Who is the Bastard?!

When I was in the Philippines, they brought a priest to bless the house. That was about Christmas time, so I thought it must be a fun thing to watch!

The whole family gang were there: nanay, tatay, a collection of ate(s), kuya(s), tito(s), diko(s)… whatever! The mother in law asked my wife to tell me if I participate: “it’s a very important ceremony and everyone must join”. I said “no, thank you!”; I grabbed my beer and left the scene to the backyard.

The priest with a sprinkle in hand, checked every corner of the house; everyone was following him with a candle, including my wife and the kids. They did their things and sat at the table and ate. I was still hanging out in the backyard, drinking the second one!

When they left, my wife told me that the priest asked her if I am a Catholic? The answer was “No”. Then, the priest asked her if our kids were baptized in a Catholic church? Again, the answer was “No”. At that point, like he heard something very strange, he looked into her eyes and told her: ma’am! I warn you that your kids are bastards!! Baptize them in a Catholic church ASAP!

Well, this punk was lucky I wasn’t around, otherwise I would show him who the real bastard is!

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    WTF…. u know goal is it to raise a nation with an iq which is able to think but not too much and which is able to work and believe all bullshit their leaders tell them. This worked perfect in the PH..u see the result… Was in the past sometimes in the catholic church together with my EX… i was never falling down on my knees while did their ceremony and fairy tale stories during the mass. The idiot of a priest came after the mass to me and asked me ” Sir, u know that is a catholic church , you have to go on ur knees in front of God ”
    did answer him ” Why I have to do that ? Do u still believe God is in ur church here around while you praise phrases which u dont understand by ur self very good? I will fall on my knees for God , if I believe it is the right moment to do that ”
    Result: Ex GF butt hurt and priest also Butt hurt….

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        I dont want to say so easy…thats all bullshit what the guy in his white dress is talking there…but i believe also that is absolute not what a good father really want from his “kids” ( lets see and view us still as stupid kids) i was going to the catholic mass because of my ex gf…had no intent to walk there ..the reason is simply that they read from the book and really no one does ask questions, even not the priest ( some priest was cool, they did try to explain the crowd ..TV watching makes u stupid as fuck..( i agree there of course) but the most of them…read their stuff down and no one does ask any question…Does that a good “father” want from his kid ? I believe…not…If they would teach their filipino people at the church something about right and wrong, behaviors , feeling guilt , saying sorry all this u can find also in the bible …but in all the masses i had to visit , was mostly never any word about that…so conclusion of all : we ( the church) need people who never ask questions, they just believe totally what we tell them and thats fine….in some areas are different priest …they handle the stuff also a bit different and maybe better…but this helps the Flips also not because its burned into their brain..to shut down the brain and go into stand by mode…

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            Thats correct, like everywhere in life must be there a good mix…of believes ,actions and critical thinking ( this counts then also to our own actions and doings) Its for me a fact that only helpless people drain in their religion and wait for the big Manitou to help them out of their personal problems. This means for me personally not that I say strictly I am a complete atheist ..I believe that there is something what is waiting for us ,but we have to search for it by our self

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    Would go now to far to start a topic about religion…i respect every ones believe too because it might be that each religion carries some real truth inside ..and there I agree also John, the Catholic church here in the Phils , seems to me that they want stupid followers only…and this cant be in common with God …how u can find out the reason for being on earth if u never ask urself ” what is my mission here ? the catholic church does also good stuff…no question…but thats a way too much of stupid how these people believe all what the priest reads from a book which he might never really understand by his own…

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      I’ll play devil’s advocate on this one. Please list some things that the church has done that is good. I’ll put my part up first:
      1.) The church started many wars in the middle east called The Crusades.
      2.) The church also has the Spanish inquestion which started in 1478 and did not end until 1813.
      3.) Internet research will show that the church is powerful in 3rd world countries with few exceptions:
      a.) They hold South America.
      b.) Central America.
      c.) Mexico.
      d.) Philippines.
      e.) Caribbean.
      f.) The church has done all it can to deny science.
      Out of first world nations they has mass following of 18 or less nations. For the above I mean where the catholic church is the religion that most of the population follow. It is not my intention to mock or poke fun of you.; What I’m trying to get across is the church is powerful where the people are low IQ, superstitious and so forth. Might even go as far as to say sheep blindly being led to the slaughter so to fill catholic coffers.

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        Mike, many may not know that the hallway the new Pope walks down on his way to the window to greet the people for the first time is filled with pagan symbols. I have a friend whose car was sprinkled with duck blood by a priest during a blessing

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          I believe it. My first wife was a catholic and she always insisted that when the poop, I mean pope dies that he becomes a god. Now I wonder who is teaching them that?

