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And here he is again. More cluelessness from this blind idiot. I guarantee if this moron ever gets the chance to see and experience any westernized society, he will surely see what we’re all talking about on this blog. If your schools are so great, why didn’t they teach you that titles must be capitalized??? That is 2nd grade teachings!

Hi Admin,
Thanks for being fair to Filipinos by posting my comments. I tried to post again but still the same “Not acceptable” error. Your server is racist? Maybe next time I should try like “I’m a native British”.

Here is my comment to “Tourist Attraction? FAIL! They Call it “Colon” for a Reason”

I am a native Filipino.
Our country is beautiful and we try to keep it that way for the love of our country. If you find places like Colon then you should visit our malls instead. They are world-class. Filipino school children are very often brought to Mall of Asia on educational tours so they can tell the world that we are a modern, westernized country.

Sa Tagalog:
Ako’s isang likas na Pilipino.
Ang aming bansa ay maganda at pinananatili namin ang kagandahang ito alang-alang sa pagmamahal sa aming bayan. Kung napunta ka sa isang lugar tulad ng Colon dapat sana libutin mo ang mga malls dito. Ang mga iyon ay kapantay tulad sa mayayamang bansa. Ang aming mga kabataan ay dinadala dito, parte ng kanilang pag-aaral, upang maipagmalaki nila sa buong mundo na ang Pilipinas ay makabago at pantay sa mga kanluraning bansa.

So a few malls make you world class???? World class malls would have a few benches for people to take a rest on. World class malls wouldn’t have people mopping the floor constantly and causing trip hazards for their customers. World class malls would require it’s stores to honor their written warranties. World class malls would have a few ashtrays outside for smokers. Oh the list can go on and on.

Nobody else has any problem posting comments here. I’m sure it has something to do with the shitty incompetent ISP you’re using. You must be a registered user to comment. Did you register an account here? That could be the problem as well. Regardless, a server can’t be racist, so stop blaming your incompetence or stupidity on something other than yourself (which is very typical of the FAILipino).


Please, until you have something to compare to, stop trying to piss down our backs and tell us it’s raining (I am absolutely positive you will not understand that expression, as clear as it is).

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    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    World class malls have toilet paper in the bathrooms.
    World class malls offer wireless internet that actually works.
    World class malls do not need armed guards at the doors.
    Customers are not patted down and searched in world class malls.
    I could go on of course…

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    Add to that list ear shattering music blasted from every store so loud that you can not carry on a conversation. I hope this clown continues to send in comments so we can all get our daily laugh. A field trip for school is suppose to be educational. Maybe these idiots should be going to a museum instead of a shopping mall. Also most private schools that send their students on field trips could care less if these ignorant little fuckers actually learn anything. The schools charge fees for their students to go on theses trips so this is a money maker for the school. If the school is actually concerned with their students learning about the modern advances of Filipino society they should take them to trips along their rivers in Manila to see the plight of the thousands of squatters and the piles of garbage and shit that they leave behind causing widespread flooding and destruction every fucking time it rains.

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    HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!! Your fuckin mall doesn’t have toilet papers! Your fuckin mall frisk/hassles every single person who enters the mall. Is your definition of “modern” having a huge mall? Your a fuckin retard! You country is shit! Nothing but shit! You used to have beautiful natural wonders but you fuckin Failipenis destroyed them and if not for private non-filipino conservationist Im sure nothing is left by now.

    And is there a racist server? FUCKTARD!

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Oh, you mean that those thin tissue wraps that can be torn apart with the blow of your nose? Yeahhh, like that’s really gonna get the dingle-berries out… Besides, most countries can provide free toilet paper, but I guess that’s asking for too much from Philippines is that right Antonio? lol… Just admit that your country is pathetic and I will leave you alone. It’s just that easy. It looks pathetic, it smells pathetic, most of the people are pathetic, therefore, it is PATHETIC!

  4. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    Beautiful country? Lets compare here: Which country has trash, piss, and stray animals all over the streets/sidewalks? The answer is obvious, there is nothing beautiful about this country unless you find that attractive? As for the entrance security checkpoints, they barely even do a decent job at that. I can easily strap a firearm to my leg under my long pants if I seriously wanted to bring a gun into the mall. So these idiot students are spending time in the mall, that’s your point proving that they have good education? I got to school with your dumb fuckin people! I am living proof that your schools are flooded with fuckin mentally retarded-ass imbeciles! They should spend more time in school and less time in the mall if they really are smart? I recommend that they take a field trip to America, so they can compare and contrast the culture they TRY sooo hard to copy. Maybe that will bring them realization of how fucked up and shitty Philippines is.

