World’s Worst Airport NAIA Suffers Five Hour Brownout

The world’s worst airport is at it again – another act of complete incompetence – a five hour brownout this time. Whether it’s the cramped conditions, long queues, tourists falling through floors, bullet planting, it always seems to find new ways to try and keep that spot of world’s number one shittiest airport and embarrass itself for the world to see.

It’s frightening really that this could happen in this day and age at an international airport. We’re not talking about a tiny landing strip in the middle of the jungle, but one which handles over 500 flights a day.

Equally as worrying Philippine Airlines (PAL) said some of its flights were canceled or delayed but could not immediately say how many.

An airline incapable of immediately looking at a screen and counting how many flights have been delayed. Wow!

I guess when you put a clown like Aquino’s buddy Jose Angel Honrado in charge of an airport, who has no experience whatsoever with airports, this is what you get.

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    Captain PFB

    Gosh, world’s worst airport for how many years? Yet they make zero attempt to do anything to change it. When faced with their own reality, they only slip deeper and deeper into their delusion that they are actually the best, and everyone is just racist against them.

    Never ever will I ever understand such sheer ignorance, stupidity, and false blind pride.

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      Actually, they are going to do something really important about it and something that will have a great improvement. They are going to hire a feng Shui expert to rearrange the place to erase the bad “karma”.

      “With the cause of a five-hour blackout still unknown, an official of the Ninoy Aquino International Airport Terminal 3 has urged NAIA-3 authorities to consult a feng shui expert or geomancer to take away the “bad luck” that officials blamed for the problems that have hampered operations in the facility.”
      – Seriously, you can’t make this shit up. It is all bad karma, bad luck, and has nothing to do with the corruption and shoddy construction at all!! And these are the “intelligent” people of the Philippines.

      1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

        Lol, that’s’ just too much, but typical, superstition over competence. Since Filipinos did the work there was nothing left to blame but luck. I don’t know anything about feng shui, maybe it’s like the color painted on walls can have different sub conscious effects on people and alter their moods by degrees. Positive moods can create positive effects. But it won’t do a damn thing for incompetent, shoddy workmanship.

      2. Profile gravatar of Tacitus

        Lol, that is classic Philippino. I guess the Catholic priests were charging too much for an exorcism so they decided to cheap out and get a feng shui or geomancer “expert”. And we all know you need animal sacrifices to properly get rid of evil spirits. Stray dogs problem and airport blackout problem solved all at the same time…brilliant! Why not release hundreds of white doves while you’re at it to let the evil spirits know you mean business. There’s nothing let letting loose a flock of birds near flying airplanes to change your luck.

        1. Profile gravatar of BLX2

          “There’s nothing let letting loose a flock of birds near flying airplanes to change your luck. ”

          ROFLMAO 🙂 Now I can’t get that visual out of my head….

        2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

          “There’s nothing let letting loose a flock of birds near flying airplanes to change your luck.”

          Oh, yeah. A flock of birds let loose near flying airplanes–the perfect diuretic for pilots everywhere. I should know–I’m a pilot and have flown a wee bit too close to birds on more than one occasion 🙁

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            No, can’t do that. The airport will get jinxed more, what with asswipe uncle’s insatiable greed and adulterous relationships. Goats better. Sinless then have Caldereta for lunch later. They only need the blood anyway. 🙂

      3. Profile gravatar of Johnny

        “Since Filipinos did the work there was nothing left to blame but luck.”
        – It has nothing to do with stupidity, corruption, pinoy-construction, shoddy-overpriced materials, aging infrastructure, or anything legitimate. It’s simply bad luck. Like when the security people plant bullets in the luggage, its just bad luck. It’s amazing watch a culture and society race themselves to the bottom. They must out-stupid even themselves each time.

        Btw, we all know this Feng Shui expert is going to be on a monthly, high-salary retainer, and just happen to be the wife of one of the NAIA leaders.

        Another point, hasn’t this thing been blessed a few times? I mean anytime a building or business opens, don’t they do a blessing, throw a party, and pay the priest? I’m sure they do it each time there is a new renovation or stall opening. So what gives? IT’s like that whole religious thing is complete bullshit and didn’t do any good for the worlds worst airport.

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      to borrow a filipino expression “not all (insert your delusion here) are like that sir”

      …. Not all airports in the Philippines are like that sir.

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    The term “brownout” makes me laugh and sigh at the same time. Why can’t they say what the rest of the world pretty much calls it: a “blackout”? Or even a “power cut” (as the British would say)? Back when I was a kid, the term “brownout” meant a reduction in the line voltage, which back in the day would occasionally occur during the summer months when air conditioners on a real hot day would place a heavy burden on the power grid, forcing the power companies to lower the output voltage of the power plants to prevent “blackouts” (they would say “brown” because the old light bulbs of that time would not burn as brightly).