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        Mike the Catholic church in Eastern Europe is very different than in the Philippines and other former Spanish colonies. We have great respect for our Catholic leaders that had been earned rightfully. We could go back as far as the Muslim invasion of Hungary to show you how important they were for us. It was Pope Innocent XI who contributed millions of scudi to finance the war and form the Holly League to fight the Muslim invaders in Hungary. He was able to unite the King of Poland and the Austrians and Hungarians to form a strong army that liberated us. Jumping 300 years ahead during Communism it was the Catholic church that stood openly against Communism. The most famous activist was Pope John Paul II who help to eradicate the evil of Communism from Europe and protected the Christian character of Europe. Our Catholic hero was Cardinal Mindszenty who was the symbol of our opposition struggle against the Soviet Communist invasion. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/J%C3%B3zsef_Mindszenty
        Our Catholic leaders are giants and great examples of wisdom and humanity. They have nothing in common with Filipino priest. Zero, nada zilch.!

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          What you cite is correct but let’s go a little further. It was the catholic church that started the crusades well before Saladin invaded Hungary in the name of religion. Also it was the catholic church that supported the Nazis during WW2. Toward the end of the war and after it was the catholic church that smuggled wanted Nazis out to keep them from being tried for war crimes. The church also issued the Nazis passports under different names to help them run from the war crimes trials.

          Currently the church has a very big problem with priests sexually abusing children. Now the church has it’s own post office, court, jail and such as it is an independent nation. Now instead of recalling these priest back to Rome to face the charges the church just keeps moving them around to avoid the priests being tried or arrested. Google catholic church sex abuse and see what comes up. No, the church has a long way to go before they earn my respect.

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            Speaking of Crusaders. For centuries the middle East and North Africa was Christian, Once Muhammad united the Arab peninsula and introduced Islam his generals brutally went out to conquer Christian Middle East and North Africa. Yes those regions were all Christian for centuries before the Muslim conquest. They even managed to go up to the heart of France where finally Charles Martel stopped them at battle of Vincy. Byzantine was doing the same on the east and protecting Europe from them for centuries. Europeans understood that they are dealing with a very dangerous enemy that was harassing Europe. The crusade was a reaction to that. They wanted to take the holly land back from the Muslim occupiers and put an end to their power or at least keep them in check. It did not work and shortly after that Byzantine fell and Eastern Europe followed inducing my Country. The Muslim turned my country in to a waste land and and estimated 3 millions were slaved during their 150 years of terror. I wish the crusaders were successful in cleaning up the middle east and break their power for good,

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            John Post author

            Your words are familiar! Do you work or volunteer for a Catholic church? If you do, stop reading the rest of my comment right here!

            I don’t know where you get your “historical facts”, probably from Old Testament fairy tales or The Adventure of Tintin! All I know is you mix & match right and wrong in favor of the Catholic church. Crusades and Jihad are two side of the same coin, both stink! That was a long war between two types of idiocracy.
            About one of your heroes Pope John Paul II, I refer you to his masterpiece “Man and Woman He Created Them”. This book shows exactly how your “Catholic leaders are giants and great examples of wisdom and humanity”! Believe me, no stand up comedy is able to make you laugh like this book!”
            I agree with you that European (specially W. Europe) Catholic is different than Pinoy Catholic, but remember: because of Catholic church being against divorce and abortion, Philippines is exploding with population. It is another fact about “giants in Catholic church”!
            You talk like all human achievements and western civilization are a direct impact of the Catholic church ruling for centuries and we all owe to the Catholic church! Well, you may heard about “Dark Ages” and “Middle Ages” so called “the period of intellectual darkness”? Have you ever heard of the word “Renaissance”? Renaissance took place not because of Catholic church, but the brave European men and women who fought Catholic church, such as Galileo Galilei, Voltaire, Rousseau, Montesquieu, Newton, etc. Europe could be much better off without Catholic church theocracy.
            By the way, what is your opinion about asshole priest in my post?

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            John Post author

            You mentioned your country (Hungary) became a “waste land” by Muslim Saladin Army which is true, but you forgot to mention your country also was a waste land under the rule of another Catholic country known as Austria?
            What was the consequences of the war between your country and another Roman Catholic country Romania, took place in 1918 until March 1920? Did you lose any land to Romanian? What was the relationship between the Catholic church in Hungary with Nazi Germany?
            You’re still living in the state of Crusaders war against Muslims, that’s why you delete most part of the history, especially contemporary ones, to promote your Roman Catholic church. I believe we should have a fair view about the history and do not pick a side because of our religion.