      1. Profile gravatar of heyjoe

        Antonio. A trip to America will only make the Filipinos want to stay in America. Do you know how many thousands of T&T Filipinos there are in the states. Once they get there they don’t want to leave. I know dozens of Filipinos in the states and they very rarely come back here to visit. The reason why they don’t like to visit is because once they get here all of their deadbeat relatives expect gifts and money and it cost them a small fortune to come back.

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    First I want to thank you for this blog, it has been like a peer group for me since I found it. For a long time I thought I’m alone with my thoughts but it looks like my fellow expats were just politically correct.

    I absolutely love the writings and the comments, and most of them could have been straight from my pen. I’ve told that the locals are like 7yo kids, and someone compared them to 10yo American kids. Maybe European kids are little smarter 😉 hehehe joke 🙂

    I have to face the Pinoy pride to be imbecile daily at my work, and it never stops amazing me. Even I explain to the team in different ways and terms that their plan is designed to fail and give them instructions how not to fuck up they decide not to listen and fuck it up a big time. It’s just mind boggling how stupid these fucktards are even I’m working with those so called professionals, the better and intelligent ones. Fuck them, they’re retarted!

    I also find it amusing when local ask why you are here then, because of Filipinas? Well if you like obese stupid cows how look like 50yo when they turn 20yo, and gain on average 20kg weight per year, yeah you might be here because of them. But if someone has even piece of brain they know that Philippines is surrounded by countries with beautiful women that can be even easier to get.

    Someone wrote about how stupid his girlfriend is and the same is causing me constant headache. Every time I think that she has met the bottom, she finds way to go even lower. She simply doesn’t own any kind of logical thinking! Just to amuse yourself, ask some of the girls you meet which one is heavier 1kg of iron or 1kg of feathers and be amazed! I once tried to explain the answer about 20 minutes and the girl still didn’t get it!

    Traffic, I don’t want to start, but I have to give credit for the locals to be probably the most innovative nation to find ways to drive like fucktard! Not a single day passes without seeing someone finding yet another innovative way to be complete asshole in the traffic.

    Elections, well in the country of imbeciles the idiots are the kings. Cannot blame the politicians for pocketing the money because these imbeciles allow them to do that. The get what they deserve!

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    I saw a rant online about the Philippines and then saw one of the comments respond to the rant as follows, (the first bit is interesting, I know many customers who complain about Filipinos saleswomen who tell them directly “you have bad skin”, “you too fat” etc., not sure that its them being honest instead of rude.

    Filipinos are brutally honest. If they do not find it pretty and beautiful, they will say it. How about you? Even if it’s not, you will say “it is nice”, “it is cute” just to show you were being polite then say something behind their backs. Who is a back stabber then? We speak our minds too. We have no problems discussing our weights and weight issues. We absolutely have no insecurities about weights. With the modern civilization, the world is getting more diversified. Travel around the globe so you will understand more. Diversity is what defines our world now. But it does not mean one forgets his heritage. That is the reason why we enjoy yoga, greek food, chinese medicine, and japanese inventions now. Ask Bill Gates who mostly are his programmers, and he will tell you. 🙂 ))
    We are a mixed race and mixed culture so if you cannot deal with that, that is not our problem. Oh lastly, we do not claim we are westerners, we certainly do not. We are completely different. We wash our hair everyday, we take a bath twice a day sometimes more even on cold seasons, we wash our feet as often as three times a day, we put rosaries in our car instead of beads, we put cologne on our babies and kids, we like to smell good all the time, we value education to the fullest, we support our families, we are not fond daycares for our kids, we like taking care of our own kids, we take care of our parents and absolutely do not throw them to nursing homes.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      Of course your name is ‘MaamSir’ and you are filipino! hahaha! That’s all I hear filipinos say,”Hello Siiiiirrrr” or “Hello Mom!” When they say ma’am, it definitely sounds like mom, like I’m addressing my mother. So I refuse to say “ma’am” in this country because I will be the only one saying it correctly in this country, and I will will get looked at weird for saying it. That word is completely out of my vocabulary in Philippines. Ok MaamSir, as for your comment, as being a filipino like yourself, you will obviously point out only the positive aspects of Philippine culture, and not agree to anything we say, am I correct? As for the good traits you mentioned, I can agree with all of them except for one. You people really don’t care for your education, and I mean the majority, not all. Maybe you do, but don’t forget that I go to school here with idiot filipinos who likes to cut class, show up late for class, cheat on test/quizzes, not wear their school uniform when they are suppose to, and continuously disturb the classroom with nonsense yelling and shouting. What part in that shows that filipinos care about their education? Maybe the parents care because they pay for the tuition fees, but their child don’t give a fuck about their education. Most of them I know refuse to even study. I took my final exams last week. One idiot classmate friend I have would rather come over to my house and play xbox, than to study and pass his final exam that he has failed 2 times already. Well, the professor gave him a 3rd chance and he blew it. If I knew he had to study for his 3rd and final test, I wouldn’t have let him came over and play. The teachers obviously don’t care about their student’s education either, they openly allow them to cheat on tests and quizzes, just read my previous posts. I say what I see, and what see is true. I have no reason to lie to you, and my knowledge on Filipino education is backed up with facts and evidence. Even better, just attend college here yourself, you will see.

