Why???? Because It’s Company Policy, Duh!


Because it’s our policy sir.

I’m asking WHY is it policy? It makes no sense, it’s a redundancy, and a complete waste of your customer’s time. What is the reason behind such a senseless policy?

Sorry sir, it’s just our policy.

How many times have you had that conversation in Philippines? Once a month? Twice a month? Every fucking week?

3546bwcFilipinos love to make policies. Even when they’re not at all needed. And try to get them to show you the written policy, and they can’t. It’s all about some guy at the top who has been given the power to run the company, and pretty much all he is really capable of doing is sitting there making policies. Nevermind if the policy makes any logical sense. It’s all about his narcissism. “What I say goes. And I don’t have to explain it.” Filipinos love to have power. Oh how they love to make some stupid fucking policy and watch everyone obey it. They’re not thinking about customers. They’re just exerting their power. And they feel so good and smug about it.

I have a former house helper staying with me as a help while he seeks employment. So he got an offer for a job, and he came home with all kinds of documents from a medical clinic, including a huge envelope containing an X-ray.

“What happened to you?” I asked.

“Nothing sir, it’s requirement for my new job.”

“Oh, now what kind of job is it that requires such an extensive medical workover and x-rays?”

“Sales clerk sir”

“Huh? You need an expensive medical exam, lab work, and x-rays just for a simple sales clerk position?” Why?

“It’s company policy sir.”

“Why is company policy?”

“I don’t know sir, it’s just their policy.”

“Do THEY know why they have such a policy?”

No sir, I didn’t ask, it’s just because it’s policy sir.”

“How much did all this cost you?”

“1,300 pesos sir.” 

“So you have to spend probably about a week’s pay to fill some senseless company policy to get the job??? No fucking wonder there’s so many jobless people. They don’t have enough money to get a job to make money so they can get a job to make money.”

I cannot for the life of me think of any reason why one would need to get an x-ray to be a sales clerk. It has to be another one of those fucking narcissistic filipino idiots who sits there and makes up policy for no good reason just because he has the power to do so. And nobody questions it. These are some extremely stupid fucktards. 

I remember another argument I had with Cignal TV. If your service is interrupted and they have to go to your house to fix it, THEY CHARGE YOU OVER 700p to fix the service you’re already paying for!!! NOW THAT IS SOME FUCKING BRAINLESS IDIOCY!!! I had it out with them at their office, and all they kept saying was, “It’s our policy”. I asked them to let me see that written policy. “It’s not written, it’s just common sense sir.”


Their tiny little empty heads are completely void of logic and reasoning. That Cignal TV episode is most definitely on my top 5 most fucking stupid things I’ve ever experienced in Philippines.

Lose your savings passbook, you have to go to a notary and tell THEM you lost your passbook and write it down and pay them to stamp it. “It’s company policy” 

I would love to hear about your experiences with senseless, illogical, unreasonable, stupid policies in Philippines.

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  1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    Lost my vehicle registration. LTO policy is:
    1. Get notarized statement I lost it.
    – Nevermind that I have an ID to prove who I am and I’m telling you I lost it. 100 pesos.
    2. Get police blotter to state it has been lost
    – Costs about 50 pesos for them to make a report cause neither of us has anything better to do.
    3. Go to the LTO office across town to have the vehicle inspected,,,, again and numbers stenciled
    – No idea what purpose that serves in simply re-printing a registration that is going to expire in less than 8 months anyway
    4. Go back to LTO and wait 5 hours along with a fee for the simple piece of paper.
    All this could have been solved with a little common sense of, “hey, your id says you are who you say, the vehicle you have matches what is in the computer, and there is no harm in simply hitting the print button one time”.

    When I first bought a motorbike from MotorTrade, it took 6 months to get the thing registered. They charge a 3000 peso fee on top of all the motorcycles costs for registration and title. After month 5, I was so fed up and asked them what takes so long. The girl said, “well, we don’t have the technology like you have in the USA”. To which I replied, “you mean a computer, a printer, and a scanner?” So then she just had a confused look on her face.

    PLDT is one of the worst. If your internet is out, you call customer service and they schedule a tech to go out in a few days to check your line. So, if you are running a business, you’re gonna have to get another ISP cause waiting for the technician 3-7 days is not exactly that “business-friendly” environment the Philippines is always patting themselves on the back for.

  2. Profile gravatar of tambok

    Look at the poor cashiers at Gaisano food floor. They have to have their hair cut short, wear short skirts, heavy makeup, heals on a floor that is a slippery as ice. What is this N Korea, the 1950’s? Fuck me it’s brutal what they do to employees for a few hundred pesos a day.

  3. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    SM MAll…..The girls have to wear even the fuckin bra from the SM…Dont believe that ? it is so …the SM Malls give even the fucking bra to their female employees and they have to wear it !!!
    Not that I dont like to see the SM girls, the most of them are sexy…but on the other hand i think then to myself ” What a fuckin bastard can create such company rules” The sad is everyone does accept here Bullshit !! No one complains..

