off. We wouldn’t want to strain anything, eh?

  4. Profile gravatar of etherian smithee
    etherian smithee

    Ad maybe the Gov’t found out that Child Pornographers come in from other countries and use the internet to smuggle porn out of their country….I think the Philipinos are idiots but they got this one right.

    1. Profile gravatar of Penance
      Penance Post author

      Actually, in their official statement on the law, they cited the problem as:

      “As the “Philippines is the net supplier” of child pornography and “Western countries are the net user,” Sy said the “import-export issue” can be dealt with by controlling the source or the supplier.”

      So, in typical fashion, the Philippines doesn’t take any blame at all for abusing little children. It’s not them. It’s those big, bad Western countries that are taking advantage of their babies. Let’s just ignore all the fat, balding, red horse drinking fathers, uncles and cousins impregnating the Filipinos and producing all those wonderfully deformed people who beg money from you all day long.

      Still think they got something right here?

  5. Profile gravatar of Penance
    Penance Post author

    Etherian Smithee said:

    “Bill Gates created the Windows Based internet form….The road to pornography leads through him or that faggot from Apple, Tim Cook….Yes sir, I stand by that..”

    FiloFail said:

    “orry etherian, but you’re a complete fucking idiot. I happen to be gay, just like billions of other people trying to live on this planet among you dipshit nazi bigots.

    are black people niggers too etherian smithee?”

    Can you say……..open mouth, insert lower torso? ROFL!!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Dipshit (aka etherian smithee) is online right now reading all the truths spoken of HER this morning, and the sad poor wiper of Arabian asses can’t comment.

          I’m laughing my ass off right now. I bet that Filipino idiot is on the floor kicking and crying like a fuckin’ 3 year old. Poor stupid bastard! LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            Wait, so you are saying that smithee was a Filipino this entire time? I’m sorry, but I haven’t been reading all of her posts, just what was in response to me. No wonder why that little bitch was so bitchy about every little thing I pinpointed out in my recent comments. Hahaha! Only a pinoy/pinay can find something negative in the truth, and that explains why she was so opposed to it! Wow! Go figures….. That’s why I sensed a strong aura of illogic in her replies. Nothing but hate when the truth is revealed, even when not being directed towards her. Why come I didn’t come to that conclusion myself? (DOH!) I gotta start taking note that whenever I come across somebody who argues against the truth, that they are most likely a pinoy, or a foreigner who has never stepped foot in Philippines (or never been around Filipinos).

          2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Yeah, I think it’s pretty obvious by all the filogic he spewed. He’s in Saudi according to his IP address. So he’s either an Arab or a dumbfuck Pinoy OFW. (Many jobs for dumbfuck Pinoy nurses in Saudi). He’s definitely over there wiping the ass of some elderly Arab.

          3. Profile gravatar of Spartacus_killingus

            Nothing that came out of that D bags mouth made any sense at all.
            I called the fucker out almost immediately for being a hypocrite, talking out both sides of his mouth.
            I assumed 1. He was some poor foreign bastard, fighting for the belittled Filipino, who can’t fight for themselves.
            Or 2. Fucking Filipino.

            Everything coming out of this dumbasses mouth was pure shit. I was honestly waiting for the moment he would get called out by someone other than myself. Without delay he set out attempting to troll, then spin around and pretend to be on the same page. LOL what a joke. Probably try to get back on the site with another user name or proxy server, we will see.

            A typical etherian smithee comment:

            Joe blow: I hate when filipinos do X, why are they acting so stupid??

            etherian smithee: I Find your lack of understanding regarding the filipino disturbing, maybe you should take your white ass back to your own country.

            Joe blow: WTF??

            etherian smithee: FUCK ALL FLIPSSS, YEAH LETS HAVE SOME FUN…

            Idiot, in the highest regard.