          4. Profile gravatar of Attila

            The top most devastating events in our history were the Mongol and the Muslim Ottoman invasion. The Mongols killed half of the population the Ottomans slaved millions. Think of what the ISIS is doing today and that’s how to understand of what the Ottomans did to us. The Austrians are not in the same category and not even close.
            1. Despite we lost our Independence the Austrians did not turn the country in to a wasteland like the Muslims did. Just the opposite: After the formation of Austro-Hungarian Monarchy the county prospered.
            2. The Austrians did not destroy our Churches and treated and called us “infidels dogs” as the Muslims did.
            3.The Austrians never practiced slavery neither sex slavery as the Muslims did. Hungarian women just like women from other conquered Eastern European countries were sold to the sex slave market in Istanbul. Here is some info about Slavery in the Ottoman Empire. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Slavery_in_the_Ottoman_Empire
            The behavior of the Western European Catholic leaders do not represent of the Eastern Europeans Catholic leaders. Look at the example of the top Catholic leader during the Nazi and then the Communist occupation: Cardinal Mindszenty. He was a fierce anti Nazi and and anti-Communist without any compromise. Read about him here. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/József_Mindszenty

            Catholics in Hungary are not necessarily agree or follow Rome and the Pope. Sometimes they openly tell the Pope is wrong. A good recent example of that is here
            You may think Catholics a some homogeneous group. But this part of the world is where Catholics are a very different kind of people who don’t have the sins and misbehavior of their Western European or Filipino counterparts. Just the opposite: they played important positive roles in our sad history for centuries and they still do.

          5. Profile gravatar of Attila

            “What was the consequences of the war between your country and another Roman Catholic country Romania,”
            John, Romania is not a Roman Catholic country but an Greek Orthodox country. They are also historically ailed with France which was a rival to Austria. Hungary lost territory to Romania because of WWI and has nothing to do with religion or being catholic.

          6. Profile gravatar of John
            John Post author

            Attila you are right about type of Christianity in Romania. However, my point is still valid: Hungary was invaded and divided to parts by Christian countries, after Muslim Saladin. My wonder is you see the Muslim part, but you don’t admit the Christian part! Everyone knows the story of Muslim’s slavery etc., but I’m sure Austria and Romania didn’t take over Hungary with respect and compassion!
            I personally never get into discussions about religion, because I learn it through experience that no one can convince anyone. Also, people get offended easily, when someone opposes to their faith. Been said this, when I see a member of a religion condemns another religion to promote his own religion, I don’t find it enlightening. This is not the way of rational thinking.
            Through centuries, when a religion, any kind, got into the power, the first thing did was defeating other kinds. It is a proven historical fact.

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            Im just wondering is it all Americans that have this kins of opinion of John Poul II, majority, minority or just just some people here? I noticed that (sorry for saying that) many people here (majority) can critisize somethng very easy not knowing the reality . Many people ( again sorry) pretend to know better about our history than us the natives, which I find funny. Sorry but Wikipedia is not a good source for information (in many countries wikipedia is not allowed to use as a source for info).

          8. Profile gravatar of Attila

            “…but you don’t admit the Christian part!…”
            John, During the Muslim period you were killed or slaved unless you had the recourses to become a Dhimmi and pay the Jizya. When Hungarians were living under the rule of another Christian country they were not slaved and sold on the slave market and they were not called and harassed for being Christians. Their cities were not leveled to the ground and made most of the country uninhabited. You are right that they may have lived under an oppressive Christian rule but nowhere near as bad as living under Islamic rule. There is absolutely no comparison. You just can’t equal Christian rule with Islamic rule. Islamic is so much more barbaric and devastating than the other. That’s our historic experience in Eastern Europe. And that is my point.

          9. Profile gravatar of John
            John Post author

            You mention Muslim brutality during the period of invasion. I agree with you completely. However, it doesn’t override the RCC brutality during the time of invading Turkey and other countries. One can be a little bit less brutal or more than the other, but the reality is, both are two sides of the same coin. As old proverb says: after you drown in the water, it really doesn’t matter how deep the water is!
            It is all about the standard we set for ourselves.
            Again, a person who condemns a religion in order to promote his religion, is not doing anything enlightening.

          10. Profile gravatar of Attila

            There is a difference between colonizations just as between occupations and invasions. Just as I said in my article we would have been better off if we were occupied and colonized bu the USA instead of the Soviet Union and better off if we were conquered by the Spanish instead of the Mongols or the Muslim Ottomans. Simple is that. There are enormous differences.

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          Captain PFB

          The Pope said, in effect, that if you curse religion you can expect a punch on the nose. “You cannot provoke,” said Pope Francis. “You cannot insult the faith of others. You cannot make fun of the faith of others.” Some say the Pope was “only joking” and that he also condemned terrorism. But the message seemed pretty clear: respect – or pay the consequences. Anyway, it was a profoundly irresponsible remark and offensive to the victims of the Charlie Hebdo massacre.