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Acts by Filipinos which are obviously wrong, illegal, or immoral go unquestioned, unchallenged, and nobody holds anyone accountable. It’s disrespectful. Therefore it spreads like wildfire, and flourishes.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        @goingloco and @filofail
        dude, i paid for my friend to work at SM to help her out.

        ID Gate pass – 300p
        Uniform – she bought it secondhand off a friend who was leaving
        she started then they put her into a jeans sections.
        She had to buy the brand of jeans she was in the section of!!

        ALL business fuck the employees up the ass
        1. taxi driver saying he had to buy fuel through the taxi companies outlet if not a fine of 300 pesos!
        2. students – have to go to dinners organised by the school and also hire graduation uniforms from the school .

        Filipinos are masters at conning each other
        they all accept this big load of bullshit
        the government does nothing

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        The only thing disrespectful in this country is when you catch them at their own game, hold them accountable or otherwise PROVE them wrong.

      3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        Don’t forget that everything has to be controlled in Manila as well. Filipinos cannot trust each other locally on site. They have to control everything from Manila so you can’t get a refund without someone in Manila authorizing it. Don’t forget that everything have to be controlled in Manila as well. Filipinos cannot trust each other locally on site. They have to control everything from Manila so you can get a refund without someone in Manila all the writing it. That’s where a lot of those stupid policies come from I think. And that’s why I say Filipinos are not very bright. They don’t even bother to ask why.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          The Manila control thing. Yea, take your wife to the hospital so she can deliver the baby only to be told she cannot deliver the baby until Manila sends it.

  4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    This is one of the reasons everything takes so long in the philippines, because like you pointed out every egotistical moron in a position of power feels the need to assert themselves. Rather than just remove the already implemented retarded policies they just add more. Take the new BI chief who is getting 500k from the ombudsman to add barcodes to visa applications, which in his logic will somehow cut out corruption. And this is going to take a year of training BI employees. You could teach monkeys in a week to put stickers on paper and run scanners over them.


    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Filipinos at the top do not want to delegate much of their power or authority to their managers under them. They want supreme power. Instead of establishing policy that makes sense, for managers under them to follow, in order to make the process of doing business more efficient and timely, they hoard the power, clog up the business process, inconvenience their customers, and sabotage their profit margins.

      Just a bunch of complete brainless imbeciles.

  5. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    I had experiences with friends and company policy
    take this one –

    1. GETTING A JOB – they have to show their school leaving certificate. What? so she needs fare to go back to the province to get the school cert even though she finished school like 8+ years ago. WASTING TIME AND MONEY.

    2. PAYOUT ON LEAVING JOB – Ex paid into her bank account her salary. The final payout for leaving work they said we issue cheques. What the hell. In order to collect your check we post it. In order to post it we need to verify your ID. In order to verify your ID – we need a POSTAL ID. Postal ID is ?? i dunno it was expensive. Over a days wage. She then went to a print shop and had a fake postal ID made up 🙂
    i said – what the fuck – they are paying each pay into your bank account, why all the beuracracy over the final pay and putting you to extra expense to show a postal id


      1. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Got that right biggie.
        Seems everything is setup that way;
        Example: Wife’s B-day last year, promo at the breadfactory for a “free cake” on your b-day. The wife thinks, Oh hey super, so she goes over to get her cake.
        No, sorry not at this outlet. Only at this other one she is told. So she goes there. No… same song and dance, but is told there is paperwork involved also. WTF she says. Then she, asks what this “cake” is. Turns out it is ONE (1) cup “cake”
        Everything is a scam..twisting of words, or flat out fraud. The end.

        We joke about that one around here to this day

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB Post author

          Filipinos don’t give nothing for free. Just always know that. They will never keep their promise. It’s all about sounding good, saying the right things, but doing all the wrong things. What comes out of a flip’s mouth seldom ever matches their actions.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          Its so funny cause when my fiance and I were buying an expensive, commercial/ home size printer for like $300 I said, what is the harm? It has a 1 year warranty.
          Well, 3 months later it breaks. We take it back to the shop where they ask all the BS questions like, “Did you drop it?”
          Me: No, it sat on a corner desk exactly 5 minutes after opening the box until I had to bring it here.
          Them: Well sir, it cannot be replaced
          Me: That is Bullshit cause you have a 1 year warranty on it.
          Them: Sir, you need receipt.
          Me: Here is the receipt. I intentionally did not bring it out cause I wanted to see what excuses you would come up with.
          Them: One minute sir. (5 minutes later)
          Ok, I call the main office and we have to take it.
          Me: So do I get a replacement or a spare in the meantime?
          Them: Uh, no sir

          Anyway, they finally did honor the warranty after trying to weasel out of it. However, it took them 2.5 months to actually fix the thing . So I had a printer I could not use and had to purchase a little cheap one in the meantime to get by.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            You should have come to my house. I have three of the bastards sitting around. The PC came with one, then she bought something else that came with a free gadget. What does she pick? Another printer just like the one that came with the PC! She then goes out and buys a Brother 3 in 1.

