Why Debating With Filipino’s Is USELESS

 I thought I would share with bloggers here an example of baseless dumb arguments with Filipino’s which will never go anywhere, because they never address the argument and defend their point of view. Instead they tell you how you are wrong with no reason. They won’t even refute any facts, but instead simply ignore what you say and attack you. Here you will see a guy has made a remark on their “culture” of women using men for money. I make some points and get some pretty dry responses.

Anonoymous poster: “they do target foreigner i seen in Manila many many old guys age of grandfather.. they have wife age from 19 to 30s … Philippine and Thailand    every one knows about there  acception”   from foreigner..its all about money …they have very bad  reputation round the world”

Dumb Pinoy 1:”yes they should target specially you”

Anonoymous poster: “LOL”

Dumb Pinoy 2: “If u know it already why you have to do? Don’t talk generalised because each one of us has different characters same our fingers with different sizes. Hope u get my point”

Anonoymous poster 2: “Very true Hanif. around the world. Mostly single or separate mother. Proud to ask money from anyone for son school fees, sickness and all reason. Some filipina are doing prostitution. So many filipino girl are in jail coz in gulf it’s illegal to have baby with bf . It’s shame on their culture that brother, father and husband don’t work and force their girls, wife to work abroad. Believe me they marry only for money. Mostly chatting online all means. Of course they sweet like snake charmer. But are good also only few lucky guys”

Dumb Pinoy 1: “just stay in gulf”

Me: “Filipino’s can never handle the truth about their “culture” and how corrupt it is. Instead of making a valid argument to defend themselves from criticism, they call you names because they can’t handle the truth about themselves and how shitty their country is! If only they would own up to the mess they make for themselves, maybe they would improve as a people, but instead you see dysfunctional families, too many kids they can’t afford, and child brained adults who never learn from their mistakes and continue this vicious cycle of stupidity. I think Guenther has made a great example of how the people of the Philippines live in denial and refuse to see the truth. Instead Guenther goes to lows of name calling because she simply doesn’t live in reality.”

idiot filipino cannot argue with facts

Dumb Pinoy 1: “it seems you have a lot of time to write your comments and how you treat peoples like rabbits shows your respect. this is my last comment because i dont like peoples who are like you bytheway my 13 years old son can simply teach you about respect and behavior so let us end the discussion and stay away nameless\person”

Me: “Honor has to be earned, not granted without being earned. The country does not exhibit honor, there for it will not receive honor. For example: Philippines litter more than just about any other country I’ve seen. You see litter in churches, streets, rivers, villages etc. That doesn’t earn my honor Philippines people keep having babies they can’t afford and then beg and use their children for money. That doesn’t earn my honor Philippines has the least recognized Asian food. East Indian, Japan, Chinese all have well received food, yours isn’t. That doesn’t earn my honor. Philippines is 3rd world, has a corrupt government and they don’t seem to do anything about it. They glorify Marcos who was a dictator and enforced martial law on his people. They still to this day, talk about him like he was their dear friend when he was really a dictator treating them like mere sheep. That doesn’t earn my honor. Philippines people keep displaying “Pinoy Pride” while all this is prevalent in their country, which is shameful and disrespectful to themselves. That doesn’t earn my honor. Filipino people don’t even respect their own skin color. They glorify white skin and will do anything to be white. That is being racist to their own race. That doesn’t earn my honor. The countless foreigners who are used, abused, murdered, and tossed for money is very prevalent in your country, next to Thailand. That doesn’t earn my honor. I could go on, but I think I made my point. This doesn’t mean I don’t like Filipino’s. There are many I do like. The fact of the matter is, they live in denial and do not admit fault and that is the problem I have with them. Be proud when you have something to be proud for, instead of embarrassing yourselves, please!”

Dumb Pinoy 2: “can you tell us in which country you came from? And what kind of people living in your country? Are you studying also GMRC (GOOD MANNERS AND RIGHT CONDUCT.) Mind your own business or mind your own culture as we Filipino people knows how to respect other culture in each nation. We admit we did some mistakes but don’t tell me that your a perfect citizen to you’re country, do you? U discriminate the Filipino people, look were you belong and ask your self if your country is perfect as if you identified that all citizen which you belong is perfect and doesn’t do anything wrong to your country. Note: BEFORE YOU LOOK THE TAIL OF OTHER, LOOK BACK FIRST YOUR OWN TAIL. “

