If Yes Means No…How can I trust what you say?

      As a Westerner, I was at first intrigued and eager to get to know my new Filipino friends. How new and interesting their stories of traveling to and settling in the US as hard-working OFW’s in search of a better life for themseves and their children. What passion, what sacrifice, what hardship…WTF!

Six months later, I’m feeling baffled and somewhat duped. The same people who were at first kind and warm and welcoming have for the most part now shown themselves to be manipulative, greedy, selfish and dishonest. Add to that the fact that they do perfectly well when they are being complimented or unquestionably agreed-with, but any dissent or objection or downright directness and I am extremely rude and unkind.

I have found that a quick answer, whether it is correct or not, is much preferred by a Filipino than God forbid admitting that they don’t know something. That lying is preferable if they achieve their desired result, and that their concept of timeliness is absolutely non-existent.

Rules do not apply to Filipinos, however they love to enforce and apply rules to others, whether or not these rules make any sense. That even when they are OFW, the American is expected to conform and assimilate to their culture rather than make the others uncomfortable in any way. When I bring up a discrepancy or ask “why” on a matter- I am accused of “nit-picking” and paying too much attention to detail. When they harbor a TNT, I’m suposed to look the other way.

I have sincerly been trying to accommodate where I can, even to the point of leaning Tagalog, which has been a slow but interesting process.

I stand culturally confused!


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  1. Profile gravatar of TheD

    It is really dumbfounding for us when we see this.
    BPI every month take money from my account. They tell me its an ATM fee, but can not provide a mathematical calculation as to how it is worked out. It makes no sense and does not seem to be any mathematical calculation at all. They simply take what is left in my account.
    If you ask them the same question twice, you usually get two different answers.

  2. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    Tagalog is basically a dead langauge!!!!! the nationalists want to keep these dumb and poor….. Speak English if you want to make dollars.

    1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
      Marius O.

      No, it’s not dead yet. It’s lying in a ditch clutching a bottle of Red Horse, puking up lechon, and singing My Way as loud and as tunelessly as possible. With luck, there will be a jeepney anytime now, barrelling along at 90kph with it’s headlights broken, to put it out of its misery.

      I suspect pretty much EVERYTHING that goes on in the Philippines – all of the nonsense imposed from above – is designed to keep people dumb and poor. And it’s doing a mighty fine job.

      1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

        Tagalog is pretty much as good as dead. Why learn a language just to understand dumb people? I often get questioned all the time here about why don’t I take the effort to learn Tagalog. With over 20% of the world hating Philippines (that is a huge population, believe it or not), and Philippines being a shitty and defenseless country, it’s bound to be taken over by one of these functional countries one day, then what’s the worth of knowing how to speak Tagalog? I hope I am speaking the inevitable here, I hate blowing hot air.

        1. Profile gravatar of Marius O.
          Marius O.

          If you want to stick around in the Philippines, best off learning Chinese, I’d guess. You’ve got maybe 10 years before you need to start using it.

  3. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    well, the English seemed to have a lot more power in the last few years. I worked in many countries and thee local could pick up english fast, enough for a conversation at work.
    it is a fact airline pilots speak english all over the world…Soooooooooooo why is the philippines still teaching tagalog????/
    Most countries nowadays teach english in schools right from grade 1

  4. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    lol generally Australians and Australian aboriginals feel the same way about Britisssshhhh men women and anyone else old enough to get a visa I forgot about…but i’m absolutely going to agree with you here because u are absolutely correct with a collective astute and daring intelligence…

    If you want to go to the smartest part of the Philippines I would be thinking the vagina, anything else here doesn’t have a brain, and if it does its in the process of scamming u somehow, but im telling u from the discomfort of my own home in Australia, discomfort because I have my Ficams wth a bright and lipina with me, and im not dumbo, or Icarus, I cant fly for shit, and I know there is no escape..from here…my home..im scared but im able to type.
    m of an+ys
    I feel sorry for you guys, visiting thatplace, that’s where I am right now, if u wanna visit, I feel sorry for you, and I would like to talk all the children of the globe out of it.

    My wife is currently calling my whole family shit, lol throwing the phone down when they get upset with her, calling them ALL shit when they say clean up and shit, she is forcing me to buy a visa for her, and I think the best way to stop that is not to go to the Philippines right, because a girl who will most probably be younger than you will grab your penis and use you for a new life.

    I would like to st theand up and say hey, don’t do that shit demon, and this blog site is a good place to start, because its one of the only ones where people get tare so upset by the shit that these people do to them, stealing scamming manipulating and forcing you to do stuff. its mainly the women though…unless you got let out for a while…then you realise its the men too. and certainly the kids, they all scam, they don’t even know they scam, they are just upset at being so poor and jealous of going nowhere their entire lives without a visa holder or “greencard” they are the biggest scammers on the globe for visas…but if the behaviour was better otr even acceptable then they would win me over.

    The men that -travel there must think their dicks glow…
    and it will purge them of any scamming influence that they got corrupted with in their lifetimes, but they don’t heal…they just infect u …making u more stupidity+ possibly babies, more stupidity, maybe international scammer children, so Britain instead of making super scammer/conqueror children take a break from the vagina from the Philippines, take a break, rinse repeat…priceless