  6. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I have gone into banks here with my wife so she can tend to business. When I ask about moving my pension here (won’t do that) and keep it U.S. dollar they tell me I have to have a peso account for 6 months before I can open a dollar account. Then if you look at the interest rates, they pay more interest rates on peso accounts than they do on dollar accounts.

    Why are toll fees for NLEX, SLEX and MRT fares based on the peso/dollar exchange rate?

  7. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    I once accompanied the wife’s eldest sister to a clinic to do a “POEA” medical for overseas employment. This medical included the above-mentioned medical workover and x-rays. It also included a full dental check ( they don’t passthe medical until they get any dental problems fixed at the expensive in-house dentist, so that’s half the applicants screwed already)….. and …. for some reason only known to the Ministry Of Fucking Ridiculous Policies ‘Corporayteeeon’ of the Philippines-…..a finger-up-the-ass to check the condition of the back passage… Why the hell this is relevant for overseas employment as a housemaid I don’t know. ..Unless they are also clearing them to work a second job as a pornstars on thier day off, I can only think that it is the Filipino establishment’s way of saying “We are just checking your capacity to be extensively fucked up the ass by everyone you know, now that you’re working overseas”

  8. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

    Actually requiring an X ray prior to employment is a good idea for the Philippines. Remember that TB is a real problem here and TB will show up on an X ray. Cheaper of course to use a skin, blood, or spit TB test but X rays are used to double check any positive results on the other tests anyway. All of which begs the question of if they are competent enough to read the X rays or test results or if a hundred pesos slipped into the doctor’s hand makes everything better.

    As for the stupid company policies, the Pinoys need strict guidelines to do the thinking for them. Then there is the rampant dishonesty in the country. Part of the requirements on the lost registration might be to make it harder for LTO employees to print registrations to be used to pawn vehicles as part of a scam.

  9. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Yes, i guess and ROTTEN TEETH is endemic too. My friend who went for a job interview / job with a call centre had to have a MOUTH XRAY. well, i guess, the story goes that one staff member said to the other – upon smelling the smell when all the workers were in there, “busy night?”

    Yes, as for company policy, ive seen places which have signs – “stand here fine 100p”, wear your hair out (another fine), friend turns up (fine of Pxx) they need to be treated like children

  10. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    Ok today my short story of great service….
    Me , did order at a world company also located in Flip Land here , some stuff…little parts and pieces, bought from their website which has shown up a delivery time of 2 business days, Items in STOCK . The amount was total about 7k .
    Well so far so good… After payment to their Bank account they wrote to me a message ” Sir, thx for ur order blalblabla… DELIVERY TIME: 15 business days .
    I gave them a call and ask some stupid barbie girl on the phone WTF is going on because it was written items are in stock in the PH.
    She told me : ” Sorry Po, but we have to import these items because we have no stock here ”
    Me:” Thats nice so u use this famous logo of this world company where i have also a business account ( did order these items under my name as private person)
    and you give false information out to grab a buyer and tell him later , that you have to import all items, this I can do also on my own
    ” Her answer : sorry , sir I understand not what you mean ” ( of course not)
    Ok weeks passed by, items was then delivered to me…I I did note that I did order one position wrong ( my fault ) did request just to return this position and exchange with the correct position ( so no problem usually i didnt want money back ) the position of the return request had a value of 530 PHP
    So now read their answer
    We have a strict compliance for our Goods return Policy & below are the acceptable reasons .

    1. Catalogue / Online Error (Specifications)

    2. Leadtime beyond market offer or client expectation

    3. Faulty items.

    Huh……strict compliance…means translated ” Fuck u Kano” Since we are working over years with this company together and we own a business account in the western world at this company , I did ask them if the TOS of this company are maybe different in da Philippines. Explained them also , if they accept no change the will lost a client for a 500 PHP value items which does generate them nearly no costs to exchange me the position to the correct one.
    Welcome to the Philippines, no service does exist here , no logic business thinking ( how to catch a client and make him stay ) is here possible. They are like little kids…grab all today you can and tomorrow we dont know what will happen…

    1. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
      Esteban Magtaka III Jr

      Sounds like a similar experience I had with RS Components (‘Corporayteeeon’ of the Philippines) . A complete sack of jobsworth buffoons.

        1. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
          Esteban Magtaka III Jr

          I recognized the “15 days” script from my days of dealing with the fraggles in their Makati sales office. I now live in Malaysia and RS here is a world apart in terms of customer service and stocks held locally… I very much doubt if they even have a warehouse in the Phils. Most items they sell are small enough to fit in the pocket and quite shiney; So they’d be cleared out within a week.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Small and shiney? That should keep a filipino entertained for hours on end.

