Why Filipinos Don’t Want Change. A Satirical Story

Filipino: A Culture Rewarded For Stupidity and mistakes

A Satire Story:

William died the early age of 62. Didn’t even make it to retirement to enjoy the expected remainder of his years. Instead those years were nipped off, suffering from heart failure and now in Gods hands. Afterlife was his plea and God granted him that wish, but needed help from William for deciding his destiny.

William cried, “I worked hard all my life, had 2 wonderful children and lived in a “free” country as a high ranking citizen in England, but yet I didn’t get to even retire. Children were an expense and trying to raise them and handle the costs of living was difficult and not to mention my wife, who wasn’t the perfect person I imagined, but I pulled through and made the best of things”

God replied, “so you worked hard all your life, supported your family and provided well for your children? Check, OK…..continue”.

William answered, “I was a smart individual with a 140 IQ. I was also giving. I ran charity organizations and paid heavily to support those in need. I over worked myself and all the stress of working more than likely contributed to my heart failure. I wanted to retire early and not have to worry anymore. I made all the success I wanted earning a large salary and gaining respect from my peers but it seems as though I worked myself into a grave. I need something much different than this past life…..I feel as though my only reward for all my good doings was an early grave, God.”

God sat their on his big holy cloud of bullshit and pondered. *hmmm. Successful, giving, providing for his children, devoted worker and none of this really served poor William in the end*

God arose from his holy cloud of bullshit. A light bulb had gone off in his head. “William, I know a perfect place for your after life. A place that will grant you what you truly need and desire”.

William kneeled down before God and pleaded, “Please, almighty one, give me an easier life! I don’t want to work myself into another grave! I made mistakes, in fact, I made far too many bad decisions in my life. I don’t want to make those bad decisions again”.

God replied, ” what If I were to give you a life where you would get rewarded for your mistakes? What if I told you that you no longer need to learn from your mistakes?”

William asked, “why, I don’t know if I want to live a life where I don’t learn from my mistakes, why would I want to live like that? Wouldn’t it stress me out more living like that?”

God laughed, “muahahahah, in this afterlife you won’t even have the intelligence to care! In fact you won’t even feel shame! You’ll be able to excuse all your wrong doings with the word “culture” or simply not giving a fuck.”

Williams eyes widened, “uh, what the fuck, God did you just swear?”

God coughed, “why yes, now where was I? Oh yes, I will give you the ability to live cost free even! You will have to do a little work for a portion of your life, but the rest of it paid for! I’ll make you so entitled to other peoples success, you won’t even need to worry about working much. I can guarantee you retirement by at least age 50, probably earlier. “

William asked “that sounds good, but how and why will I be retiring at such an early age? What’s the catch?”

God coughed and paused for a moment, “I see I have a bright one here. Well first of all I’m going to give you a life where you can fuck all you want and have babies. Then what you’re going to do is invest in the babies until they are about 17, send them off to work the rest of their petty lives and and have them pay you for all your bills, housing, expenses, booze, gambling, you name it! It’s the culture where this is respected and admired so don’t worry about shame and feeling guilty, you’ll be suffering from too much dumb fuckery to have those feelings anyways”

“What about mistakes I make, like finding the wrong women and having babies with them? What about mistakes Of spending too much money when I shouldn’t be or being dictatorial and demanding with my kids? I don’t want to exploit them and be dependent on them?”, replied William.

God tilted back on his holy cloud of bullshit and laughed, “hahahahaha, all the mistakes you make will be excused and rewarded, you will have plenty of other women to pursue and impregnate, and your gullible, weak minded children will never feel exploited because all of this is just a part of the culture! Hell, your kids will worship you like a king and die with eternal debt and guess what? They will be happy doing it because the majority are dumb as nails! Don’t worry about it, they are mostly catholic and worship me more than just about any other culture. I take great care of them! They’re a little over populated and I have to send some typhoons there once in a while to cut the numbers down but other than that, you’re gonna like it. Trust me. “

William sat back and pondered,”so early retirement, very little stress, free money, as many girls as I want, and rewarded for dumb-fuckery? Can’t you just give me an afterlife where I’m born into a rich family?”

“Oh boy, I thought you’d ask that one. See, all those fucking Pinoy’s took that afterlife, and considering they die off as much as they procreate, the fuckers first wish is to become a rich white man/women and end up first in line ahead of everyone else.”

