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I am a new member of this site. I am a Filipina and married to American. I have so many why questions in my country instead of saying what the fuck . Like me and my husband going to grocery store  and some Filipino leave their grocery cart in the middle , some just don’t give a fuck to other people?! Your looking for some stuff and you can’t find it you will asked some staff and some know what their job in fairness to them but mostly of staff you will asked where is this sauce or something they will look on their right side and left side and they will say nothing or they don’t have anymore but after 5mins me or my husband find it. Like, fuck do you even try to look for it or you just lazy or you don’t know your job. So me and my husband get tired of this situation it happen a lot of times so we stop asking. 

If my husband go some where to commute without me instead of paying 11pesos , driver will charged him 100 pesos. Or in trike instead of charging him 20 pesos they charged him 600pesos but after living here for long he will have his coins ready always with him so even drivers try to take advantage to him they cannot. Mostly we go out together much better and safer to him. I heard a lot of stories about foreigner who goes to our shop and tell their experiences here in P.I. One foreigner took a trike and He proudly said , I took a trike and I pay 3000 pesos and the trike driver give me a free Gatorade. We told him that he suppose to pay 150 pesos or if he ride a jeepney it will cost him 8pesos.

Me and my husband walking and some kids and with some oldies shout hey foreigner guy give me money. I told my husband say nothing in tagalog word. some oldies and kids will say your foreigner you have a lot of money. Pisses me off and I shout fuck! it doesn’t mean you see a foreigner it will see a money coming out in their ass. It pisses me off and make me feel bad how this kids and elder let this kids think that.

I heard a lot of stories of our foreigner friend. We have one friend and have two kids with a filipina, so he need to take care of her , her kids from ex husband and her family till he doesn’t have enough money to support and he need to moved to much cheaper rent and looked for a job. Bar girl girlfriend left her and looked for another foreigner.

Then  another friend who marry a young filipina and his in 60s he take care of her families and 9 siblings and her relatives. When his mother in law which his older than her asked him to give her money to start a bakery business ,of course he gave him (he told us he doesn’t care about money) bakery business failed. then family asked him they want to start a business again a grocery business so of course he cannot say no again so he give them money again. Grocery business doesn’t work again. He told us in their house his wife have a lot of visitor and he doesn’t even know them so he will get a chair and sit outside and wait till they leave.

One time , we saw a german guy in computer shop, he said his waiting for his friend to online because he will asked his friend to send him money so he can go back to his country. His bargirl girlfriend stole all his money and his laptop.

Do you notice that manner doesn’t really exist here?! I thought it exist. If you going out in a shop and someone will go inside the person will doesn’t give a fuck about you and will go inside and doesn’t even hold the door for you or for the next to that person.

If your in a jeepney, bus or plane… Some Filipino are me First! like you wanna say hey everyone will get out.

If your in the teller or cashier.. some filipino doesn’t care about the line, they don’t give a fuck who came first.. they just think they came got they need and will pay..

In Bureau of Immigration.. why foreigner need to pay express lane if there’s no other lane to choose from?!

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    I guess thats the reason why many of your ” normal” countrymen want to leave this country. It is here not to change because no one wants change for a better.
    The people are rude here and I did change also into getting rude. I am doing often the same , later on I recognize that I adopted already their behavior.
    Your a Filipina , are you born here or you born outside of this country ? I can tell you that goes through all social classes …Not only the poor or middle class also the upper class have a dont care mentality.
    I came to one conclusion after a long time here ( i didnt want to realize that earlier because I had always the hope that Iam the one who is wrong here) you cant get lucky in this country if you have a little shame , moral or intellect. You really will get not lucky here.

    Definitive are here also really very good Filipinos…but I have to mention that these are mostly the Chinese or Japanese Families.

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    I think what pisses me off more than all that this article is written about is how some of these expat sites butter the bullshit about how this place is a paradise. I listened to Gary McMurrain’s bullshit on his site about this place for over 2 years before I came. When I arrived it was total W…T…F? Yeah, the people smile, but who knew how rude they were? Who knew the place was like a crime syndicate where you are getting ripped off everywhere you go? Who knew the place was so racist? Yeah it is paradise as long as you keep your eyes on the nature.
    I really have no sympathy with a lot of these guys who come here chasing bar girls and get ripped off. I mean, come on. Bar girls here are no different than whores in other countries-they have no couth, and had no family structure growing up. So, what would one expect from a woman like a bargirl? Not to mention that they know the guys chase their skirts in those clubs looking for pussy. We foreigners can’t expect a bar girl to respect us when they know we don’t respect them either. Want a good girl? Go find her working the fields in the countryside.

