Yes, Filipinos are THAT Stupid.

I received this contact message from an anonymous stupid Filipino. Thought I would throw it out there for the sake of a jolly good humorous rant among us.

seriously? you really created a website, put all your efforts, spend money and create a really non sense blog for hating. it seems you have a very lonely life full of hatred. very immature and very low class that only sees the bad side of everything. you’re such a criticist, know nothing, idiotic moron!

Yes my friend, I DID put all my efforts, spend money and create a truth-telling blog. Because Filipinos are THAT STUPID. I certainly wouldn’t “put all my efforts” into a website about just mild, passive, occasional ignorance and stupidity. We find that everywhere in the world. It’s not very blogworthy, and actually quite boring…if you want that kind of stupid, there is YouTube.

But the astronomical levels of pure, brainless, mindless, complete stupidity, no common sense, and mind-boggling ignorance found in the overwhelming vast majority of the Filipino people, in nearly ever aspect of everyday life here, are so high, they are not only noteworthy, but worthy of a dedicated website of it’s own.

We got here because we were not aware of these levels of utter complete stupidity. Now we’re stuck here. So I created this site for two reasons:

  1. To let those who are planning to come here know the true nature of the country and it’s brain dead people, so they don’t make the same mistake we did.
  2. For us foreigners to share our experiences with the daily stupidity, ignorance, and blatant dishonesty, lies, corruption, and absence of logic for the purpose of venting the frustrations we face with everything we try to do here.
  3. There is failure in everything due to stupidity, laziness, and ignorance. This is why your country just cannot progress and get out of 3rd world status.

But this site is not for hating. And we are all used to hearing Filipinos call us haters when we speak the truth about what you do, how you behave, and the way you treat each other. This site was created just for exposing the truth about Philippines and the people in general. Foreigners have a right to know what to expect when they come here. They can’t rely on tourism. They just lie. They just say “It’s more fun in The Philippines”. They post the cleaned up photos, and give an ILLUSION about Philippines. Then when you arrive here, you step off the plane and into a hot, sweaty, pissy, filthy ghetto full of scams, lies, corruption and pure ignorance and stupidity. 

If you want to see real hate, just look at the way you treat each other, and the way your officials treat you. THAT IS HATE…FOR EACH OTHER. You idiots have enough hatred for each other, displayed by the way you treat each other, scam each other, lie to each other, etc. You don’t need more hate from us. We don’t hate you, we just want to tell the truth about your nature. There is a difference between hate and simply telling the truth. You hate the truth about yourselves, and none of you are smart enough to make a change, therefore you accuse us of hating, while you continue to pretend you have something to be proud of here.

What is written here are not lies, just true experiences from those of us who live here. That is not hate, it’s just telling the truth, which is something Filipinos obviously hate and know very little about. I know you guys hate it when your true nature is exposed. So my best advice I can give you is this:


“….that only sees the bad side of everything.”

I have but only one question for this Pinoy moron.

Can you please explain to me what the “good side” is? The ball is now in your court Mr. Pinoy Pride.

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  1. Profile gravatar of snakebitbytheflips

    Oh, gosh…how I wish that a website like this was available 10 years ago before I made the BIG mistake of travelling to that poor-excuse-for-a-country, falling in love with those poor-excuses-for-human-beings, and trying to help them. But the BIGGEST mistake of all was when I foolishly said “I do” to one of those vermin, failing to realise that not only did she just see me as a “sugar daddy”, but also failing to realise that her family–and the other families I foolishly tried to help–only saw me as an ATM to be used and abused.

    Thankfully, since I did not get her pregnant, and since there was a SNAFU regarding her visa to come to my country, I was able to leave her and cut off all support and contact (but I understand that it is not that easy for other victims of flip pride, ignorance, immaturity, and stupidity).

    If I had the power, I would withdraw every Western missionary and humanitarian worker from that country, and cut off every single penny/peso of support from the West. Their money and time would be much better spent on other countries.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      I was once talking to a filipino about the aid (welfare) the philippines gets from the U.S. I told him that the U.S. should stop all aid to the philippines and let them grow up. His reply? If the U.S. stopped aid to the philippines then the philippines could not survive.

      I thought to myself, “I fail to see how that is our problem”.