          In wake of the events in Paris, Roman Catholics would soon be calling for immunity from mockery, just as pro-Islamists in the West have been saying that cartoonists have no right to use freedom of speech to mock “minorities”. We can all play that game.

          If we allow Islam to be privileged, then other religions will demand the same right of exclusion from critical debate. We will be back to the days when people tried to outlaw Monty Python’s Life Of Brian because it was offensive and blasphemous. Imagine Monty Python’s Life Of Muhammad: “He’s not a prophet, he’s a very naughty boy.” Film-makers have been murdered for less.

          Well, I’m sorry, but we can, we should, and I hope will continue to mock, criticize, and ­ridicule religion and all those irrational faiths which profess peace but somehow end up fighting with each other over obscure matters of doctrine; which impose arbitrary moral codes and condemn unbelievers and sexual minorities as sub-human. The difference is that, unlike the zealots, we humanists accept the right of even the faithful to express views we find abhorrent.

          1. Profile gravatar of John
            John Post author

            The reality is, in Charlie Hebdo massacre, not only they killed people, but more than that, they killed freedom of speech. There always has been a conflict between Catholics and Muslims and Jews, etc. But when it comes to non-believers, suddenly and invisibly, they all team up against non-believers!!

          2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            “says a curse word against my mother, he can expect a punch on the nose”. Red Flag.

            Secular belief: My right to swing my fist ends where your nose begins.

            Christ’s belief: But I say unto you, That ye resist not evil: but whosoever shall smite thee on thy right cheek, turn to him the other also.

            Popes belief: If you feel insulted go ahead and fuck ’em up good with your fists.


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            “In wake of the events in Paris, Roman Catholics would soon be calling for immunity from mockery, just as pro-Islamists in the West have been saying that cartoonists have no right to use freedom of speech to mock “minorities”. We can all play that game.”

            Well Captain, to compare Islamist and the Catholics is just not in the right place. Before the Danish cartoons I saw the catholic churche being humalited time by time and until today. Actually Im getting tired of this kind of discussions here.
            The right political correctness here is:

            -Be gay
            -Be pro-American
            -Be anti-religious
            -have a perfect English gramma
            -Use Wiki as source for info
            – Accuse other to be filipinos if they dont agree
            -Beileive in human rights but if Americans break the rights

            No offence I like the articles or comments which is about the personal experience here (which I love to read- see Mike) but lately it became much diffrent.

          4. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            Apparently @polish_king you didn’t understand the whole comment. I realize you’re catholic, and therefore you allow the church to do most of your thinking for you, reasonable or not, sensible or not. You MUST defend your belief. You are no different that any other believer.

            But just as it is your right to believe in whatever nutty paranormal dogma you wish, and I would certainly defend your right to believe in whatever invisible man in the sky you want, again, it is my right to express my views of how unbelievably ridiculous, ancient, outdated, unreasonable, and unscientific, and dangerous your beliefs are.

            We’re all entitle to our opinions and views.

          5. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            @polish_king said:

            The right political correctness here is:

            -Be gay
            -Be pro-American
            -Be anti-religious
            -have a perfect English gramma
            -Use Wiki as source for info
            – Accuse other to be filipinos if they dont agree
            -Beileive in human rights but if Americans break the rights

            You see it that way because of your prejudice. “Be gay”??? That’s like saying, “Be Polish” or “Be black” or “Be male”.

            But you don’t see it that way, I know, I know. Because of your prejudice. Because you are indoctrinated by the church. They have dictated your beliefs. The church tells you, “Be anti-gay” so you feel you must.

            And it is certainly your right to allow the church to do your thinking for you.

            How’s that for political correctness?

          6. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            If I want to believe that pigs sprout wings and fly and perch in trees in the land of Oz, that is my right to believe it. It’s nutty, it’s crazy, and it’s most certainly and appropriately subject to ridicule.

            Religion is no different.

            A god who claims to love everyone unconditionally, ON ONE CONDITION: That you believe that he impregnated a virgin with himself so he could be born, only to grow up and preach for three years then allow himself to be whipped and nailed to a cross to save us from the sin he condemned us for in the first place. He couldn’t just have hung out in heaven and forgiven us with the wave of his hand, like he created the earth and universe.

            Then if you don’t believe that nutty shit, it’s eternal pain and suffering for you……BUT HE LOVES YOU!

            Makes perfect sense! Who could ridicule that? LOL!!

          7. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            We are all atheists one way or another @polish_king
            You just believe in one more god than I do.

            There have been nearly 3000 gods so far, but only yours actually exists. The others are silly, made up nonsense, right? But not yours! Yours is real.