    By using the term “brownout”, it proves that flips are completely disconnected from reality and will not accept things as they really are. Sigh….

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    Don Quixote

    Snake I agree, I have always tried to correct the foreigners about the Brown out I wont even waste my time on Flips.
    I have no received any info on changing my airport from Clark to Manila yet as it is in October and maybe just maybe the worst low cost carrier Air Asia Philippines will actually advise me.
    I have recently looked for another flight for a mate and found out they have ceased AGAIN flying from Clark NO NOTICE , NO MESSAGES SENT OUT I even checked all their PRESS RELEASES for the last 6 months you guessed it ZERO.
    So apparently I will have to go to that fucking shithole again to use my plane ticket in October.
    I cannot understand the fucking mentality of businesses based in the Philippines.
    To be honest I blame the fucking parent company they ignore my complaints too their CUSTOMER SERVICE line which goes unanswered and their OMBUDSMAN also when you get no response from Customer Service.
    ZERO RESPONSE to emails and a phone call to their office GUESS WHAT ??????? APOLOGIES A FUCKING GAIN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess they did not like me stating the obvious they are NOT NOW THE BEST LOW COST AIRLINE IN THE WORLD they used to SPRUKE ABOUT

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      So you are returning to the paradise that Mindanao Boob spouts about in Oct huh? Well leave it to filipinos to stress you out 6 months before arriving and from a different continent to boot.

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Going marlin fishing with an old client from the States, I go each year with to Cairns for two weeks with him to keep him company.
        Where they do have clean water no garbage and no plastic bags.
        I suffer, !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just to help my old friend.
        The first night in Cairns we have the best Pizza anywhere, wood fired , thin crust,seafood with fresh basil on pesto base truffle oil drizzled over the seafood as it is brought sizzling to the table by a beautiful EFFICIENT Italian waitress. A bottle or two or three of Crisp Australian White wine Then the owner joins us later and we drink his home made Grappa together. .
        Its a tradition we dont want to upset the Marlin Gods.
        Two waitresses waiting on fifty people its a beautiful thing to watch,
        They even remember us and when we sit down they will order for us , never once got it wrong !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    2. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
      Rice Ganda

      You don’t ‘have to’ use your ticket. A rerouting or recsheculing is a valid reason for a refund under their T&Cs.
      I had flights to/from Clark booked for both March,June and July. I received emails and calls about the re-routing (check your spam folder), filled in the e-form for a refund, and both refunds were received within 2 weeks.
      The refunds are processed in Malaysia , so get done quite quickly provided that you submit that form ( There’s no point trying to email them, but they are reasonably good at responding on their Facebook and Twitter pages. But don’t expect them to enter into a protracted discusssion about your own personal grievance.It doesn’t happen like that in SE Asia, and I see so many (mainly Aussies) getting very irate because customer service doesn’t give them a personalised ass-kissing service like at home, but just tells them to fill in the form.
      Just suck up the rerouting or fill in the form for a refund and then fly to Clark on Cebu Pacific via Singapore if you still want to avoid NAIA. I’ve been using AirAsia since 2007. Never had a problem with them..

      1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Well aren’t you the lucky one.
        I wont be using them again, like you I was using them when they first started in 2007.
        Suffered through the LCCT days in KL for years.
        Then they became Air Asia Philippines.
        Since then I’ve had way too many stuff ups to take them seriously anymore.
        Ive been stranded in KL when they changed the flight times so my schedule connection fly though did not line up.
        Had to wait two days in KL no apology.
        I have been using the route with Cebu Pathetic and Scoot for a while now it is great heading south but North is a shit fights as no connection, you have to overnight in Sinkas. Or fly to manila with Tiger at 1745

        I have a dispute with Jetstar Australia at present, but that is in OZ so we are seeing them in the small claims court in Tweed Heads on April 27, fuck em all Ive had enough.
        Jetstar are not fucking happy about coming to Court in Tweed Heads. They are still denying they double charged me despite the evidence of my bank statements which clearly shows a double dip, and three days after they were served they refunded the money a coincidence you may think. But they left me stranded in Asia with a cancelled credit card when they double dipped me Visa stopped the card automatically. Ruined my stay as I had to Barrow money to live let alone go out anywhere.

        Will weigh up my odds with Air Asia as the flight was booked and paid for in Australia and the Computer Terminal site is considered the location of the area of dispute. I have time and can get a refund but thats not the fucking point these cunts are the pitts.

