The World’s Dumbest Doctor

Alright, to top things off, this article goes way beyond the boundaries of stupidity, so be prepared to have your minds blown and filled with epic shock when you hear this one. I was initially going to post this as a comment in a relative article that has already been posted here before, but I believe this fuckin idiot deserves some recognition, the one that she deserves.

You are all aware of the idiot so-called ‘Doctor’ I have been preaching about before right? Well I don’t want to get right it, because I love writing, but allow me to sum up some of her antics which suppose to give me the illusion that she is a professional, then end it off with an ironic epic fail.

This ‘Doctor’ (wink-wink) of mine has always been bragging about how many years it has taken her to obtain her PHD in Criminology, and how it was harder back then to be a doctor compared to how it is now. She gets highly discouraged if she was to be addressed as Ms, Professor, or even called a teacher. So with all that said, we should expect as much from her action as she expects to be addressed right?

As for her professionalism, there hasn’t been a single exam she hasn’t made a mistake on that results in her students marking the correct answer, yet she marks it wrong. Every time, I am the only one to spot it and demand to receive the grade that I deserve due to her incompetence in creating a wrong answer sheet. She confessed to her incompetence a few times, yet not to some. Anyway, let me get to the juicy part.

Just recently, she had her room broken into and all her money stolen. Being the bragging type, even she was stupid enough to flash off her money to me, and everyone who visits her house. She showed off her 60,000+ pesos to me and 2 Filipino classmates who accompanied me that night. Not to show off, but it was less than what I had in my account, so why is she bragging again? Yet again, it was a lot more than what my poor classmates can get their hands on all year. Plus she was showing off her 20 kilogram coin collection of nothing but 5peso coins, that was about another 5,000 all together. Showing off her money to every visitor she has really isn’t a good idea, especially when they make A LOT less than her. On top of that, she lives in a shitty-ass studio apartment which the rent goes for 3,500php per month, she told me that when I was looking around for a new place to stay in.

So then again, what happens to this idiot DOCTOR? Yep! She gets robbed! I found that out this morning (26February2014). According to one of my classmates, the total amount in cash which was stolen was 739,000 pesos. Yes, SEVEN HUNDRED AND THIRTY-NINE THOUSAND PESOS!!! I can’t vouch for the accuracy of that amount, but it was a student who visits her often and knew her well (teacher’s pet). A couple of things had came to mind when I heard about this incident….

1. What kind of fuckin idiot leaves that kind of money lying around in an unattended shit-hole like that? I wouldn’t even do that in my 14,000php guarded Condo. Does she know what a fuckin bank is used for?

2. If she had that kind of money, why would she live in a shitty-ass studio apartment for 3,500php a month? Her and I should’ve traded places, I would love to had my rent reduced 🙂

3. Is she really a Doctor? The average person with common fuckin sense wouldn’t be so careless. Nobody is that stupid, even non-college degree holders.

If she is as smart and professional as she says she is, something is telling me that her 739K peso loss claim isn’t as real as she is making it out to be. Could she possibly be trying to scam the insurance company (is there insurance in Philippines?)? I’m sure the same questions that had came to my mind is coming to your mind as well, what do you think about this situation? I don’t really feel too bad about her loss since when I had 3,000php stolen from my bag, she told me to be more responsible, when it was partly her fault by putting me in that situation (I can explain if you like). Now that she is at a loss, I feel I should be giving her the same advice, with the same sympathy she gave me…… which was NONE. I hope this serves as an eye-opener on how corrupted her Catholic-claimed Filipinos are, and of her own denied stupidity. If I receive any further updates in regards to the accuracy of this event, I will be posting comments on this article later. For now, just applaud for the world’s dumbest doctor for her accomplishment of using her 3,500php room as bank to store 739,000 pesos. You can’t possibly get any more stupider than that! Congrats you fuckin idiot! FAIL 🙂

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    Pearl Of My Ass

    Classic, a Doctor in Criminology get robbed of her life savings like an idiot… usually Insurance policies that cover theft of cash have a ceiling (e.g. 2000/3000 USD -> but you can change that and pay more primus). I have doubt a person who lives in a low cost shit hole can afford an insurance policy that cover almost 15K USD in cash. So she might be only bragging.
    You should definitely act responsibly and remind her the good words of advise she kindly shared with you when you get robbed.

