Why I Love The Philippines

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel a bit over the years, and have to say the Philippines is probably the most beautiful country I’ve been to. It’s one of the few places left on earth where you can find a secluded beach – white sands, crystal clear waters, palm trees gently swaying in the breeze. Chill in a hammock with a beer and you’re in a veritable paradise.

Because I have this affection for these parts of the Philippines – the few remaining parts which aren’t spoiled by karaoke parties, trash on the beach and the smell of piss – it is why I get so annoyed and frustrated with Filipinos. I’m no eco warrior, but just can’t fathom for the life of me why they are so hell bent on fucking their own country up with filth. Is it a lack of education, where they cannot understand that throwing plastic in the sea is bad for the environment? Maybe the OFW culture where everybody thinks the grass is greener elsewhere makes them care less about home. Whatever the reason, for all the so called chest-thumping pinoy pride Filipinos in general really don’t give a fuck about their own country when it comes to keeping it clean.

I relayed the following story in the comments of another post and it typically summed things up for me. I chatted to a ship’s captain who had always had Filipino crews throughout his 25 year career. He told me how they would sail the world and then once they hit Philippine waters the crew would bring out the trash they had stored up for months and throw it overboard.

The captain, horrified, would ask, “What the fuck have you just done that for?”

Crew members: “It’s ok, we’re home now.”

It’s just bizarre. They’ll happily adhere to the rules of other countries, but once they return home they revert to their old ways of just making their home country as filthy as they can.

I’ve been to what could have been a nice beach resort if it weren’t for the empty beer cans on the sand and plastic in the waters, and was charged a 10 peso environmental fee by some random idiot walking up and down the beach. Somebody once tried to charge me just for taking pictures on a beach. Like everywhere else in the islands of a 100 million scam artists they see a white face and come up with ways to try and fleece you. Even some of the most remote beaches have people bothering you to buy crap and kids begging for money.

There are a few far flung places which haven’t yet been ruined by typical pinoy behavior, so if you appreciate natural beauty and are in the Philippines try and visit some of these few remaining fantastic spots before the natives get there and spoil things.

Like I say – I love the Philippines. Most beautiful country on the planet (if you take away the people).

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    I noticed that about the boat trash.
    I was at a place that had a diving school and island hopping.
    The boat comes back (in mactan) and offloads the Korean day trippers ….
    and … huh? wtf .. they sweep all the trash and bottles into the water.

    Filipinos are PIGS. Fucking one word – PIGS when it comes to rubbish.

    I had ex gf’s that would throw their trash out the van
    and even within 70m of a beach. What i couldnt work out was they all say
    wow! nice place, clean etc yet litter it.
    Work that out? – sorry Filipino grubs cant. They just cannot see the bit of trash
    leaving their fingers and the relationship with what is there.
    Its like THEY ARE UNIQUE. they come accross in every way
    that they are unique, prim, proper, JUST THIS ONCE i’ll throw my trash
    on the ground – as if another million fucking filipinos didnt do the same thing

    I said “DONT DO THAT!!”
    response from this grubby dipshit ex. —- “why?”
    why do filipinos have to question throwing rubbish on the ground

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      David Harden

      Or spitting and throwing trash out the multicabs and jeepneys onto the passer bys without a thought about it.

    1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

      That’s right…the new skin tax in the PI is called the “Environmental fee” which just goes into the pocket of the local mayor. They started charging that when you arrive in Sabang, a place ruined by raw sewage, wild dogs, and rubbish. When leaving to go back to Batangas, you have to pay a “terminal fee” even though you have to just balance along a piece of crap, split piece of wood that runs from a block of concrete to the boat. If anyone is reading this please never go to Sabang…it’s just awful. Plenty of other places to visit.

      1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        LOL! I was going to write an article on that regarding Puerto Gallera. The morons/ filipinos/ thieves have the audacity to charge an environmental fee right there on the beach where there is trash strewn everywhere.
        That is Filipino culture. The “environmental fee” is for cash and the illusion they care, yet the trash everywhere is their reality.

