Why Arguing With A Filipina Is Pointless

What is it with Filipino’s?  It’s pointless arguing with them.  You will go mad and get nowhere.
Trying to explain the facts of the matter to them is fruitless.  Their low mental age (as opposed to body age) makes it very difficult to have a real, rational discussion about something with them.  They are highly reactive as well as highly defensive and this plays out accross the country at all levels.

There are two things that come into play when you are having a debate.  Paranoia and Jealousy.
When paranoia and jealousy come into play logic, reasoning, truth and everything else goes out the window.

During an argument –
What the filipina will do is piece together threads of information, even if the information which in a lot of cases is untrue and come up with something that is so far removed from the truth its madness.

eg. Thread 1 + Thread 2 + thread 3 = Answer
what I mean is its like adding 1+1+1 = 5 and believing the answer is 5 and any truth fuels even more suspicion.

CaptureFilipino only focus on the last paragraph of what you said and will never understand the true meaning of what you said.  They wont ask questions, seek to understand and clarify, nothing.  The story machine of their minds just goes into overdrive and the fuel is jealousy add up the bits of words from every last sentence you uttered.

Filipinos love stories.  They love to pass on stories and gossip amongst themselves.  Even the media is loaded on articles which are in some reports so untrue having relied on hearsay evidence.  This hasnt helped in the debating process where their sole motive is not to understand (given they are self absorbed narcissists) but to try and belittle and shame you with information to confirm the stories in their immature minds (even if 100% of the time that information is untrue or distorted).

In the end whats left is a headache. Your head aches.

How it all starts snowballing – examples which lead to arguments –
1.  Your getting this (new phone, gift, dinner, something nice for yourself) and im not… therefore ..(jealousy kicks in)
2.  Someone is taking you away from me … (esp a female) by being present in the same zone .. breathing your air (jealousy kicks in)
3.  The world owes me and your not giving it to me (my phone, clothes, money etc) …therefore (im going to kickup a stink)
4.  your not ringing me back in 5 minutes… therefore you must have a girl there
5.  your not answering my call at 3am …therefore you have someone there.  (ummm maybe i was alseep and turn off my phone having been run at all hours of the night by your disrespectful fellow filipinos who don’t respect peoples sleep)

The therefores are the fucked up conclusions based on information threads.

Take for instance.  I had a friend cook dinner tonight.  Male.
Filipina is in another city visiting family.

I sent her a picture.  “heres my dinner”.  As they say a picture tells a 1000 words.
To a filipina throw in paranoia and jealousy I got the message back.
1. your cooking a lot of food, you cant eat that.  your having a party there ?
2. your drinking alcohol
3. you have these parties all the time
4. you dont love me
5. you dont want to be with me.
6. you dont want to talk to me.

huh? what the fuck.  All i sent through was a picture.

No matter what I said, nothing about 1-5 was addressed.
After all the points went around in circles
the conclusion was you don’t want to talk to me (point 6).

Dialogues with filipinos like this happen a lot where conclusions are drawn based on multiple threads of half truths being put together in their minds.  No matter in Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao some fucked up thread building will happen
and then a long shot conclusion drawn based on it.

I often point out during an argument, google “why its pointless to argue with a filipino”.  Theres some good stuff in particular an article on this site which said  “will never go anywhere, because they never address the argument and defend their point of view. Instead they tell you how you are wrong with no reason. They won’t even refute any facts, but instead simply ignore what you say and attack you. ” and thats exactly what Filipino’s do.

When you have nothing to go on, nothing that can support your case – attack the opposition.

1. You might answer the question, theyll jump to another topic
2. The topics end up becoming baseless suspicion around threads of information, half truths, no truths, swirling around in their heads.
3. when you point out the falicies of their argument in #2 they will offer a completely (and often unrelated) summation or NEW ACCUSATION OF BLAME.
3. They then put thread 1 matched with thread 2 of information made up of course.. and come up with a statement which they will blurt out – something that blames you (or they want to haul eg. the family into the argument as a topic that is unrelated).
4.  Often the words they use are – you don’t care about (me, family etc), ashamed (in the eyes of..other family), you have no pity on me or imply that you go about your business/enjoying yourself and abandonment issues (filipinas) kick in.
4. Its pointless answering anything to what they said.
5. They wont address anything you say.  Anything addressed will be thrown back with an unrelated blame and shame statemnt.
6. They listen to the first or generally last line of what you say only.  The middle bit is often ignored.
7. They dont understand analogy (to try and explain things clearer by using an example of analogy they will think you are going mad talking about something else but of course Filipinos don’t understand english so analogy of using “its like (example)” aint gonna work as their minds don’t follow and i fact confuses their confused minds even more.
8. basically the social engagement skills can be described as – f**ked.  Theres no acknowledging, listening, clarification, followup etc.  The normal things people do in the west.

Im really, really fucking sick of the jealousy and suspicion that plays out in the Filipina mind.
Im really, really worn out when it comes to having an argument with a Filipina.