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  1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    Why would they want change? They’ve really got it so good. They can lie, cheat, and steal from each other, freeload off each other, manipulate and obligate their children to support them, basically all things despicable and condemned by the majority of the world, and feel no shame about it, and just say, “dats de way it is in de Pilippines”, as if something “is the way it is”, it cannot be changed, so just go with it, and continue to be impoverished, pathetic, and remain in the dark ages while the rest of the world progresses.

    Progress takes work, and it’s hard. That’s way too much for de Pilipino. They’re just too damn lazy to give a fuck. Besides, Manny Paquiao is enough for them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Anne

      The last line reminds me of the stupid news I have heard last night. One of the interviewee said, “If he wins then he can help more people.” Only supporting the guy because he’s bound to give them money after the fight, pay for their children’s education, food, housing and more… -.-

      1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
        Pinay Lover Post author

        Ya, just a little story I dreamed up. If I were him, I’d help them by mutilating their genitals so they can’t procreate. That would help them greatly.

        1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflip

          Those gooks already mutilate the genitals of young boys (and, after the dirty deed, they call them “men”). The problem is, they only whack off the foreskin, whereas it would be much better if they cut the whole head off (or, at the very least, whack off their balls). Sigh….

          1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover Post author

            They do circumcision around puberty stage there which is a perfect time since their hormones are wild! Just an extra inch to cut the head off would end the vicious cycle of breeding like roaches and possibly cure the Philippines of it’s self induced problems!

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        I really liked the scenario you put together on this. I mean, when you think about it, life is real fucking easy when you don’t have to worry about consequences to your actions and choices, when you can mooch off of others, when you are really not expected to to have accountability, character, or anything even remotely resembling dignity. What an easy life. This is why they are all raised to NOT THINK, not worry about reason, logic, or responsibility.

        All they can do is say, “We are a poor country”, but they don’t seem to ask the important question: “WHY are we poor?”.

        It’s the same with any problem, big or small. When there’s a problem that arises, resolution of the problem is seldom the next thought upon discovery of a problem. The problem is just accepted, and continues to be a problem.

        When you have an entire nation where simple logic and simple progressive thought is as rare as gold, problems don’t get resolved, and people remain poor.

        You won’t find them saying, “We are a poor family because mom and dad won’t go get a fucking job, and every time we get a little bit of money, dad spends it on Red Horse and Karaoke.”

        They just say, “We are a poor Family, because we are a poor Family, so that’s why mom and dad send 7 year old little Bing Bing out on the streets to beg for money”.

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover Post author

          Filipino’s truly belong in a communist or heavily socialist country because they are nothing more than followers and not free thinking individuals. Sheep need a dog and man to guide them and it seems Filipino’s have the same co-dependent thinking patterns. If the sheep are left without direction they do nothing but stand their and graze all day. If the Filipino is left without direction they just sit their and beg all day.

          Communism and big government would have a walk in the park controlling this people since their whole culture is based on freeloading and hand-outs, which is the premise for a communist government. They tax the hell out of you and you get a few hand outs to shut ya up. This system would work for both parties. Filipino’s would be more than happy since it takes very little to please them, and communist governments would be more than happy taxing the sheeple for easy money.

          I looked up inventions the other day for the Philippines and was really disappointed. That just says it all for their lack of imagination……..

          1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
            Captain PFB

            I have employed many Filipinos, and still do. My experience with them is they need to be told the rules at least once a week, they need constant supervision, and they need to be told exactly what their job is on a regular basis.

            The moment you turn your back, they are slacking off and not working, doing something else like texting or messing around on Facebook.

            I have a program in my home network which allows me to view their computer desktop in real time. I can see their mouse moving, clicking, what they have open in their browser, basically, with one click, I can see their computer screen from my computer screen.

            I can’t tell you how many times I catch them with Facebook open or an online game open. I reach over and open my door loud enough for them to hear it, while watching their computer screen on my computer screen. Soon as they hear my door, I sit there and watch Facebook close, the games close, and only what they SHOULD be doing open. It fuckin’ cracks me up. Then I’ll walk out there and tell them the next person who is screwing around on Facebook when they should be working gets suspended for a week without pay.

            “Sir, we don’t have Facebook open…see?”

            “I guarantee you had Facebook open. You know it, and I know it. And the next person who lies about it, gets fired.”

            “Yes sir”

            Then they think that little episode only applies for today, because they’ll do the exact same thing tomorrow.

