Who’s Responsible For Me? Certainly Not Me!

I’ll never forget all the times my Pinoy business partner has told me how we are responsible for our ADULT house helpers and live-in employees. Over the years of several different employees, they range from age 22 to 32. Certainly considered consenting adults in virtually every part of the world…..except Philippines. And consenting adults are also responsible for themselves….except in Philippines. Until their parents are dead and gone, Where ever they are staying, the host is responsible for them. I guess the concept of one being responsible for him or herself is way outside the confines of their twisted, dysfunctional culture. 

I have a strict rule for employees who live in my house that if they go out, and they’re certainly welcome to do so, that if they’re not back by 10pm, they will not be let back in until 8am the following morning. No way do I give any Filipino a key. But my Pinoy partner and I have an ongoing disagreement about our employees going out all night. 

Being Pinoy, he believes what they do is our responsibility, as if we are his surrogate parents. If we allow they to go out all night, and they do something stupid, or criminal, we will be liable. We can be blamed for what our ADULT employee did while OFF DUTY, and OUTSIDE OUR HOUSE. I know you all are saying, “That is fucking unbelievably insane!!” How does that make a shred of sense to anyone with the tiniest measure of intelligence? What about a legal adult being responsible FOR HIM/HER SELF???????? Does that come into play at any time in this ass-backward culture???? 

My partner says their parents will hold us responsible for what they do. Hell, why is the real parents even responsible for an adult son or daughter? In virtually every country that actually has THINKING PEOPLE, there is what they call an “age of consent”. That means when you reach that age, you now become fully responsible and accountable for yourself……EXCEPT IN PHILIPPINES! 

Shocking? Surprising? Not at all. This kind of ass-backward thinking and complete stupidity is fully expected here.

When I employ someone, why do I have to be their parent? This is one of the most ridiculous things I have ever heard in my life. I completely refuse to accept it. 



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    Phil Doh

    Doesn’t surprise. They just never grow up and treat each other like irresponsible children. To get married under the age of 25 you need a letter of consent from parents.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      They treat each other like irresponsible children because They Know that they are such! They actually show that they understand the facts! Then they try to push the responsibility for themselves onto every foreigner, or foreign country, which is stupid enough to acquiesce (of which there are many!;-)

      Most of the cultures of their critizisers are dying out(not procreating) while swamping themselves with greedy arabs! The flips at least has the sense to fill their own lands with their own people!

      Soon the phils will fill with expats who are dirt tired of having arabs all the way up to their necks! Having invited these arabs themselves, of course! 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      But I must confess, the combination of Pinoy Pride and the Will Not to be willing to take responsibility for Own life is most amusing and puzzeling!:-) To pinoy himself there is no contradiction here, ’tis like wind and water.

      When trying to fathom this lack of logic I suddenly realised: Pinoy Pride is its own entity within the pinoy body! It is Not within the brain! Almost like the Holy Ghost has a certain independence from the concept “Father” and the concept “Son”.

      Its nice to deduce something logical from something as unlogical as religious concepts for a change! 🙂

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    It must be a great feeling going though life with no responsibility. Get in trouble or do something stupid…”It was my employers fault, or I’m still a child”. A direct reflection of why this country will never progress.
    The GF will bitch every now and then about being Poor and not having enough money to buy “Shampoo”. The very idea of saving money never enters the conversation….
    GF: “I’m poor, I have no money”….
    Me: (Semi-joking) What do you mean you’re poor ??? You should be rich…you don’t pay rent, food, electricity, cable internet, etc..You certainly have enough to give money to give your dead beat brother, and sister (husband and 3 kids) a large portion of your paycheck”.
    GF: Blah blah blah…
    Any yes…After she tells me (and physically shows me) how much she loves me (LoL)..in the end I give her a few peso’s so she can go buy the Latest and Greatest New Shampoo that she recently seen on TV.
    Sounds a lot like the RP asking/begging for foreign aid…with me being the Rich Country.

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    This is just a mindset generally that says I cannot make a decision are someone else. A friend of mine had a bad asthma attack in a nightclub and actually passed out. Would you believe that the staff at the try and ask someone senior for permission to call an ambulance. My friend had passed out for some time and was taken to hospital (not by the nightclub stuff but by another security man outside) and she had found that her wallet had money missing.

    Even guards and sells cannot make a decision on their own and will generally run from a situation – take the Ayala roof collapse for example no one actually took any initiative and apparently the guards disappeared during the incident. Is it because no one wants to lose their job? Or is it because in not paid enough to risk their life?

