When Even The Foreigners Go Native

Got this message from a real idiot who is either

  1. A native Pinoy
  2. A foreigner gone native and over the edge.


Message: your new website design stinks.  period.  full stop.  all the comments for each article are squished to the side until there is only a single column instead of an easily readable paragraph.  with the previous design at the end of each article there was a button to either click to the previous or to the next article chronologically.  this button is gone.  now i have to open several windows from the homepage or keep returning to the homepage after i read an article.  pretty ridiculous and not user friendly.


  1. restore the button that allows one to click to the next or previous article.
  2. fix the comments so every comment is a nice, neat paragraph instead of a squished, tangled column.


all these articles about filipino stupidity and you go and ruin your website.  what a shame.



warningHow would YOU respond? What about this message is the REAL shame?

Let’s have a laugh at this idiot Pinoy or foreigner gone native. Talk it up.

And if you have CONSTRUCTIVE feedback about the new design, feel free to give it here. Nothing is permanent, anything can be changed/fixed, but I will always continue to try to improve the site, and with your input and feedback, I can. Change isn’t always perfect and immediate.

NOTE TO THE TROLL WHO SENT THE MESSAGE ANONYMOUSLY (and cowardly): Just be nice about it. No need to act like a spoiled, whining child throwing a tantrum.


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  1. Profile gravatar of emrys

    I actually like the new site layout. it’s easier to navigate. I remember on the old site, if you wanted to check earlier articles , you had to either go to the bottom of the page and manually click on the calendar. it took for ever for me to figure out to just put it up in the search engine search bar in explorer. I like the way it is now where there are categories and I can easily go to the one I want. I like this design way better.

    I don’t also see why someone would have to open multiple windows. opening a new window takes just as much time to hit the back button. well, unless your using cell data tethered to your laptop on smart hahaha. then ,yeah, it will be super slow and probably a giant pain in the ass.

    for me I think its an improvement for the pc part of it. I haven’t had a chance to check it out on my phone though. I like the new set up. But I guess having a button that you can just go to the next article would be nice. just because if there are a few new articles, it is a bit easier since you just have to hit the “next article” button. usually if I haven’t been on for a while, I will read all the newest posts in one sitting.

    that’s my opinion anyway. so I guess take what you want out of it.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Thanks for your feedback emrys. I think this guy’s complaints are more than legitimate. And I’m going to address them, I just thought his delivery was, shall we say, “less than mature”?

      I just thought we’d have some more conversation over the current layout and functionality, and see if others are having the same issues. I want nothing more than for the site to perform well on all devices, and with the new community software that was integrated.

      And this posting is more or less a statement on how NOT to give feedback or how NOT to report a problem if you want me to help resolve it. Not to mention, I thought the utterly stupid way he went about reporting it was quite on topic with this blog: Filipino Stupidity. And if this guy is not a Filipino, he is a prime example that you don’t have to be a Filipino to exhibit Filipino stupidity.

  2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    I think the new format is an improvement. I can’t tell if the complainant is Kano or Pinoy. My phone (Nokia on windows) opens up this website OK, a lot faster than the previous one.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      As you can see, I am testing out yet another new layout, which does seem to load and function much faster for me. It is also less “buggy” than the one just previous to this one. And the comments are not so big, thus will appear better on small mobile devices.

      Thanks for your input Sarah.

      Keep the input and feedback coming folks.

  3. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Children, children ENOUGH ALREADY!!!

    I’LL pull this car over and spank ALL of you!!!!

    It is very clear that the one who posted this is either:
    1.) A filipino who lives in denial.
    2.) A foreigner who has gone native.
    4.) The website has TOO MANY MOVING PARTS.

  4. Profile gravatar of Mike

    A toast to the asshole who posted this. I’ll drink a beer to you. Then when you wake up and see what it is really like I’ll buy you a case.

  5. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Once I was eating at the table when my wife told me I should learn to eat with my hands. I told her I was while using a fork and spoon. She said I should learn to eat like filipinos since I’m in the philippines. My reply,,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    Just because I’m in the philippines does not mean I should lose my manners.

    But if I should take the ways of the philippines then I should cheat, scam, steal and lie to all I meet. No I REFUSE to go native. BLANK STARE!!!