            Most Filipinos are completely incapable of integrity, discipline, and especially honesty. They will lie any time any where to anyone for self preservation. It’s like an automatic response to lie when caught doing something wrong….just like a 5 year old. No integrity, no dignity, just dishonesty, laziness, and lies.

          2. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

            I have hundreds of stories of lies that are told daily. It seems that these multiple lies add up to a culture of lies and subterfuge. Here are a few that occurred just the other day.
            1) While shopping at the mall supermarket with my filipino wife and her sister, I asked a store clerk where they kept the real cheese,not the processed fake crap they call cheese. She told me that they don’t sell real cheese instead of saying that she didn’t know. I asked another clerk the same question and she told me that they were out of stock instead of finding out for me. It took me persistence and patience before I found a clerk who showed me where it was and the store actually had a nice size display of various imported cheese. I now know that “out of stock” doesn’t mean that they are out of stock, rather that they are either too lazy to look or that they don’t know the answer to the question.
            3). Yesterday we drove to a beach resort near General Santos, if you could call that rat hole a resort and were told that the smaller huts that were less expensive were unavailable so I had to rent a more expensive one. As we were led to the hut, I noticed that the cheaper huts were all empty. Now keep in mind that these are not really huts but just a but just a place to leave your stuff while you go swimming. Sure enough at the end of the day all of those cheap huts were empty. Of course, with me being a loud mouth New Yorker from the USA I couldn’t let it go. I went back to the check in area and confronted the idiot who told my wife that the cheaper huts were unavailable and asked him why he lied to us. At first he said that he wanted us to have a better hut with a better ocean view. He was trying to get out of what he said by trying to deny it and by not making eye contact with me while we spoke.I had my wife and sister in law standing with me and I asked them if he knew what I was saying. It turned out that he spoke perfect English so I asked him why did he just outright lie to us at checkin. I told him that he was a liar and to look me in the eyes while he spoke to me.. By then he was getting real nervous because I am 6’4” and weigh 240 lbs and I am in really good shape for my age. He wouldn’t stop saying sorry to me. After I stormed out of the place, my sister in law, who stayed behind for a few minutes told me that the poor guy was shaking and begging her to forgive him. I guess I scared the shit out of him. Do you think he learned a valuable lesson about lying to people? Probably not! Lol

          3. Profile gravatar of Anne

            The second story labelled as 3 also happened to us multiple times!!! My friends and I went to a boutique club as to have a term-ender celebration (after surviving all those case studies, countless exams, presentations, all-nighters and more, we did deserve to celebrate). We were on the guest list but then we haven’t had table reservations because we were unsure of how many will be tagging along. The guy gave a quick look on our group before telling us that all stand tables (if I’m not mistaken is around 6,000php) were all taken! It was only 11pm AND a Wednesday night, so it was already sketchy. I would’ve understood if it was a Friday or Saturday night since it’s most likely fully-booked before midnight. But my friends were like, “Hey it’s cool, let’s just pay for the table he offered since drinks are consumable.” When we got to our seats, 3 cheaper tables right in front of us were not occupied!! I stood up and ask the waiter passing by, if the table was free. He said YES! WTF! I told my friends about it but they were all “Okay lang yan, bayad na din naman tayo” (That’s okay, we’ve paid already). They were trying to have all the expensive seats occupied first before giving away the cheaper ones!! The one they offered was more than twice the cheap one we wanted and we didn’t even maximize the price we paid that should cover our drinks since we didn’t drink much, and to think I had to contact a few friends to come late with us so we can maximize the ‘consumable’ drinks.

          4. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Where is that “nice size display of various imported cheese”? I’ve been looking for 5 years and still haven’t found it.

          5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Sm hyprtmart used to have good cheexe,but never seen these morons buy any,,,,

          6. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            My nearest SM had a small deli counter with some decent cheeses and cold meats when they first opened. A month later it was all gone, replaced with pigs feet.

            Good food is wasted on most pinoys.

          7. Profile gravatar of Grumpykano

            Hi Phil Doh, it was in General Santos at the SM mall supermarket in the dairy department. I take back the phrase “nice size display” but at least they had Gouda cheese, Cheddar and fresh Mozzarella available.

          8. Profile gravatar of FAFI

            I literally would’ve just gone ape shit on his ass. Unfortunately, there is no justice against the corrupted in this country. No chance of a pinoy going to jail for lying, or other wise their jails would consist of 90% of the population, and jail is not big enough for a billion of lying ass pinoys. Actually, living here in Philippines feels like a prison, so there is a jail big enough for a billion pinoys, it’s called “Philippines!”