  2. Profile gravatar of Pinay Lover
    Pinay Lover

    It’s a culture of greed, robbing children’s future and banishing all logic. Like you mentioned, Filo. They do everything ass backwards and expect everyone to except it, respect it and if we don’t, WE are the stupid ones.

    A culture of projecting faults and never owning up to them.

    1. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
      Captain PFB Post author

      Yep, as Bill said, when faced with real, legitimate criticism of the way they operate, think (actually NOT think) and treat each other, which causes mass poverty and human suffering, and waste of resources, all they do is knee-jerk with Pinoy Pride and call us the stupid assholes, and make no acknowledgement of the real issues that keep their country in a state of pure failure and poverty.

      Their laziness causes them as a nation to export their children to work outside of their own country and send money home because non of them can do much more than hold their hand out asking for free money. They refuse to fight corruption, they all just lay down, put their ass in the air, and let those they vote for thoroughly fuck them in the ass year after year.

      You see streets being fixed that don’t need fixing, while streets that do need fixing continuing to decay and crumble. You see power line posts weighted down and tilting over with a massive, tangled ball of useless wiring dangling all over the place, hanging so low you have to walk around them. I have never in my life seen more lazy, irresponsible modes of operation in my life.

      And I’m a bastard, racist, hater for saying so. Go figure huh? Damn Filipinos are idiots at astronomical levels. This is why Filipino stupidity has it’s own dedicated website. The levels of stupidity go so far beyond average, it’s newsworthy.

      1. Profile gravatar of Anne

        “You see streets being fixed that don’t need fixing, while streets that do need fixing continuing to decay and crumble. ” Every time election comes close, streets are getting fixed, and one thing you would notice: mother fucking streets have no banking! Government projects are being done left and right a year before election, but only on places that has a good number of voters! I honestly believe that some streets that continue to decay are those that lead to places with the least number of voters.

        You also see Filipinos cutting electric wires to sell the copper wires used since apparently it’s a good source of money for lazy jobless fucks. They are also experts on tampering electrical meters or connecting theirs to other households so they can consume electricity without paying a cent.

        It’s like their brains function when thinking on how to fool people on giving them money, but stops functioning when they’re needed to do something productive.

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike

        You mentioned roads and road repair. I use to live on Mindanao where the roads pretty much sucked most of the time and most of the way. Well one day we are going to a resort for the weekend and got on a very good stretch of road. As a joke I told my wife that a road this good must lead to a politicians house. Well sure enough it did, right in front of Barbers house. so about a mile or so before his house and same past his house a great road. Did I fail to mention it is a big house? The roof was imported and changes colors depending on the angle of the sun.

    2. Profile gravatar of Anne

      There are also Filipinos like me, who hate our culture. I would like to rant some stuff regarding the following:

      1. When family members have to shoulder their sibling’s debt and yet all you get to see this lazy motherfucker do is smile all-day and not work her ass off to earn money and pay for it herself.
      2. My father who doesn’t work and expect me to give him a better life once I graduate. Thanks to my mom who works her ass off everyday.
      3. Family members who are stupid in handling their finances, but are also experts in begging for money.
      4. Abusing UTANG NA LOOB. Why did this shit even exist.

      But right now, I’m insanely pissed off on what I heard about what my father did and said to my aunts.

      1. Profile gravatar of hikage

        “…when faced with real, legitimate criticism of the way they operate, think (actually NOT think) and treat each other, which causes mass poverty and human suffering, and waste of resources, all they do is knee-jerk with Pinoy Pride and call us the stupid assholes”

        Happens also in the family setting also. If you pointed out something to their debatable belief/culture, you will be branded as “Walang utang na loob”, “The blacksheep”, “Walang pakikisama” in no time.
        I being the eldest in the siblings heard these epic remarks when I fail to maintain the amount I give to them. They dont give a fuck what’s happening to you, cant avoid to think your blood-related people are there to extort you money.

  3. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
    Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

    Until I’d experienced it for myself, there is just NO WAY that I could have believed the mind boggling incompetence, near universal ignorance, overt corruption, and zombie-like-brain-dead fucking stupidity that almost an entire population could have on display, virtually 24/7. If somebody in the west were to make a television series about it, viewers would see it as the stuff of fantasy and laugh out loud. Unfortunately, when you have to live amongst it every day, it ceases to be even mildly amusing.