        1. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
          Rice Ganda

          ZestAir became AirAsia Philippines. AirAsia MY has always been AirAsia MY…I never travel without decent travel insurance which covers the airline fuck-up factor and , of course, the nightmare scenario of actually needing medical treatment anywhere in this region.
          A couple of years back,I did actually have a (male) Filipino cabin crew tell me I couldn’t sit it the emergency exit aisle – Hinting that it was because I was too fat, and try to tell me that it was company policy (the usual Filipino line!) ; Until I showed him the policy which is actually printed on the card in the seat pocket (no kids, OAPs or disabled) and loudly told him to tell me which one I was or go fuck himself.
          As my drinking buddy at the time was a manager with the company (and also a big fat Danish dude) I handed him a complaint letter pointing out that I’d taken four flights per month in the same seat for 7 years, and that this particular cabin crew needed retraining as he was inventing policies and fat-shaming anyone who was an average sized European. As I never saw him again I’m guessing that his career was probably short-lived!

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            Yup Rice Air Asia MY franchises Hubs that how they get into protected markets etal the Flip land, Singapore and Indonesia and Thailand they established Air Asia Philippines and flew exclusively out of Clark. When Zest went belly up they bought Zest for their NAIA slots and Terminal space and immediately moved their operation to Manila. Leaving Pilots who built homes in Angeles in a lurch, I know this for a fact. I know a pilot with them.
            I have had a similar issue with Air Asia re seating too my seat was always 12C for as you say 7 years there about.
            As a ships master I found it a bit rich as I was probably the most experienced person on that plane in emergency situations.
            I have an annual Insurance travel policy with Suncorp due to my many flights , and can claim if I want to but that is not the point these cunts think they can do anything say anything and get away with it disregarding every known standard of public relations and Air Asia Flipland is worse than Cebu pathetic. Air Asia MY and X were good until they got involved with Flipland

          2. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

            I had a male flip flight attendant chew me out because I was talking (quietly) on my phone while the plane was still boarding, saying, in a very firm tone, that I had to hang up because the plane was leaving. The first time I ignored him, then he came back a few seconds later and said it again in a much firmer tone. Back then, I was still polite and respectful with those baboons (but not for much longer).

            In retrospect, the reason why that flip read me the riot act was because he wanted to exercise his (perceived) superiority over me. There is nothing more that a flip wants to do than to exercise his/her superiority over others–especially kanos. That flight attendant, after chewing me out, probably went to the washroom in the back of the cabin and had an orgasm over what he just did.

      2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        Hey Rice,
        Air Asia finally advised me via email two weeks ago about the flight change, they then told me that I have to pick up my luggage and re-book it through even though I have fly through ticket.
        100% different from what the office in Manila told me. they told me nothing had changed except the departure spot.
        So I wrote to them immeadiatly , still waiting on that reply apparently 4 hours is not enough time for them to book my luggage straight though.
        And yet they can do it in a one hour layover heading the other way.
        Maybe they don’t appreciate my sarcasm.
        But aren’t they lucky Ill be laying over in Singapore next week with enough time to tear them a new asshole.

      3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
        Don Quixote

        HEY RICE.
        Just a follow up I can see it has been three weeks, I finally got a phone call from Air Asia, FUCKING GENIUS.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
        It went like this, !!!!!!!!!!!
        Sir we had to change you flight for operational reasons blah blah blah.
        My answer was simple, If you think you are going to get me to cancel my Promo flight you are idiots, I like the word Idiot by the way.
        I saved $1000 on the ticket.
        But sir we will refund you, Nope you wont.
        Then I explained them the logic and stupidity of their statements and excuses and changed conditions regarding the change of flight.
        I have a fly through ticket . They have over 4 hours to get my luggage from one Air Asia plane to the other.
        They want to me to pick up my luggage exit and reenter via Immigration and customs
        Now the kicker, which I finally got through the woman’s pea brain.
        The same planes I am on the exact flight booking on the 14th of October, goes Manila to KL to Coolangatta to Auckland NZ.
        Now I can fly through all the way to NZ on the exact same planes I am booked on, BUT I cannot fly through KL to Coolangatta.
        When I fly the other way Coolangatta to Manila it can not be done either even though the exact same plane fly from Auckland to Manila.
        I can however fly Coolangatta to Singapore fly-through with a 1.5 hour layover, they can get my luggage from one plane to the other.No problems remember they can not do it in 4 hours.
        I can however fly now Coolangatta to Manila fly through with Scoot. Which I just booked for my return flight. next week.
        I just wanted the red eye flight with Air Asia .
        Mick Im on my way back!!!!!!!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

          Flew with Air Asia back in 2014. Never again!! Transiting from KL to Manila was horrible! Two security in KL wanted to see my passport . Don’t know why. But gave it back to me when they saw I was Aussie.