Their sole purpose is:

  1. Themselves and themselves alone;
  2. Not coming from a position of understanding (or wanting to understand).
  3. Sometimes there is no substance or basis of argument other than suspicion or jealousy.

They have slanging matches in squats and villages, the stuff made of primates which they’ve grown up with – even he media reports are based on baseless facts, the stories that circulate amongst themselves known as chikka as they have nothing better to do.


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  1. Profile gravatar of tomas

    Yes… in 10 years of marriage my wife has never:
    Admitted fault
    Apologized for anything
    Explained blatant lies she was busted on
    Said “I`m sorry”
    Realized that I have feelings

    To name a few…


    1. Profile gravatar of kriszia

      It is sad cause it is the same thing I observed… A lot immediately jump into a conclusion without getting the whole point.
      I posted something that a lot of Filipinos discriminate people with dark skin. I said I am proud of being half-Filipina but I am not proud of how we treat other ethnicities with dark skin.
      One pinay replied, didn’t you have any happy moments in the Philippines? And said so many things. I told her please try to understand what I was trying to say before you comment. Then she replied, yes I am not good in English, you are always right. You are better than me.

      I was like, hey I was not attacking you. I simply stated a fact about racism.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        You should have seen the shit I got from a pinay when I said rice has very few nutrients. That shit storm from here was bigger than Yolanda.

  2. Profile gravatar of djbuett

    yup, with regards to my “stupid lunch” post my ex apologized for the event, but I always felt that she was like the kid whose hand got caught in the cookie jar, or, worse, that she was “sorry that I felt that way”….not “that was a nasty evil thing we did to you and I am embarassed and shocked that it took place…I will give them a talking to and I promise it will never happen again”….haha…in my dreams

  3. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

    The woman I met on line then came here to be with is the biggest, most manipulative woman I have ever known. We split a few times and tried to get back together. It worked for all of 36 hours one time. During one break up I hired a kindergarten teacher to teach me the language. After 36 hours of reconciliation my ex said she would teach me Bisaya beginning the next day. I told her I had hired a teacher, thinking at that moment I would drop the teacher so my girlfriend could teach.
    The next question was, is the teacher a man or woman? When I told her it was a woman she gathered up her shit and walked out of my apartment.. Then told people I didn’t want her teaching me.
    She expected me to text her all the time just like the author’s girl in this thread.
    I was here only two weeks when she sarcastically told me in anger that I should date Muslim girls after I stated that they look wholesome in their head scarfs. I tried to explain that it wasn’t like I said they look good in their jeans. It didn’t matter. When it was over she told people that I abandoned her when it was her who destroyed the relationship with her petty, childish drama.

    The jealousy is manic here. I think a lot of it has to do with the fact that the men treat the women here like chattle. Fortunately, the one I have now for 16 months doesn’t act like a typical filipina as expressed on this site. At least she has the decency to know that we have a right to our privacy and sometimes we just want some alone time to disengage.

  4. Profile gravatar of Barry Smyth
    Barry Smyth

    35 YRS OF BEING MARRIED —I have to agree 100% it was always my fault you can not win anytime soon.
    Now have a girlfriend same shit told me to day she is learning from me because I have all these girl fiends, but then I think its a ploy for her to justify that just maybe she is or was fucking around L.O.L. behind my back.
    But then nothing would surprise me either even after knowing her now for 5 yrs would I trust her no I would not…..

  5. Profile gravatar of Anne

    I think it’s a common reaction by most ‘insecure’ women, and I must say most Filipinas are. But they’re reaction are just too much to handle. Just a few days ago, my friend called me up 2 a.m. just to rant on her experience since she felt that her boyfriend is getting a little too attached with his officemate. She told me they had dinner, her boyfriend’s officemate together with their respective significant others. When she mentioned she got a ‘tipsy’, I already warned her to cut the story if she’ll just end up telling me SHE MADE A SCENE OF HER JEALOUS ASS or CONFRONTED THE GIRL with no evidence but her womanly instincts. Thank goodness she did not, as I have already scolded her from her lack of control when it comes to her drinking and emotions.
    Apparently, she was right. The other Filipina likes his boyfriend and had the guts to tell him “Too bad, I wish we could’ve given it a shot” knowing full well that he’s taken. And that amazes me the most…
    Are Filipinas scared of losing their men not because they don’t trust their significant others but fear the other desperate Filipina witches trying to steal their men?

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      It’s really hard to figure that one out. I dont think it’s just to do with other filipina witches. It could well be they are aware of what their brothers/uncles/other men get up to.

      I had an ex filipina gf stay with me in London for over a year. I was in the office 8 hours a day plus had around 4 hours commuting time per day. I was with her every evening and weekends to the point of being suffocated.

      One day, she suddenly accused me of cheating on her. Of couse, there was no evidence for it.

      I asked when I was supposed to be doing all this cheating. “When you’re at the office” was the answer.