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    Barry Smyth

    Why simple they are the most inconsiderate arseholes I have ever meet and they wonder why we talk them down just look around you my dear open your eyes up.
    Your people have no consideration or respect for anyone other than themselves and I wonder that as well.
    The way they treat each other they way they have children so when they are old they can feed to elderly,there is nothing wrong with that but to send them out to prostitute themselves steal, to catch some guy to escape the poverty and to get him in-turn to feel bad so he will starting supporting the family.
    I could go on and on after 30 yrs dealing with you people my view are what they are they spread there legs I pay and its good bye no love no romance I have learnt the rules my dear no charity no handouts no gifts I am now like Filipinos dog eat dog fuck you ——

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    The phrase that I often hear is ‘good girl’
    It freaks me out hearing this. Firstly it’s something you would hear being said of a child in the West. Not of a woman. It also implies that most girls are bad and that this one isn’t. But we all know that this is falling into the ‘I’m not like the others ‘ trap which we all know is mostly bs in pp.

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      What do you expect Kalbo. when “escort” is translated in the Philippines as a “tourist guide”, when in reality she gets paid to have sex with those she is “escorting”.

      Welcome to the Philippines, the land of smokes and mirrors, land of smiles, land of lies.

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        Tour guide. Cashier is the other one. I went to a bar near the century city mall. They were advertsing for Marketing Assistants and GROs. A friend asked them straight out what the difference was between the 2 jobs. The man just went blank and said Oh you’ll have to ask the manager! Lol. So we did. The reply was that GROs are 3000 pesos and the Marketing Assistants are 5000! Whoopee! What a bargain! We had more fun by asking the manager (translation: pimp) to point out who the marketing Assistants were but she refused! Lol.

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          Interesting…. maybe the MA was a high school graduate while the GRO was elementary graduate only? But then, we’re talking about the Philippines here. Education don’t matter. High school graduate, college graduate, masters graduate, brain contents are the same…. empty!

          Unless the MA was “fresh” as in has only worked as a prostitute for less than a year, while the GROs more than one year? 🙂

          Cashier indeed is another position often mentioned if the workplace is a bar or massage parlor. I find it really weird that Filipino families are rather “touchy” when it comes to having a family member who sells sex for a living, but are quite happy to sit on their asses lapping up the income from such occupation. Hypocrites!

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    Esteban Magtaka III Jr

    I don’t think I’ve ever see the word “foreigner” used so much on one page.
    This article makes you sound like a Pinoy version of Russell Peters (Canadian ‘comedian’ with Indian parentage whose entire act revolves around mocking Indians) . You seem to be doing an entire ‘Pinoys are such dumbfucks because…’ stand-up routine which you are mitigating based upon a perceived higher social status due to your marriage…. Perhaps you need to discuss your observations amongst your peers, and eventually a single ounce of common sense may get passed through the evolutionary chain; Though I very much doubt it, as most – if not all – lack the mental capacity for change . Even if you wrote concise ‘how to get off your lazy ass and stop being a loser’ instructions, with picture diagrams, a Filipino wouldn’t even glance at them unless they were printed on the back of a M Lhuillier/Western Union transfer slip.

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    just wait till xmas time — walking in the street you get “wheres my gift” — maybe 3 to 5 times a day I will get that bullshit and people walking in off the street to ask me for money when im INSIDE a cafe drinking coffee. DESPERATES with no hope.

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      We got asked “where’s my gift” shit when going through immigration a few years ago. It was not even Christmas and we did not know him from a bar of soap! The ex suggested to bring a used toothbrush next time and give it to any low life Flips who had the hide to ask for a gift.

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        Actually in my 3 years here I never got this question here, maybe because nobody got a sht from mr here. The first here is learned if a filipino talking too much please stop talking for sure he want something,

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    First at all, Im also getting pissed off every time Im hearing a word “foreigner” in my ears.

    Actually I been lviing here for 3 years but never heard about ” where is my gift” question.