    How (or why) I stay here is something I don’t think I’ll ever fully understand. If my lovely lady would leave, I’d be gone. I doubt I would EVER come back – not even for a short visit. How a sane, intelligent woman can want to stay in this filth ridden, stinking land of imbeciles and thieves is beyond me. It’s not like she hasn’t visited civilization and experienced the difference.

    Basically, I just try as much as possible not to leave the condo, except to go to the airport and get the fuck out of here every few months. Just today I broke my own rule and walked outside our building. Before I’d crossed the street I had four filthy children begging for money. I wanted to tazer the little fuckers – then look for their worthless parents and tazer them too. In a 200 meter walk to Starbucks I had a further two pieces of human refuse accost me, trying to sell me shit that I neither need nor want. I hate the cunts.

    OK, back to my coffee. Rant for today over.

    1. Profile gravatar of TightWired

      I’m willing to be that your example of keeping your sanity…”I just try as much as possible not to leave the condo”…is pretty much spot on for 95% of Expats living here.
      I myself try to limit all contact with Pillow-pinos to the bare minimum; Knock out all my monthly bills in one day, all trips to the store/mall early in the morning, etc… It is really sad that to limit your daily stress/madness you basically have to become a semi-hermit.
      Without a doubt…one day I’ll roll over and just say “Fuck it”…it’s off to the Airport and I’m outta here.

      1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

        Wow guys if it’s that bad maybe start a move to another area or country. After all, it surely can’t get any worse than being a prisoner in your own condo.

        1. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
          Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

          kalbo, if my lovely lady would leave – I’d be gone. For now, I’m persisting with my encouragements that we move to another country. I’m fortunate enough to have a number of options. She’s off to America for a couple of weeks very soon, with her sister. I’m hoping that two weeks of visiting her family members who have escaped this shit-hole will be enough to finally convince her to leave also. She know that I’m hanging in by a thread here. It’s just a matter of time until that snaps, and I leave for good – with or without her. I hate this fucking place.

          1. Profile gravatar of kalbo

            Filipinos tend not to know much about other countries so I hope her sister takes her to some good places that make her interested enough to want to leave the PI.

            Reading this post is the first time I’ve heard about Kanos feeling they dont want to leave their appartments.

            Last year I was thinking about buying a place in Makati but now I’m really questioning the logic of that (if there was any logic in the first place).

            Being lied to and scammed 24 hours a day doesnt really appeal.

          2. Profile gravatar of Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III
            Fr. Bong Bong Jolog Jun III

            Makati is probably not so bad. I’m presently living in Quezon City in a very busy part of town. The street scum are just everywhere. There’s no avoiding the worthless sacks of shit – it’s a 24/7 proposition.

            You may like it in Makati. I doubt it would matter to me anymore where I lived here. The constant need to engage with complete fucking imbeciles has just worn me down. You can’t go anywhere, or do anything without having to deal with it. Most of the people here, I wouldn’t piss in their ear if their brain were on fire.

            One way or another, I’ll be the fuck out of here soon. The likelihood that I’ll just wake up one morning, pack a few clothes and my laptop, and leave everything else behind seems more likely with every passing day. I know that there is a limit to what I’m prepared to tolerate – and I also know that I’m very close to whatever that limit is, right now.

  4. Profile gravatar of beameup

    Since I’m in Baguio, I go everyday to the main-street (Session) and walk. I like to talk to the Filipinos and joke with them (especially the girls). It’s my only form of entertainment. I refuse to be confined to my apartment. However, if I was in M-M, there is no way I would do this.

  5. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    As for the reason you stated for making this blog, #1 had really been useful to me last month. Why? Well even before my return to this blog, I still remembered it. I remembered it so well to the point where this blog has been proven useful while conversing with my cousin last month. He told me how he had a female friend who was planning on coming here to visit for a while. I choked up when I heard it. On top of that, he even offered to visit Philippines one day. That’s when I heard enough so I started giving him my 2 cents about Philippines, then he just assumed that I was being hateful.

