Where Is The Pride In This?

Today I witnessed the worst of the Filipino when I watched a video liked by a friend on facebook.

It shows a filipino man on a train track cut in two at the thighs, his legs laying to the side. Surely people are killed in the Philippines by carelessly crossing trainlines regularly but this man was still alive. Around him a crowd of filipinos had formed maybe 50-100 to watch and gawk and laugh at the man as he tried to stand helplessly on the ground. Not one Filipino tried to remove the man from the tracks, stem the bleeding of his severed stumps, or even hold his hand and offer him comfort. Instead he twiched helplessly as the multitudes of amused and dumbfounded faces staring at him. I couldnt bear to complete the video but here is a screenshot from a couple of minutes in. WARNING, not for the faint hearted.


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    Captain PFB

    You see the same inhuman, zero compassion behavior from Filipinos in the vehicle accident videos that are posted where you see body parts and dead or near-dead people laying in puddles of their own blood, twitching, moaning….and the observers sit there and gawk, point, joke, and laugh.

    Inhuman animals. This culture really should just go back to living in grass huts and chucking spears at each other. They may be living in cities and driving cars, but their minds have done very little to no progress in civility. They are in many ways still an uncivilized culture.

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    Well Al was right. He said if he hung himself from an overpass over Commonwealth the filipinos would break out cell phones so they could take selfies with him dangling in the background.

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    Being a Locomotive Engineer (Engine Driver for those of you from “Across the Pond”), this one hits a nerve. Without a doubt, the most traumatic experience that an Engineer will ever encounter is a fatality–be it some idiot who tries to cross the tracks without looking or an idiot who drives through a level crossing thinking he/she can “beat the train” (and as we say, “If it’s a tie at the crossing–YOU LOSE!”). Though I am very very fortunate that, in my 27 year career as an Engineer, I have never been involved in a fatality (I am in the minority–90% of engineers will experience at least one in their careers, and a majority of them will experience more than one), I have had to pass sites, while operating trains, where a person was hit, and seen the terrible results of others’ stupidity first hand (let’s just say that, if you are hit by a train, it will be a closed-casket funeral). Many Engineers have ended their careers early, or have taken extended time off for trauma, because of this.

    The fact that nobody rendered aid to this imbecile reinforces my belief that life is cheap in that poor-excuse-for-a-country, and everyone over there thinks only for himself/herself (that last part I learned thanks to the mistake I made of marrying one of them). I wonder if the train even stopped?

    Although I love running trains, given the out-and-out stupidity and carelessness of those smooth-skinned baboons, I would never be able to do it over there.

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      “everyone over there thinks only for himself/herself”
      I don’t give that much credit to the majority of Pinoys! They’re not even able to think for themselves!

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      I see posts like these in FB all the time, posted by Filipinos who seemed to have a fascination with blood and gore. They take photos even when the person is still alive and in obvious need of help. And if the person is dead and mangled, no one even has an ounce of decency or conscience to cover the victims face. I supposed that is too much to expect from a race of people who don’t even care about their own children. Children are produced while they can use him/her as slave labour while he/she is growing up, and when that child is old enough to earn a living, the abuse continue in the form of emotional manipulations and throwing guilts around. Lowest of the low!

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    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    In addition to all the douchebags standing around videoing the incident, there is a also a scumbag who kneels down next to the victim, pretends to cry, and then laughs at his own awesome sense of humour. Kids can also be heard speaking in the background….. I’m actually genuinely surprised that someone didn’t bring along the ‘boing-boing tee-hee-hee” sound effects machine and run away with his legs……. Suffering and humiliation as public entertainment – Its more fun in the Philippines.

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    That’s sick shit Mike. The most disturbing thing is how they think it’s funny. Utter utter morons. I’ll expect some flips will say they are not all like that.

    A few years ago I saw a guy 20 or 30, jump off a hotel balcony. Hundreds of flips crowded round and took photos. Even took selfies next to the corpse to be who died in hospital a few hours later. For the next week I saw flips, including security guards, ‘corpsting’ pics of the guy to eachother. And laughing heheheheheh! One woman showed me her phone and asked me if I wanted to see the pics she had.

    Sick shit!

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    Barry Smyth

    Yep sick but you need to remember they in most case’s would have had no idea what to do and would not have even considered there behavior was not cool.
    They know no better and from birth never taught anything the remotely resembles compassion .
    Sad but that is just the way this country is, look at any disaster here its overseas help that does the heavy lifting they just sit around with the hand out and doing nothing to help themselves or anyone else.
    I go through a squatter erea every day and you see the same shit, fat bellied Pinoys sitting around playing cards, fat and pregnant women in the traditional squatter dress with thongs on and hair in bun, and grubby kids everywhere like a cock roach invasion.
    And crap and rubbish everywhere, like I said they do nothing to help themselves so why would they help someone in desperate need.