  11. Profile gravatar of Johnny

    I’ve got one. Not sure if it fits in the “company policy” category, but it must be their company policy.
    I’ve had to take the bus a few times. Anywhere from an hour or so – 12 hours. EVERY bus I’ve taken says, “WiFi On Board”. However, it has never worked once! Our of about 15 bus trips not a single time has it worked. I have to carry the pocket wifi with me if I want to get any work done. It must be company policy to advertise it and never deliver it.
    I even ask the driver each time:
    “Do you have internet”
    “No sir, not working”.
    “but your sign says you have internet”
    “yes, but not working”
    “so why have a sign saying you have it if you don’t?”
    “We have, but not working”
    “So you don’t have it”
    “so you’re lying?”
    “No sir”

    Seriously, that charade could continue for hours.

    1. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      Yes i know situations of that shit….PLDT guys give the same nonsense out when you ask them something.
      I waiting since 2 years for a monthly statement or invoice…2 Years and this is not a joke. Online billing works also not at them..

      1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
        Phil Doh

        I’m convinced that with PLDT it goes beyond they’re staff just being braindead morons. They’re actually trained to be deceptive and sneaky and do as little as possible to resolve complaints. Try contacting them on twitter with a complaint @pldt_cares. They’ll ask you to DM your account details so they can assist you, and then reply later that you need to phone them. Email a complaint and they reply they’re looking into and then nothing. Just constant pointless timewasting.

        If you really want a laugh ask for the contact details of their complaints department. 5 times I asked to be finally told: “we cannot give that information out”. Obviously, because no such department even exists.

        1. Profile gravatar of

          @Phil Doh

          Talking about the internet here, did you know that there is some allowence per month even you have a DSL connection? Exampel Globe Sped 3Mbp 50GB per month, 5mbp 60 GB per month. That can be a problem for people watching a lot of youtube or videos online. After that speed will go down to 128 kbp which slow as fuck. You can than buy additional extra GB and also additional. Now even in Poland there is limit of usage so called fair use policy but its only for a “usb internet” like pocket wifi here, but nothing such as fair use policy in DSL you will find in Poland for exampel. I think it was Smart that have before some package you could buy for internet called Unlisurf, but they just changed the name of it now because saying UNLI will be misleading.

        2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          What is amazing is this is the “BPO industry” of the world, yet they are moving backwards with internet speeds, quality, and now they are limiting usage. While the rest of the world moves ahead in technology and IT, the Philippines WANTS to move backwards.

          1. Profile gravatar of


            Excatly, now both me and my wife working online so you can guess the big problem here. Lucky enough we are not watching youtube every day so usually we are not getting over the allowence. The call center companies they getting some special deals with the providers so also not a problem. Reason why filipinos dont know or dont care about it because they using in 95% of the cases internet just for fb.

  12. Profile gravatar of Maria

    I am a filipino i agree with your articles of of how we are stupid, fucking leeches… blah blah… but reading this particularly about the company policy is something unacceptable for me at the very end. I worked in the Philippines for a decade but now I working abroad. I am telling you all if I could change those fucking policy I will!!! the only thing is that I am not the owner of the company. The first thing i will delete on it, especially while applying for a job is the fucking height requirement. Everybody knows that we are not as tall as american. I also detest those other fucking policies! Those behind the stupid policies are not Filipino at all. Try to guess. Because if there’s a filipino among them surely there will be a consideration. Employees obey those stupid policies because of the fear of losing job if not. Sorry for my english. Please try to understand i have a failing english. I am very much sorry for what you all guys gone through with my fellows. But i also wonder why???

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      You say the ones behind the stupid policies are not filipino. Then would you please tell us who they are then since foreigners by philippine law cannot have controlling interest in a company or business? Yes, in the philippines a foreigner can start a company or business but it has to be 60% or more owned by a native filipino. So it is filipinos that are making these stupid height, weight, age limit policies.

    2. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      ‘Those behind the stupid policies are not Filipino at all.’

      Are you kidding? So who is to blame for these shit policies? By the way since foreign ownership of companies is forbidden by law who else is to blame?

      Even the high street shops are flip owned. They might be foreign brands in some cases but underneath is a flip owner.

      1. Profile gravatar of


        Ah come on, so many foreigners have a business here. Just because they cant own by the law doesnt mean its not possible.

        About the statement about the policies, cant really say so much. Dont know anything about it.

        1. Profile gravatar of Mike

          Under filipino law a company or business has to be 60% owned by a filipinos giving the filipino controlling interest in said company or business. Sure they can own a company,,,,, 40% of it at most. Now those foreigners here who do have companies have a filipino on paper who owns the 60% be it a wife, gf or such who most likely has to have their way and will not listen. But it boils down to the fact that the vast majority of companies/business is filipino owned and controlled and therefore the stupid policies are made up by filipinos.

          Maria said filipinos were not behind these stupid policies (blame shifting). So because of the law and companies/businesses are owned and controlled by filipinos then who is behind the stupid policies? I’m just waiting for her answer.