    1. Profile gravatar of

      Wow…seems like I am missing a lot here. LOL I don’t think they will be able to do that. Hell they can’t even get handshake (term used in telecom to confirm and pass a call to another cell tower) right or have a unified database in LTO. I have little confidence in their capabilities. Beside if they succeed on blocking it…well I bet those filipino muslim that are on the street will find a way. LOL

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Yeah, I was gonna say the idiots here called Filipinos are real good with talking and making laws, but when it comes to ACTION, they get all fucked up, or do nothing at all.

        As I have always said, Filipinos are all talk, no action.

        And I agree, they have no internet backbone here, their routing always gets all fucked up, they just dumbass all over themselves with everything they do.

        They won’t filter anything, because they are incompetent and incapable morons who just love to spew words, but no action.

        No worries. Internet porn is here to stay in Philippines.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Can you imagine a day if an actual legitimate gov’t took over and started enforcing all the laws? They just make laws to look like they are doing something.
          For instance, in the city I lived smoking inside was illegal, but they even said smoking is illegal outside?! However, cigarrettes are completely legal.
          One guy tried to make a law making it illegal for non-family members to ride on the same scooter. This was his solution for the numerous assassinations carried out by hit-men riding motorcycles.

          There are so many contradictory laws and worthless laws cause they know no one is going to pay attention, follow them, or enforce them. Most times, they just waste money creating the planning group, the party, and the paperwork. Then throw a big celebration at the end as a successful law passed. Most times, they use it as an excuse to throw a large party at a resto-bar the local mayor, congressman, or senator owns.

  6. Profile gravatar of L. "Dead Man Walking" K.
    L. "Dead Man Walking" K.

    the worst thing that can happen is censorship. Kids are going to experience sex whether its before or after the age of 18. When things are censored accidents happen because of the lack of knowledge.

    In the case of the failapines, they have a lack of knowledge whether or not its censored.

    Knowing the failapines political propaganda machine, this is a campaign to usher in approval of DoJ or other politicians that are endorsing the porn censorship. “Oh hes supporting this, maybe hes a good politician.”

    Or in another sense redirect the spotlight from another scandal.

  7. Profile gravatar of TheD

    Isnt this just the height of lunacy?
    Lets put this directly in perspective based on what I have personally experienced.

    The churches essentially control the law.
    The anti-porno law is designed to protect children via pressure from the church.
    On the steps of many churches, at night, there are children being sold for sex.

    I was working with a charity and visited a church in a poor area during the middle of the day. A 14 year old girl was offered to me to “do whatever I wanted”.

    Isnt this a usual tactic of deflecting blame. They are blaming international sources for the porn instead of addressing the issue that exists here in the Philippines.
    That is like me blaming my neighbor as their weeds spread into my garden instead of accepting responsibility for my own garden and weeding it regularly.

    Also, how the fuck are they going to “apply filters” at the ISP level when the ISP cant even get their shit together enough to take action where issues exist?

    The solution? TOR and encryption. That way the ISP has no idea at all what sites you are visiting or what data you are downloading.
    The sheer level of complexity needed to check what people are doing online is extremely high. They would need to packet sniff, decrypt secure connections and store huge volumes of data.

    My ISP cant even get an engineer out inside 11 days, fix packet loss issues on the line or get my address right and you seriously expect them to be able to monitor activity online?

    This is nothing less than an attempt to seem like they are “doing good” while they do nothing. I highly suspect it is even an attempt at honesty through paranoia. People will be more likely to behave if they think they are being watched.

    And one final note. I would like to thank the people that live near me who do not protect their routers. I can just use their connection to download all the porn I want 😉

    From a self-confessed prolific wanker

  8. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    “People will be more likely to behave if they think they are being watched”

    Yeah, I can definitely vouch for this. Whenever I do my grocery shopping for the month, I set a deadline of 9pm to be line for the taxi line. That means; I picked everything, everything is paid for and checked out, and waiting in line. WHY? Because every night before 9pm, there is a security guard who annotates the license plate of every taxi driver, along with the destination of the passenger, and I have a source to keep an eye on them (taxi drivers) from a distance if they tried to cheat me or do anything stupid, that way I can always go back to that security guard and refer to the log of who my driver was.

    Well a few nights, I didn’t quite make it in time, and one of four things will usually happen to me.

