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Why is it nothing I see or hear by Filipinos surprises me any more? I mean don’t get me wrong, a lot here still boggles the mind but no longer surprises me. So here we go, more stories that defy logic and common sense.


1.) As you all know from former comments my mother in law (MIL) stays with us as she is of advanced aged. Then like most houses in the Philippines we suffer from blackouts and have emergency lights that turn on when the electric goes off and turn off when it kicks back on. Now MIL has to sleep with the light on because she says she can’t breath at night with the lights off. So since MIL spends most of her time in the sala/dining room I sat the emergency light on the fridge and plugged it in, turned switches on and let it charge. So the electric go out and what do I find out? MIL sitting in the dark facing a blank tv. Seems MIL unplugged the emergency light so the battery was dead and we had to use the laptop for light.

So using my common sense I plugged the light back in and left it charge for the next blackout, it’s set to turn on when the electric goes out. Sure enough a few nights later the electric went out so I went downstairs to check things and what do I see? MIL coming out of her bedroom with a flashlight because the emergency light did not come on. Why? She turned it off at the switches after I had it all set up. But that’s not the end of the story. I went downstairs today at appox 3:00 pm and the emergency lights are on and so is the electric. One guess as to who unplugged the emergency lights. What is so hard about leaving the damn light alone? Now all the windows in our house have screens and screen door. The downstairs cr has a window that swings open  with the hinges at the top and locks at the bottom, this window is screened too. Now that window is always open but for some odd reason MIL insist on the screen being open all the time. Maybe to let more air in?


2.) Remember my article about a niece that stays with us and her mother refused to see her if she had to take a taxi? Refresh. We were asked if we could help by taking in one child as the parents could not care for them all. Now in this family there is the mom, dad, twins, son and niece, there might be another child but I’m not sure. So we took in the oldest girl, clothed her, fed her and sent her to private school. Then last year my wife took her to Manila to see her family and the mother refused to go meet unless my wife sent her taxi fare but the dad and sibling did go. Now to the present.

So my wife had to go to Manila to settle some business matters and took the niece along so she could visit her family again. Before they left the parents of the niece said she would continue to stay with us, no problem with us.  So the day they are suppose to come back to our house the parents decide that the niece stays with them. Not our daughter so we cannot say anything, but why wait until the last minute? So here is the Filipino logic.

a.) We live in a squatter hut with no windows.

b.) Dad is the only one with an income of about 20K a month which feeds 5 to 7 people, pays rent and other bills.

c.) Mom has boyfriends that she runs around with. Yes she has at least one kid with these boyfriends.

d.) We cannot feed the children that are in the house.

So here’s what we’re going to do. We will pull our oldest daughter out of private school. We will take her away from a full stomach, clothes and decent house and make her suffer with the rest of the children. Can we all say PINOY PRIDE!!??


3.) We all know from experience that Filipinos are very poor drivers, but not my wife as she does not know how to drive. Well my father was born in 1932 and as a young man ran shine for the moonshiners and drove most of his life. This driving included on snow, ice, rain, mountains and such. Well I just found out that my father was killed in an auto accident in which he was at fault. He pulled out in front of a full size pickup truck crossing a 4 lane highway to make a left hand turn when the truck hit him broadside, dad died at the scene. Now when this happened dad was 83 and only needed glasses for reading. What has this to do with Filipinos? Well I have Filipinos who cannot drive, have no discipline when driving telling me that someone who is 83 is too old to drive because they are a danger to others. What hypocrites.


Here we have Filipinos who go out of their way to drag their daughter down. A Filipina who refuses to leave the emergency lights alone. Filipinos who think they are better drivers than people from a first world nation. So now you can see why I’m thinking WTF are they thinking!!



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  1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

    A few delights for the esteemed residents here.

    Find a street sign. Stand directly underneath it. Ask a street vendor less than ten feet away who has been there ten years what the name of the street is. He won’t know. Neither will the businesses who have storefronts on the street. Sometimes they will try to deceive you by giving you the name of the closest Jeepney terminal.

    Acronyms. They don’t understand that the letters of the acronym stand for the words, i.e. SM = Super Mall. Ask them what SM means. Confused looks. OJT = On the Job Training . They won’t know. CR = Comfort Room. I’ve put it on paper, underlined the letters, and have still gotten blank looks.

    A taxi driver told me if you honk at the light, it will change. Sure enough, a little while after he honked, the light changed. Proof enough for me!

    Never send a Filipino to get an answer to a question. They figure that whatever answer they get, even if it is not an answer, their responsibility is done. Q: “Ask them if they sell tile cutters.” A: “She doesn’t know”. The worst example ever though was PLDT:

    We were installing a land line. I had my wife call PLDT on her cell phone to ask how we got a phone book. She said nobody is allowed to have phone books. I refused to believe. I told her to call PLDT back. Insist. The receptionist hung up on my wife. I called back. I asked for the manager. He said nobody gets phone books. I explained our uncle next door had one so he had to be wrong. He hung up on me. We called the regional office. Same answer. Nobody gets phone books. We went downtown to meet with them face-to-face. I was too incredulous. No, PLDT does not give anyone phone books. So I sent the minions out in the neighborhood to find a used one, and we got one. After the installers were finished putting the phone in, they handed us a brand new phone book.

    We called a local college to ask a simple question. The receptionist said to come in, and they would answer. I said it made no sense to come in. Did she actually know the answer? Yes, she did. So why can’t you just tell me the answer? “Click”. Well, fuck you very much.

  2. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

    I have my own drama with PLDT. It is the same thing. Every. Single. Month. My bill is due on the 10th. They call on the 4th. Here is what I tell them with little variation each time they call.

    PLDT: Hi Mr. Catabisis. This is PLDT to remind you that your bill is due.
    Me: Isn’t it due on the 10th?
    PLDT. Yes, Sir.
    Me: Then why at you calling me now? You should call me after the 10th when it is late; not before.
    PLDT: Silence.
    Me: What you should be doing is calling me to apologize for failing to provide the upload and download speed your representative told me I would get when I signed my contract with PLDT.
    PLDT: Have you called technical support?
    Me: No ma’am. There is no reason for me to call. You know as well as I that your customer service is non-existent. Every person I know with PLDT has the same complaint as I do. You need to realize that once a Western phone company gets established here they are going to put PLDT out of business just with their efficient customer service expectations.
    PLDT: Silence
    Me: You don’t need to call to remind me that my bill is due. I pay my bill on time each month.
    PLDT: ( in a sheepish voice) I’ll make a note on your file.

    I began this in the 5th month when I finally got fed up. This is no shit. The first time I started the conversation above the girl went from saying she is calling to remind me of my bill due, to saying she is calling to see if I was satisfied with the installation. She went silent when I told her it was installed 5 months prior. Then in my usual calm voice I started unloading on her.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mindanao

      You made me laugh, buddy. We should be crying. But misery enjoys company. The full story behind our PLDT drama is that we waited and waited for the installation which didn’t come. We had an uncle who knew the system. He went to the office and found out what City department the PLDT guy needed a favor from.

      So our uncle got him his favor in the City department. We got our phone installed in two days.

  3. Profile gravatar of Catabisis

    I met a Pinoy through a friend who used to work for PLDT. I had him try to rectify the problem of upload and download speed and he couldn’t do it either. The problem is systemic