      1. Profile gravatar of Anne

        “It could well be they are aware of what their brothers/uncles/other men get up to.” That could be.

        Could’ve asked “How would that be possible?” to piss her off. She might not have an answer or probably would say, “I don’t know” with a shrug.

        But is it weird I personally know more women who has had cheating histories than men, and men who had been cheated on by their exes? If so it invalidates women’s belief that men are the cheaters?

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Anne
      It isbecos the desparate witches see pinays coming up in the world when thhey hook up with kano. No wonders wives are paranoid in this country.

    3. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Ann, they are insecure because majority of them are dependent on the husband/BF for their existence. Therefore they become insanely territorial. It’s not just the threat of losing his love, but the consequence of it which is, homelessness, loss of finances, loss of face, loss of lifestyle. I honestly think it’s all of these that the Pinays get insanely jealous and not so much the loss of his love and affection. Skeptic? you bet 🙂

  6. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    I have been chatting with a filipina I met on DIA
    I figured she was educated and different because she has a masters degree
    I am a person that likes to do DIY projects so I like the hardware stores and home centers and talked about this
    one day she asked me what I like about her, Jokenly I like you because you live near a Citi Hardware store, and she beleived it and got all sad on me
    Another time she told me about some event she is attending and will take photos for me. I just said I hope to see you in the photo also. And she got all up in arms about me not trusting her? Now how did this trust issue come about? SHit, I was hopeful I had a good one but perhaps not?

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS
      FHPS Post author

      It don’t matter how many degrees or what sort of job they got THEY WILL 100% of the time ask for money. I get so annoyed. The mindset is
      2/ my problem is your problem
      3/ what are we going to do about it
      4/ im sorry, i think in the moment and fucked up. Instead of planning i only think in the moment and the (insert – rent, bill etc) caught up on me as I was too busy failing.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      Most of the filipinas are like that. If ou think crap can hit the fan in your country,,just try to survive in this country with these morons. Set up a fake account and hit her up with that,and see what she says????

    3. Profile gravatar of tomas

      Exactly… anything said to a pinay even in jest is taken literally and as an insult.

      Believe me if I want to insult an idiot they will know it!

  7. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
    Don Quixote

    Why do the Philippines even have a TV network.????????
    I swear that I just watched last years TV.
    The same Traffic Jams in Manila everyday on the news. Doh!!!!!
    The same Bus Completely Booked out again two days before Xmas. Doh !!!!!!!!!
    The Same confiscated illegal Fireworks as last year. Doh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    the same fireworks video of child with bandages on every finger Doh !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Sack everybody and put on re runs, good thing they had the Miss Universe Fiasco so they had new news to talk about interrupting last years news.

    1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
      Hey Joe

      I think it was no more than 2 weeks after I first moved here I stop watching TV.
      The mind numbing, brain cell killing utter BS. I just could not stand it. I swear I could feel my brain cells melting. 🙂 And the stupid sound effects (honk-honk..he-he-he-he) between every other word of the person speaking. Pure madness! The radio is worse. I did find one local radio station with a nice playlist with NO sound effects that I keep on in the shop. Nice 50-70’s music.
      Youtube has been my TV for the last 7yrs. Plus with p40 DVD’s all I want at the mall. F%#k TV.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        Same here.. blessed relief nfot to hear 10 peso horror mo vies in the middle of the nite. Of course they have no name actors
        A test for senility would be to place a pa atient in front the tv with fat mouth STD Kris Aquino blabbering away. If he did move,,, he is senile
        She was complanining about a sore throat,, too much oral sex!!!!!!!!!!!
        ABNOY aquino got a bunch of money from france. He looked like a tumbauy beside the pm of france in a pic
        Bah humbug to xmas


      2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        “And the stupid sound effects (honk-honk..he-he-he-he) between every other word of the person speaking.”
        – That drives me up the wall. I have no idea why that is #1 Funny #2 it never gets old #3 They all fucking do it.
        Its on corny talk show, then on the radio as well. They simply just copy each other with that stupid laugh and never say, “maybe this is getting played out now”, intstead its, “more laugh!!”.

        The TV shows are just plain corny. The talk shows are mind-numbing. Then if they interview an openly corrupt politician, they don’t put him in the hot seat or “seek the truth”. You can tell they are either paid off or just general ass-kissers because every question is basically, “So, tell me where you inspiration comes from”, “what role does your family play in your success”, “how do you stay motivated with all your projects”, or “where did you find the motivation to serve the people”? I guess all the decent journalists are killed and their killers never found. Another FAIL!

      3. Profile gravatar of Mufazzza

        Your brain would melt to pinoy-size within a week if you had continued watching! You would be incapable of ….boiling an egg! Let alone write in intelligible english! You would get pinoy interests, littering, fucking and drinking! TV is a dangerous thing!

  8. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    My wife has apologized every single time she has done something wrong, without fail. It has been a nightmare getting her there sometimes, but she’s always acknowledged it in the end.

    I would not have married her if she didn’t have the capacity to do it.