Me: “My country is in fact NOT perfect and I have many negative things I actually ADMIT about my country. See, that is the difference between me and you. You don’t admit any faults about your country and live in denial, while I am perfectly capable of identifying issues with my country and admitting to them. Problems get solved when you SEE the problem and ADMIT to yourself it is a problem, but Filipino’s never seem to want to admit any wrong or any problem with themselves or their own country. They would rather attack “manners” and other meaningless issues than admit and fix their own self induced problems. Nobody can say a negative FACT about your country, without you either putting your head in the sand, or attacking back with baseless and useless arguments such as yours. I’m sorry you can’t comprehend what I say and compute it in a way where you can form a meaningful argument. It’s another reason your country has so many problems”

See how they all have baseless arguments? Dumb Pinoy 2 says to mind my own business and that I discriminate, but she doesn’t correct anything I say about her country. She completely ignores my reasons for having little respect for the country and goes on to say she has the ability to respect other countries and cultures. Well, I think it is evident that the reason she can respect other countries is because other countries exhibit qualities that earn them respect, while her country doesn’t. She “admits “some mistakes” but doesn’t elaborate on this topic and follows with the words “don’t tell me that you’re a perfect citizen to you’re country, do you?” and follows with the “discrimination” card. It’s a really meaningless, baseless argument and I was really hoping for more, but I guess that is too much to expect from a Filipino.

4 days later and still no response to my answer to her. I suppose it’s my ending statement that concluded this conversation.

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      If you want to know its worth to debate with someone or if he/she its just some dogmatic idiot praying brainlessly shit down they were indoctrinated with, ask them to ACT like your lawyer and defend your point of view. If they cant do more or less convincing without just repeating what you said allready you know they have no idea of the matter what so ever and its useles to talk to them. The same i do when i buy things or hire services. I ask them to tell me whats the biggest disadvantage of the product or at what point they would recommend me to find an other person/company for that job. If they arent able to answer that honestly or come up with meaningless bullshit (eg. Android vs Apple phone disadvantage is taht the color is not so nice) you know that they have no idea of their field and abilities and its worthless to spend more time with them.

  1. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    You know what George Carlin said:

    “Never argue with an idiot. They will only bring you down to their level and beat you with experience.”

  2. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    Embarrassing but true! As much as I want to make sarcastic jokes, I don’t want to get myself in trouble. Pinoys can get very sensitive when it comes to their image or brand. They always have to defend their pride and that’s honor, I guess?

  3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    The Filipino cannot conceive the idea of

    1. Being an individual who thinks for him/herself
    2. Practicing what they preach.
    3. Pride with any measure of substance.

    The Filipino’s reality is the absolute opposite of what he/she conveys through words. They have been conditioned and brought up project an illusion about who they are, while living a completely different reality.

    They are robots, taught to respect no matter what. So when they see dad or mom or anyone else behaving despicably and undeserving of respect, they cannot conceive of reacting accordingly. They are simply programmed to ignore the despicable behavior, and pretend that the ILLUSION is the reality, and simply continue to mindlessly respect each other.

    That is why the despicable behavior flourishes. Because they replace reality with the illusion. And nothing will ever change in this country until people can grow enough brains to realize this sad, pathetic, debilitating mindset.

    I can ALMOST sympathize. The conditions, difficulty, and mediocrity of life in Philippines, mixed in with a large helping of hopelessness and inherent stupidity and ignorance with no training on how to think for themselves from infancy is very conducive to blocking out reality and latching onto the more attractive delusions and illusions.

    Keyword is “inherent stupidity and ignorance with no training on how to think for themselves”. This process has been allowed to go on for so long, I don’t think anyone can really see any reality at all.

    I think that is why we are so boggled and mystified why they behave this way. We were raised to see reality. Filipino’s reality is the illusion. They were raised and taught to ignore the reality, and only see the illusion. It’s fucking sad.

  4. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover Post author

    ” Filipino’s reality is the illusion. They were raised and taught to ignore the reality, and only see the illusion. It’s fucking sad.”

    That’s exactly the words I was searching for, Filo. They just can’t embrace reality, because if they did, imagine all the remorse they would feel, all the shame and loss of pride? Considering stupidity hinders them, this doesn’t help them see reality very well either. It’s much easier to be stupid, ignorant and play “pretend”.

    After thinking through this whole pride thing, I think the only area it is relevant is the hard working OFW’s who worked all their lives through school, finding jobs, and progressing, raising their personal capital. That is the only thing I can see, but the sad thing is the fact they are just pawns being used. For those, there is nothing to be proud about being a slave to the family, unless you are making a large sum of money, but the majority are living off of credit cards and will die leaving their kid’s with debt that THEY will have to pay off. Just sad.

  5. Profile gravatar of Rottt

    Using their stupidity against them to make truck loads of bucks is the best revenge. Not giving them or their freeloader familys anything is icing. Nothing drives them nuts faster than seeing a lot money spent, but not on them.

