Why Is It That When You Ask A Filo For Information….

So it’s like this: I’ve been emailing this resort for some time now, and I’ve been forced to send a lot of follow-up questions, because either 1) my questions end up with unrelated answers, or 2) they don’t get answered at all. Like they got lost in the Twilight Zone or sumthin’. Some of the replies I’ve copied and pasted straight from the actual email, so forgive the grammatical errors, they are not mine.

Email 1

Me: I ask a number of questions, even made them all neat-like, bulleted from 1 to 3, to make it easier. Questions like travel packages, transportation services, things like that.

Reply: (sends me a link to their website, which I have already obviously visited, I’m emailing them because the website info was inadequate). Then suggests that I book the room right now (when I already mentioned in my email that I was planning to go in May). And then the standard “If you should have any other questions, please feel free to let me know.” As if she already answered my questions, instead of redirecting me to their website.

Email 2

Me: I tell ’em I’ve been through their website, and simply looking for other options. I ask about breakfast options, credit and debit card usage, inclusion of taxes on their per night room rates,  etc. Then I tell ’em that booking right now isn’t an issue, but I wanted to make sure that I book my flight to Manila first, which I’m planning to do before the end of the year. Then I ask if 4 months in advance is enough time to get a decent room.

Reply: Tells me they accept both credit and debit cards. And that if I book using their website, breakfast is included. (And that’s it, no mention or hint about my other questions).

Email 3

Me: I thank her, for answering 2 of my questions. Then remind her that she didn’t answer the rest. So I ask again if 4 months advanced booking is enough to get a room with a decent view. How many rooms they have available for May. And again if the room rates where tax-inclusive. I also casually mention that I’m thinking of getting (room type A).

Reply: “We only have 2 of these rooms are the are one on top of the other so they both have the same views and we do not reserve specific ones.” (Again, no mention of whether 4 months advanced booking is enough, so at this time I give up asking that). Then she goes on to mention that there are no “hidden” taxes.

Email 4

Me: “Just noticed that the (room type A) only have partial sea views, so I’ve decided to get either the (room type B) or (room type C) for my family (since it’s only a difference of $ and $$ respectively anyway) and get the unobstructed sea view. So which of these two offer a better view of the sunset, might I ask?”

Reply: “All the (room types) offer fantastic views, but I would opt for the (room type C) as they are on the top and are larger rooms.” (Anyone seeing a trend here?)

Email 5

Me: “I know they all have fantastic views, but looking at the videos shot of the entirety of (resort name), I noticed that some of the rooms are angled away from where the sun sets. Some look towards (beach name). Some look out towards the ocean at the setting sun. So here is my question:

1) Which of the two types of rooms (room type B and C) offers the best view of the sunset?
Of course you would offer your most expensive room. But I’m not even asking about the price or the size of the room, as it is just me, the missus, and my little boy. I want the room where we can watch the sunset from. Which one is it?
Thanks in advance for the clear and concise answer.”
Now I am patiently awaiting their enlightened reply. Anyone betting that the “sunset” question will again not be addressed? These are questions an elementary grader can answer. Why oh why, is it so hard to give direct answers to direct questions?!
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  1. Profile gravatar of Balikbayan Box
    Balikbayan Box

    Filipinos are not trained to answer questions.

    When their boss trained the lady handling the email he told them one thing and one thing only: UPSELL.

    They don’t give a fuck if you have a good time or enjoy your stay. They just want to drain as much money as possible from you during your vacation. NO REFUNDS!!

    Her next email, if it contains anything intelligent at all, will tell you that room type C has sunset views. When you get there don’t be shocked if your window is facing a concrete wall!

  2. Profile gravatar of Mike

    Yes an elementary student could answer it. But your not dealing with an elementary student. Your dealing with filipinos!! My wife sent me paperwork via Fedex from the philippines. When it did not arrive I called the office in the states which (god help me) referred me to the office in the philippines. So I called them and asked about my delivery and where it was.
    Pi: Oh, your package is here sir.
    Me: When you plan on sending it? It’s already late.
    Pi: We will send it as soon as we find it.
    Me: What do you mean find it?
    Pi: We think it’s in a safe.
    Me; Why in a safe when should be on a plane?
    Pi: We’re looking for it sir. Who sent the package?
    Me: My wife.
    Pi: can she come to our office?
    Me: Why? This is not brain surgery. Just put my package n the plane out.
    Pi: Sir, we need your wife to come to the office with copies of paperwork.