          1. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

            There are loopholes on ownership. Domestic Market Enterprises that are over 200,000 dollars invested, hire more than 50 employees, or use advanced technology can be 100% foreign owned and less than 100,000 U.S. invested. Retail stores require over 2.5 million U.S. invested and over 830,000 invested per store or you can sell high end luxury goods with an investment of 250,000 U.S.. Then there are export firms including call center, Back Offices, IT, Web development, and BPO that can all be 100% foreign owned. If you send out 60% of what you produce the capital requirements are tiny, a few hundred bucks.

            After all that you hire Filipino staff and all the stupid rules and regulations get written.

            You can set up a branch office or register your foreign corporation at the SEC to retain 100% control. Or find five incorporators which can be mostly foreigners but you need a majority of the five board members to be Filipinos with one share of stock each. So you can own 99.994% of a corporation

          2. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Ok, let’s consider that. How many foreigners could afford to invest money like that to begin with? Then there is the problem of getting your profits because of corruption. Texas Instruments closed their factory on Luzon a few years back because of the bullshit here, Yahoo closed shop here and moved to Singapore. I wonder how long it will be before the filipinos close the loop holes you cite.
            So let’s say there are some companies/business that is 100% foreign owned or close to that, still the vast majority of companies/business is filipino owned. My point is that Maria said “filipinos were not behind the stupid policies”. It is filipinos that are behind the stupid policies as most foreigners know that stupid policies hurt the business. It looks like she is trying to blame outsiders (foreigners) for the policies that filipinos make. Like I said, just waiting for Maria to say who is behind the stupid policies if not filipinos. Do I expect an answer from here? Not really as she knows it is filipinos who are behind the stupid policies in companies, business and the philippine government.

          3. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

            To Mike:
            Yes, you are correct, the vast majority of businesses are flip owned. I wasn’t doubting that fact. But don’t discount running an export enterprise because the capital requirements to start up are literally a few hundred bucks. You escape a lot of problems if you export everything as long as you have a ready market for your product back in the real world.

            Getting profits out is pretty easy, you just ship a container load or pallets of products in a shared container. Cost you about $3.00 to $4.00 per cubit foot for a full container to ship from say 100 miles from a major port in the Philippines to the U.S., the lower price if you can are close to a U.S. port, the higher price if you have to ship it to the center of the U.S.. They don’t mess with you exporting products as long as you show a slight profit on the local books and if you are in a PEZA zone you get either tax holidays or S% tax on what you spend that isn’t directly connected to making the product. Materials, labor, production overhead items like rent or electric are tax deductible but you pay the 5% tax on auto repair, accounting, internet service, or management salaries.

            So for the guys that have money trapped there in the Philippines the best way to get it out of the country is to turn into product that you export. Or find someone that is sending cash into the Philippines daily and work a deal with them. Maybe a few hundred bucks at a time to keep the risk down. Pay out an amount locally and they deposit into your foreign account or PayPal you the cash. Might need to look into anti money laundering laws before getting too involved, not sure about the legalities

            TI is still out at Clark last time I was through there. But you are correct, every few years the Philippines legislature has some yahoo file legislation to close the tax breaks and tax the export enterprises at 35%. Probably instigated by lobbyists so they can make some money “stopping” the legislation. Those PEZA zones are money makers for the economy as they create massive amounts of do nothing government jobs, create the opportunity for the utility companies to bilk the kano firms, and keep the local accountants busy filing useless reports every quarter. Still you can make a buck and as a bonus all your travel is suddenly tax deductible back in your home country.

          4. Profile gravatar of Maria

            I am very sorry, because I am very late to respond and give you some enlightment about what I stated above. But.
            I stand for what I said. As you said foreign company owned whatever the percentage is. The remaining percentage owned by fucking money hungry stupid fellow filipinos. He is very much lucky for acquiring filipino citizenship.
            Who is the owner of fucking shoemart? He is a filipino? Yes but still not. Who owns the majority of businesses in the philippines? They are not Filipinos at all. The real Filipinos inside a company are just being paid but not part of the owners.

          5. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Your reply sounds like the typical blame shifting and denial that most filipinos tend to say. I would like to know how you think “he is very much lucky to get filipino citizenship.” Here’s the facts, in the philippines a company/business has to be 60% owned by a NATIVE filipino. Now I understand that filipinos do not like facts or the truth that they cannot bear. You say most businesses/companies are not owned by filipinos yet owned by foreigners, now how is that if the filipino owners have 60% of the company which is controlling interest? You go on to name just one company you say is not owned by filipinos, ok.
            Filipino owned:
            Jollibee, SM shopping malls, Ayala shopping malls, Greenbelt shopping mall, Power Plant shopping malls and 90%+ of the stores in said shopping malls. Who owns the McDo, KFC, Kenny Rogers plus other franchises? FILIPINOS. Who owns the drug stores, movie theaters, Novo, Unicity/Unitop, Gaisano? FILIPINOS. Who owns the taxi companies, ferries, buses, airlines? Filipinos.

            In short filipinos DO own 90%+ of the business/companies either outright or by the 60-40 law. So it is filipinos that are making the stupid policies and fucking things up. Now I know that the facts mean nothing to filipinos when it proves them wrong.