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    Sorry MaamSir. I have to disagree with you. My disagreement comes from my experiences that I have had dealing with Filipinos. First of all you are brutally dishonest. The one thing that I have learned in the Philippines is never to trust a Filipino. I have lost count of the times I have been cheated and lied to but that doesn’t happen anymore because I realize that every time a Filipino knocks on my door he is here to get something for free, borrow money that he will never pay back or just fuck over me anyway he can if I allow him to. As far as nursing homes go of course you don’t throw your parents in a nursing home. That’s because you are probably 50-60 years old and still living with your parents, in their house, along with all the rest of your siblings all sucking every last peso out of your parents that you can get. Also I understand why daycare is not a big deal here. Most of you don’t have jobs so you don’t need daycare. Also, many women just have their kids and then drop them off with their parents to take care of. So not only do the parents have to raise their children they have to raise their grandchildren. As far as supporting your family are you fucking joking? I have seen countless women bear children and the father just takes off. Never pays a single centavo for child support and their are no laws forcing him to pay child support. The Filipina is usually stuck with the burden of supporting herself and her children while the lazy piece of shit that fathered the children is sitting on the street corner drinking gin and looking for other women to have sex with. Also it is probably necessary to wash your feet three times a day because all that you can afford to wear are flip flops and your are walking in streets full of garbage and filth that you just throw in the street along with the piss from public urination and dog shit everywhere.

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    The 2nd and 3rd paras were copied and pasted from the other site, I really should have put italics to make it clear.
    And yes, I agree with all your points.

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    As what my handle says, I am a Filipina. I am currently living in the States but not after spending most of the 20 years of my life in the Philippines. I love my country but I am the first one to admit – that what is written here is the whole truth to the core. Does it make me sad? Yes. Does it hurt me? Of course. But what can I do? A lot of my fellowmen chose to cast a blind eye and shun criticisms and the truth. I look at what’s written here – most of it even – as what my mom has been doing to me and to my siblings growing up: tough love. It’s just sad that it takes someone else to actually see this, and instead of taking it to consideration and looking deep down to it, most of my fellowmen who were “brave” enough to defend what I think is wrong, ends up missing the whole point entirely. Does this mean that I am betraying my own kind? I don’t think so. Someone might come out and bash me for agreeing to this article, but I have lived what these gentlemen have been writing about. The very same reasons I escaped and worked abroad after being burnt out in the Philippines’ way of doing business. The reason why me and my husband (who happens to be an American and who, initially have been so in love with the Philippines) now choose to live here. I still have some hope, surprisingly. But I hope that this hope will eventually see some clarity. No, I cannot do something to change the whole country; there’s only one me and a whole lot of them who need to wake up. I am starting though to “educate” my younger siblings as I don’t want them to end up like our dad, a typical “Filipino”. (I know you guys know what I mean). Don’t get me wrong, I love my dad with all my heart and I have accepted him flaws and all. But that doesn’t mean that I will blindly accept and follow everything just because “it’s been like this ever since”.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB


      I applaud your ability to THINK FOR YOURSELF and not join the millions of your countrymen/women in the ignorance, delusions, and denial that keeps them in the shithole of blatant corruption, poverty, and disorganization. And the only way Philippines can ever begin to improve and change is take what they know to be true inwardly, and admit it outwardly.

