Has anyone one but me noticed the vast discrepancy between the prices of gasoline and Diesel these days. Since my return to the country of the great rip off. I’ve noted that the Service Station prices of Gasoline are approximately 100% more expensive than diesel.

I have never seen that anywhere in the world, maybe there is some where else that it is different but I’ve never seen it.

I understand that the Philippines  buys its fuel from Singapore already refined as does Australia.

We buy it from the same suppliers , and yet in Australia the price of both are very close , within cents of each other per liter , how does Flipland have such a large disparity. The price is always quoted in $US Dollars and is TAPIS CRUDE  pricing.

Could it be an election year and the Politicians are bending the rules with the Petrol Companies so Public Transport is Cheaper than it should be whilst slugging owners of gasoline vehicles in a form of Sudo Tax.

The gasoline price in Australia with all its taxes is  roughly the same price as Flipland but diesel with all its taxes is 50% cheaper over here.

In Australia the price of unleaded E10 is $1.10 a liter  that is equivalent to 35 peso which is approx what we pay here in the SBMA.

Yet Diesel in OZ is roughly the same price yet is here only 18 peso .?????????? Half what Gasoline is.


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    I don’t know about Oz but in the US diesel is a lot more heavily taxed than gasoline is. Fuel for home is dyed red (to be easily identifiable) to prevent it from being used as on road fuel.

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    There are a number of factors. Diesel is not subject to the import excise tax. Diesel can also be refined to very different standards. Australia requires low sulfur diesel, which requires higher cost crude in addition to being more expensive to refine. Philippines is 500 ppm as compared with 50 ppm in the Euro standard. I thought Philippines was going to adopt the higher standard this year, which should increase diesel prices.