When PLDT Connection Fails, What Do You Do?

Do you call 171 to report and complain? Do you demand a rebate for their failure to deliver services? According to DTI, you are entitled to a rebate when they fail to deliver the service you’re paying for.

Or do you just simply blog it and continue to pay your bill in full?

If you don’t call and complain, and demand your rebate, and just take it in the ass from PLDT and pay your bill, why should they bother to spend money on maintaining and keep their system working properly if everyone just pays their bill in full anyway, and not complain? If customers are not holding PLDT accountable for their part of the contract, why should they honor the contract? People are just paying their bill anyway without complaining, and if nobody calls them to complain, they just go on thinking their system is fine, so no need to repair and maintain.

CALL AND COMPLAIN EVERY SINGLE TIME YOU HAVE SERVICE INTERRUPTIONS, MONITOR THE FREQUENCY, DEMAND A REBATE ON YOUR BILL! AND IF THEY ARGUE WITH YOU (which is inevitable, because that’s the filogical filo way of customer service), simply tell them you will file a complaint case with DTI (then if they still fail, ACTUALLY CONTACT DTI AND FILE YOUR CASE, IT DOESN’T COST ANYTHING EXCEPT A FEW MINUTES OF YOUR TIME). I guarantee that if EVERY FILIPINO did this, there would be 1000’s of DTI cases against them, and PLDT would either go down in flames, OR will become everything they dishonestly claim to be.

Otherwise, they’ll just keep screwing you in the ass and not care, as long as you pay your bill. Hey, they’re filipinos, what do you expect? As long as they can create the ILLUSION of good service, and the customers believe their words but not their actions or inactions, and pay their bill no matter what, Well, then blame yourselves. Honestly, if you’re expecting any business/company owned and operated by filipinos to be honest, accountable, and actually do what they say, then you don’t even know yourselves. Sus!

Filipinos in general do not practice accountability. They just offer illusions, words, and empty promises. But when it comes to backing up those words with action, IT’S A BIG BIG FAIL!

I experience this NOT JUST WITH PLDT, BUT WITH EVERY SINGLE BUSINESS/PRODUCT/SERVICE/COMPANY here in Philippines. It’s not the company that is fucked up, it’s this culture’s mindset. And the worst part is, filipinos work harder at emphatically denying this fact, than they work at making a change.

What a shame. tsk tsk tsk

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  1. stokkevn

    One of the managers for Globe stupidly gave me his private mobile number, so as soon as I have a connection problem I text and call him from many different phones until the problem is solved. Problem normally resolve quick time.

    Best way to get any managers number is to ring the company and say to the receptionist that you are very embarrassed and forgotten Mr X’s mobile number as you wish to thank him for taking you and Mayor X out for the meal the other evening, could she give you his number so you can send him a thank you text. This has never failed.

  2. John D. Moss

    I have an issue with PLDT now. They have not refunded me almost 3 months worth of non service and they added to my bill instead on a miscalculation. The wires here got cut by some dumbass drug addict flip and it took them a month to reconnect it. That wah more than a year ago we have been trying to get the refund lol they for a year keep saying we will forward this to the concerned party haha and it don;t matter if we go to the office or email them it’s the same either way. Then we moved and it tool them a month to move us a block. They said we can be refunded for that. Guess what no refund but after 6 months they just added 1100 to the bill sayign thats the fee for when they moved us but they miscalcualted and added almost 2500. They are going to disconnect us because I am not going to pay. I already told them 5000 times what’s going on they know it but they refuse to comply. Yesterday the guy promised he would call me back and have it fixed guess what he never called again. Now we are in danger of losing our connection because we don’t want to hand money over to PLDT for free and they owe us on top of that. So what the hell can I do what is this DTI? I am being abused by PLDT and I can see now how it will work out. We will get disconnected then 2 months down the line when they realise we did not pay for it and won’t they will call and say oh sorry we will refund you and you can reconnect for free and be so nice because they will have lost me and I will look at them in the face and say FUCK YOU. hihi

  3. filofail

    Well this kind of non-service and promises from what is supposed to be a professional company is not a PLDT thing. PLDT is run and operated by FILIPINOS. It is a filipino stupidity thing.

    I have NEVER NOT ONE TIME received a call back from any company or any filipino when they said they would. They love to throw around words like, “feedback” and “follow up” and make you all kinds of promises just to end the call. If they promise to call you back tomorrow, you will never hear from them until YOU CALL THEM BACK.

    I honestly don’t understand how humans can be so fucking stupid and unconcerned about integrity or honesty. Those two words do not exist here.

  4. Lila Arandia

    I can totally relate with all the issues regarding PLDT and obviously agree with you. I work at home and internet is very crucial for my business. But of course, PLDT does not care. So full of false promises and despite that they do get a lot of angry customers shouting at them. They probably put their microphones on mute and continue gossiping with each other while we as customer rant and rave. It has been almost two weeks now and I am running out of vim to call and blaster them everyday. Their stupid Muzak is also driving me insane as they put you on hold for like 5 minutes every 1 minute you talk to them. I suggested my cousin (who is the account holder) to file a complaint with DTI. In the meantime, I have my alternative Tattoo broadband which is not the best connection for my work. And I thought customer service in the UK is already awful… but here, it’s like talking to brick walls or stupid cows.
    Seeing that another person commented that they have problems with Globe, there is no point in changing another provider as it will just cause us the same misery.