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      FAFI Post author

      As for the event when I got robbed of 3000 pesos, I came to school as if it was going to be a regular day, but plans changed big time. It was some type of assembly day, and my Criminology class had to march in some fucked up disorganized parade. Being that my shitty-ass uniform doesn’t contain pockets, I have no choice but to place my phone, wallet, and keys in my laptop bag like always. Well, since we had to march unexpectedly that day, we were all required to place our bags in some gaggle-fucked up area. Nobody was designated to watch them. We marched around the city for about 45 minutes, and when I returned, my bag wasn’t in the same location where I put put it. I broke away from the parade in a rampage in search for my bag as soon as we returned, only to find out it has been relocated. After inspecting my bag, I found my wallet empty. It had only 3,000php inside, but that still pissed me off a little bit. Losing about $70 isn’t a total loss for me, but I had less respect for the school. Ironically prior to the march, we had mandatory church session where they had to pray to their god to have their sins forgiven and all that mumble-jumble bullshit….. then ends up committing a sin shortly after church. WTF!!! Their claims of being Catholic or a Holy country is absolutely bullshit, unless being Catholic means doing the wrong thing. This incident occurred last summer around August, and I refuse to participate in any parades even if I am forced to, fuck that shit! I wonder how my idiot doctor-teacher feels about being robbed by a fuckin Filipino…. she should’ve been more responsible. 🙂

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          FAFI Post author

          It was a surprise event, and if it was preplanned, I would’ve planned to leave my belongings at home so I wasn’t a victim. I don’t mind the event if I know about it ahead of time. To answer your question= kinda yes and kinda no. After being aware of what happened, she agreed to not have anymore surprise events like that. So it’s not that I had the opportunity to say ‘No,’ it just didn’t happen again yet. Knowing a Filipino’s forgetfulness and lack of aptitude to plan things, I am still expecting this event to reoccur. I still refuse to comply with any surprise event that requires me to be separated from my personal belongings (phone, wallet, keys, etc) that are located in my bag. For those of you who are just now reading this, and did not look at my previous comment,”No, I can’t just simply put them in my pocket, because the idiot who designed our uniform did not make pockets. I guess it’s not allowed for some idiot Filogic reason.” This country disgust me more and more everyday, I will tell about my recent idiotic event some other time, I don’t really feel like talking about it now. Good morning and good night everybody.

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    I think that amount of money is a lie. I don’t think she makes that much money. There is a saying here. If a doctor is teaching that means she is not a good doctor because no one goes to her clinic.

    Anyway, I can relate to you. I took one semester of medicine at MCU. These doctors have no common sense (so are my classmates) and it felt like I was there so they can brag how successful they are…

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      I just spoke to this so-called ‘Doctor’ of mine personally today, and I am yet amazed that she initiated the topic of her recent unfortunate incident of being robbed. Actually, I even feel kinda guilty for posting this article after hearing her explain the events leading up to the incident. I have confirmed that the lost amount is accurate, but it wasn’t all in cash. The 739,000php is actually the total amount of valuables that has been robbed from her which includes jewelries, expensive electronics, and of course the money. The cash amount was well over 80,000php, but that it is still stupid to have that kind of money lying around and not using a bank to deposit it, that’s common fuckin sense to me. You wont catch me with over 20,000php in my possession, or even lying around in my place.