    Occasion #1: The taxi meter will be on steroids. I know that it costs no more than 54php (MAX) to get from my local SM to my place (it’s very near). One night, the taxi meter had ran up to 68php. OK, most of us are foreigners and it will be quite petty to bitch about an increase of 14 pesos. Only reason why I’m not bitching about it now because I gave him what I usually give ALL taxi drivers, which is 70 pesos. It doesn’t matter if the meter was 47php, 50.50php, 54php, or 68 fuckin pesos…. You are still only getting 70 pesos (since I normally give a little more than the fare). In that case, I woujld’ve gave him 68php for trying to cheat me if I had exact change, but unfortunately I didn’t. So keep in mind people, some taxis out there do have a foreigner setting where even the meter is designed to over-charge you. On top of that, my wife was with me. No telling how much more I would’ve paid if she wasn’t with me?

    Occasion #2: This may not be new to any of you, but of course the taxi driver would try to over-charge you before getting into the taxi. I desperately needed a taxi one night, there was no security guard taking down plate numbers. I tried to reason with 100php (since I already expected to be overchaged anyway), then he came at me and demanded 200php. WTF! It only cost 50php to get where I live at, and he wanna quadruple the price? Watch out for that too.

    Occasion #3: After my bags are already loaded in the trunk, the taxi tries to negotiate with me on +50 due to traffic. Are you fuckin kidding me? It’s a 5 minute ride to where I live, and he wants another 50? It already costs 50 alone with just the fare, so he pretty much just wanted double? Well, there was no security guard to turn to, and it’s unwise to argue with a guy who has my goodies in his trunk, so I just submitted, bent over, and took it like a man. He won that battle.

    Occasion #4: No shit this had happened to many of you before, but they tend to forget to turn on the meter. Don’t let lhem do that, because they can charge you whatever the fuck they want once you get to your destination. If they (pretend to) forget to turn on the meter, remind them before they get any further, because once I was asked for a tip after I reminded the driver to turn on his meter 30 seconds after he pulled off to compensate him for the lost KILOMETERS (not even 100 feet, we were waiting in traffic most the time) he wasn’t paid for. I simply just told him I will pay him +20 and he was cool with it, which is the normal 50+20 I usually give. Made no difference to me 😀

    I’m such a dumbass, I could’ve made this into a real article about taxi drivers….. oh well, I’m too lazy to think of a title anyway 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I don’t know if you have Uber in your area. Use that as a first priority. It is the greatest thing and I’m so excited to use it when I get to Manila.
      The cars are clean, the drivers are more professional, the rate is set by the company (many times its cheaper than a taxi), the driver has to maintain a great rating or he gets fired, and there is not a need for cash (unless a tip). Plus the bill gets emailed to you.
      When I first used it, I celebrated having to never take a taxi in Manila ever again.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Last month my wife went to Cebu for a day to handle some paperwork then came back to our place. Well she hits town and gets a taxi and tells him where she is going, this is about 3am. So off they go and the driver starts talking to my wife (I’m not with her) asking if she was from the town where we now live. He did turn on the meter when she got in but he kept trying to distract her with talk while he kept hitting buttons on the meter thinking she would not notice. Well flag down is 40 pesos yet it was already up to 55 before they went 2 km.

      So my wife watched him tapping that button on the meter and the fare go up 5 or 10 pesos every time he pushed it. When it got to 80 my wife started with him, gave him a great bullshit story. She told him that she was in fact from this city and knew her way around very well. That she knew what he was doing to the meter and was overcharging her, which he denied of course. So my wife goes on to tell him that she has written down his plate number, taxi number and such and will let her brother who works at LTO know what he was doing.

      Now the driver stops messing with the button but still denies he was pushing it. My wife did not back down and continued about her brother who works at LTO, she’ll report him and his license will get suspended. It worked!! The driver backed down begging her not to report him. “I need this job”, “I have kids to feed” and so on. Did she pay what was on the meter? No, she even gave him less than what the fare would have cost. The scammer got it thrown back at him.