  6. Profile gravatar of Elias Loco
    Elias Loco

    I wrote “They always have to defend their pride and that’s honor, I guess?” But then I realized it didn’t sound right when I should have written “and that’s honor to them, I guess?” I missed out on that one. I don’t find any honor with too much pride, let alone if that’s the only thing that they honor.

    They won’t even seem to honor their historical roots as if deemed an insignificant part in their timeline. We have succumbed to such branding with that infused Pinoy mentality and now welcome the The Philippines! PH for country, F for people, P for language. What a practical idea?! If we soon lose parts of the south, what’s left of it to be called, Luzvisaland?

  7. Profile gravatar of Steve Declerck
    Steve Declerck

    Same with my wife, I never heard her saying anything bad about the Failippines and if I say something negative, she looks like a tiger at me. It’s all about Filipino pride again. But if the Failippines is such a great country, then why so many people are looking for ways to escape there…

    1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      Just last night I was having the argument about purses and Filipino women with my wife. She wanted to buy yet another purse (like her 10th Guess purse) and I told her “what the heck, you already have lots!” Her response was that “well, that’s what women like”. I told her, “no, that’s what Filipino women like, big collections of purses and shoes so they can emulate Marcos first lady”. She got all pissy about it. I told her “every other girl I dated never collected purses like that, where as just about every Filipino women does.” She was trying to make that general argument like they all do “well it’s like that everywhere” but I didn’t let her get away that cheap.

      Finally, I just told her very calmly, “from my observation, and this is just my opinion and you can take it like a grain of salt, Filipino women collect purses more than just about any other women. I look at the Western women I dated and compare to native Filipno’s and it’s evident the major difference in materialism and purses.”

      She finally just gave up after that.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike


        They do collect purses and shoes. Current wife has over 12 purses already and about the same amount of shoes. Where does she store the purses? She put hooks on the wall behind a door and hung them there. Now you can’t open the door all the way because the purses stop the door and bounce it back into you. I have noticed that about filipinos. They love to store stuff behind doors so they won’t open all the way.

        The ex wife was a MAJOR pack rat. Purses, shoe and dresses she would never wear. But then she did write a check for a quarter so she could buy a pack of gum. Cost her fifty cents bank charge to buy that pack of gum so 75 cents for something that cost 25.

  8. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    Guys, guys, a girl could never have enough purses and shoes! And you all forgot the blings! those shiny, glittery things that’s enough to drive the bowerbirds crazy! 🙂

    12 purses and 12 shoes? Ya got a bargain! and Mike, what’s wrong in building a walk -in robe?? All bedrooms should have one! 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      I have nothing against a walk in wardrobe for him and one for her. But my experience with two pinay wives say if not that way then I would have no where to hang my clothes. But then again they would probably take that over too.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        They sure would take-over the walk in robe, in fact, you’re likely to get booted out! The solution? why not a house each? Then they (Pinays) can fill their own house with rallies and you get to keep your peace, wallet and privacy! brilliant! 🙂

    2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      To Sarah
      i had a wallet that lasted 8 years,, best one i ever had…and my running shoes lasted 6 years,,,,
      I was raised in a house a radio, and two pictures,, wood stove.
      now you cant even get into a sink for the lotions bottles laying around,
      END RANT

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        I bought a wallet that lasted over 25 years, was sad to see it go. In the less than 2 years I have had 2 fall apart that I purchased at SM, now on my third from G-Mall. One day I opened the closet door in the living room and found that my ex Pinay had over 40 pairs of shoes, I was floored. Just outside the door were 3 pairs that she actually did wear. She loved thrift stores, always buying all sorts of stuff that later I would see stuffed into yet another box to be sent to the Phils, WTF? I finally realized that she would buy something, take pictures of herself in them and then tossed them in the box.

  9. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    do you have a carbon copy of my wife,,,,10 bags hanging on the bedroom so you cant help.
    you can’t even give a newspaper to the neighbor… got to save it for the termites to chew on,,, rusty bolts,,, millions of little bottles,,,, they are frigging hoarders…

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I think by the sounds my ex wife might be the carbon copy you speak of. We owned all our stuff for the house as follows: # full bedroom set, 1 full dining room set, complete living room set, washer, dryer, fridge plus personal items like clothes and such for her, my self and our daughter. We lived in a three bedroom, 2 bath house with full basement, formal greeting room, living room, dining room, even two separate staircases ( one for the hired help).

      So one day we start moving to the country and my daughter and I start moving stuff to new house. ALL the appliances, furniture, bedroom sets and our things which took about 6 hours. Not bad considering just two of us, wife at work. So what was the problem?