        It drives me crazy cause as many people the gov’t employs and the environmental fees they charge, they can’t pay a couple of guys 250 pesos a day to walk around with trash bags. The simplest concepts or tasks are un-achievable for filipinos for some odd reason, but all the talk and easily cracked image they portray is where all the effort is put in.

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    I only have a connection here legally.

    If I could chose to be anywhere else, I would.

    It is home. For good or for bad.

    But I do not find anything here attractive or beautiful.

    In 8 years I have only seen one beach…. and it was full of gangsters. It was kinda pretty though.

    But where are all these beaches people talk about?

    More beaches than any place in the world. I have been to way more beaches in the USA, Canada, and the UK…

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      You left out Australia, now we have the fucking beaches. Sharks and jellyfish, but NO RUBBISH.
      I have yet to see any beach in the fucking PI, that can compare with Australia, We have topless women too.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Legally too !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      I live near Kirra Beach on the Southern end of the Gold Coast, if there is any beach in the whole fucking Philippines as beautiful as this I have yet to here of it.
      You may say Borakay with its white sands, try looking up White Haven beach in the Whitsundays, or Frescinet Bay.Tassie.
      But I love Kirra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
      Sharks, We Aussies eat them and love it too.
      Bugger the shrimp on the Barbie, eat shark.

    2. Profile gravatar of
      David Harden

      when you do go to the beach, someone will walk up and piss or crap right in front of you anyway. Most have so much garbage on them you dont want to go. Only clean one I have seen was monitored by the resort, with armed guards, and locals still passed through and threw their garbage down, begged until they were run off and the stray dog is the national bird.

  3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Hang out with filipinos long enough and you’ll be driven
    mad…and broke.

    I really wanna share some of my screen shots of text messages
    that i got that just shows
    the stupidity of these people – to a point other filipino’s said
    omg .. thats embarassing. Im so sorry. NOT for a change like they say
    “not all filipino are like that sir”.

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    What is it with these people!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    tonight I got asked for 14,000 pesos to pay for Christmas present been given by someone else.
    It’s the old Filipino tradition at work here!!!

    It works like this – I want something therefore I ask someone else and come up with a story that is believable as if to create obligation then you go to the financier who will fund it all a.k.a. foreigner. There is never any question about can you afford it, how are your finances, is it rude to ask, no just the plan proposal is just put before you as a question.

    I get so sick of these indirect, weasel words that they use rather than being straight with someone they bend about the bush and are liars, cheaters, come up with all manner of stories rather than telling the truth or time.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      “I get so sick of these indirect, weasel words that they use rather than being straight with someone they bend about the bush and are liars, cheaters, come up with all manner of stories rather than telling the truth or time.”

      When the asswipe Uncle wanted my Mum to help him build his house, he humbly approached her with “need your help”. Did not elaborate what it was. Of course, Mum, kind hearted that she is asked “what sort of help?”. He wanted to “borrow” money to build a house. Mum felt sorry for him because he just started work as a policeman. The asswipe’s house costs Mum $2000 approximately two years ago. Did Mum get paid? I am sure you guys know the answer to that. Worse, asswipe has now become arrogant, behaves like the Sheriff of Nottingham all over town, he almost got shot by a colleague last August.

      But that’s the thing with these low life Flips. You can give and give and give and give and give!!! But it still wont’ be enough!

      One of my Aunts who lives abroad but returns to the province regularly got asked by the town priest for a table cloth costing P16,000!!!! She gave! I asked “what’s so special with this table cloth? And how dare this priest even asked you to buy it for the church?”