          6. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I stand corrected regarding SM mall owner but not the stores within. The owner of the mall was born in China in 1924. So My facts are still correct where as you can cite only one person who was born outside the philippines and became a philippine citizen. Still don’t consider him very lucky about that though. The philippine citizenship I mean.

  13. Profile gravatar of Idiotocracy

    Height requirements for a job? Wow.

    Why do we put up with it and stay? For me the draw is cheap and willing labor. That is all that is cheap about the country other than condo rent. Electricity is sky high, tools and machinery is difficult at times to find and expensive when you do find the specialty stuff, rent for industrial space is higher than in the middle of the U.S., raw materials generally the same or a bit higher.

    Hang in there Maria, maybe one day you will be the boss and can change things.

    1. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
      Esteban Magtaka III Jr

      Its the height and ‘pleasant complexion’ requirements for a call-centre job that I will never understand…..
      Like anyone can actually see the call centre operator over the phone, or gives a crap how tall or spotty they are when telling them to fuck off !

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Pleasant complexion. I wonder how that really works and what they mean by it. We all know how hung up on looks filipinos tend to be. I went into a store once and the cashier was female but had a hairy wart on the tip of her nose that extended her nose by at least 1/2 inch.

        1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
          Phil Doh

          Whenever I went to a coffee shop I’d pick up the local rag and flick straight to the jobs section for shits and giggles. It’s like reading the requirements of an old perv looking for a mistress.

          Must be at least 5’5, fair complexion, 20 – 25, or gay.

        2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Define “pleasing personality”….

          To Flips, pleasing personality is anyone who does not have the Asian/Malay features, i.e. mix-race. The lighter the complexion the better.

          One cousin who was actually light skinned, Chinese/Pinay mestiza tried to apply for a job at some department store in Cebu couple of years ago. She was pretty alright but got knocked back. Reason? She was only 5’1”. Too short for the required height of at least 5’4″ for a salesgirl position.

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            The lighter the better huh? Reminds me of what mom said/asked years ago. The blacks in the states run around saying how black is beautiful and such, something like pinoy pride maybe. So mom watching tv shows and such when she noticed the black men mostly had white women, Asian or light skinned female blacks as wives or girlfriends. She said it looked like the darker the man was the lighter the woman had to be. Then she asked, if black is beautiful like they keep saying then why do they go after light skinned women?
            She was not racist nor intended it to be a racist comment. Just something she noticed and asked about.

      1. Profile gravatar of Maria

        I am sorry I overlooked the sequence. And I am not sure if there is an edit portion. So please be guided.
        For Mr. Mike. I hope to enlightened you. As I said I worked in a number of company in the philippines. I am not blind to see what really happened inside. I feel pity for my fellows. And my little education helps me for some logic on how they run their business.
        For Idiotocracy: I already started a change with my self. So wait for the others in the future. I just being started. Also, I’m still too young to risk my life.

        For both of you please find my other posts. Thank you.

  14. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I asked the China Bank if I could write a check out in Canada on an account here in the Feelippines,, sorry sir cant do that,, What about a transfer from here to Canada .. sorry sir,, cant do that?!!!!
    They claim to be an international bank,, maybe there is a check valve in this country ,, mmoney only goes in,, never out

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      You’re right about the valve Al! I think if you leave the Philippines with more than 10,000 pesos you are meant to get permission from the central bank. I mean, wow, 10k will just about buy dinner for 3 where I’m from.

      1. Profile gravatar of

        When I just got to PH and wanted to open account there got told that they need my ACR Carrd and I had to be in PH for at least 6 months already. Later I found out that every branch have actually diffrent rules for opening account in difrrent banks here. Try diffrent branches of the same bank and you will get diffrent answers and finall they will open a account for you. The truth is that in the smaller cities they are not as strick as in Manila or Cebu.

  15. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    To Kalbo
    Funny thing is ,,, The banks all have a swift code number for sending money to the feelippines. I wonder what they do when a big company in the feelippines wants to send a million dollars to pay their suppliers in another country????
    So.. basically they are still writing on stone tablets.
    Maybe the Bank of Hong kong would be a better bet to send money abroad???

  16. Profile gravatar of Kevin

    I ran into company policy with BDO and because of this policy.
    I will be closing my bank account with them this coming Monday.
    I was in Alabang Metro Manila and I had to get a Bank Draft (Cashier’s Check in the USA) for Hong Kong Dollars. So, I went into the bank and requested it and the lady told me that she could not give it to me because my home base bank was in Dumaguete. She had to call Dumaguete and ask their permission to see if I was allowed to get the check there in Alabang and the only way I was going to do that was to open up an account there. That wasn’t the bad part! They wanted me to do 2 hours of paperwork just to get a 2,700 peso check. Then, they had the gull to tell me that they needed at least 7 days for approval to allow me to have an account at a bank that I already have an account at cause its “policy” Ohhh! I was pissed!