          When I told Dad what happened, he said “what were you wearing?” I said “oh, jeans, boots and tank top”. (coz it was winter in Oz). He said “you forgot Malaysia is a Muslim country. You should have worn something more modest. They could have flogged you for indecency”. WTF?? Indecency for wearing jeans and tank top? OK, tank top might have been too revealing (bare shoulders), but it was damn hot there and I’d been running trying to find my connecting gate! Never again. These days I fly direct or via Sydney.

          1. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
            Rice Ganda

            Airport security wanting to see a passport ? Absolute shocker! There was increased random checking of passports in Malaysia airports in 2014, after it was revealed that those lovely Iranian gentlemen had boarded MH370 with fake passports. I had mine checked 4 times on one trip -two of those times whilst merely sitting on my ass drinking Starbucks and minding my own business – and I’m a Pom .
            Malaysia is a very moderate Muslim country indeed. We live in KL and my (Filipina) partner walks around in short shorts and vests most of the time and has never been flogged (that I know of !!) in the 6 years we have been here.
            Filipinas get stopped more than most in Malaysian Airports. Mainly because a large percentage of Filipinas coming in/out of KLIA2 on budget airlines are prostitutes on phoney student visas, or doing visa runs on tourist stamps . The government has regular crackdowns on this. Also, the Filipinos who are actually working here legally are supposed to have OEC in their passport from Phil Embassy as their ‘permission’ to travel (more Phils bureaucracy/revenue collection!).
            Like you say, once they saw you were an Aussie and not a GRO they let you go about your business. They knew you could go all Crocodile Dundee on them at any moment !

          2. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Malaysian security checked you too, huh? Maybe they were thinking you were a victim of human trafficking for rich Malaysian women. Careful Rice, I heard those Malaysian Chinese women are INSATIABLE!! 🙂

            Geez, that’s great isn’t it? In KL I get mistaken for GRO. Between Brisbane and Darwin, I often get pulled for “closer security checks”. Security asked “have you been handling explosives recently?” I say “of course not!! I save lives for a living, for goodness sakes!”. Then they let me go.

            In Port Moresby stop over (the one and only time I flew with Air Niugini), the security wanted to confiscate my 30mls hand cream. I pleaded with him to let me keep that small quantity of cream as my hands dry up in an aircon environment. He said “no”. I looked at him in the eye and asked “do I looked like a terrorist to you?”. He smiled and gave me back my hand cream 🙂

            Maybe I need to stop wearing those denim jeans and black ankle boots and start wearing a headscarf instead!!

          3. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I was on a run of checks for a long time before I did my tiny brain in Australia, I was continually getting checked every fucking time I flew for explosives.
            EVERY FUCKING TIME!!!!!!!!!
            The last time I got pulled over I refused to open my bag , ONLY DO THIS IN AUSTRALIA !!!!!!!!!!!! If a Citizen, Then as loud as you can say IM on a plane full of RAGHEADS and you want to check my fucking luggage, GETS THEIR ATTENTION!!!!!!!!!!!! I then accuse them of Profiling me !!!!!!!
            But sir this check is RANDOM, ,!!!!! BULLSHIT you pick on the fat white man with a beard WHAT DO I LOOK LIKE A FUCKING TERRORIST TO YOU !!!!!!!!!! I wont shave my beard off to make you assholes happy. If you want to open my bag you do it, Ill wait and went and sat down, whist they had discussions amongst themselves what to do.
            This can be great fun when your at home.
            SHUT UP AND SUCK IT UP WHEN OS, Oh by the way no one else checks in Asia sniffing for explosives FUNNY ABOUT THAT !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
            Speaking of Asia Airport checks I had a bit of trouble with Airport Security in Clark on my way out of the country last time, The moron who was checking my luggage at the XRay machine asked me about my three bottles of Rhum I had in my checked through bag. But sir you are only allowed two bottles per person,.
            Now I was hot and bothered, and had an Imbecile who looked about thirteen years old flapping his gums, he had six people watching him sitting around in their nice clean little uniforms.
            He was insistent I will give him that, but I wanted the Head Customs Inspector to come over and get his opinion. He would not get the Customs Official.
            As the booze was bought in a supermarket and the tax had been paid , and the bottles were leaving the country NOT ENTERING !!!!!!!!!
            He could not get that through his tiny fucking brain.
            After much consultation among them selves , he let me go with the parting shot . only two next time.!!!!!!!! Fuck him I could not help myself I told him I will bring a case through next time so he better study the rules .
            Two bottles going in through Duty Free as many as you want going out. Bearing in mind Australia it is 2,5 liters or three bottles of 700 rhum. Which is what I had
            I found out a minute later off the Airline these guys are not customs at all, just security guards , they have nothing to do with Importing and Exporting.
            He was just a typical Flip full of his own importance making the rules up as he went
            And as a by the by, How many passport checks can they get in before they let you on a fucking plane in Asia.?????????????
            1.Get in the Terminal
            2.Ticket Counter
            4.Entering the Departure Lounge
            5.Exiting the Departure Lounge
            6.Entering the fucking Plane.
            HOW THE HELL did those two get on an Malaysian Air Flight on Dodgy passports