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      Here it is wise to run away, cos anybody who is stupid enough to show their face will get the blame! (By leaders who want a scape goat as soon as possible, that they themselves might not loose head!) I think they have the same mentality in ….North Korea, and many places inbetween….

      Also in Russia under Stalin it was wise to run if any shit hit any fan! They’ve get you anyhow, of course, but you had the illusion of living a little bit longer…

      So this is an anxiety for responsibility which stems back to Marcos, or even the Spanish themselves….

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    I have a salesperson who’s been with us for about a month. Up to now, she has struggled to make appointments to sell, but I can see that she shows some potential, so I have persisted with her. Finally, she started getting appointments late last week, booking three for today. At 7.30 am this morning I got this text:

    “sir I w0nt be able to make it on time.im still traveling back to the city, i went to our province to visit my father’s grave”

    It’s not like we made these appointments for her. She made them herself, then volitionally went off and completely fucked up any chance of attending them. Her fault? Of course not! She forgot it was All Saints Day. That is OUR problem. She’s not responsible.

    …and tomorrow, one more Pinoy imbecile shall be without a job, ONCE AGAIN. Seriously, what the fuck is wrong with these people?

    1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

      CyberGod you must come to peace with yourself that they are not americans. They want a carefree, stressfree life where they can….procreate, eat, sleep and not fill their lives with strokes and heart attacks like most of the western world who is following Americas dream! 🙂

      Besides, I agree with Phil Doh, she had the courtesy to text you!

      1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

        Hi Mufazza, me i went there to find a stressfree life, eat, sleep, swim, dive & feel the breeze , drinking fruitjuice or cocktail on a desert white sand beach under cocconuts on a sea shore but it’sthe filippinos themselves who stress me & menace me of stroke and heart attack with their terrible food…

        1. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

          But vinzz, you seem to not understand. It’s not about You! It’s about them! They will not be affected by your stroke or heart attac! In fact, your stroke will help the doctor pay his yaya’s.

          The only way to live successfully in p is…..becoming a….pinay!:-)

          As they say: “When in Rome, do as the Romans!”…. It’s not too late! There are still trees which are unpissed by you, still garbage you haven’t burned, still people you havent borrowed money from, still plenty of…..pristine Ground…..longingly awaiting your turd…..sorry! Stroke that! I meant, beaches awaiting your turd!;-) As I was starting my little epistle; It’s not too late, the beach is still longingly awaiting your….rebirth! Amén! 😉

  5. Profile gravatar of Sappho

    In PI, that’s the huge problem. Lol. I don’t really expect anything from them. If they somewhat surprised me, then I’d congratulate them.Lol.

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    Pinay Lover

    It totally makes sense. Filipino CHILDREN take care of parents because their parents are mere CHILDREN. See, in Filipino culture you start out as a slave ADULT child, working for your mentors, Lolo and Lola. Lolo and Lola degenerate into child brained, useless parasites who need YOU (the ADULT CHILD Pinoy) to take care of them and be liable for everything they do. Then, when Lola and Lola DIE and YOU (the Adult Child Pinoy) have kids, you are now a degenerate child brained, useless parasite like your parents were, demanding your robot Adult Child Pinoy’s to do your bidding and except being walked all over. See, when you are born as a Filipino in the Philippines, you are an adult and as you age you become a child. Simple as that.

    Adults = irresponsible useless parasitic children
    Children = responsible useful adults feeding and providing for the useless “adults”

    This is ingrained so deep into their minds that Filipino adults look at any mentor as their provider and liable for everything they do. Anybody who gives them anything will be used and tossed until they cut the tie and rid them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      That’s right. The thought of “I will try to establish a secure job or business or some way to provide FOR MYSELF for the rest of my life so I am not a financial burden on my own children.” is completely utterly foreign to them. It is just cultural for them to retire as soon as their child gets a job. Seriously, parents will fucking quit their jobs once their child gets a job. It’s expected. It’s also utterly pathetic.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        I hear ya Filo, I’m sure you have to hear this fucking rubbish from your partner all the time just like I do from my wife. She is thankfully snapping out of a lot of these brainless culture trends…..but no matter what, there is always some ass backwards logic lingering that arises once in a while. For instance, we trained our kid to be independent and sleep on his own. That was accomplished a couple years ago, but what did my wife decide to do? Oh…she decided, “hey, wouldn’t be be logical and smart to sleep with him in his bed now that we’ve trained him to sleep on his own? That would be smart wouldn’t it?” So what has enfolded from her brainless decision? You guessed it…he’s no longer independent and doesn’t want to sleep alone. He wants his mama! Then, I get to hear her complain about it……Fucking moron I tell you. I tell her “you fucked up and created this, you fix it!” Just amazes me how fucking dumb she can be. But this shouldn’t amaze me anymore…I’ve been with her over 5 years…..why am I still surprised, Filo? Maybe I’m turning into a stupid moron too from all the stupidity in this fucking house!