      Apparently it was a special cloth for special mass, as in when Flips pay the church money for performing a special mass for a specific relative so he/she can be at peace in heaven. DUH! does anyone actually believe any Flips goes to heaven after death? (if there’s heaven that is!) – even if there is heaven, the criterias to get accepted to heaven would just preclude every Pignoys born, raised and dying wherever they end up dying, because their behaviors never change for the better even if they move to another country or get a windfall of money (lottery, inheritance). If anything, more money just elicits more greed and un-Christian behavior from the Piggnoys.

      That’s why the RCC in the Failippines will never, ever get a sniff of my Aussie $$$. The Priests apparently used to ask my Aunt why I never go to Church with them. She just tells them “she’s not Catholic”.

    2. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh Post author

      99% of the time a pinoy won’t ask you directly for money (“a loan”), it will come in the form of a text or to ask your wife/partner, because apparently they are “too shy” to ask. Also, too shy to say “thanky you” too is you’re daft enough to give them anything.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        It’s not that they are shy Phil. They are worried that you will turn them down, that’s when they really get shy when you reject them. “Shy” is the term they used to describe being “embarrassed” but only happens when they get rejected. When did a Flip ever become “shy” when it comes to asking for money, things, loads, gifts??

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          Shy and family embarrassment – what a great combination. Many of my friends have been told by their girlfriends that they are shy to go home, that than embarrassment for family, they’re ashamed.
          Why? Because there foreigner boyfriend has not put a house and lot in their name like all the other friends (one of the stories that every foreigners doing that – that they start believing), there is no jewelry, no cash

      2. Profile gravatar of Hey Joe
        Hey Joe

        Yes Phil.
        Happened to us just 3 days ago. I needed some help with some big cleaning work around our little farm. The wife was referred to some folks to help out. Mom,dad and 2 kids show up ON TIME to work. First plus…. They did real nice work, and in good time. 2nd plus… Next day they show once again.. on time. Plus again. WTF, I am saying to my self..could it be??????

        Work is done, and done well. We pay as agreed. We even give some clothes to them that my daughter has out grown as a small tip for a job well done.
        Then “it” happens. Several hrs after they leave, the text wanting a (loan) of 500p against the next time they come back !!!!

        OH, I was so pissed off !! Just when I thought, we may have found a good one. I should have known better to hope.
        If only they understood English.. I would have told them, after that stunt you just pulled, their will NOT BE A NEXT TIME you stupid, stupid mother ^&&*%^&$^
        You (had) a job. We would have been happy to give you more work, as you did well. Then in typical pinoy fashion you BLOW IT with your greed and dumbfuckery.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          At least they finished the job Joe. The lowlife carpenters my Aunt hired to fence my land charged me Kano price, kept asking for advanced wages, to call their work “piece of shit” is a compliment, then never came back to finish the job!!

          My laundry lady in the province asked P500 for advanced wages because they had nothing to eat. WTF? Why produced so many babies if you can’t guarantee them a daily feed? I’m a sucker when it comes to kids, so I “loaned”. Then the bitch disappeared, never finished the job. And I paid generously. Now I don’t hire laundry ladies anymore. I bought my Aunt a washing machine instead. Guaranteed not to do a runner!

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            To Sarah.
            Send me those poison trees that ossie land has. I forgot the name of the tree but if you go anywhere near it or touch, you get deathly ill. I am going to plant them all around my house.
            Yes, then they go out on the streets and spread gossip all over the place about you being a cheap person or other jiucy stories about your house. You would think dirt poor morons would learn to keep their mouths SHUT

          2. Profile gravatar of
            David Harden

            where I am at they would steal the wash machine. I had a 36 inch fence built around the house to keep workers and stray dogs out, hate picking up dog shit and seeing shit eating grins pressed against my window when I am taking a dump. I asked for 2 workers, they brought 4, none could read a measuring tape, or even follow the diagram I wanted or the way I wanted it done. When they finished after 3 days, could of done it myself in 1 day but was repairing damage to a NINJA (repair shop did for me) I inspected, (had given them meals and soft drinks too) I supplied all the wood and measured 3 -36 inch pc’s off each 10 ft section I bought. They made them from 28 inches to 31 inches all the way around. I was pissed because they didnt follow my written and verbal directions, had charged me full wages for 4 carpenters, not 1 carpenter and 3 laborers like they told me at the start, left a huge cutting pile of scrap ( for them to take and cook their meals on I am sure) and told me they changed my job to shorter fence to save wood, yet none of the scraps were long enough to be used, the tops of each pc were level, but dogs could get under easy and Pinoy with their little short legs could still step over the fence. I hate these morons.