          4. Profile gravatar of Rice Ganda
            Rice Ganda

            Sarah. Please stick with the bare shoulders and black ankle boots. ..Its far more appealing than Flip-flops and headscarfs!
            As Don Quixote points out, a lot of the profiling is fecked-up. They are told to look out for people sweating profusely, which makes us fat guys an instant target for those who blindly follow the rules without incorporating initiative/common sense! … One on occasion, I was asked by immigration why I was sweating so much. I promptly replied “Because I’m a 21 stone man from a country where the average temperature is 11 degrees. It is 36 degrees in here and I’ve had to sprint-walk 3 miles to collect my baggage” Response: *Blank Stare – Reboot* while half a dozen completely unidentifiable people in burqas shuffled past without being checked!

          5. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            Thanks Rice, but you won’t catch me dead wearing those flipflops and scarves! I must admit, that profiling that they follow, beats me how I could’ve fitted with their image of potential terrorist. I must have looked really intimidating with those black ankle boots and denim jeans huh? All 49kgs of me…. 🙂

            By the way, I wonder how much security screening our ASIO (CIA equivalent) did for those airport security guys before giving them the job??. Coz you get them in technicolor nowadays: brown, dark brown, black and ragheads. And they pull the likes of you and me aside for a more intense security screening?

    1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
      Don Quixote

      NO NO NO !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Mick you misunderstand I am leaving in OCTOBER I return in July.
      I am here now and leaving in two weeks as well.
      I travel a lot. so I have my tickets for this year already purchased.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Just got a message from Mike. His wife went to PLDT yesterday to follow through with their net application. They were initially told that internet will be installed in 2 weeks. Guess what? When staff went to look for the paperwork….. the imbeciles forgot to write the order!!!!! Only in the land of Faill!!!

        1. Profile gravatar of Heresiarch

          Hmm.. we had the same case 6 years ago. My mother threatened that she’ll use other ISPs and remove the phone and the internet was quickly installed. Before that we were told to call a number that confirms if our line is capable of having a DSL which sounds like bullshit from the get-go. My mother gave them a vicious sermon once that she discovered that the line we’re calling is automated that also works and says the same message even for non-PLDT phones and that they’re bullshitting us and making us call around numbers for nothing.

          This is the reason why I loathe PLDT. And I always can’t help but to bring that up whenever they screw up and they wouldn’t even give a damn.

  4. Profile gravatar of tambok

    This whole fucking country just keeps getting worse and worse in every aspect. I live on Samal Island near Davao. The power was off for two weeks, no explanation, no apology, now its on again but for how long? In 60 days we have had 96 hours of running water, that is 4 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Does anybody have an answer or a solution, no of course not.
    The fucking problem is simple, supply and demand. They give building permits to millions to make money but there is no infrastructure, no water or electric, what’s the answer I get? Who cares. This place is really fucked!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      What is funny is when they give out all those permits and the area is filled with buildings and malls, they act so proud like they built and developed the city. The truth is, they just said yes to anyone and everyone with money to build. The local gov’t’s invest nothing cause they steal it all. Then put their face on a tarpaulin sign showing off their corrupt face like they are so proud!
      My shithole city has like 4 malls in a 1 square kilometer area with 3 Jollibees and 2 McDonalds. 6 malls if you go out 2 square kms. They shithead mayor is so proud of himself. When an Aussie friend met the mayor at an event, he asked about all the traffic issues. He asked, “with all the construction and malls the traffic is going to get even worse. Didn’t you guys do a traffic study or form a plan to prevent it?” The mayor said, “No, it will be fine”. Of course traffic got worse to the point they actually got a traffic light, which they had another “pat ourselves on the back” ceremony, function, and even brought some LTO shithead from Manila down for its inauguration. Talk about commitment to some low fucking standards.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        I just have to ask what everyone else is thinking but suspect we know the answer. Do the filipinos even obey the traffic light? Surigao City has one traffic light that is never on except during christmas. I asked why and was told after the light was installed the city figured out they could not afford the electric to turn it on. True or not I don’t know, but that is what I was told.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          They actually do obey this one. Usually after 9pm they don’t cause there is no traffic at all. I actually just stop for a second, then proceed cause I don’t want some beggar or robber coming up to me while I’m the only one at that light.