    2016 and the only thing that they can do is with drawl from your account, but anything outside “that” box is taboo. None of their banks are not completely linked and just to pull money from your own bank at a different location there is a fee. To make things worse, it takes them 45 minuets to make a banker’s check because they are still on carbon copy paper.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Kevin
      I went to china bank to withdraw 200 usd out of my cb account at Moa. Well, they had to get permission via FAX???????? to give me the money. 1 hour later ,, I got the money.
      Who the fuck uses FAX nowadays?????? and a manual typewriter to write up the form?????
      I also asked about sending a wire transfer to my country/ Sorry sir,, no available
      I asked if i could write a check out in my country on the cb bank here.. SORRY SIR not available
      The only thing that is available here is beer to get drunk and pussy for making babies

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        Your wrong about the only thing here is beer and pussy. We get to piss off filipinos like Maria there with the truth and facts! So, beer, pussy and entertainment.

  17. Profile gravatar of Maria

    Mr Mike.
    I am not denying our own stupidity. Also, I am sorry i put it in general term. Because, I wonder why in such a number of company I was being employed are fucking not owned by filipino. And they are all shit. I also didn’t denied that our own government, laws and regulations are all fucking shit. I admit all of stupidity of filipino. I just hoping not to be in position. Because I will re run the nuke in Bataan and blown up the entire policies and those foreigners out of my country back where ever they came from. I will nuke china also including you. Sorry.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      You don’t have to admit to stupidity, it shows very clearly. You made a vain attempt to try and say most companies/businesses in the philippines are owned and controlled by non filipinos. Now you know for a fact that is false, you even just admitted it when you meantioned the laws and regulations from YOUR own elected officials. Now are you working outside of the philippines? Most likely not. I mean if you were treated like shit and put up with stupid rules made by “foreign owners” in the philippines as you claim, why would you go to their country and put up with even more? No, simply you are a butt hurt filipino who cannot stand the truth and tries to shift the blame and your own faults onto others, another well known and famous filipino trait.

      I like the comment about bringing the Bataan nuclear plant back online. How does that work when you say filipinos are stupid? Stupid people cannot run a nuclear power plant. Along that line. How you all going to run a complex operation like a nuclear power plant when you can’t even run a much simpler thing like internet, phone service, coal powered electric plants? You’ll nuke China? With what? Your country has been begging the U.S and other countries to defend you. Don’t worry, I really understand your frustration. I mean if I lived in the make believe “Alice In Wonderland” that is the filipino mind, I would be frustrated with the real world and facts too. Good luck with that.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      All foreigners out of the philippines? Ok, so here’s where the foreigners start. All foreign governments stop ALL aid to the philippines. This includes cash money, goods, defense items donated (U.S just GAVE the philippines 2 ships). All countries should also let the philippines defend itself and not rush into the fight to help. I mean other countries can ensure freedom of navigation through the South China Sea without the help of the philippines or filipinos.

      Now here is something else to consider. If YOUR country is this fucked up with foreigners running it as you claim (but don’t cite facts to back up claims), how much more fucked up will it be with the “stupid filipinos” running it? Yes, you admitted right away you were filipino, that was good as that is a slight glimmer of honesty in your case. But still you cannot or will not face the facts, it was and is filipinos that have fucked up the philippines. Well, with the help of the catholic church. But I’m pretty sure filipinos could make a mess of it without the church being involved.

      You “will re run the nuke in Bataan”? How’s that going to work considering you clearly are not educated.

      1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

        To Mike
        I learnt from Bridget Bardo and her campaign against seal baching in the 1970s. She came to Canada protesting about cruelty. I think the seal pups were hit over the head when the skins were white.
        Well,, she went back to europe and got the EU to ban our fur imports. That made the price of furs sink so low, it was not worth the time and trouble of trapping the animals.
        But she was fined for saying she did not want any sheep eating moslems i her neighborhood.
        Yes,, if there was an economic blockade against this country, it would have to change in a hurry.
        But with our communist leftie govts in the western world, they are too busy taking slefies. I bet our PM Turdeau did not even ask about the 2 Canucks that were kidnapped in samal island????
        That would have hurt the do good ,, feel good atmosphere at the apec meeting.

    3. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      Maria , sorry but its a typical reaction a Filipino seems to me ” has to do ” there is no thinking , only blind madness and return fuck actions in your answer…I know it helps nothing if i tell you that here…but i want to tell you that this is exactly the thing which we foreigners mention here so often…No thinking. no want to solve visible problems instead the blame gets shifted…This is it why i say especially about Filipina Women..”they might be pretty…a mnd completely locked down into a brain of a kid …I know you get butt hurt now when u read this..but how u reply would reply a 15 years old Teen in my country..

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I think Maria has been coming to PFB for a while before joining and posting. She was mad even before she made her first comment. Why do I think that? Look at the avatar she chose, a pissed off face.