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    I’ve come to realise that the average flip brain is not developed. It’s the same brain as a child who has been brought up in an abusive environment minus a decent school education.

    I remember talking to an upmarket pinay. She said her dog was rotten from flea bites and had to be put down. I asked why they didn’t get a vet to treat the dog. She said it’s inhumane to waste money on animals since there are many people there that could do with that money instead.

    She also told me her brother found 6 cats and put them in a sack with rocks in and threw it in a river. The family thought it was really funny.

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      Father in law chained a dog in the middle of the backyard. The poor dog was probably six months old. The dog was almost starved to death: as tiny as it could get; skins stuck to the bones! The dog couldn’t even bark…
      We couldn’t avoid seeing this dog, because it was right in front of our window. That was a serious torture for my kids and myself.
      I questioned the father in law about the dog. He said: because this dog caught while stealing eggs!! I asked him: how do you feed this dog? He said: sometimes we give him a bit rice and some other leftovers!
      Well, no wonder why the dog was stealing eggs!

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        Insame logic they have…they feed the dog only with a bit rice and blame the poor animal later on…Sorry to say but I know already these asshole excuses of the Flips..asked once my neighbour ” Well, you have a huge german shepherd but you put this animal whole day inside a small cage outside of your house, tell me just how this dog can protect you house ?
        Answer” No its ok because he knows this cage already” ( do u see note it ? There is no real answer like always when your talking to a Filipino)

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    Years ago…. there was a boy who had a fucking bad crash with his moto directly under my balcony. It was midnight already..and i was sitting outside and have seen the shit. The crash was caused by a car who didnt watch the stop sign.
    as i was running down on the street , ive realized that the handlebar did stuck already in his head ( looked not fine because you saw already components of his brain going out ) he was still alive and had of course afraid …because people was standing already around him and was talking.
    Everyone of my street wanted to help him and we was going to him to talk to him and make him calm a bit ( even we did note already that he wont make it)
    He died in the same night…
    But his family came to all of us in our street and give us a thank you that we did try to make him a bit calm so that he wont have afraid.
    This happened in south europe…

    Now the Philippines….Nearly same situation…( accident was not so bad , but still bloody) Morons are standing around the victim and take vids. No one goes closer to try to make the person calm down and try to do emergency help ( I guess they even dont know what this is ) This happened exactly as i was 2 months in the Phils…and from that day the curtain did drop…I did realize that these people ( 99%) are low minded and not caring. There might be Filipinos out there which would helped the victim of the crash..of course I believe that…but what ive seen in reality was that 50 people standing around the victim while he was crying of pain and no one helped …what a society …

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    Joe Smith

    One time when I was in Manila I witnessed this beggar walking around. His clothes old and tattered, small plastic bag of whatever, bamboo stick to help him walk. He was suffering from some sort of flesh eating bacterial disease. He literally looked like a rotting zombie from a horror movie. The flesh on one side of his face was gone, missing fingers. The doorman and his coworkers of the hotel we stayed at were laughing, pointing, and poking fun at the poor guy.

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    …at crime scenes ..everyone is gathering around gawking
    and the cops dont use gloves
    and its a complete shambles.
    How can anyone rely on police “evidence” that it isn’t tainted
    from some arsewipe gawking and then desciding
    contaminate a crime scene..

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    I witnessed a motorcycle accident. There were hundreds of flips there taking selfies that showed his open head in the background. It took twenty minutes for an ambulance to arrive. They just threw the body and severed head onto a stretcher. Thousands of people laughing and joking, especially kids. Sick!

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      Well its heppening everytime there is shooting and a dead body. I saw so many times, the cellphones up in the air taking pictures.

      Once my MC fall down (a bigger one), all filipinos keep staring only one carring actually a baby even ran and tried to help me out. Its not all that is like this but sadly most of them.

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    The funny thing is, Filipinos always try to portray that CAtholic image no matter what. However, the world (especially Hong Kong) knows to never trust Filipinos and knows they are anything but moral. Just take a look at the Manila Hostage crisis. It’s almost like the police, the mayor, the media, the president, the police commissioner, and the common people wanted the HK tourists to be killed. Talk about the number of chances to defuse the situation, save lives, and look like a hero, but being Filipinos they will exert 1000 calories to fail in the most epic way possible than use 50 calories to do the right thing.
    Here is the Youtube video link. It was done by National Geographic and is done very well with a former FBI negotiator consulting on it.

    I personally like the pinoy excuses of “if I stop the hostage taker, then no other hostage taker will ever trust me” or the police chief Lim saying, “we cannot give in to hostage takers”. WTF??!! No care or concern for the hostages, only care to fail as much as possible and be as stupid as possible!
    Then the media talking to the gunman, saying, “if you don’t get what you want, what are you going to do? Are you going to kill them all?”.