    It was then I decided to show him some pictures I’ve taken of this country. That’s when he started to take me seriously. The pictures consisted of photos of cars that are parked in clearly marked “NO PARKING” zones(proof of stupidity). One of a child sleeping in front of McDonalds ice cream stand (proof of child abuse), some were pictures of trash all over the roads (proof of improper sanitation), a few more pictures of poorly installed cable wires that were hung up in a mess (proof of laziness), then I showed him a video of a motorcyclist driving in the opposite directing on a road (proof of disregard for laws and safety), and the last video was a video of college students cheating on their exams (proof of dishonesty). That’s when he realized how much of a shit country this was, and on top of that, I provided him with a link to this website “Philippinefailblog” so he can read all about it and see that I’m not the only one who feels this way about this shitty-ass country.

    I provided my cousin with all the truths of Philippines as possible, and it was more than enough to convince him not to visit this shit hole. He said that the only way he will visit Philippines is just to visit me, but says he still isn’t sure if that is worth it. As you see people, sometimes words alone isn’t enough to convince the world how Philippines is. So don’t be surprised if some random youtuber calls you racist for telling the truth about Pinoy Land, but if you provide pictures, videos, or even tell your family or friend about this site. Then you may have some luck. I wouldn’t recommend telling online strangers about this site being how that may cause problems for yourself or the purpose of this site. Anyway, I’m glad mostly all of us on here are on the same side. FAFI out!

  6. Profile gravatar of Sarah

    “Can you please explain to me what the “good side” is? The ball is now in your court Mr. Pinoy Pride”

    Pinoys proudly announce to the world of their “close family ties’, and apparently they don’t practice putting their old parents in nursing homes. DUH! For one thing very few of them could afford paying for a nursing home, it would be cheaper to hire a carer at home!

    Secondly, I personally have witnessed family squabbles and siblings falling out because none of them would want to pay their parent’s medical costs!! My Mum’s siblings wanted her to pay for ALL of Grandma’s medical costs when Grandma broke her hip last year. But because Mum refused, they stopped talking to her now. Out of her 6 brothers and sisters, only one still talks to her now. And the offsprings of these brothers and sisters have un-friended Mum at FB as a result of that refusal.

    Thirdly, how could the children pay for the parent’s medical costs when they have no savings at all because they’d have given their money to the parents while the parents were well.

    When I was in the Philippines for a holiday last year, a young mum (friend of my Aunt) was frantically looking to borrow P1500 so she can take her baby to a Doctor. Baby had been suffering vomiting and fever. The young Mum’s Aunts would not lend her the money because young mum was only working part time. I loaned her the money thinking if she won’t pay me back, oh well, at least I’d have saved a child’s life.

    But she paid 4 days later when she got paid from her part time job.

    Close family ties? That’s one giant Failipino fantasy!!

  7. Profile gravatar of

    Lack of education! Here are a few things that my wife has said. Usually me testing her. Some of my questions. Whats the biggest island in fils her Boracay…. Where is Bohol her ambot… Whats the biggest country in the world her America. Whats the biggest city in the world ambot…. I swim a mile 3 times a week and ask her to time me. When I get out of the water I ask how many minutes? She knows my beginning and end time but it takes her five minutes to figure out how long cause needs a calculator. What’s 15 plus 3 her I need calculator.
    Who is Ferdinand Marcos her ambot. Who is the president that was assasinated about 30 years ago her ambot.
    Where is London her in America.

  8. Profile gravatar of BLX2

    I do screw with them on that…
    Them: Where you from?
    Me: New England.
    Them: Oh U.K.
    Me: No, That’s England, New England is in the U.S. to the North of NYC and bordering Canada.

    They’re confused in the first place, but telling them that New England is in the U.S. seems to really make their brain twist. I take me revenge where I can.

  9. Profile gravatar of TightWired

    I think the GF says things just to fuck with me…Because what comes out of her mouth just make me shape my head in wonder.
    We were watching a Discovery Channel show…History of WW2 in Europe.
    GF: Who are the Amerikanos fighting ????
    Me: Germany
    GF: Why they fight Germany ???
    Me: WW2
    GF: No WW2 was with Japan
    Me: After Rebooting for 2 seconds…Honey…USA fought Germany in WW2, and after explaining the Allies/Axis/WW2 situation…I just reverted into the “Uhmm, yeah, your right…I must be wrong.”…hahaha,,,actually I just turned the channel.
    I don’t have any kids over here, but I honestly can see send them to a Private school, Broading school, or just getting the the Fuck out of here.