          Yeah, we had a traffic light in our city when I first got here. It never worked and they said it only worked like the first couple of months they set it up. I got a nice chuckle each time I drove past it.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            We have one on SBMA that has never been on in eight years, but they have installed a bunch of new ones, I wondered why they just didnt pull the unused one out and put it where it could be used, NOPE we buy a new one. After all its someone else’s fucking money

          1. Profile gravatar of FilamboredinthePH

            Dumaguete is also reaching a critical point in traffic volume. Cars sales are booming in Dgte and as we all know, cars and trikes don’t really share the road too well. Give it a few more years and all roads downtown and feeding into downtown are going to become a crawl (as if traffic speed in general isn’t already a joke). I joked with a friend back in the states that I live in a city where everyone drives at parking lot speeds.

        1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

          The sad part is if you have ever been to Costa Rica, they really embrace nature. They learned from Panama not to pave the entire country and they simply made their beautiful, natural environment the tourist attraction which gets millions of tourists each year. The FAIL-ippines has,,, had the most beautiful, pristine environment, but they trashed it. Now they put malls in like tourists really want to go shopping in a tropical country. Not to mention 95% of all tourists travel through Manila and the other 5% through Cebu or Clark, which already have a ton of malls. Who the fuck wants to travel to the province and see more fucking malls?
          All the Philippine idiots have to do is build a decent road to the beaches, waterfalls, jungles, volcanos, etc. Nothing too expensive for the return they would get back. Then just keep those areas clean the tourists feeling safe and they’d be the next Thailand, but instead Filipinos must make everything an absolute fucking failure. Malls, malls, malls when the 1st world countries rarely go to the malls anymore.

          1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

            That’s because Flips go to Malls for selfies. Like “Look at me, I’m shopping, look at me I’m eating in a first class restaurant” etc. Malls are patronized by Flips for show. Really, have you ever wandered around the retailers of SM and Ayala? Not the SM and Ayala department stores themselves but other smaller retailers, charging Kano priced for their merchandise. These stores are like ghost towns, rarely over run with shoppers. Wonder if they ever make enough money to pay rent?

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            I have a mate who has left the Philippines for CostaRica he has bought a house up in the mountains near some lake its sounds beautiful, birds everywhere of all colours of the rainbow he says.
            The only gripe he has , is the women arent that good to look at compared with Fliplkand.
            AND he says the CostaRicans could teach the flips how to steal anything.
            He says they are the world beaters at thieving anything.
            Forget breaking into your house they will take the whole fucking house!!!!!!!!!
            He lives in a security compound.

          3. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            Filipinos dont know what is natural beauty.

            I went to a place in Manila, a hotel with small windows that let no light in. I had to have the lights on!

            I looked through the small window and wholly crap.
            It was a panoramic view of Ortigas and Makati!
            Like .. wtf?
            did they not think that windows might help
            with the overral customer experience.
            No – how filipinos think is how my mum and dad thought.
            Its got 4 wheels and goes from A TO B ..its a car
            its got fat, salt and sugar and carbs… its food
            nothing more
            nothing more about whether it looks good,
            can get more money, has a good user experience etc.

            I find thats common.

            Secondary to that is – LOVING SOMETHING TO DEATH with ignorance
            beaches have all the same – videoke, stores
            all selling the same shit
            no bins
            all rubbish being just dropped on the ground.

            Filipinos dont give a shit about environment
            as they dont think they are part of the problem
            so they think the small wrapper is ok, just throw it on the beach
            it will be ok 🙂
            meanwhile 50 million other fucking filipinos are throwing
            those same small wrappers on the ground
            and all pumping out the same thought mantra.

        2. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

          ”we have 3 shopping malls now!!!!!!!!!!! yes, real progess”
          Haha I had to laugh at that. A new SM was built in my wife’s town and everyone was getting excited saying how the place is on the up and up. It was around the time I bought my wife a lot and built a house; everyone saying land prices are going to go up. There was me thinking “What from 6k AUD to 8K AUD, gee wow lub we better get in quick and buy now, such an awesome investment, could almost make a weeks wages out of that one”.

          1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

            In south Cebu,,, they built a good highway to the south.
            Of course the land taxes went up, lots of noisy traffic,
            The place is loaded with rampant drug dealing.
            On another topic, all of manila is out of Copenhagen chewing tobacco. I think the Customs is holding up the shipments becos of election year. For 8 years they had a supply,, now ”no stock sir”’????
            I would sell Mike’s children, grandchildren and his testicles for a roll of snuff now hahahha

          2. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            As a true blue you may be interested to know they latest trend here in the land Down Under re malls,
            I have noticed they are installing High End Style eateries now in Tweed Mall, they are promoting the entry into the mall scene of high class eateries restaurants on TV , not just the Tweed Mall.
            They are currently building an extension into the front of the Tweed Mall for easy access from the street without entering the main shopping center.
            I wonder what will happen to all the crap take out existing there now.?????
            I have mentioned it before here how Maccas Ds in Australia is world class maybe they will be permitted in there.
            I did note Sushi Restaurant and a New Mexican with Booths waiting to get in there.