      One thing really did amaze me about her and I give her credit and maximum respect for this, was that she was able to maintain her composure about it and still see a bright side to it. She didn’t appear too angry about the incident and didn’t express any anguish or frustration, yet she looked at this experience as a second life by being fortunate enough not to be present when that event had actually occurred. Obviously she thanked god for that just like how all Filipinos thank god for every positive coincidence in this country. Being thankful to god that you wasn’t killed is OK, but what if she actually was killed? How will she thank this god now? Well I’m astonished by her positivity, and whatever justice I felt that should be due to her because of her past ongoing stupidity has finally been served, but deep down I have this wrong feeling that too much has been done to her. She didn’t deserve this much punishment. Even though she was completely resilient of the situation, I could see it in her eyes that she is deeply saddened. I’m gonna prepare a ‘care-package’ for her to compensate for some of the overdue justice that has been brought upon her…… so sad 🙁

      1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
        Pearl Of My Ass

        13USD of jewelry and valuables ? Seriously ? Sounds still like boloney to me but you can judge better by having talked with her.
        I’m sorry Fafi but without wanting to put her down, what she does by seeing the positive is exactly why this country is going down, people are getting fucked by their politics and government and then says it’s god’s will and that god did not make men perfect and blablabla…
        Your compassion is honorable, don’t get me wrong. And to finish on an optimist and funny saying: who eats a coconut trust his asshole.

        1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
          FAFI Post author

          Judging from the 3,500php shitty-ass studio apartment she lives in, it’s hard to believe that her valuables are equivalent to the 739,000php claimed amount that was stolen from her. I bet she said that to increase her insurance claim, but I can vouch for her 80,000+ pesos that she keeps in cash that she had clearly flashed in front of me and 2 other Filipino classmates of mine, plus the fact that she owns 7 fancy phones (for I don’t know for what reason). I also believe the amount has be over-exaggerated, but the fact that she has been robbed is still completely true and saddening.

          Just to add another act of stupidity on her end, she even flashed her money on Facebook by spelling her name out with it in coins (all 5 peso coins) and having it underlined with a stack of large bills ranging from 1,000 – 200 peso bills. That pretty much made everyone aware of the type of money she has, especially her 800+ friends. Resources: I have her as a friend on Facebook (for educational reasons)

          1. Profile gravatar of Pearl Of My Ass
            Pearl Of My Ass

            Being robbed is like being violated and I wish it to nobody, my parents got robbed and my mother couldn’t sleep well for month. Your help is a nice gesture and a kind response of help. Nice weekend to all.

          2. Profile gravatar of Pitchblackcats

            “being robbed is like being violated and i wish it to nobody…”
            be that as it may,
            it’s safe to say that in this case, there is a big-ass underlying lesson to learn. a gift, if you will.
            i mean, seriously? posting your fortune on Facebook? the only ones who would give a flying fuck are the wrong contacts.
            the price we sometimes pay for sustaining our imaginary social media lives. as if flashing money would buy us true acceptance and love.

          3. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            That is a nice sentiment you stated there Pitchblack, but I don’t think she realized the stupidity when she did that. Spelling your name out is nice, but you shouldn’t do it with money and post it where everyone can see it. Especially not in a poverty struck-en country! It’s not as if I expected ‘Doctors’ here to have common sense anyway.
            A lesson that I think she had learned was to not live in a shitty-ass place when you can afford much more. She talked about relocating to a guarded community. Common sense tells me that she should’ve done that in the first place, and not wait until she gets robbed to finally concern for her safety.

            *Be Proactive….. Not Reactive

          4. Profile gravatar of Pitchblackcats

            it’s rather sad, isn’t it? it’s sad that some people are too far gone and will probably end their existence holding on to superficial things.

          5. Profile gravatar of Pitchblackcats

            oh, and your common sense is absolutely spot-on. i bet everyone in here would think so too.
            to think that was a bloody doctor… gulp.

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            I agree with Pitchblackcats. Never ever let anyone know that you have money in this country. In fact, the more money you make, the more you should be quite about it.