          8. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            ” if you don’t believe that nutty shit, it’s eternal pain and suffering for you……BUT HE LOVES YOU!!”, The original Cluster B, thax Cap, just had an epiphany.

          9. Profile gravatar of John
            John Post author

            Mr. King,
            Since you put your comment under my article, I would like add my points to that. Basically your “politically correctness list” doesn’t accord to me much. Let me go over it:

            1. I am straight, but gay rights & movement have my support. I agree with the way Captain put it his comment.

            2. Personally, I am not a pro-American foreign policy by any mean. I criticize it here or anywhere else. Some people in this website share different opinion, which is all fine.

            3. I don’t consider myself an anti-religious person, even though I don’t follow any kind of religion. I believe in freedom of choice. Captain gave a brilliant example in his comment. I just repeat it:
            “We are all atheists one way or another @polish_king. You just believe in one more god than I do. There have been nearly 3000 gods so far, but only yours actually exists. The others are silly, made up nonsense, right? But not yours! Yours is real.”

            4. “have a perfect English gramma”. Well, I’ve been living here in Canada for years now, but I’m still struggling writing in English! I speak English fluently, better than some of the English speaking people, but writing is different. Between me and you: one of the reason I write here is practicing my English!
            With few exceptions, I have never seen anybody making fun of other’s English writing in this website. My finding is these guys have a high tolerance, when it comes to English language. Look at some of the writing here, some of them are horrible, but still you see everybody communicates with them. I really give these guys credit.
            I don’t understand why you are so sensitive about your English? You may think you cannot express yourself the way you should. Also, you may think people don’t take you seriously because of your English? Well, you better do your best. My idea about you is this: you are a bright young man.

            5. About Wiki, don’t be so sure. You don’t know where the people here have come from. Some may have advance knowledge about some areas in the history. Over all, this website is about struggling with Pinoys and PinoyLand and it’s better only discuss this matter here.

            6. “Accuse other to be filipinos if they dont agree.” It is true. I remember when I wrote my first article, that young lady called me a Pinoy and started a fight against me! That time, I didn’t know herself is a mixed Pinoy, that’s why she tried extremely hard to make herself separate from Pinoys. But hey, I accept her apology any time!

            7- “Beileive in human rights but if Americans break the rights.” Ya, some of the Americans here are like that, but most of them are not.

            Since you like the articles about personal experiences, tell me what is your opinion about this article?

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            I will skip the other parts since I really dont want to start a huge offtopic on that and I know it would have been if I did. I will just say one thing about point 3 and Captains example. I dont know if you mean just that quote or the whole comment. Because in the whole comment my religion was called “nutty paranormal dogma” “ridiculous, ancient, outdated, unreasonable, and unscientific, and dangerous “, “that nutty shit”. If this is not anti-religious comment than I dont know what is I will enjoy your and Attilas discussion.

            But about the article. I think its immoral what did the priest did. This is not the religion I know from my country. I dont know the priests here since Im not going to church every sunday or even every month but I can imagine what will a Polish woman have answered to that priest. Priests in Poland are not holy cows like here.

          11. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB


            I am anti-violence. Criticize me for being anti-violence.
            In the same way, I am anti-religion. Because it is a COLD HARD FACT that much of the violence and war throughout history is based on “my god vs. your god”.

            Religion does more harm than good. And I’m against it. The bible is JAM-PACKED LOADED with support for violence. God himself is a mass murderer. It’s in your bible. Your bible advocates misogyny, slavery, bigotry, and all sorts of other really nasty, savage behavior.

            Yes, I proudly, unashamedly profess I am anti-religion.

            But here’s what religious moderates like you are basically are saying:

            “I don’t support hate, violence, and discrimination. I simply devote my life and belief in a book that supports hate, violence, and discrimination.”

            Anyone who’s brain has not been turned into pure mush by religion can see that the God of the Old Testament is arguably the most unpleasant character in all fiction: jealous and proud of it; a petty, unjust, unforgiving control-freak; a vindictive, bloodthirsty ethnic cleanser; a misogynistic, homophobic, racist, infanticidal, genocidal, filicidal, pestilential, megalomaniacal, sadomasochistic, capriciously malevolent bully.

            They turn a blind eye to the nastiness of this god, and become mindless parrots, just repeating what they hear within their religious circles, and believe that this god is loving and kind and gracious and loves everyone unconditionally. Just like good little programmed idiots.

            Why should I respect your beliefs? Your support for a belief system that is responsible for so much suffering and discrimination deserves no respect. As I stated previously, I respect your right to believe it, I just don’t respect the belief itself. It’s fucking ridiculous. And that is my opinion, which I have every bit of right to as your right to believe in the invisible man in the sky.