          3. Profile gravatar of Angeleyes

            Hey Don, yeah they are always upping the ante here Down Under. With all the outsourcing going on here (200k manafacturing jobs lost in VIC alone in 7 years, good paying jobs that gave alot of disposable income) companies are doing anything they can to increase business. I dont know about Tweed Heads but here in the most multicultural city on Earth there are areas where the traffic is getting alot better in the mornings and afternoons due to the massive job losses. Kind of airy driving down a 6 lane highway at 6.30am and there is no traffic. Sure was alot worse 8 years ago and the way things are going this will be the easiest city to drive around in another 7 to 8 years.

          1. Profile gravatar of Don Quixote
            Don Quixote

            On the SBMA they have areas of darkness and areas of blinding street lights, for the life of me I cant figure how they work out which one to turn into daylight.
            They have blocks and blocks with no streets and no buildings so they light that one up.
            Then where there are corners and buildings nothing.
            Again my sarcasm with the local authorities went no where.

          2. Profile gravatar of FHPS

            @don-quixote speaking of turning out the lights
            i stayed at a place where they turned off the WATER at night
            around 9-10pm
            until 5am the water was off from the mains servicing the village.

            ummmmm – i said – what if there was a fire?
            there would be no mains water to put it out.

            Does the word “contributory negligence” come to mind when you think
            that the barangay captain in turning off the water contributed to
            the spreading of the fire in the community by not adequately
            providing fire safety protection?

            But wait…
            filos think if you mention something you will attract it
            therefore – if you get car insurance you will have a car accident
            health insurance – get sick …
            seriously –

    2. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

      Yeah Joe, we have a generator. We hardwired it into the house so there is a master switch we have to turn off on the main before turning on the master to the generator. One of the most incredible things is that the power company refuses to tell businesses what the rotating schedule is for the brownouts. So nobody can plan.

      They also can’t comprehend using price to bring demand in line with supply. It’s like the old Soviet Union where the store prices were great, except the shelves were empty. A few years ago I looked into the regulations on power companies and it is beyond belief. The only way to get the job done is to bribe the government to ignore all of the regulations.

  5. Profile gravatar of loco_loco

    now imagine u have a business ( not a sari sari store ) to run….Filipino worker came up to me//asked me ” Sir, can I get my payment raised?”
    Me: Sure, if u solve that with the brownouts here , no problem u get a higher salary ( he did not understand my answer…but this i did also not expect)
    at payment day he came gain to me…wanted to remind me about the raised salary…
    Told him that we had today as he know , again 3h brownout…seems this week it wont work with his raised salary 😀
    ( He understood it of course again not )
    So , he will come now every week to me and asking me for a higher salary..but he still is getting the same answer 😀

    1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

      @goingloco speaking of sari sari stores
      i had a store 🙂
      yea more a bullshit exercise to keep the girls mind from sitting around doing nothing
      but the cousins had to sleep in the store overnight
      paid the cousins cash, weekly.
      quite different from filos system of pay monthly.
      anyway – word of mouth employment agreement.
      store was wound down and i had the cousins terminated
      i was 3 days over the wages
      these stupid fuckers being unrealistic when it comes to money wanted to charge me 80% default interest
      thats 320% a month interest
      for being late with wages



      1. Profile gravatar of omgwtf

        My current rental contract (which i didnt sign) mentions late fees of 1% per Day. This is a intrest rate of 3595% per year.

        If i just would be late with 1 USD for lets say 3 Years i would owe my landlord more than 1.6 Million USD. And if i would take more time, lets say a bit more than 6 years i would owe them allready more than 5 trillion USD which is the sum of the entire physical money on this planet.

        This shows that this morons come up with figures without even knowing what they mean.

        You would thing such a term is illegal in a contract, but not in the Philippines since there is no usuray law.

        I have never been in a place where people are mathematical that inept. But maybe i wouldn’t like to calculate things either if thinking would give me nosebleed.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

        I’ve seen a number of Kanos fall for the Sari-Sari store money laundering scheme.

        The Kano buys the stock. The Filipinos sell the stock and spend all the money. Then they ask the Kano to replenish the stock. So what is the point of buying the stock in the first place if sales are not used to purchase new stock? It’s just laundering the money through Sari-Sari store stock.