  18. Profile gravatar of Maria

    Mr. Mike
    I am just putting some scenario about experiences of others and mine. I am not saying you are wrong and I am correct, I only defending that some of my fellow Filipinos are not as what you think of the entire population of the philippines are. My country is philippines almost in the area are filipinos mostly you deal with them. You are only after what goes under your nose and make the all filipinos the same. Just there is a percentage in a company of filipino it doesnt mean policies only made by filipino as you said. You concluded as 100% percent of my fellow are all stupid. And that is I am not agree with. And what do you care if I am working outside the philippines right now? I work for what I eat and my family. Just to inform i dont care what you think I am. I know who I am I stand here in fairness for some of my fellows.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Funny thing, in your very first post you said filipinos were stupid. I never said ALL filipinos are stupid, again refer to YOUR first post and the others that follow. I see you are still trying to shift the blame about stupid policies to others and not where the fault really lies, again refusing to face the fact that filipinos do have more control than you want to admit. Now since you made the statement that I concluded 100% of filipinos are stupid, put your fact up to back up that statement. In every one of your comments you talk about how stupid filipinos are. Do I think all filipinos are stupid? No. I have had some very intelligent conversations with filipinos who back up their point of view with facts, common sense, logic and intelligence, this just is not one of them.
      I only go what is under my nose, as you put it? No, I go by how other people act, their morals, values, manners just to name a few. Now the filipinos set their own standard that others will see and judge them by. Filipinos are cruel not only to their pets and land but also to each other. They rarely display what passes as common manners. Then add to the mix that values, morals, ethics and discipline in any shape, form or manner basically do not exist in any shape or form in filipino culture for the most part. You can include honesty in that also.

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Maria
      If you carefully take a look at the ancient business practises here, you will notice that the feelippines is in manual typewriter age. I seen a manual typewriter in a big bank today here in Cebu!!
      That garbage went out years ago along with the stack of papers.
      Then add the never ending noise,,, horible drivers, garbage all over the pl;ace, corruption. murders. etc, it is a wonder this place does not sink into the sea!

  19. Profile gravatar of Maria

    To mike:
    I joined this group to learned experiences of other people in my country and makes my colleagues aware of it. Then, everyone of us will know and hope to serve as an eye opener for all. But if the members are narrow minded as you are. You are not different from being stupid. How come you assess a person without knowing him personally and just because of your experiences with his fellowmen. You branded him also a stupid. Then what kind of person are you? Nothing but also a STUPID one.

    1. Profile gravatar of Esteban Magtaka III Jr
      Esteban Magtaka III Jr

      “Maria” seems to be going for the record of confirming as many sterotypical Filipino traits as possible in one page.
      Insisting that someone else is stupid, while referring to oneself as the wrong gender, is the funniest thing I’ve read all day.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Learn the experiences of other people in your country and first thing you do is blame them for the stupid policies that exist? You cite one case where a foreigner owns 100% of a company because he was made a filipino citizen back in the 1950’s. Then I put up facts that counter your claims and you cannot stand the fact that filipinos are the ones making the stupid rules, policies and laws. So here I am being called narrow minded by someone who cannot list facts, face the truth but rather shift blame, deny. So just who did I asses without knowing them personally? I said I don’t think you are working overseas and said why I thought so, that is an opinion and not an assessment. I did say that you were not educated which your replies pretty much prove me correct in that area. But I will say one thing. I am impressed that you do use the spell check on your computer. Why? Because someone with your English grammar would not be that good in spelling, send Microsoft a thank you letter for putting spell check on your computer.

  20. Profile gravatar of Dave

    Ok so first time commentating here and I have had the fortune or misfortune of being a director in a large national firm and probably more interestingly that scope included HR and Customer Service – woot!Not many ex-pats get to be in that surreal position in a local company. I think when Maria mentioned something about not being Filipino she may have been referring to the “Chinoy” brigade or the Filipino Chinese community that pretty much own most of the major businesses in the big cities. Most Filipinos do not see the “chinoy” brigade as being one of them. Having worked for a firm owned by Filipino Chinese I can tell you right now that paranoia for their business and money runs very deep indeed and they look down on the regular “Juan” from a very great height. What I have learned is there is very much a regional/caste money thing going on that allows a great many Filipinos to distinguish themselves as separate from other Filipinos and hence the “shift in blame”.

    I had about 80 staff under me and 3 very distinct traits came out – the “locals” as in the city staff, the worker (the grease monkey with no college degree), the chinoy (the owners) and of course me, the ‘foreigner’. Sometimes we would refer to some weird traits simply as “eh kasi sa province na”. I can tell you right now without a shadow of doubt that the centralization of decisions to the MANCOM or the owner is the norm and in some cases it really has to be even if personally I did not like it on principle. The amount of staff and middle management who will rip you off, let things slide, buck the system and short cut your business down the drain in any region especially Cebu is just unbelievable. I had to see it for myself for 7 years to believe it could be that bad. If I had not been in the role I would have thought the same as anyone else coming here. Eventually every single local employee will steal the shirt of your back in business just for a few pesos and deny it to hell.