          9. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
            Pinay Lover Post author

            “t’s like an automatic response to lie when caught doing something wrong….just like a 5 year old. No integrity, no dignity, just dishonesty, laziness, and lies. ”

            Not kidding, and I can’t believe the obsession with Facebook. These people’s lives revolve around showing off after all. “look at my useless materials, and all the debt I put myself in to get them! I’m so successful!” You wouldn’t believe the amount of religious nonsense I see on my wife’s Facebook….it’s non stop.

          10. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Yep, thanks god for my new fake iphone.

            Saw a funny flip fb post today. It was this dickhead’s birthday and he was asking if anybody can sponsor a party for him, with the obligatory hehehehe at the end (joke lang, but really serious). So typical.

          11. Profile gravatar of kalbo

            How tempting it is to “book” a posh restaurant for him and his mates then forget to show up, leaving birthday boy to pick up the tab!!

          12. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Pinay lover,

            Speaking of showing off what about this one. You get invited to a filipinos house for a beer or dinner. Sitting in the living room is a off brand flat panel tv from 1980 with the original static stickers all over the screen.

          13. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
            Phil Doh

            Why waste your time and money when you can hire somebody for the same price from another part of the world? I only tried hiring a filipino once for some simple copy and paste product data entry work. Instead of clicking “save” after each paste they clicked, “delete”


          14. Profile gravatar of Mike


            Your post is right on. We have had helpers since I came here. They cook, clean house, do laundry, run errands and such. Well I have lost lots of clothes because they use bleach and then my clothes get ruined by the bleach spots. So I have a rule that I started, NO BLEACH or CHLORINE when washing my clothes. What happens? My clothes still get ruined by bleach no matter how many times I tell them no bleach.

            As to the others. They would steal our glasses, silverware, shoes, pants, shirts and so on. Walk outside to sit on swing and there they are pissing on the front of our store!!

            One of my favorites is cooking a Western dish, say something simple like fried potatoes and onions. They say they don’t know how to make that so I’ll cook them up and show them only to be told I’m doing it wrong. Now pardon the hell out of me, but if you don’t know how to cook them how do you know I’m doing it wrong?? Of course that question is well over their heads.

    2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Sorry Filo, but I have to intervene. According to recent news, it looks like Pacquiao may not be enough for them anymore. Hahaha, if only you held that comment for 2 more days…. or maybe not. They still worship him and consider him a winner because they disagree with the way Mayweather won; which was described by running and hugging, and Pac claimed to have an injured shoulder (yeah right, lying ass pinoy).

      1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
        Captain PFB

        Well, Paquiao is a winner. Not going to take that away from him. But I will take his success away from the Filipino people who want to claim it as if it were their own.

        To say “I’m proud to be Filipino because of Manny Paquiao” is like saying “I’m proud to be American because of Brad Pitt.” Imagine if we Americans went around gloating to the world we’re a great nation because we have Brad Pitt, or Jack Nicolson or Barry Bonds, or Joe Montana.

        It’s just ridiculous. Yeah, we have had some champions (a fucking helluva lot more than Philippines), but we don’t trounce around claiming American pride because of a few great sports champs, or great singers, or great actors. If we want to claim American pride, it’s because of accomplishments as a nation.

        But I’ll say it again. I don’t claim to be proud of being American. Why? Because I had nothing whatsoever to do with being American. I was just born that way. If I was born Nigerian, I would be trouncing around claiming Nigerian pride. If I was born Romainian, I would be trouncing around claiming Romanian pride.

        So what these idiots (and all priders for that matter) don’t seem to realize is that pride is about personal accomplishment. Freddy Roach and the Paquiao team can claim pride because of Paquiao, because they helped accomplish a champion.

        A graduate can be proud of accomplishing a degree. Parents can be proud of their children, because they raised a good child. But your degree, your championship, your accomplishments have little to nothing to do with your nationality.