        God, I couldn’t imagine if she was over there in the Philippines , she would be right back into that mindset and easily forget all the wrongs with her culture and people. Your statement on “ass backwards” for these people and their culture really says it all. They truly do everything backwards. They grow up to be useless parasites like Lolo and Lola, unless they make it out of there and go abroad. Then they become parasite enablers and sacrificial lambs for “god” and the dysfunctional family.

        1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

          That’s almost exactly the same thing wich happen to me.
          My daughter who was used to sleep alone as a baby, went to philippines with her mother last year when she was 2 years old. when i reached them after 1 month & a half with her brother, i found out she was really dependent to her mother & the rest of the family, & when we go back to France, her mother went to sleep with her every night untill she fall asleep & even the whole night sometimes.
          1 Month ago, at a medical school visit, a nurse told the kid to sleep alone, & i convinced my daughter to follow this rules with psychological tips, telling her ” all the small, cats, dogs, birds sleep alone & on morning they call their parents when they Wake up”.
          That worked very well but 2 Weeks ago, it was the hollydays, & guess what was the new idea of my wife ? For holydays i can sleep with my daughter…. WTF
          Now school come back & i need to learn again to my daughter to be independent.
          That’s may be really confusing for her.
          My consolation is to see my kids evolve day after day, becoming independent thinkers & learners, far from all this backward culture.

    2. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      A child remains the possession and property of the parents until the parents are dead. The parents brainwash their children to believe their purpose is to support them. Fucking lazy leeches. My own children would be the LAST people I would want to leech off of.

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover

        It’s been a while since I’ve come to the site……..I needed a break, but nice to be back and read your posts. All this pinoy madness drives a man crazy I tell ya….you just need to back away from it all once in a while and take a breather.

      2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        The Filipino kids / offsprings gets brain washed into feeling guilty for the purposes of providing support for the parents because right from the beginning, Flip parents remind their children “you owe me, I gave birth to you! I gave you life! therefore it is your duty to support us!”. If that’s all the Filipino kids hear, of course they’re gonna believe that. Enter the Catholic church who teaches them “honor thy father and mother” etc, there you go. Must slave for the family, do not think of your own life, your own family life, your husband and children’s lives. In fact, you can not have a life of your own – preferably.

        I once tried teaching a Pinay to ignore such emotional blackmail. No luck. “But it is true! I owe my mother my life”. I felt like saying ‘your parents had an orgasm making you! You did not asked to be born, so why do you think you owed your life to them?”. But she was too far gone. To this day, she’s still supporting them all…. and they’re multiplying.

        1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

          Hi, this mentality is so amazing and you can see it everywhere in the philippines.
          My wife, at least, despite her mentality is above this level.
          She allways fight back against her mother & some of her aunt about it.
          One day it went to the point her mother menace her & tell her the classical stuff : we created you & you must be thankfull to us & you owe us so much…
          Then my wife told them it doesnt work like that & it’s the parent who chose to have a kid & not the kid who chose their parent, then she told her mother if she had choice she shouldn’t choose a such mother.
          The the olds cried & called her coripot or somethingthing like that.
          At least the good point is all her family is afraid of her.
          But it doenst prevent her to give her stuffs for her own status among them, wich will allways desperate me.

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB Post author

            “we created you & you must be thankfull to us & you owe us so much”

            I think that has to be one of the FUCKING WORST forms of mental CHILD ABUSE a parent could ever inflict on their child. And with these fucking Filipino brainless turds, everyone falls for it. It’s ingrained in them. They bare children into slavery….for their own selfish benefit. They have children so they can have a free ride when they get a job. That is fucking inhuman. Sad part is, they are all too fucking stupid to see how wrong it is.