    Here are quote’s from HK nationals:
    ” From the Filipino police smiling and taking photos, what we see is a lack of humanity! To be blunt: Just a bunch of creatures worse than pigs and dogs!!!”
    “No conscientious, self-respecting Chinese person should go to this trash country for tourism, buy products made by this trash country, or hire the people of this trash country.”
    “Just what kind of country is this???!!! The Philippines! Treating life as cheap! Not taking things seriously! Strongly condemn the Philippine government and those nonchalant police and the insensitive bystanders!!! Strongly condemn and protest!!!”

    – There were some saddened Filipinos commenting and apologizing, but there were even other “proud pinoys” commenting how this is payback for the way HK treats Filipino workers??

    I know its been talked about before, but this is the perfect for the world to see just how “catholic” and “moral” Filipinos are in reality. So anytime Filipinos say how caring, compassionate, and religious they are one simply needs to point out the Manila Hostage crisis.

    1. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
      Esteban Magtaka III Jr

      ….not forgetting that the hostage-taker was a higly decorated officer in the PNP who was basically pissed about getting caught taking bribes . This was his TV-Patrol moment. Its more ‘gun’ in the Philippines.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Yes, a perfect way on how NOT to do things. But what really pissed off the Chinese, is Aquino could not be reached by telephone and he goes on national television next day with a big, shit eating smile plastered over his gay face!!!!!!!!!!
      I will post those links on my face book,,

    3. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

      The best part was the mayor and the other higher ups in the chain of command went to EAT AT A CHINESE RESTAURANT for dinner while the whole situation was still active and reaching it’s peak. They literally fucking left to go get dinner while a crisis is happening because you know these motherfuckers can’t stand to skip meals.

    4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, lets take a quick snack break from this emergency, life & death situation! Thats the police chief, who then ordered the innocent brother to be arrested while the hostage taker was in the bus watching it live!! To Filipinos, I guess its a great idea to:
      #1 Never take a well-armed hostage taker seriously
      #2 Lets agitate the well-armed hostage taker as much as we possibly can.
      and greatest of all = #3 Pretend like you did nothing wrong and everything is fine. “Apologize? For what?”

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I forgot to add the police chief said he could not give the police officer his job back (and save the hostages) cause that would make him look weak. Something like that. What a dummy!
        Btw, that guy was the former police chief who became Manila mayor, only to be beaten out of the position by ESTRADA! I swear, Filipinos must be the dumbest society on the planet. The ignorance, stupidity, and corruption never gets dull.

        1. Profile gravatar of Attila

          Estrada who was ousted with the 2md EDSA revolution by the people of Manila. The people just had a change of heart and voted him to be their mayor. Stupidity is an understatement. They are compete certifiable idiots. Study material for physiology classes.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike


            Consider this time line if you will.
            1983- Nonoy is shot in back of the head before his feet even touch the ground. Shot by Marcos cronies so Marcos most likely behind it.
            1986- The filipinos finally get tired of the abuse, murders and plunder by Marcos and remove him from office through EDSA 1. This after 10 years of martial law, plunder in the billions of USD, years of murder. This put Cory Aquino in office, a common housewife, elected because the filipinos felt sorry for her because her husband got killed. No less than 7 coup attempts during her reign.
            2001- Then comes EDSA 2 which removes Estrada from office and puts Arroyo into office.
            While Arroyo is in office anytime a scandal came up about her she diverted the filipino mindset by saying there was a rice shortage. Also the ZTE candal where she went on TV saying she was not involved in the disappearance of “Alex” the photographer during her ZTE trip to China where she denied meeting with ZTE after he said he was going to testify against her on ZTE. Then two weeks later it was reported on TV that “Alex” has been missing for about two weeks. Filipinos never asked how Arroyo knew he was missing before his own family did.
            After a while filipinos started talking about an EDSA 3 to remove Arroyo to which Arroyo held a press conference and said:
            “The world supported us on EDSA 1. The world stood by as we held EDSA 2. The world will not tolerate and EDSA 3.” The same EDSA that would remove her from office. Filipinos bought that line of shit hook, line and sinker.

            Then as pointed out the filipinos elect Marcos brats into office along with his wife. Roberdo dies in a plane crash and they elect his wife to office. Remember when he died all the officials were trying to get into his office to remove paperwork and files?

            Ninoy gets killed and they elect Cory out of pity.
            Cory dies and they elect Ninoy.
            Roberdo gets killed and they elect his wife.

            These three point to “necropolitics” one could say. Then other officials are movie stars (remember a few years back when Kris was talking about running for office?) So what is the trend here? To get elected to office here besides being filipino you have to be:
            1.) Corrupt.
            2.) Inexperienced.
            3.) Actor, model, boxer.
            4.) Someone in family dies.