    I called wife up after a certain time period asking what happened. She said Fedex filipinos were running all over the place looking for my package. They were worried and yelling at each other that they had to find it and get it on the very next plane out. Why? When I said it’s simple and not brain surgery they thought I was a brain surgeon and needed the package for an operation. One thing for sure, a brain surgery go broke in this country. After all you have to have something to start with.

    1. Profile gravatar of Balikbayan Box
      Balikbayan Box

      LOL Just spit out my coffee, beautiful.

      At least they GAVE a fuck about the brain surgery Mike, half the people here will walk right in front of an ambulance racing to the hospital if it means they save 30 seconds on their way to Jollibee!!!

    2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      I ordered an item from China while in the RP this month. It was sent express with tracking (so the thieving Pinoy won’t steal it). After a week, no delivery, so I checked the tracking. It said “attempted delivery at 8:05am”. But Auntie and I had been home all day, no one called, no one knocked. So we decided to collect the parcel at Philpost. Apparently, once it enters the RP, the parcel goes to Philpost. So off we went, showed the tracking and informed the guy that we’d been home all day and no delivery was attempted. He then gave us a big grin and said “Ma’am, we don’t deliver parcels”. What? so why do you put on the tracking that attempted delivery was made? That is deceitful! He shrugged his shoulders and said “it’s just the way it is here Ma’am”.

      Fucking “the way it is”, always the reply when they could not explain something! Why not just say “coz we are incompetent lazy fools”?

      1. Profile gravatar of Balikbayan Box
        Balikbayan Box

        Every other post office ON EARTH delivers.

        “Just the way it is” – yes, and since no one gives a shit we’ll never see anything ever improve! Well whatever, PINOY PRIDE!

        After my lease expires I’m off to Thailand or Cambodia. I thought it would be nice here due to the English speaking aspect, LOL.

        To quote Al, SHOOT ME DEAD!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          “Every other post office ON EARTH delivers.”

          Not in the Failiippines they don’t! And keep in mind I paid lots of $$ to get those delivered fast so it don’t land into Pinoy hands. Waste of time. Now I know better!

          1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

            I remember, many years ago when I was naive to the way things are done over there, I would send small packages to friends there, and one of them would tell me that she had to pay “for the taking of the packages”. I assumed that there was some kind of fee that they had to pay at the Philth Post office. But now I wonder if they were extorting money from my friends because the packages came from the U.S. Any thoughts?

          2. Profile gravatar of Angel
            Angel Post author

            “…because the packages came from the U.S.”

            This is exactly the reason. Also, they’ll say it’s some sort of “tax” or the other.

          3. Profile gravatar of Mike

            I just had to laugh few years back when some Americans insisting it was safe to have my new atm card sent regular mail from the states. They even said Philpost is better as has been cleaned up and they don’t steal mail anymore. So I told them I doubt it has changed but we’ll try their way. I’ll have the card sent Fedex and the pin sent their way and we’ll see which one gets delivered. Two years later I’m still waiting for the letter with the pin number.

        2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          I ordered 3 different inexpensive motorcycle parts from China (cheap enough that there was no customs charges, but customs still charge P100 storage fee for each). They all had tracking numbers. I got notices from PhilPost for the first 2 within a couple days of each other and checked the time between being released by customs and the notices. I didn’t rush down to pick up the first 2 and waited for the third. I saw that it was released by customs but waited and waited and waited for the notice. Finally I just wrote the tracking number down on a piece of paper (in case it was already there and they just failed to deliver the notice) and a note giving the wife permission to pick up the packages. Sure enough, the wife came home with all three packages. She then told me that the “lady” at the PO scolded her and wanted to know why she didn’t come down to pick up the other two packages as soon as they delivered the notices. Who’s the customer? They are paid to deliver, which they don’t do, they failed to even send the third notice, they failed to do their job. We had 30 days to pick up the packages and we were well within that. If they hadn’t failed to send the notice then the packages would of been picked up sooner. 1 1/2 hours round trip and P300 for a taxi, I was trying to avoid wasted cost and time. The fact that they never sent a notice for the third package and multiple trips being a waste never entered their tiny brain, just yell at the customer for their FAIL. I have noticed that when it comes to even the smallest peon government employee they treat the public like shit and expect them to be subservient. They do this to pinoy and foreigner both. Welcome to the Philippines.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Scolded your wife? how dare the little bitch! Don’t tell me your wife did not as much squeek after being scolded? These people need to be put in their place once in a while. And yep, I’ve been called “masungit” (bitch) in their language after losing my patience for their incompetence. The little bitches did not know I could understand what they were saying.