            Such a low life culture. And they will never ever ever progress out of all their pathetic mindsets that makes Philippines the disgusting, impoverished, crooked, ass-backwards, unashamedly corrupt country it is.

          2. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

            Kuripot! But she’s surely got some serious guts! Takes a lot in that culture to say what she said!

        2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          I had to fill out some forms for the Flips recently, they wanted my parents details, I said I am 60 years old what do you want my parents details for.
          But sir we need that for legal reasons, its on our form.
          So I wrote the names of my parents and their addresses, Rookwood and Palmgrove. next question, why don’t they live together , I said my father didn’t like Palm grove he wanted to be near his second wife OH sir they have entanglement, yes they could not get a divorce so the legally are separated ,when asked their age I asked today or their last birthday, by now I’m in pulling the piss mode.
          My mother was 53 my father 83 , at their last birthday.
          Sir how can you be older than your mother?????????????????? So they were actually understanding the form they were filling out.
          Because she is dead, but sir you said she lives at Palmgrove, Nope I said that is where she is, in a coffin.
          You are asking details about the parents of a 60 year old man do you really think I am going to play your stupid game .???????????
          Next tangent, ok your father is remarried you said legally separate , Yup as my mother is dead that’s legally separated , he was reluctant to get in the coffin.and we only allow one person in the coffin in Australia. So your father is this town called Rookwood?????????, Yup thats the town in Sydney a Baraungay in Sydney.
          Sir you say your father is born on 1930 but he is 83. he should be 85, fuck a maths genius.
          Thats when he died you said his last birthday, we don’t celebrate birthdays in Australia after people die, do you.???????????
          Rookwood is a Cemetery too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          Sir why do you not take this seriously???????????
          Because you are asking a 60 year old man about his parents, whom I have not lived with for 43 years.
          So apparently your parents are still responsible for 60 year old men in the fucking Philippines.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
          What a country!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            LMAO!! 🙂 What a hoot! Stupid Flips did that to me when I applied to get the phone connected to Auntie’s house in the province. They did not pay the last bill 5 years ago, so they weren’t allowed to connect with Globe anymore. In the application form, they wanted to know my mother’s date of birth and where she was born. I told them “I have no idea!”. So they allowed me leave it. WTF do they want to know my Mum’s details for????? As if they were gonna chase her to pay the bill if I default? Well, good luck with that! She’s in Australia too!!

          2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            “LMAO!! 🙂 What a hoot! Stupid Flips did that to me when I applied to get the phone connected to Auntie’s house in the province. They did not pay the last bill 5 years ago, so they weren’t allowed to connect with Globe anymore. In the application form, they wanted to know my mother’s date of birth and where she was born. I told them “I have no idea!”. So they allowed me leave it. WTF do they want to know my Mum’s details for????? As if they were gonna chase her to pay the bill if I default? Well, good luck with that! She’s in Australia too!!”

            @sarahfin Sounds like a classic case of filipinos copying western standards but unsure as to why they’re doing it. A lot of stores insist on getting you to put your address on their 1950s hand written receipts. I’d always question why they wanted my address (data protection? Blank stare), and always get the same response: “Policy sir”. Most companies when taking an address will do as a means of future promotion. Not in the land of fails, they just do it because they think that’s what the big boys do.

      3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Must be….a fault in your….upbringing! ☺

        You do not see the Big pic filo! If You break the Circle…., You will actually Deny your kids the Right to leech of Their kids! They will be frowned upon by neighbours! Not being…waited hand-and-,foot upon! Can you really live with that? ☺

        1. Profile gravatar of vinzz

          You are right about that, My wife has guts when it”s about fighting against her silly family.
          On this point i can feel lucky, i see her fighting & firing a part of the family who invaded & squatted the house of her aunt. A house the aunt bought from her own mother, paying all materials & workers to make it nice & who eventually see her own brothers taking property of the house & refusing to leave the place.
          At the end the morons were fired with good lawyers papers.

          What make me sick is to see how they allways forgive come back to help those who live like leeches .

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            The house that mum built for her freeloading parasitic family has now been given to her older brother. Given to by her parents. Now Grandma is left with a very small space (approximately 2 meters by 2 meters) to sleep in, entertain visitors, and eat on the floor.

            Considering the grief that she’s put Mum through through her emotional blackmail, Mum bluntly told Grandma “if I had known that you’re content to live like a rat, I should have just ignored your pleas for money to build this house!”. And told them never to approach us for any money for whatever reason. Of course, Mum still forked out money for Grandma’s medical care last year, but limited it to P40,000. Told them “if you want some more, sell the house that I paid for”.