            So enjoy your imaginary friend.

      3. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

        If you keyword History of Popes on Youtube, there is an excellent documentary you can use next chatholic discussion, but it is 4 hours. I sure wish I knew when in Chatholic Grade School being BSed by the nuns and preist for 6 years(3 of them thrown out of the club for being horny around kids)
        g. What they did to Galalio and it takes the club till the 20th century to apologies

        for me it was the Hubble telescope that turned me away from the faith and when the James Webb telescope gets up there, there will be more, way too much unexplained science other than God works in mysterious ways
        The folks that made up this BS were as Lewis Black said. Ten Hairs away from being Baboons

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Yep, the locked up Galileo for simply suggesting the earth revolves around the sun. This was after he used a telescope to look into the sky and form an educated theory of the idea. The church locked him in a dungeon.
          200 years later, they alone have one of the worlds most powerful telescopes.

          I think they burned John Hus at the stake (or he died in a dungeon) for simply stating that priests are not infallible. Given what the Catholic church gets caught doing in any given year, they really owe that guy a huge apology.

          1. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

            Hus was fuel for the holy wennie roast. Burned alive
            Pope Paul the 2nd was quoted as saying: If I thought my father was a heritic, I would fetch the wood to burn him at the stake
            Pius the 2nd, wrote naughty poams and taught young guys of that time how to pick up chicks

          2. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

            the only thing Galilieo had going for him, was the fact that he and Pope Urban the 8th were buddies. Were it not for that, he too would be part of the holy wennie roast. Urban had to do something to show the Inquisistion (Sorry about my spelling) he was not soft on hericy, thus Galilieo was placed under house arrrest and ordered to shutup. Wish the nice nuns with their pointers taught me facts like these. In my school using pointers to strike a kid was acceptable. The Blues Bros movie was spot on when Jake and Elroy went to visit the nun

          3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Hericy aka having a different opinion. Galileo’s beliefs were found on research he conducted,, not simple fairy tales to blindly follow. Could you imagine living in that time or living in the Philippines 100 years ago when anything you said against the church would be subject to imprisonment, death, and torture.
            Filipinos only care about image. So the catholic mantra fits perfectly by saying, “I’m catholic, therefore a good person automatically,, no questions asked and regardless of my behavior”. Otherwise, with a simple internet search, basic reasoning, any RCC history in any given 10 year period, always asking for money yet having all the answers to the universe/ heaven, witnessing just how holy the local priests are, and how strangely cozy church leaders are with corrupt politicians would make an normal person say, “hey, this catholic shit in the Philippines seems like a scam”.

            The RCC doesn’t need outsiders demolishing their institution. They do it themselves and anyone with an IQ over 86 can see right through their BS.

          4. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

            It is a strange topic about the earth being flat. I have been told because the earth was created on the 4th day the earth must be flat because the Earth existed first so the Sun must revolve around the earth but then my reply is always; “If the Sun was created on the 4th day how was it a day? The Sun did not exist right?”.
            There are a few ancient cultures on this planet who, while you could argue if their IQ is above 86, had the sense to look into the sky and see that the Moon is round, the Sun is round, the stars are round, in fact everything in the sky is round so the world must be round to. Even the bible says “It is he who sits above the circle of the earth”. The Bible does not actually say the earth is flat, it was the accepted theory at the time in the same way smoking was not considered bad until 10 to 20 years ago. The RCC were around long before Jesus was born and let people believe what they like so long as the taxes kept rolling in and if that happened to be Christianity then so be it. To think they are an authority on Christianity is ludicrous, they are a colonial power using the church to rule and the layers of lies, deceit and corruption used to make this happen is proven in how all Catholic majority countries are complete shitholes. Of course the exception is Italy, they know the Church is not so much Christian but more to do with keeping the Roman Empire alive. A lot of Italians I know respect the RCC because it is their history and culture but they know that the “Christian” message they preach is all crap. But keep it a secret ok, they need them remittances, ahh, umm, cough cough, tithes more than the Phils needs OFW. Nothing personal (Christian), it’s just business. Sadly most people don’t understand this yet.

          5. Profile gravatar of John
            John Post author

            In the eyes of RCC, guys like Jan Hus and after him Martin Luther were considered enemy number one to the monarchy of Vatican.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        I have pretty much the same stance. However, when I see how badly a religion can ruin a society its hard to look the other way. Looking at what the RCC did to the Philippines and what they still do given all the evidence against any of their stupid arguments makes me nutty.
        For instance the place is so freaking overpopulated and riddled with poverty. Yet, they refuse to even entertain the notion this is a problem. Instead, they say keep having as many of “gods children” as possible without any plans or care for the generations of poor idiots it spawns. Pretty much lets me assume they only care to have as many devout followers (donators) as possible regardless of the havoc wreaked on the country, or society they are in.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      The fact that a believer is happier than a skeptic is no more to the point than the fact that a drunken man is happier than a sober one.