        1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

          Pacquiao shouldn’t be proud of anything either. He is not a champion, real champions know how to accept defeat. When Juan Manuel Marquez got robbed (TWICE) and Pacquiao got the gift decision, Pacquiao knew he lost both times and yet he accepted the decision and basked in glory. Now it is clearer than the clearest day that Mayweather won, yet Pacquiao said he thought he won the fight. What the heck… If I was Max Kellerman, I would have slapped him and repeated my question, you think you won the fight? If he says yes, slap him again until he tells the truth. 🙂

          I was happiest when JMM knocked him out, after two robberies, it seemed like God was there to bring justice. 😉

  2. Profile gravatar of
    sorry sir we dont have

    “They’re a little over populated and I have to send some typhoons there once in a while to cut the numbers down”
    but all this taifuns and eartquacke are usles!
    if you make the same time a brown out, the flips make more new babies then peoples die 🙂

  3. Profile gravatar of kalbo

    I went on a date and went to a girl’s house in Makati. They had all these boxes lined up on display…ibook, ipad, iphone boxes etc. They were dead keen for me to see all their gadgets. I have never used an ipad before and they were shocked and took the piss out of me. Well it was a chance for them to get haughty with a kano. They even told me they played facebook games and once paid someone 10000pesos to play the game so they get a good score! Wow!

    The next day the girl texts me and wants me to “take” her to makati med for her stomach pain.

    “No” was my reply.

    The people you meet in Manila are just the most fickle, full of shit, haughty, patronising fucks.

    1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

      That’s crazy, it makes me wonder how do they earn their money. Even if I had a million dollars, I wouldn’t spend 10,000 pesos on a lame facebook game.

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        I think they snag unsuspecting Kanos and leech off them.

        I remember the date well. Got a taxi to their place, took some wine. The friend mentioned the Kano bf had just moved out. (I wonder why! I suspected he was paying the rent).

        The friend was particularly nasty and patronizing. BUT she was stunning, about 10/10! Anyway I decided to try something. I told her she looked like a ladyboy. She was devastated, totally hilarious!

        After that the girl suggests greenbelt. We go to a resto, she orders starter. Then orders main course which she cant eat, so she puts it in a bag. I suspect immediately that she’s gonna take it home to her friend.

        Then to a bar and she wants cocktails. Then to Starbucks where she tries to order a chicken sandwich (remember – she didnt eat the main course earlier and it still holding it in a doggie bag!!). I walked out, so no additional food for her doggie bag.

        Then she wants to be dropped back at her place i.e. doesnt have any money for taxi.

        So, all in all, a good night for her. Food and wine for her and her friend who was waiting back home.

        The next day I got the call about her wanting to be taken to Makati Med i.e. wants me to pay the bills.

        So they are basically a pair of scammers who cant hold on to a guy for more than a couple of days!

        I write this so fellow Kanos are aware of some of this crap.

  4. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Once again, this is solid proof that god is a made up sky fairy. Look at how heavily worshiped he is in a dumb like this! If this country is the very symbol of god, then there has to be something fucked up with religion. I will never believe in god again, that’s for damn sure. And if he is real, then he has problems for making a place like this.

    1. Profile gravatar of oblivious

      Filipinos love the concept of God because….

      First, we can ask for anything we want without putting any effort / work into getting it and it will be given to us.
      You know, sometimes God does not give us what we want because he has better plans for us.
      When that happens, it means it’s time to take matters into our own hands, so then we can lie, cheat, steal etc. in order to get what we want… but we don’t forget to ask for forgiveness after, so we can still go to Heaven when we die. 🙂

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Perfect religion for a population of irresponsible, adulterous, sinful, greedy freeloaders. Go to Church on Sunday mornings and commit sins before sunset and carry on till next Sunday. Go to Church following Sunday, confess and take communion and you’re as good as new. Repeat process throughout the week and so on. And don’t forget to give money to the Church or else, your sins won’t be forgiven. What a load of BS!!

    2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      Before I ever came here I considered myself an agnostic. This place turned me into a die-hard atheist. I’ve come to the conclusion that either there is no god or the devil is running the world and the Philippines is evidence of his sick sense of humor.

    3. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      ” this is solid proof that god is a made up sky fairy”

      I’ve been going by the saying “life is what you make it” for some time now. Atheism has served me MUCH better than looking for answers and hoping for granted wishes from an invisible man. To think, I was once a person like that, but then to think there are millions like that in the Philippines who suffer much more and still don’t see the big picture that “life is what you make it”…….saddens me as well as pisses me off!