          2. Profile gravatar of BLX2

            @sarahfin, no, she gave a typical flip reply, she lied and said we just found the notices in the box. I was pissed at myself for not going, I would of loved to of given them an ear full if they dared.

          3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

            Yeah, they really love to be a nuisance to people. Rarely do they help. They just love to make people unhappy or get a thrill when they waste the time and money of someone else. I’m surprise no one has gone all “postal” on them in any government office. Imagine having no money and being given the run around or having them demand a bribe from you? If I had nothing and someone was doing that to me, I’d kill them. No one has snapped and just started beating one of them in the office. However, given the lazy nature of Filipinos, maybe it’s not that surprising.

          4. Profile gravatar of Mike

            Some have. There was a Canadian in Surigao City they kept fucking with. So one day he shows up at the capital building and shot a couple of them.

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Remorse is not in the Filipino language Al, even when they are caught, they will deny it, plea ignorance or accuse you of not understanding them. Of course no, they did not express apology or anything at all. I glared at them and said “so are you!” as I stormed off. Ever seen a red face on brown skin? 🙂

    3. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
      Phil Doh

      That’s brilliant, Mike! The miscommunication in PH can have hilarious outcomes at times. An expat friend of mine got separated from his wife in the mall and didn’t have his phone on him, so he went to a sales girl and said, “Excuse me, I’m looking for my wife.” He described what she looked like, and the girl smiled and told him, “For awhile, sir.” He presumed she was going to make an announcement over the tanoy system, but she returned a few minutes later with a little piece of paper with her phone number on it.

  3. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    It’s totally useless, even if they answer you still don’t know if they’re telling the truth or not, having it in writing in a email means nothing, honoring what they say just doesn’t matter to them. Probably not all are like that, but there’s no way of knowing which ones ahead of time. Your communication with them is typical and you can already tell they are not consciences at all in answering the question of a prospective customer. Luck of the draw.

  4. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    @filofail. Off topic. The new format is fine. Beggars can’t be choosers anyways 🙂 We are grateful for the site, your time and expense is very much appreciated. It would nice if we could donate a little for your effort. But accepting credit card payments would cost you more than you’d probably get and giving your name and address out to send a small check may not be a good idea. Keep up the good work!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

          I tell you what guys, transfer the money to me for safe keeping! Filo says its fine and that i’m his OFFICIAL PAYMENT AGENT. I even accept western union!

          I’m all heart! BWAAHAHAHAH!

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Google Wallet might be another way too. If he has trusted contacts or bank accounts in the U.S. Call me paranoid, but I wouldn’t want Phil Gov to be able to find out who it was or anyone else for that matter.

        1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
          Captain PFB

          Thanks everyone for all your willingness to financially support this blog. But I honestly can handle all costs. Also I want to remain completely anonymous for obvious reasons. Any time an agency wants to find someone, they follow the money. And it will certainly compromise my anonymity.

          So it’s all on me folks, really. I can afford it. Many many thanks!

          1. Profile gravatar of Mike

            No problem. Sarah would not have missed her credit card for a while.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB

      Your kind sentiment is payment/reward enough for me. I am merely a member like everyone else here. I get the same enjoyment and therapeutic value from the site as you all do. But someone has to run it and see to it’s maintenance. That just happens to be me. And I simply do my best with all good intentions. It’s my pleasure and honor to be your “e-friend” and have you in my little piece of cyber real estate. We’re a community. That makes me happy.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Ditto dude 🙂 The illusion created an affinity for Filipinos, meeting one who gets it and speaks for a change is like gold in my pocket.

  5. Profile gravatar of Thunderhead

    About a year ago I was making plans to visit the Philippines. Knew where I was going, and knew that I would like a nice hotel. Flights were booked, so went looking for a good hotel. Thought I found one (Nature’s Village Resort). On line it looked great. Asked my travel agent to book me a room there and she said “they want full payment up front to hold the room and they can’t guarantee the room you want will be available.” Told her “no, that won’t happen.” Sent my GF by there to talk to them in person and they told her the same thing, She did leave a contact number with them though to follow up.

    About a week before my arrival, she got a phone call from them asking if she was still interested in the hotel. We’d found one in Bacolod, Avenue Suites, that was nice and had made reservations there. Nature’s Village dropped the price significantly trying to get our business. Nope, they were horse’s behinds about it so won’t ever recommend them to anyone.