      – George Bernard Shaw

      I respect someone’s RIGHT to believe any bat-shit crazy stupid bullshit they want. For without that right, we are not truly free. On the same note, it is MY right to have NO respect for their nutty belief in invisible, genocidal, infanticidal, mass murdering man in the sky they call god.

      People sometimes ask me why I criticise religion. They ask me why I don’t just take the attitude of live and let live.

      Because religions are just stories and they can be criticised like any other stories.

      Because religions are ideas and they can be criticised like any other ideas.

      Because religious prophets, messiahs, gurus and the like are just people and what they say can be criticised like anything said by any other person.

      Because religious people seem to think they can impose their ideas and “morals” on society, on government and on children.

      Because religious people persecute others who don’t hold to their views.

      Because basing your life on a book crammed full of heinous immorality is neither good for a person nor for society.

      Granted most religious people I know largely cherry pick the nice bits from their religion, but most carry at least some nasty views, and the more fundamentalist types take the whole thing literally. Most religious people are moderate but they pave the way for extremists when they say that faith is a good thing, that believing in something with no evidence is a virtue. This is a toxic idea.

      Some of the religious explain away the more ludicrous stories – such as magic fruit and talking snakes – as metaphorical, and they try to ignore the nastier ideas in a similar vein, claiming they’re allegorical, or by arguing that they only apply in a limited context (a fun demolition of the contextual approach is here). The problem is that this pick and mix approach is not taken by all adherents and many do take these ideas literally.

      For example the islamic holy book says infidels should be killed; some people will go ahead and do it as their faith in the sanctity of their holy book means they must.

      Then the christian holy book says gays should be stoned to death; some people will go ahead and do it as their faith in the sanctity of their holy book means they must.

      And I couldn’t leave out the jewish holy book which repeatedly advocates genocide; some people will go ahead and do it as their faith in the sanctity of their holy book means they must.

      This assumption that religion provides us with morals – as well as being absurd – is pernicious and dangerous for society.

      There’s an assumption floating around these days that saying something about religion is angry, extreme or militant because we have this unwritten social rule that we don’t criticise religious belief. But it’s not, because when you listen to the criticisms it is actually logical and rational to say that religion is silly, and further that it should have no bearing on our moral decisions.

      When I realized that there was nothing out there to redeem me, or tell me how to live, or that I needed to obey, I began to take true responsibility for myself. I sought to examine my thoughts and actions more carefully, and established a morality based on reason and humanity.

      Many people argue that I should ‘respect’ people’s religious beliefs. This is ridiculous as I patently have no respect for religious beliefs, but that doesn’t mean that I cannot respect a person. One must separate respect for a person from respect for their beliefs.

      So in conclusion I defend religious freedom but not religious privilege. I defend the right of anyone to hold a view and discuss it in public, but I will not stand by when views I consider wrong are imposed on others. And I stand up for my right to criticise views with which I disagree.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Ever watch the Bill Maher documentary Religilous? It came out a few years ago and it was a really good at just laughing at all the stupid practices, beliefs, bullshit, and dangers of religions.

  3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Given all the failings and scandals brought to light of the RCC in the last 15 + years that continue to mount to this day, are they really in any position to give morality lessons or point the finger?
    Their new slogan should be, “well, who are we to judge given our history? Live a good, honest life cause it turned out we can’t and we obviously don’t know shit about god or morality.”.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Those who are STUPID enough to think that they need to be told murder, stealing, etc is wrong are stupid enough to believe is such crap. And who does most of the murdering? BELIEVERS! Because they feel it’s not murder, but obedience.

      Religion has proven to be a bad thing for any society.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Don’t forget, they also ask for money to give out that common sense advice any person with a brain and decency can figure out on their own.

  4. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Funny thing. I just watched a video on youtube about cults. The first thing up was about filipinos during holy week crucifying themselves. Then later it got to Haiti where there is voodoo. What’s odd about that? Well they said the catholic church was a lot lot voodoo as both worshipped many spirits.