            Maybe the above is why this country is so fucked up and will make very little progress if any at all. The old saying, “People get the government they deserve.” fits the filipinos to a “T”.

          2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Honestly, Filipinos should stop having those EDSA pride days. Yeah, they removed some rotten politicians, but simply put them back into office without any real jail time or assets seized. So what was the point?

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I was in the navy from 1981 to 1989 and stationed on ships on the West coast with the Pacific 7th fleet. Here is something you might not know. When Marcos fled the country in 1986 him and his wife went to Hawaii after the church begged Reagan to let him in. Now Marcos had already stolen billions in USD from the philippines and had accounts all over the world, well known facts. So what happens? Marcos is given the best house on the Pearl Harbor Naval Station to live in rent free. Then both him and his wife would go to the Navy Exchange and pick out what ever they wanted and never paid a single dime.
            Yes, two people who had billions in cash and still too cheap to pay for a tv, vcr, stereo, food and such.

          4. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            They elected the Marcos Family and most evil woman in history back (Imelda) after the 1st EDSA revolution. They might as well just stop celebrating those days.

            Its funny cause if I slip up in front of Filipinos and say they are stupid or something like that, the friends or people I’m with might get mad or start arguing. So I simply say, “well you guys elected Estrada twice. Once after he was found guilty. So what does that tell you”. They get quiet for a second, partially start to agree, and then change their minds to blame the people of Manila for electing him. To which I say, “well, if not for Aquino, Estrada would have won presidency in 2010”, and then they kind of acknowledge I might be right and even commend me on how much I know about Ph politics.

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    Anyone remember a few years back when a filipino was going to fly to Singapore on business? Well he had a laptop,$1,200 USD cash, passport and plane ticket and watch, rings if I remember correct. While in his car going to the airport he had a heart attack and got the car pulled over when 6 MMDA helped him. By the time they got him to the hospital they helped themselves to his laptop, $1,000, watch and rings. He did die either in the hospital or on the way to it surrounded by these 6 “public servants”.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, I heard about a guy who got in an accident on his motorcycle. They actually put him on a backboard, but as they were doing it, he was surprised how many people showed up to “assist” him and thought, “wow, Filipinos are so helpful”. By time he actually got in the ambulance, his wallet, keys, and phone were gone.

      1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

        I wonder if there is a little aswang in every Filipina?

        Wikipedia outed you buddy:
        ” It has been said that if an aswang married a human, upon their wedding, his or her mate would become an aswang as well but rarely can they reproduce.”

        But the article says aswangs don’t eat the neighbors so I guess it is okay. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Aswang

    1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

      Lumbia is up on the hill overlooking CDO. The old airport was located there. A few kilometers away there is a village tucked in the mountains where a young handicapped boy died about 7 years ago. I believe he was 4. The parents believed that the “aswang” killed him because he had scratches on his belly when they found him dead. At least that was the story I was told. I would not have been surprised if the parents killed him because they did not want to care for him. As we all know, life is cheap in the Philthappines 🙁

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    Wifes uncle came weekend last. This guy prays 4,5,6,7 + times a day, and elder in his “church”, always reading religious books. I told him about this guy getting cut in half by a train and what the filipinos did. Uncle just laughed. It was then I told him that filipinos do not have compassion for anyone but themselves and walked off.
    Reason I said “church” They are not catholic but “born again” what ever that means. Their religion publishes a book that is handed out to the people during church. They then go on and pray “Oh Lord Jesus, Amen” and such. Then they tell me they are not a religion and they are not a church. Sounds like more spiritually bankrupt filipinos to me or twisting to suit their needs.

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    I watched the video just now. I doubt the guy survived. They took the victim away, presumably to a hospital but left the limbs behind? Obviously the stupid Flips did not even think of picking up the limbs, preserving it by keeping it cool (wrapping tightly with a cloth and placed in an ice box would have been ideal) on the slim chance that micro surgery is available and could be re-attached? I supposed that is too much to expect in a nation of imbeciles who wastes precious minutes laughing and taking selfies!! I could not believe these people are humans!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      The guy was still alive and had use of his hands and arms but most likely in severe shock. Even then I would have made a effort to hit the son of a bitch kneeling beside me and poking fun.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Really Mikey, if that guy lived, he would have died of septicemia anyway! Who’s to know that the doctors and nurses there actually practice aseptic techniques with common diligence??

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          I figure it this way. Both legs gone so both femoral arteries sliced in half which would bleed him out in very little time unless said arteries were sealed shut by the heat of the train wheels and rail. Then he might make it to the hospital but then again shock could very well kill him before making it to the hospital. So it’s safe to say that the wound was fatal either due to shock or blood loss. So the question is this, which is better? To die by the railroad tracks or go to the hospital and die by filipino quackery?

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Of course they are not going to take the legs to the hospital with him. I mean after all little Dong needs a hockey stick for his street hockey games.