    The funny thing is that my GF is in a position to make recommendations on where to stay for visitors coming to her place of business. Nature’s Village is off the list of suitable sites and it has cost them tens of thousands in lost business.

  6. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    These imbeciles get very affronted when you ask a question and demand an actual answer. On those rare occasions when I absolutely cannot avoid dealing with these brain-dead-zombie-creature, I tend to think it through before I engage, and break what I want to know into it component parts. I ask ONLY closed ended questions, preferably only questions which require a yes or no answer. I set the scene before I start asking questions by;

    1. Establishing that they can actually understand me and do speak reasonable English. If they don’t I make sure that I am transferred to somebody who does understand me.
    2. Stating that I expect an actual answer to my questions. I tell them that it’s OK not to know the answer, but also make clear that if they don’t know the answer, they will have to put me in touch with somebody who does know the answer.
    3. Before I ask each question I say something like; “The question that I am going to ask you requires a yes or no answer. If you answer me in any other way, I will ignore you, and ask the question again. I will do this as often as I need to until you answer yes or no. Do you understand me – yes or no?”

    Then I do exactly what i tell them I’ll do. I am not bullshitting when I say that it’s necessary to repeat the question a dozen or more time sometimes before they figure out that we are not moving on until my question is answered with a yes or no. You can just about see the steam coning our of their ears.

    Unfortunately, the usual outcome of this is that you hit a brick wall, because it’s rare that the answers add up. The sum of the parts never equals what should be the whole, simply because of the complete absence of reason or logic (or even common sense) in what they do. It’s just mindlessness.

    1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

      “break what I want to know into it component parts. I ask ONLY closed ended questions, preferably only questions which require a yes or no answer.”
      Yep, that’s what I try to do.
      “Unfortunately, the usual outcome of this is that you hit a brick wall, because it’s rare that the answers add up. The sum of the parts never equals what should be the whole”.
      Yep, that’s what happens.

      And trying to go back and tell them that one answer contradicts another is useless, they get confused or too stupid to come up with a better lie.

      1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
        Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

        I don’t have a solution for that (yet) but I always confront them about. I say something like; “You just told me “x” but before you told me “y”. Which one is true. Is it “x” or is it “y”?” Again, we don not move on until I have an answer about which one is correct. I then resume the process of asking closed ended questions once more. When the question has been answered, I then ask; “How can I be sure that is the correct answer? You already lied to me once. Are you lying to me again now, or are you telling me the truth this time? We have already determined that you are a blatant liar.”

        Another favorite is during the closed ended question process to say; “I just asked you a question that required a yes or no answer, but you answered with something else. Did you understand the question? I wait for the inevitable “Yes Siiir” then ask; “So are you just ignoring me?”

        Pinoys hate be accused of lying, or being rude. My view; FUCK ‘EM!

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          I just don’t have your patients. I’d lose it. Something has to be absolutely critical for me to bother. I’m more like, “Oh forget it!” and walk away. I’m doing my best to limit what I spend here now. They got me on internet speed and I have developed an addiction to S & R, beyond that it’s fuck it, I don’t need it.

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    “they want full payment up front to hold the room and they can’t guarantee the room you want will be available.” Told her “no, that won’t happen.”
    Only a flip would think of that bs

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      Business here expects too much. That filipino thing … Try and impose some conditions and would rather lose business and feel chuffed at their little power trip grom weak people

      A hotel would rather be 100% empty than make money by imposing deposit upfront.. Than be 100% booked …its that failrd filipino thinking

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        You got that right. Remember what I said about a sari sari close that the bottles always stink? Well seems I’m not the only one that complained. Last night I heard others talking about the stinky bottles and when they told the store owners they were told it was not the bottles but their breath that stinks. So now even the filipinos are starting to stay away from the store.

  8. Profile gravatar of Angel
    Angel Post author

    This is what they told me when they said they can’t reserve me a specific room. How hard is it to just price the rooms differently based on the view, interior decor, and general aesthetics? Also, isn’t it an incentive for potential customers to book early so they can get the best rooms? Why the random assignments? What kind of system do they even use to determine which customer gets assigned which room? A pair of dice?

  9. Profile gravatar of Kane Malarky
    Kane Malarky

    This is really typical…. if you have too many questions for them it makes their brain hurt to try to remember the other questions you asked. And,, if they don’t understand you, they will never ever say I don’t understand you. That would be an admission of ignorance.