        2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

          I was visiting a friend in hospital. We were talking about farms in the province. Lo, and behold, a little man weighting 50 lbs escapes from under his sheet and says he has a farm for sale 2 hours from Manila.
          It is 2 hectares,, has a huge water spring on it full of fruit trees,
          Well, i started asking about helpers and neighbors. It seems the neighbors ask for veggies, fruit, spring water the helpers steal his chickens, the helpers only work good 2 days before payday and on and on.
          Sounded like paradise until the subject of filipinos came up.
          He even had honey bees!!

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            I was at the hospital to and over the course of two days started talking to some Filipinos and by day three that checkout of the hospital and was asked could they borrow 20,000 pesos. This is typical, when you get into their bubble you will find that they will ask you – there’s always a problem

            Speaking of problems I had one asked me for money one time saying that they had an urgent family problem – it turned out to be wanting money for a school project. Just like the term they use can I borrow (which means in anyone’s words that they will pay you back) but in Filipino English means give me the money with no chance of giving it back to you as an so up to my neck and problems and you’re a rich man with a silver spoon growing out your rear end – you will make it up buddy (says a Filipino who doesn’t really care about anyone)

      3. Profile gravatar of
        David Harden

        And if you do something nice for them, and ever bring it up, you are told, they never asked you for that, you just did it and keeping score isnt right, as your bank account empties and you are never given a Thank you or even considered in other reindeer games.

        1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

          This is all the lunacy known as dealing with Filipinos that casual travellers and tourists don’t have to deal with!

          I’ve noticed the score is HEAVILY WEIGHED against you (the foreigner) @webfoot David
          as you know…

          Filipino’s are one eyed – they don’t see balance, rhyme or reason.. let alone ..try negotiate with them …
          so these filo loving foreigners coming here who have been here a matter of weeks and standing up for them are just playing with themselves..

          the worst one was my mate met some filipino guys at the hotel he was at
          they were from Mindanao…
          yea yea same shit.. talk to a filipino and they want to sell you something
          whether it be 5-in-1 coffee, some land, the female cousin ..fuck.. cant they just FUCKING STOP
          so they bought at great insistance a couple of beers for my friend
          and refused his offer to buy beers back
          then they offered him a block of land….
          (as if BEER vs LAND are equal???? in price and value)

          what the fuck! .. he said he refused and you could have
          cut the air with a knife (they are probably also unaware that foreigners cant buy land – if it did exist)

          this is how stupid Filipinos are
          you give an inch, they take a mile.

          You show some kindness, they want whats left

          Filipino’s prey on kind people.

          You are down, Filipino’s will kick you more

          You show some interest … they come back expecting you to solve their problem (usually financial) or buy THEIR stupid stuff (coffee, land, supplements, ..blah blah blah)

          1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            ….. forgotten to mention the number of people I’ve spoken to then been asked
            1. so do you have a business here
            2. why don’t you buy a condo sir…

            THEN … out it comes …. a brochure for a stupid fucking condo project!!
            they got no idea whether its a viable investment or not

          2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            Do not get me started on vitamins and supplements.. That made in china that sells for a high here.. But Sir!!
            The Chinese and Indians can sell you containers full of fake crap including medicine. in any language!!!!!!!!1

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    If you ask how much is the interest rate on the motorcycle, car etc is???? They dont know and dont know how to find out !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Face book, texts, music,, fiestas, parties, gimme money joe any time of the year,, any excuse for free food and money will do

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30