            What happened to her is her fault. Do not feel bad about it because it is her own stupidity that got her into that situation. Do not give her sympathy because I notice in this country (based on my experience) they will milk you anyway can. Even sympathizing, they will use that to their advantage. So just be careful…lots of shady people out there.

          7. Profile gravatar of FAFI
            FAFI Post author

            I totally agree with you, but in this situation, I will be dealing with this so-called ‘Doctor’ for the rest of my college years. This is a perfect opportunity to do some ass-kissing so she can get off my case about me viewing my classmates as a bunch of inferior simpletons. She is aware that I think of my classmates as idiots, and the more responsibility she gives me to run things, the more smoothly things get done. If I kiss enough ass now, I may be able to run the entire Criminology department.
            Kissing ass is a popular tradition here. I even see it when failing students are bringing her flowers and small gifts. I guess it’s for academic reasons. For the record, I don’t need to kiss ass for grades, I already scored a 50% academic scholarship due to my performance, and I did it without cheating and not understanding the portions of instructions that were mentioned in Tagalog, which happens to be the advantages my classmates have. Without those handicaps, I might’ve scored the 100% discount scholarship, but that requires receiving a lot of attention, and the less, the better.
            I totally hear ya DieselPower, I will be aware of any attempts to be taken advantage of by her. I still sympathize for her, but I am not a fool. I will be damned if something like that happened to me, I would’ve rained hell on this country by now if I was in her situation. Her story hasn’t been released on ABS-CBN news, since she doesn’t want her family to know about it, and be worried. But if it ever does reaches the news, you will all know who I am talking about.

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            That is an excellent point about exploiting sympathy. Just wanted to say that.

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    This type of stupidity is physically upsetting to read about.

    Was she in any way threatened, or was it just a burglary? Some of my disgust would turn into sympathy if she were threatened, but still.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI
      FAFI Post author

      I guess to properly clarify, she was a victim of theft. She was not present at the time of the event which would result in a burglary. I can’t imagine her being there at the time of the event, because since she was somewhat attractive, I’m sure another type of crime would’ve occurred too, with a possibility of death. She doesn’t deserve any of that. If only they stolen about 30,000php of valuables from her, I would feel that justice for ongoing stupidity and incompetence has been served. Never would I wish for ALL of her personal belongings to be deprived of her. Who ever told me on here to stay in a guarded community, I’m definitely taking your advice! No way will I ever leave my place unprotected in this so called Holy and Catholic country!

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        No, obviously no one wishes for anyone to lose their life savings. But it certainly is unsettling to interact with and have as associates people who don’t basic precautions to protect their valuables. Thanks for sharing.

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    FAFI Post author

    It has already been 2 weeks since this incident and I would like to post an update about this so-called ‘doctor’ of mine. Even though I may have a little remorse due to her situation, but that feeling of affection is slowly diminishing away due to other factors which may deem her to be less unattractive as a professor. Lately, she has been in this “I don’t give a fuck” mentality and has been completely reluctant to performing her job as a professor by attending class. Honestly, I haven’t learned much from her anyway, so IDGAF either. Apparently she is still on payroll during her absence, but I can’t blame her for skipping class. I heard of students cutting classes, but never teachers…. LOL. If I had all my life savings deprived from me, I would’ve raised hell by now, so compared to me, she is taking it pretty well. 🙂

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    James Dinwoody

    I do know a great many foreigners who have lost large sums of money when banks are closed, bought out or even robbed and the bank closes down. This is even more common among the rural and provincial banks where bank insurance may not actually insure anything.

  6. Profile gravatar of Jay

    What a moron. Yes, there is insurance here (homeowners/renters). However I could not find one which would insure cash, computers, or electronic gadgets. I question if her belonging were as valuable as she stated. All of these idiots like to embellish the truth. Fucking idiots.

    Speaking of doctors, did you know that there are NO podiatrists in the country. A nation where everyone wears substandard 3rd world flip flops or just go barefoot does not have a single foot doctor.