…do they paint lane lines on roads? Nobody seems to see, use, or obey them.
…do they teach them to read? Nobody reads things, even if it’s right in front of their face. And in the rare case they do read, the words are taken as merely suggestions, not rules.
…do they have police? They just consume electricity and money by being paid to sit at the station and watch TV.
…do they have customer service agents, when there is no customer service?
…isn’t anything very important?
…do they have clocks and watches? Nobody is ever on time.
…do they start to prepare then leave the house at the meeting time, instead of preparing and leaving the house to arrive at the meeting time?

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  1. justjabari

    Can I add a few?

    Why are Filipinos scared to death of rain? If one drop comes down from the sky people scatter for cover like roaches

    Why are Filipinos scared to death of the sun? I think i see more umbrellas when its blue skies than when its actually raining!

    Why are Filipinos infatuated with whitening products? Natural Filipino skin color is sooo beautiful and exotic. Do they realize that it actually looks BETTER? All of these so-called celebrities peddling whitening products are laughable and frankly look ridiculous. This is a tropical country and trying to look like a porcelain doll is VERY strange, not to mention those who do it look sickly. I told this to one of my wife’s friends (that he natural skin tone was beautiful) and she didn’t realize that I was actually paying her a complement so she got offended…WTF