            Of course they would never sell the house because the favorite son and his wife lives there. Fucking vicious parasites!

  7. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “It is just cultural for them to retire as soon as their child gets a job. Seriously, parents will fucking quit their jobs once their child gets a job. ”

    And also, as soon as a family member marries a Kano or someone rich. My Aunt’s neighbor in the city WAS a principal at the local elementary school. His oldest daughter married a Kano last year. He was only 46 years old and healthy. What did he do? As soon as the daughter was granted the visa to her husband’s country, he quit his job!!!! Now he’s a stay at home retiree, receiving that monthly support from the daughter abroad. Does he care that daughter’s job is wiping geriatric assess in aged care homes? Of course not!

    There is a good reason why the Chinese in the Philippines shun Pinay and Chinese union, especially if the Pinay is poor. It’s because the Filipino families abuses the connections. “Give my sister a job in your department store…. but not just a job, she wants to be the manager”. The Pinoys would label the rich Chinese treatment towards them as “matapobre” (looking down on them because they were poor). Pinoys can not / will not acknowledge that the problem is their culture of freeloading, money grabbing and abusing the spouse’s generosity, and not because they are poor.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        @filofail – you I tend to think that it’s the current generation supporting the last generation that worked their butts off to support the generation before that…. Sprinkled and that you got a lot of lazy people that want an allowance freeride in life where they can. Sprinkle again as the church corruption of society that says the joys and giving, only the poor shall go to heaven, give with your heart et cetera et cetera and all that other mumbo-jumbo and the real toxic timebomb where you get generation after generation being poor.

        I had a friend who was going out with a Filipino and she could not believe that when she gave even a small amount of money that he would just give it away – to friends, co-workers, family… After while there was no sympathy for situation as he created his own nest and shit in it to is a all do.

        1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
          Don Quixote

          Even the childbride has had enough of her mother she will not give her anything more than 100 peso at a time for trikes jeepnees rice etc .
          Any more the crazy bitch takes it to the Catholic Church and gives half to the fucking church.
          Can you believe they are so brainwashed , skinny and dirt poor and giving the fat preacher in Olongapo half her money.
          What a fucking Country.

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            Giving money to the church used to annoy me, because I said that I’ve had problems getting money through from clients this month – of course they are so self absorbed Filipinos that they don’t really care where they get their money from they just want instant gratification. Then I found out that the money that I said is from limited funds at 10% of it going to the church! Can you believe it, they got no money the getting it from free handouts from foreigner (me) and they giving 10% of what they get to the church. That really, really, that I say really made me angry. I just can’t wait to see a board of enquiry into the church in the Philippines and reveal all the abuse – I would put money that they have some problems like they did in the US, Canada, UK and the Royal commission into paedophilia in the church and covering up of sex predators/priests in Australia.

            I just can’t wait for the day the church in the Philippines goes down, it won’t happen in my lifetime or the next generation perhaps but it will happen like it has happened in other countries

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Yep, that’s what Grandma does. Every time we’d visit she’d cry poor, “woe is me!”. We would give her money, buy her anti-hypertensive meds for 3-6 months, leave her money, buy her clothes and toiletries. Once we leave she’d give them away! Even her anti-hypertensives! WTF?? So a few years ago, we bluntly told her “you want to play Robin Hood, use your own money!”. Then she bitches to the other Aunts that we never leave her money! You can’t win with these low lifes!

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            Yes you can never win with Filipinos, they cannot see any logic at all. They just want free money constantly – to get on some gravy train called an allowance and do no work, sleep all day on the job as I don’t think they even sleep at night – too busy on the computer on Facebook, chatting, texting to be sleeping

  8. Profile gravatar of

    Just want to point out that age of consent usually does not mean adult.

    For instance, in the US, the age of consent is 16.

    But you are not an adult until you are 21.

    BTW-What exactly was the sexual incident that happened with your house slaves?

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Correction if I might:
      1.) Age of consent in the states varies by each state. Each state is sovereign and makes it’s own state laws.
      2.) Nationwide in the states you are an adult when you turn 18. You can vote, join military, enter business deals, buy a house. You just can’t drink until you are 21.

      Few laws are made federal when it comes to age:
      Drinking, voting, buy gun (18 for rifle or shotgun. 21 for handgun).