  5. Profile gravatar of Anne

    I was in a mall in Makati last Tuesday, a common place where you see foreigners and their Pinay partners walking around. I passed by a couple with the woman’s friends around checking the menu of a fancy restaurant. The girls were giggling and were extremely excited since they’ll have free food! I overheard the one say, “Ay! Ang mahal naman! Pero bayad naman ng boyfriend mo!” (Oh! It’s expensive but it’s fine since your boyfriend will pay!” which was followed by the other females’ laughters. I would love to warn him about the type of woman he’s with but I doubt he’d take an advice coming from a Pinay stranger. Who am I to ruin their date, right? But before I left, I gave the girls a quick glance. As bad as it is to judge them as first timers in the area, I half wish they were well dressed as they were the only ones wearing too slutty clothes and thick make ups in a hot sweaty afternoon. They just stood out from the crowd, and their giggling can be heard even a few meters away! I still couldn’t help but get annoyed with her friend’s giggling! Poor guy, he is bound to pay for every meal those girls will have with them just because he’s a foreigner and will be the ATM of everyone related to his partner.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      Anne, your story reminded me of a (young) Pinay who was shopping in an upmarket department store in Cebu. She did not pick anything useful or practical…..they were all slutty anything. Slutty short shorts, slutty bikini barely covering anything. Slutty tops etc. The funny thing was, when the cashier added her purchases and told her it was $5,5000…..she tugged at the sleeves of her old Kano companion. He painfully slowly pulled out his wallet and painfully presented a credit card to the cashier. My BF whispered on my ear “she must have rocked his world last night, now it’s pay up
      time” 🙂

      And yes, I noticed quite a number of Filipinas with these Kanos with their relatives at food courts and restaurants. I also noticed that the old Kano often looked lost, confused? worried about the number of mouths he’s gotta feed in the future? Quite often, the Pinoys order so much food, as if they haven’t eaten all week!

        1. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
          Pinay Lover Post author

          That would have been around $500 US. Damn, if I were that old dude I would have “promised” them stuff, maybe taken them out for dinner, had a good fuck and then chucked them and never saw them again. I say, an eye for an eye. If they use me, I use back!

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            I think it was only about $150 PL. The Aussie$ was higher then at about $1Au = P40. Or bit higher if he was American or European. Still, a lot of money for useless things, less than half a dozen items. I got more items for my purchases for the same money. And of course, I did not have to tug at someone’s sleeves to pay 🙂

            And yes, CFS, one day millionaires. I guess for some people, not seeing the cash drained (because it’s credit card) it don’t hurt much. It’s when one gets the bill back in the home country when reality hits. Neither of them were wearing wedding or engagement rings, so my guess was, she was probably just a GF, or “friends with benefits” 🙂

          2. Profile gravatar of Anne

            Ugh speaking of which, last July conversion was 1AUD = roughly 40php. Now it’s about 35-36 php per Australian $. I have a bad habit of checking the exchange rates and their graphs. Even went down around 34 php last March. But yeah, why buy clothes that barely covers anything. Such a waste.

      1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

        Those are the types of dudes i just want to slap in the face. Maybe reality will set in after the slap 🙂 … But than again, those types of dudes are known as “2 week millionaires” and literally around for 2 weeks. Most times getting away from their fat American/Western wives, or crappy lives, having a good time in a non committed relationship with young pinays. Especially in Makati, where most men can find willing women from all across the country in one place.

    2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
      Pinay Lover Post author

      If that guy is totally aware that he is basically paying for sex by handing out money to those freeloading sluts, then I do not pity him since he knows what he’s getting into and if he’s not looking for long term relationship quality Filipina’s then all the power to him.

      But, if he is one of those oblivious, dumb foreigners who doesn’t have any balls and just let’s girls use him and walk all over him, he’s just as dumb as the Filipino freeloaders.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        PL, from my observations no foreigner has to pay for sex i the philippines. Filipinos will find a way to fuck them out of everything they can, every chance they get and any way they can. But this fucking does not involve sex.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “Filipinos will find a way to fuck them out of everything they can, every chance they get and any way they can.”

          Errr, will you permit me to re-phrase that Mike? It should be: Filipinos will find a way to fuck them out of everything they own and earn, every chance they get and any way they can regardless if you’re dead or alive!” 🙂

          I threw that “dead or alive” thing because I have heard of Pinays living with Kanos who upon the Kano’s death, the Pinays won’t notify the home country because of course they wanted that pension cheque coming for as long as they can get away with it.

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            Sorry for my oversight in the post, thank you for bringing it to my attention. Your edit/rephrase is more than welcome and quite right.