      It took us THREE days to move all the shit wife pack ratted in the attic, house and basement!!! Who keeps water bills from 20 years ago??? My ex wife!! Excuse? In case they say we didn’t pay it 20 years ago. So wife’s mom and dad talk her into leaving daughter and I and move to Reno, they bought her a house so she would move. Well my wife had a storage unit and asked me to help sort through it, which took about 12 hours I shit you not.

      When last box was done I said great time to leave only to be told there were TWO MORE units she had!! So off to Reno she goes, sneaks out on our daughter, not even a good bye. Now I was talking to my daughter back in Feb 2015 and her mother was coming to visit so we talked about old times and the moves came up and her mom’s pack ratting. Daughter said that the ex wife, her mom had TWO storage units in the city where we had the big house, at least ONE in RENO, ONE in Las Vegas and at least ONE in Florida where she lives now!!

  10. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    here in da feelippines,, if you keep papers in the closets,, the termites think it is just like ice cream or desert.. so the 30 year old bills and receipts get chewed up,,
    How can a person justify having storage units for junk??? YOur ex wife must be rich!!!!!!!!!!
    A friend of mine has a pinay wife in my home country,,, He informs she does the display thing too,, shoe boxes,,, empty boxes on to of the china cabinet’,,
    When I own my own compaany, i am going to study flip brainwashing techniques,,,, so i can make carbon copies of my employees who will do anything

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Quite the contrary on her being rich I assure you. Her parents are even by U.S standards but a greedy sister of hers controls mom and dads finances as they are in their 70’s now. Back in the 90’s their holding totaled $3.5 million USD in houses and land they own in San Francisco. Daughter thinks the sister is gonna screw her mom out of the inheritance because the sister is very tight fisted and greedy.

      Here what daughter said. Wife has all them storage units right? Well seems she keeps sending money to men in Africa that tell her they are single and need money for this or that and will pay her back. According to daughter her mom is desperate to remarry and keeps falling for stuff like this:

      “I’m an Italian male in my mid 50’s working in Africa. I am divorced and children are grown” So she talks online with these guys who get around to asking her for money which she sends them. Then complains she has no money and wonders where it went. Yes she sends the money Western Union to them then after picked up she never hears from them again. Then here comes another one and she keeps falling for it!!!

      So I could not resist when my daughter told me this. I told my daughter to tell her mother that if she wants to send money to a good looking, divorced man who is overseas then send it to me.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Seems Pinays abroad are very vulnerable to scams like this.

        Two years ago, one Pinay GF, (3 times divorced) tried to sponsor a Nigerian man to marry him in Australia. For some reason, immigration denied him the visa. But instead of investigating the reason why, she quit her job then went to Bali with her 4 kids in tow to marry the Nigerian man! Then she cut us all from her life, changed her number and moved house. Could not see any rationale in all this. Fast forward to 2015, she’s got another Nigerian she’s intending to bring into Australia. Seems she divorced the first one. What’s wrong with these women??

        If someone tries to chat me up and the word “I’m working in Africa” comes up, I’ll block him even before he could say “KANO AKO!”.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike


        You want to know the best part about the ex wife? Well she has told our daughter that it was a mistake her giving up the marriage for her mom and dad. Then tells my daughter how much she still cares and misses me. My reply, should have put your husband and daughter first then, too late.

    2. Profile gravatar of Mike


      Speaking of displays have you seen this one? A filipino invites you over for dinner or a drink at his house so you go but keeping your hand on your wallet at all times. In you walk and there sits the TV and over there is the stereo and DVD player. If you look at those items you will most likely see they still have the ORIGINAL STATIC STICKERS on them. In the case of the tv they are still on the screen so the filipino is bragging about his NEW tv. But if you look at the tv it was obsolete TEN YEARS AGO!!!

      “Hey, look at my brand new tv I bought ten years ago.” I always get a kick out of that when I see it and think what a moron.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        What about a brand new motorbike in the living room? I’ve seen them, not just once but 3 times!!

        Notice the proliferation of car ports in the RP? Even a large house has carports! WTF? If you’re gonna buy a Mercedes Benz, you would enclose it, would you not? But I think the real reason Pinoys rarely build carports is because they want to display what they really have! With fancy gates and spiked fences.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike


        Fancy fences with spikes in front of a carport when they don’t have a car. Another case of filipino symbolism over substance.

      3. Profile gravatar of Mike


        Scooters in the living room? Have not seen that one yet. But back in the navy days a neighbor of mine would park his motorcycle in his living room at night where it marked it’s territory with oil drops on the carpet. But that was perfectly understandable. Why? It was a 1958 HARLEY DAVIDSON SPORTSTER!! He by the way was in the navy and sent to Vietnam where he was a door gunner in a Huey. Had three shot out from under him, but that’s another story.