  6. Profile gravatar of
    sorry sir we dont have

    haha, thats the webmasters job.
    i know this since more then 10 years.
    if a user pay his internet conection, him think also, him pay all the webmasters in the world, and everybudy making a website have to do it perfect, for free and without add’s.
    nobody know how mutch work and time its cost. the server and domainnames is the cheapest thing on a website.
    for all the houers you spend in the background you never get payd.

  7. Profile gravatar of Mike


    I am truly sorry to say I do not see how your post connects in any way with the topic. But since you are filipino I think it’s only fair to give you the chance to expound and opine to make your meaning a little more clear.

  8. Profile gravatar of Mike


    Regarding the article and it’s poster it should be noted that said poster mentioned proper paragraphs which I could only laugh at. As to the poster I have noticed that said poster failed on several times to capitalized the proper letters or words. Yet said poster bitches about paragraphs???

  9. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Site looks great. I prefer this design to the last. As a regular visitor the first thing I look at is the recent comments. Sometimes if I’ve not been by for a few days I’ve missed a load of comments. Just wondered if there would be a way to expand the recent comments, or see all comments posted since my last login.

    Just a suggestion, not sure if other regulars use the site the same way.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I second that. There would be times that I’m off line for 8 hours if I’m at work. So it would be nice to expand the recent comments line, see what’s the recent posts. I sure liked this format than the previous one.

      And thanks for giving us this website to ventilate Filo. 🙂 Cheaper than a Psychologist, and more fun also. 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Yes Sarah cheaper than going to mental health. But not as much fun as sitting on a beach sucking down a cold beer with a hot babe (no offense you know how us yanks are) outside if this shithole called the philippines.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      I can certainly expand the list of most recent comments, but really the only way to keep track of recent comments since your last login, I would suggest subscribing to the comments RSS feed.

      If you don’t login for a week, the list would be so long, it would wear you finger out from scrolling through it. And I don’t think I want the website to be a mile long LOL.

      So I’ll be happy to double the recent comments in the sidebar. And I’ll set up a comments RSS feed, and I will then post links to some RSS Readers you can use which will send each comment as they are posted to your RSS reader.

      More on this very soon…stand by.

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB Post author

        I think I have found a doable solution to viewing all comments in chronological order as they were posted, latest descending down to earliest. They are divided by each day’s comments.

        So if you haven’t been around the blog for a while, and want to catch up, go here:


        I’ve also added this to the sidebar under the recent comments list, which I have expanded to latest 20 comments.

        Anything beyond that, you can go to the link above.

        Check it out. I hope this is an acceptable solution. If I find a better solution, I’ll certainly implement it.

  10. Profile gravatar of Joe Kono
    Joe Kono

    This comment is simply to invite you to respond in typical Filipino fashion… “Sorry Sir, this is our policy”, or “Sorry Sir, I am not authorized to make these changes”, or “Sorry Sir, no stock”… Maybe, ” I can see that it is not original(broken to shit), Joe, do you still want it?”, “Not available at this time (or ever)Joe”

    You can get truly inventive “This service could be available, expedited for special persons, P500”.

    For sure you can go the Jolly Bee rout, “I know this sandwich (website) does not match the picture, (expectations), Joe, but that is just an indications of what might be offered, if you are dissatisfied, buy a different sandwich (that does not match that picture either)You have much money Joe.”

  11. Profile gravatar of Penance

    I’m going to say that I like the site redesign on the laptop. However (and this was the case with previous designs), I do have that same problem where the comments keep shifting more and more right the more comments there are. This is on chrome on android. Not sure if it’s just me or not. Otherwise, the fact that you didn’t “set it and forget it” speaks volumes as it is.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      When you see them shifting more and more to the right, these are “nested” comments. They are replies to replies to replies. That is how it is, otherwise you wouldn’t know they are replies. And of course, when viewing on smaller mobile devices such as smart phones, that’s the way it’s gonna be with ANY design. I can reduce the number of nested levels, which would reduce the number of replies on replies, which would then reduce the most squished up comments. I’m not sure how many folks mainly access the site on smaller mobile devices, but I’ve tried so many designs now, that you just have to settle for a few comments being viewed that way.

      I’ve visited dozens of blogs on my android, and they all do the same thing with nested comments. It’s unavoidable.

  12. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The website layout and navigation doesnt mean shit. If people wanna find something they will…
    but Getting the truth out there and exposing these clowns and
    having well written content… means gold.

    Great work!!