Who’s Fault Is It?

This blog, and hundreds more just like it exist because

#1. It’s our right to express ourselves.

#2. Because it’s true. This blog and hundreds more like it would not exist if it wasn’t true. There is no false or malicious reasons why these blogs exist. Truth is truth and regardless if you choose to believe it, it’s still the truth.

You cannot live in Philippines and deny all the utter stupidities and ignorance and dishonesty and absence of logic and reason if you have at least a measurable level of honesty somewhere within yourself.

Nobody is falsely calling Filipinos stupid. And I don’t expect stupid people to realize they’re stupid. Some stupid people are too stupid to know they’re stupid.

These blogs exist because people have come to Philippines and experienced the stupidity, blatant dishonesty and corruption and ignorance FIRST HAND. Some can just keep quiet about it, some can’t.

Bottom line is, if you don’t like reading and seeing all this truthfulness (I know, the truth does hurt), then do your part to change it instead of pretending it doesn’t exist. You can pretend, ignore, and deny all you want, it doesn’t change the truth.  Accept it, own it, and take some pride in doing your part to change your country into something to actually be proud of.

If this was a wonderful country full of fairness, honesty, public cleanliness, common courtesy, common consideration for each other, logical, reasonable, etc..I would blog about it if it were true. Just the same way I blog about the real truth about Philippines and the people. I blog about what I see and experience. I am not making false stories. If you don’t like it, change it. Denying and blaming others only makes it worse, and simply prolongs the problem. 

People work so hard here to get educated in areas that would get them out of Philippines. If you’re so proud of your country, why are you working so hard on getting the fuck out of it to work elsewhere? Why not do your part in becoming a leader for change, for progress, for a better life for your people? For your future generations? It won’t happen unless SOMEONE can rally the nation, encourage the people to grow some balls and fight corruption, get smart, think logically, and be willing to die for change. But nobody is willing. They all just cowardly ignore and as soon as they get a little bit of power, they follow the trend of corruption. Stupid. Everyone just seems to abandon all hope and just continue the trend of screwing each other over for personal gain. Pathetic.

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  1. Nusquam Humanitus

    Just a few thoughts:

    Filipino’s are blinded by the fraud that is the Vatican and all it’s tentacles. Combine this with an education system that’s an absolute joke and you have a severe lack of critical thinking skills combined with the power of the Catholic Church. As far as I know, the separation of church and state does not apply in the Philippines. It barely applies in the rest of the world as the fraud Vatican is the richest, most powerful gang on the planet.

    A lot of the brightest, most educates Filipinos have the best odds of finding “well-paying” work outside of their country. They certainly have a better chance than inside their country. Why are there so few “well-paying” job opportunities inside the country? Government= dirt-bags!

    What do you think the unemployment rate is in this country? My guess is well over 50%. I could be wrong, but I don’t think I’m that far off. They cheat, steal and lie out of necessity and the fact that they were never taught that it was wrong. Again, a complete and utter government failure! Fucking joke!

    A lot of Asian countries are conformist in nature. This leads to “smoke and mirrors” type societies. Copying other societies who “think outside of the box”, like most western countries (who are technologically more advanced) and self-delusional modes of thinking like “Pinoy Pride” etc. The S. Koreans make Filipinos look like kindergarteners when it comes to self-delusion! Trust me on this one!

    A serious, well-formed, lawful and carefully planned government coup was needed years ago in this country. This would take years to accomplish, unless this country followed the lead from another well-established, lower corruption-leveled country.

    Nowhere Human

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Oh man, good article. I’m going to have a lot of fun tearing that one up to shreds piece by piece when I have time. It is most “definitely Filipino” indeed! It’s so loaded with the standard delusions, illusions, ignorance, and bullshit.

  2. Profile gravatar of salcedodave

    Wow! That is one deluded chick!

    So much so, I don’t think I would ever have enough time to respond to her post.

    I know however, that I must one day, there are just too many other more important things to do right now.

    What is worse is all of the comments in support of what she has written….poor crabs!