  5. Profile gravatar of John
    John Post author

    This country has been taken over, enslaved and ruled by the Catholic church since centuries. That’s why the standards of a rationally organized society has never been formed there. Basically, there is not much a social structure in the Philippines; all you see is crowed. Natural disaster like typhoon kills 100 people or 1,000 people; really, what is the difference?
    In simple words, the result of the Catholic church domination in a developing country like Philippines is undeveloped mentalities. Life has not much value, because people could not define their rights and their beings.
    The population explosion caused directly by Catholic church is another factor that is killing this country. Philippines has more population density (by land per Sq. Km) compare to China! It is more than double: China’s population density: 145 – Philippines 332!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      You would think after a while when someone looks back at the last 300 years of their country and sees how little the RCC has helped them or anyone, maybe a light bulb would turn on. Yet, Filipinos are slaves not to the RCC, but to their own stupidity. They just love to do the same shit over and over and then “pray” it gets better. I’m working on an post that shows Imelda Marcos with all these priests like old friends. Basically, anyone who is not a catholic is evil, but a person who stole billions to live a selfish lifestyle beyond reason while killing/ imprisoning thousands is ok?

      Ever look up what “love gifts” are? They are separate donations direct to the priest for his “servitude”. So, that is why you see priests driving nice cars, eating out, golfing, or with expensive items. Seriously, its so hard to respect Filipinos when stupid, corrupt things are so out in the open and they are too stupid to see it.

      1. Profile gravatar of John
        John Post author

        There is an organic link between stupidity and being more religious! Almost every quality you name it is missing in Pinoy’s life, but the great thing is they never miss even one Sunday church 🙂

  6. Profile gravatar of ConCanuck

    This post reminds me of the time I was christening my daughter in a Catholic church. I had to be interviewed by the parish priest (who happens to be Pinoy) just to make sure I was on the up and up. The priest, Father Ferd (aka Father Bong-Bong) reviews my application and realizes that my daughter’s name is Zoey….he then looks up at me and with his nose turned up and with a look of annoyance and says….”Why you not give your daughter a Christian name? You HAP to give your daughter a Christian name!!! Here I am thinking….all this BS from a priest who calls himself Father Bong-Bong! Last I checked, neither Ferdinand or Bong-Bong (I hate that Fn’ name) are fine examples of Christian monikers.

    Anyways, got approval for Christening once my mother happily agreed to give a nice donation to church.

    What a bastard!

    1. Profile gravatar of Random Numbers
      Random Numbers

      Blackmail and extortion are well-documented facets of the Catholic faith, they have just toned it down a bit since the days of selling “indulgences”. Same shit, different century.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Just like Martin Luther (the father of Protestants) realized the church was a corrupt institution when The RCC needed a lot of money so they dreamed up a scheme. Get this, all of a sudden, they said ALL of your dead relatives were in purgatory and could not ascend to heaven,,,,,,, unless a donation was paid. Then the souls of dead relatives could be released to heaven.
        Martin Luther saw through all their bullshit and spoke out. So of course in typical RCC fashion, they didn’t say, “oh, you got us”, they ex-communicated him and went after him to throw him in a dungeon, torture, or execute him.

  7. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Before I got married in PH as a non catholic I had to sign a contract so as I’d be allowed to marry in the church. Apparently it’s only recently they changed the rules to allow non believers to marry. The contract was an absolute fucking joke, the height of pinoy retardation when it comes to policies.

    I had to promise that when (not if) we have children they will be baptized and raised as catholics, and for every day of our marriage my wife should pray for me so as I find my way to the lord.

    Reading it was one of those regular twilight zone moments you have in the islands of fails. Just fucking bizarre. None of those stipulations will ever be verified so why even bother? Just the sheer arrogance of thinking they can dictate to me how my unborn children should be raised makes me think “fuck them”. And as for my wife praying for me everyday, haha, now she’s far away from all that brainwashed bullshit the only time she’s been anywhere near a church was for a few tourist selfies in Paris.

    Thanks for the use of the venue, catholic church, we won’t be back.

    1. Profile gravatar of John
      John Post author

      After couple of years being together, we finally got engaged, based on some conditions though:
      – We will not get married in church. We’ll do it in Toronto city hall.
      – Our future kids will not baptized and raised as catholics.
      – No circumcision for our future son!
      – I do not sponsor any of your family members coming to Canada.
      – You can follow your religion and go to church any time you want, but no religious ceremony of any kind in our house allowed.

      Well, that worked out for me 🙂

  8. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I tried to get my ex gf’s daughter into a much better school.

    Are you married?
    Ummm no. Is that an issue as there are a lot of filipina in this country who spread their legs for 0-1000 pesos and gotten pregant.

    ummmm we here at (insert school name) practice good morals and do not let children here from unwed families.

    BADOING…. yet another stupid fucking FAIL-a-pino play by the rules.

  9. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The problem is this company of pedophiles aka the church
    covers their tracks well and if you raised a serious complaint
    all the church does is sends the priest to another parish as that’s what they’re in the business of doing
    protecting pedophile priests
    and protecting their own
    apart from breeding ignorance to the ignorant.