        They let neighbors pay “on credit”. They pilfer stock. They pay cousins unreasonable wages. My rule is fuck the cousins. Three times a day. 🙂

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Yeah, I lost money on his fight. I thought for sure it would be rigged or he would lose cause he’s concentrating on “serving the people” as senator. I wish I could bet on how shitty of a senator he is going to be or how often he cites god. That would be a lock.

  6. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Wonder if they ever make enough money to pay rent?””””’
    I always look at businesses and in the malls,, if there is higher end merchandise,, I hardly every see anybody in there…If you waant peace and quite go to expensive stores,, nobody is there!!!!!!!
    For a simple food cart.. SM charges 25,000 pesos a rent per month.. PLUS!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Or if you go to Greenhills, 1000 stalls all selling the same thing and they pay 30,000 a month!! No wonder they are so aggressive when you walk through there.

  7. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I wonder how much they have to sell to make 30K a month net profit. Oh well, the kano bf or husband will pick up the tab until he gets tired of bleeding money.

  8. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    In 2007 I traveled around Samar, on the alleged highway on the West side. I say alleged because there was no highway. I had to ride on the dirt shoulders because there had been no steel reinforcement of the concrete and it had crumbled into millions of pieces.

    The steel had been budgeted. But it was a simple misunderstanding. The contractor thought the line-item meant “steal”.

    1. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Typical Filipino craftsmanship. The funny thing is the people never get mad. You imagine doing that in the USA, Canada, Germany, etc. They will throw your ass in jail, make you surrender your bank account, and not to mention you’d never get re-elected.

    2. Profile gravatar of Johnny

      Did you happen to catch the story of the bridge the built for half a million USD that is less than 100 meters and,,,,,, built on land! It has zero water and its suspended over nothing. They basically built a road, put in guard rails and called it a bridge,,, and charged accordingly for it plus more.
      So, what I have learned is they spend on projects just as much as they would in modern countries. However, they find it impossible to actually build anything that lasts. The projects are only supposed to last long enough for the self-congratulating ceremony and picture.

      Ever notice how self-congratulating Filipinos are as a culture? Seriuosly, the lowest standards are always celebrated like they built the golden gate bridge.

  9. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    That airport is one hella’va media whore –
    theres been bodies found in suitcases
    poor rankings
    bullets found in cases
    taxi driver scams
    …..what next?

  10. Profile gravatar of dpjb2923

    not only the terminals that have power outages
    I was in a PAL 747 taxing to the runway for my flight to Cebu
    then all the sudden, a power outage in the plane and it rolled to a stop. Even the emergency lights inside the airplane went out, TOTAL darkness.
    I wonder what would have happen if this occured while we were in the air?
    PAL= Plane Always Late

  11. Profile gravatar of Phil Doh
    Phil Doh Post author

    Gotta love filipinos sometimes. Who else could take such incompetence and then turn it into a back patting ceremony. This from the BI today on their FB page:

    “The Bureau of Immigration commends several Immigration officers who did a remarkable service and exemplary performance during the power outage at the Ninoy Aquino International Airport (NAIA) Terminal 3 last 02 April 2016.
    Job well done!”

    No mention, of course, what they actually did which merits commendation. Just a bunch of proud buffoons standing proudly with their useless certificates is enough to make it true.

  12. Profile gravatar of Harley

    I’ve heard the ‘I’m sorry’ a hundred times, and the stupid excuse they give is ‘your flight (actually all the flights) are delayed due to the late arrival of your aircraft’. Then the announcement 20 minutes later that ‘we now received word from the Manila airport management that your flight is due to arrive in an hour’. Then the announcement that it has arrived and that they need to do ‘ground servicing’ for another half an hour. …all the while saying ‘we are sorry for this delay’… Then two hours past the flight departure time when everyone gets on board it takes another hour or more to taxi to the take off point because too many aircraft are lined up to take off. So you’re lucky if you get to your destination either into our out of Manila under 3 hours late. This is common practice now and has been going on for at least more than a year now. That’s the nations capital ! They can’t connect the different terminals by a subway system ?!?!?!?!?!?! holy fuck. One has to get ripped off by a taxi to go between terminals, with the exception of that one free shuttle which of course you’ll need to plan extra hours for that since first to wait for it then to cram everyone and everyone’s luggage on it. Many other grips could be made but my final kicker is that the airconditioning in terminal 3 is horrible…..lets just say this makes it very 3rd world and very 3rd class. The real problem past all of their ‘I’m sorries’ is that the Manila airport terminalS are badly in need of an upgrade and can’t handle the annual increases in air traffic. The problem won’t get better it will get worse. They don’t want to invest (cheap bastards that they are) in making a new modern airport …. If you haven’t gotten the message thus far it is AVOID AVOID AVOID