      Filipinos NEED to develop a sense of shame. I see they have none. And there is MUCH FOR THE FILIPINO TO BE ASHAMED OF. Without shame, you cannot fix what it shameful. But the strut around their country spouting off their pride, to which there is NOTHING AT ALL to be proud of about Philippines. NOTHING. It’s just a pit of lies, delusions, deceit, ignorance, and shameless stupidity.

      To walk around claiming what is obviously NOT true, especially when the truth blatantly obvious, has no value at all, and does no good at all. It just makes you look MORE STUPID, and prevents you from doing anything about it.

      It is really going to take generations of gradual change, and parents/schools are going to have to stop teaching their children to continue the status quo.

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      Great comment Renegade..I applaud your honesty and wish that your countrymen would apply that same sense of humility. It would solve so many problems here.

    3. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      You seem educated and I highly value your comment RenegadePinay. The majority of the typical filipinos I come across who are stuck in this cycle of corruption is normally that way due to their own stupidity. Unlike you by seeing how you express yourself, you seem to be a very intelligent individual. Only if there were more filipinos like you. Only if my idiot filipina wife can wake up like you did. My wife sees the things I am talking about, be she refuse to come to terms with herself by admitting what we see is wrong. Her normal response is,”You know, this is Philippines, not America! That’s how it is here!” Not once has she admitted it was wrong. I can’t wait until I leave her, and this country.

      1. Profile gravatar of RenegadePinay

        FAFI, I was once like your wife. Which basically is a constant source of discord between me and my husband. Then one day, I just got tired of arguing and I tried to see things from his POV. I came to realize that this isn’t worth our marital bliss. And that small chance that I gave to actually see things differently changed me. I am still proud of who and what I am, I will never deny my roots. But I admit that it is hard to show people here, especially at work, that we Filipinos are not cut from the same cloth. Let’s just say that my predecessors already did some damage to our “reputation” which makes it more challenging for us starting out with a clean slate to make them trust us. Difficult, but not impossible.
        I do recognize that we as a nation also have certain characteristics which cannot be left unacknowledged; but harnessing these in the right direction is a different story altogether.
        One thing I noticed when I managed to find some Filipinos here is that they just keep to themselves. Newcomers also seek Filipinos to be-friend. I was guilty of that as well, back when I have been here for only a couple of months. But my mother in law said, “does it matter if your new friend is a non-Filipino?” I thank God for her and I made friends from different nationalities and it embarrasses me to admit that I regret being acquainted to these few Filipinos in our small city. They stick together, yes, but once I talk to them individually I notice envy and resentment towards each other. (For the love of humanity, a Coach bag was a source of misunderstanding!)
        They’re older than me by 5 or so years, and been here for years (been here for only 9 months). And they make me feel inferior. But once they learned that I work in a law firm and they work in a gas station and grocery stores mopping floors despite their Philippine Bachelor’s degree, they began to see me in a new light. It made me happy, until they hinted some ulterior motives. 🙁
        I am a sucker for new friends, real ones. And I think my own kind here are not gonna be them. Sad, but true.

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    Of course it will take generations upon generations of gradual change, and the Philippines will probably be one of the last countries to successfully complete the shift from being illogical to becoming logical. What is striking is the fact that logic (and discipline for that matter) seems to be prevalent only in the earth`s northern hemisphere. One could also contend that wherever there is snow, people have to be more disciplined and logical in order to survive. The hotter and more humid the climate, the greater the degree of underdeveloped logic. However, the global climate is changing. So no need to look down on anyone.
    On a global basis, mankind resembles a single man whereby the northern hemisphere constitutes his brain and the southern hemisphere his heart. However, a global change is gradually taking place whereby the heart becomes the brain and the brain the heart. As for stupidity, if the brain acts stupid it developes the atomic bomb, and because the heart is incapable of behaving logically, it assists in supplying the necessary means.

    1. Profile gravatar of RenegadePinay

      Hi filou, I like how you put the correlation of someone’s logical thinking and geographical location. I have never heard of it put that way. Something for me to think about. You really learn something new everyday from anybody, somehow somewhere.

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    Just had a great experience with Filogic. I have been having a flatbread sandwich for last 3 years, (probably twice a month) from the same cafe.
    Today the size is half of what I always got, I ask the Pinay waitress why it is so small, and she says “this is normal size sir”.
    I say “it used to be bigger” and she just gives a blank stare, and says “this is standard size, we do not make larger size” .
    I said “but the larger size is what i got the last 3 years”, and I get a “sir…” as the reply