  10. Profile gravatar of

    Believe it or not I got the same kind of answers when trying to talk to a human at my embassy. Round and round about contact our website when I needed answers from a human. Two months later I still don’t know why I can’t get a visa for my wife.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      I went to the American Embassy. I never even got inside cause the security guards all wanted to help. They kept sending me from one gate to another and I’d have to explain my question to each one of them and it was a large committee at one point. That is what Filipinos like, they answer by committee. No single person has the answers so they all get together to discuss and come up with an answer. Then just cause they all discussed it doesn’t mean they are right, it just means they all agreed.
      They even referred me to the website. To which I replied, “Do you think I would come all this way to ask questions if I could find it on your website”? “I have searched, emailed, and called, but no one has answered”. So, then they went back to the committee and then sent me back to the other gate. Then, that guy asked me the same questions and said I needed to go back to the gate I came from.
      Finally, after an hour for a simple question I asked, “Can I please just talk to an American person”? I said, “You are all sending me around in circles for such a simple question like this is a Filipino office. You are all the security guards and maybe you’re not qualified to answer my inquiry”. Then they got someone on the phone and my question was answered in 5 minutes. They even brought out a piece of paper to answer my specific question. They guy on the phone got it done.
      One thing they like to do is say, “No”. If they don’t understand, they say, “no” or “I can’t help you”. Ask the person standing next to them or the owner and what you are looking for is right behind them.

      I went to the electronics store and asked for a cable. They had 100’s of cables around. I needed a VGA cable so I asked. The guy I was dealing with asked the guy behind the counter in the local dialect, and of course the reply was, “no”.
      So I asked the guy behind the counter, “you really don’t have a VGA cable”?
      I knew full well they had to have one. He still replied, “No”.
      Me: Do you know what a VGA cable is?
      He stood there for a second. I asked him again, “Do you know what a VGA cable is”?
      Him: No sir.
      Me: So why would you say NO?
      Him: I don’t know sir
      Me: If you did not know what it is, why don’t you just say so?
      Him: I don’t know sir.

      So I look just behind the guy and there are a bunch of them. Different sizes, adapters, etc. I show him and he goes, “Ah, we call it _______”.
      That is why I wonder sometimes if something is really out of stock or the person either doesn’t know or the person just doesn’t feel like looking. God forbid a Filipino says, “I’m not sure what that is, but lets figure it out”. Instead they say “don’t have” to keep from looking stupid. Oh, the irony.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        You ever watch the show “Locked Up Abroad.”? I saw one where a guy went to visit his friend in Indo or Malay. About 5 minutes after arriving at his friends house it was raided for drugs where the police found drugs inside a large Chinese vase and arrested both. Well they were taken to the police station, printed and mugshots but they fucked that up. They paired the finger prints with the wrong mugshot. So the owner of the house and drugs is let go because his fingerprints did not match the prints on the vase but his friends did. After 8 years in prison the government admitted they had the wrong guy and that the prints were switched by accident, they knew the guy in jail was innocent. But they could not release him nor drop the charges because if they did so they would lose face. Sounds like filipino thinking huh?

  11. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh

    Had the same issues myself with an embassy and VFS in Manila. Like Angel I put the questions in bullet points, and every time they’d only answer the first question. Even they seemed to be trained to just make the sale, get the fee – very hard to get an answer on the visa requirements. Even on their website at the end of the list of visa requirements it states – “We may ask for additional documents” – but doesn’t state what they may be. How fucking vague can you be. Another money maker – take the money, refuse the visa, then take the money again when they reapply.

    Many times I had pinoys take a guess when I asked a question. Try asking somebody in a supermarket where a product is and you can literally see the lights go out for a few seconds before they tell you, “Over there, sir”. 9 times out of 10 it won’t be in that isle.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I’m not a defender of filipinos by far. But asking where something is in any store and not where they say might not be lying. Hell go to a store one week and bread on aisle 2. Go back next week or even couple of days later and they shuffle the store around and bread now on aisle 10 with the drain cleaner, acids and steel wool.

  12. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    My friend emailed quest and was met with a question to.his question
    .. He said wtf is wrong with these dickheads…

    I.said..dude…they are filipinos….