  11. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    LOL! Yes, I noticed those too Mike 🙂

    Or maybe the car got repossessed? Since most of these high priced items (motor bikes, cars) are paid by installments, more often than not, such items get repossessed. Are Pinoys embarrassed about it? not a bit! That’s the thing I can’t understand about their mentality. They are so big on “hiya” and amor propio and saving face. But not ashamed that their prized possessions get repossessed for failure to pay??

    And it seems credit checks are not the norm in da Failippines, because what do Pinoy do once his motor bike is repossessed? He just goes and buy another one…. on installment!!

    Which brings me to mind. Before we decided to buy the SUV, I investigated how much to purchase one of those motorbikes – cash. The bastards would not sell me the bikes on cash! They wanted me to buy it by installment. I explained to them that I don’t live in the Philippines permanently, therefore I won’t be in the country to make regular payments. I was advised “do you have relatives that can make payments on your behalf Ma’am?” I said “keep your bike” and walked off. Wankers!

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      I bet, at almost 100% interest paid on installments, what a rip off. I looked at a repo once, scratch and dent in tank, 500 km, asked for price, it was a whole P2,000 less than brand new, yeah right.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        I figured the profit for that installment bike would be in the range of 200%. That’s why they actively discouraged, and in some stores, actually refused my cash payment for a motor bike. Anyway, I’m glad we settled for an SUV because not long after we bought the SUV, one cousin had a motorbike accident and broke her leg.

  12. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Scooters in the living room? Have not seen that one yet”.

    Yep, seen one in Manila (an Aunt’s neighbor) and twice in Cebu, one in Cebu city and one in the provinces. All bikes were in very good conditions. The one in Manila has never been used. The OFW son bought it and no one was allowed to use it. So it was in the living room. But I don’t know what the rationale was for the other two, other than to gloat?

  13. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Filipinos have a negotiation strategy in life.

    Lock in agreement. Once the agreement is done then they start withdrawing or taking back some of their own agreements.
    They do this all the time. then work the “deal” into their own favour.

    Take my friend. He wanted to hire a car.
    The agreement of budget was reached.
    Filipina goes out and comes back
    sorry no hire cars but i know someone
    ok. The price will be the same. ok

    After .. it turns out to be a car of lesser value and the cousin driving it.
    yet she “charges” him the same price. as there was no option he had to get this car and i am sure they were having a laugh at the stupid rich foreigner as they do paying over the top.

    Also when theres requests for help, you might reach agreement to throw them a couple of hundred pesos.
    then after when they have accepted ok, can you send that they ask for more.
    Always, CRAB CRAWLERS. theres something new thats come up, just one more problem,
    just one more excuse. ALWAYS!!
    they just keep pulling the rope trying to extract as much as they can out of the situation
    before running when the situation drys up.

  14. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    NEGOTIATION FILIPINO STYLE — everyone reaches agreement. you get your part agreed and set and they still change the terms and conditions on their side even after saying yes. finish, done and dusted.

    No! these fuckers keep going wanting to make more out of the deal by giving you less, inferior quality, grovelling as they do and more .. so the deal isnt normally finalized for them BUT it is for you. Yes, in their minds they think they are “delivering” the promise (never have i trusted a Filipino promise) but as you know filipinos thinking and reality are worlds apart and what they deliver is FAILED PROMISES, inferior quality, poor standards or nothing at all – AIR!!, . my friends have all experienced this (especially after i highlighted to them .. dude, do you see what that filipino did and how they changed their end of the bargain to deliver basically a shit deal? where my friends have agreed on something and what comes back is A LOT LOT interior product, service, result as agreed

    eg. car hire.. driver… turns out to be cousin and his car not a proper hire company as agreed..
    eg. giving money. Agreed on 200 and that NO MORE as a helping gesture. Can you tell me when your at the mhullier. ok, at mhullier .. fuck me .. still texting askng for more ..
    eg. lets hire the car for the meter — comes in at 900 .. the guy gave 1200. taxi driver says “no no! i want 2,000” even though they agreed to use the meter

    SEE WHAT IS GOING ON HERE: agreement.. but after when its time to pay they ask for more. after when its time to deliver goods or services its usually less (quality, type, style, the cousin and not a professional provider of the service etc).

    ratcheting. they use ratcheting techniques all the time and NEVER GIVE up right to the last minute wanting to give less, do less, outlay less, give inferior quality instead of shutting the fuck up, getting it done and sticking to their word.