    I find your post insulting among all the people in this country which I will find actually rascist. You are saying “I don’t think I’ve ever see the word “foreigner” used so much on one page.” and same time keep saying you people you filipinos you peers,… For me it sound lik, if you are from the Philippines you cant become normal if you know what I mean . Maybe I misunderstood you because my lack of English.

    ” stand-up routine which you are mitigating based upon a perceived higher social status due to your marriage…”

    so you are saying she is a social climber or what?

    If I misunderstood the meaning of your comment than sorry, forgive my answer as I said before English is not my native language. Its not eveyrbody that can speak English fluently and withour mistakes.

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      Esteban Magtaka III Jr

      @Polish_King : You seem to have a bit of a Pinoy thought process going on ie:”I don’t actually understand the majority of what you are saying but, what the hey, I will call you a racist and create a baseless arguement anyway”.
      I would suggest that If you find the use of the word ‘Filipino’ to be racist, and are seeking political correctness, you are probably in the wrong place.

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        @Polish_King : You seem to have a bit of a Pinoy thought process going on ie:”I don’t actually understand the majority of what you are saying but, what the hey, I will call you a racist and create a baseless arguement anyway”.”

        No no, thats not what I mean. Just the the way you said it in my ears sound like you talking shit about the girl because she is a Pinay but actually made a good article here. About the “political correctness” I dont know what you mean by that. I got critized here becuase I said what is my opinion about gays, and than look at the result. Im pretty sure Im the most not political correct from this webiste. I think homosexuality is not normal, I think that black people should be seperated from other races since they make more crimes, I think my country shoudl get back the death penalty, Im against th EU, I call the refugees for illegall imigrants, I think in our countries we should do the same to the foreigners as they doing to us in their countries. Calling me political correct for me its a insult. Im not a populist. I have my opinion.

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          First of all…..Filipinos are racists but they dont note it why they are racists. Its a kind of deluded racists who believes its normal to talk about Indians, Kanos etc in a bad way.
          Thats the first thing…next is…. What is a racist ? Where is the line , to be a patriotic person or a racists. This word racist is used too often to shut down someones mouth when he or she is telling some simple facts. In general i believe we in the western world have no problem with black ,arabic , Flips or any other so long they come not up with their stinky behaviors from the 3rd world. Does this sound arrogant ? Maybe yes, but fact is simply one rule ” if your a guest you have to act like a visitor and this means you behave and your kind” Next for us expats here in da Phils…I really dont believe that 95% of you act like they look down on the Filipinos, because we are not like them our families and parents did teach us other values. But the simple fact is also the Filipinos miss understand our kind ways , they believe they can take advantage over you . Thats the fact and there starts the anger which turns the things…At first you smile about, later on you “fuck them back, in the ways they understand” We write here sometimes hard stuff ( also me) maybe sometimes a bit too hard , but the sad fact is also that the core of the most articles pictures the truth.

          And to be there with Polish king…I believe to be homo is not normal…point ! thats my view…as long they mind their own business , they can do what they want..because i dont care for that. I am a racist because of my view ? might be…but my views about that , wont change. You know guys…the good old days was maybe not so bad as the media made us believe. Or maybe we try hardly today to change all too fast and when u change all too fast the risk is high to get loss of direction

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    Me too Loco_loco. I used to be a quiet, calm, polite person, but recently I have become aggressive, rude, un apologetic, and hate them all. It is a really fucked up place.

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      That’s a really good point Mr Kano. A good reason not to live there. I’ve seen quiet pleasant kanos snap and tell people to fuck off. It looks out of character for some people but it’s easy go understand why they became like that. I’ve started telling scammers and taxi drivers to fuck off too as being polite gets us nowhere.

    2. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

      Yes Joe, thats the stuff which kills me here…i was always not just someone who gave no reply on any bullshit …i did that also before i came into this hell…but it has changed now since years to something which is just not good anymore. Flip employee does again bullshit ( like always when i am not in company) i do not explain anymore in a quiet way what he did wrong…they see already in my face that i want to kill them in that moment . They leave and just when they leave the place around me , he throws to me a fuckin EXCUSE like “Sir, the sun was so bright shining and Jesus did not watch over me blbalba” Happened a few times that I did explode then already…We turn here into Psycho 😀
      As we know from Rocky movie.. Ivan Drago ” I must BREAK YOU “

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    Sadly in this techno world, you have to fire a 100 people to find one good person. Our PC correct govts keep throwing money at these 3rd world holes and it only gets worse!