    He then tried marriot hotel

  13. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    And ask a filipino for directions…

    Over that way…hands point randomly everwhere

    Fuck i hate that
    I was lead dkwn a dead end street when that happened in earlybdays and said never again

    I even say …your not sure are you
    …no no
    I say why the fuck you tell me.to go that way then!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Then you ask how far and hear:
      You: “Where is XYZ?”
      Pinoy: “Over there.”
      You: “Where’s over there?”
      Pinoy points.
      You: “How far?”
      Pinoy: “Not far.”
      U: “How far is not far?”
      Pinoy: “One trike ride.”
      U: “How far is one trike ride?”
      Pinoy: “Not far.”

      Then I noticed they will say very far but it might be a 5 minute walk.

    2. Profile gravatar of Anne

      When someone does that to me, I keep asking them “Any landmarks you remember”? At least a freaking sign board or something so I know where the hell to go and they scratch their heads. One time, I called up my dad’s aunt since my dad and I (we’re Filipinos) were to visit her house blessing. She told us to go at this street (Address was obviously incomplete, just street + city). When we were there, we asked her what’s next and it went like this:

      Dad: We’re already in the Earth street, how do we reach your place? Landmarks? There’s a sign here that reads like this… (can’t remember)
      Aunt: You go straight, you see a basketball court then right. Not far
      Dad: There’s no right turn (It was really a dead-end)

      Apparently there’s two streets named the same about 20 minutes away from each other and both have basketball courts along them! When we were already going circles, I was getting dizzy, I called up my aunt and asked her if she knows anything else about the place. No mention of the village or subdivision or whatever. We have to guess everything and we were her guests! No idea on how to get to her own place. My dad was driving for 3 hours and was pissed off already.

  14. Profile gravatar of Eau de Tourette
    Eau de Tourette

    Getting a Hotel room in Manila: Not the Tune Hotel. We talk anout over 120$ a night.
    So well they try to sell me the rooms for 150$ and i tell them that i want the Basic room which is already quite nice.
    The Maximum i got was 10th floor on a building over 30 floors. Rooms with a view cost extra; when i said that the room has no view but a concrete wall i got another one facing the construction in process – even in the night over the street next to the Hotel.
    Luckily thick double windows held the noise down. Hotel shit with receptions can be annoying as hell to me. And how annoyingly stupid receptionists can be. That reflection of dumbness in the Phils is on times surprising.
    I tend to skip breakfast in most Hotels These days. It is expensive and low quality and the supposed to be warm or hot dishes are cold or just slightly halfwarm…yuck.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Watch out for Bayview Hotel in Manila. They charge foreigners 2,000 or 3,000 so more pesos than they do filipinos. Then right behind the check in desk they have a sign saying you can check your valuables in the hotel safe behind the check in, but they are not responsible for items stolen from their safe. Least that’s the way it was back in 2007.

      Never pay for a room in advance unless someone you trust has looked at it.
      Never believe the pictures of the hotel or rooms they show on the website.
      NEVER believe what filipinos put in the comments sections saying how good the hotel is. Most likely staff posting it any way.
      Always be in the room when they clean and change bedding.

  15. Profile gravatar of Mike

    I know one guy who came here and told me the following. He just got off the plane and went to a hotel and waited in check in line behind an African who also just arrived from the states. Well the black paid for his room and was shown to it by hotel staff. The door was opened and roaches ran all over the room just like a pack of ferel cats. Black boy did not go in the room nor even sat his suitcase down but went back to the check in, told them about the roaches and said he was going to another hotel and wanted his money back. Only to be told,,,,,, all together now,,,,, “NO REFUNDS PO.”
    Welcome to the philippines.

  16. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Another headline should be …why is it when you go out with a filipina they want an allowance. Is it to hard to find financially independent types in this country? I often asked.. “What on earth did you do or how did you cope before i arrived”. Seems filipinos are like cockroaches and can withstand any flrm of abuse even nuking.

    Ssy to your mates…
    Im gonna fly to the philippines
    Im going to.support a family
    Imngonna date a single mom
    She has.no income
    .no.assets.. No job
    She speaks half assed english
    She expects to be looked after
    She needs some reducation ,eg,food hygiene to not throwing rubbish on street;
    Her brothers might need help amd loans from time to time
    They are poor but might need .me to throw money into trying a business
    Her friends may talk negatively about me
    She will be highly jealous
    I might have to dump all my old female friends as she wont be able to cope.
    She wont undertand irony, analogy, reasoning and believes giving 10% of what you give her to the church is ok

    What would your friends say?
    Sit back…
    Have another beer?

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    Whoever says “Everyone here is fluent in English” should be shot.

    If people were fluent in English, I would not be fluent in Filipino…