You Can Leave But You Can Never Escape

Firstly I have to ask all of the expats still in the Philippines not to hate as 8 departed the country around 4 months ago, never to return for a prolonged period of time.

So onto my story, here I was thinking well done old boy, you left with your sanity never having to deal with a blank minded local again, oh how wrong was I. I am soon to be married in the country I now reside in to one of the few local Filipinos that have common sense obviously with this comes paper work. So having got all documents in order and sent the money over for the visa fee I was hopeful of a painless transaction, how wrong was I!

I will not mention which country as we are still trying to get everything sorted. I was hoping the consolate/embassy would have people working in it from the country in question. I was wrong, they employ filipinos for the donkey work. First issue arose when they decided to charge extra for the visa fee even though their official immigration website states it is the same price regardless of what embassy you apply to. Ok not happy but thought not worth the argument when they have the power to deny a visa.

Then they insisted on flight confirmationBasic Laws of Filipino Stupidity details when again the guidelines state do not book a flight until you have the visa in case of delays. So a flight had to be bought that will probably be missed. Then they wanted additional documents from me that are not needed (and specifically stated as not needed from the immigration website). Ok no problem I thought not easy to get but can be sent. One of these documents cannot actually be got because it is a filipino concept that the rest of the world doesn’t use, luckily my employer is happy to create one just for the sake of me having it. so I thought a bit of a delay but if it gets the visa we need great.

Nope that would be too easy wouldn’t it? They stated they want original documents I I would obviously need to ship them from europe to ph. But this is the killer. Obviously not understanding the concept of time and logisitcs informed me today of all of these additional requests however gave a dealine of monday morning filipino time to produce them in manila by my partner. If I had them I could send next day delivery and hope they don’t get held up by customs to arrive Monday but I need to acquire them, and that won’t be completed until Thursday of next week at the earliest.

Shake my head constantly. You can leave the failappines but you can never escape!

If I wasn’t in love I would give up but sadly I am so I need to just hope someone in thr food chain at the embassy is european and sees the madness of the requests and deadlines.

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    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      in My embassy,, you do not see a white eyes, all run by the locals at the front desk.
      They take their countrie’s and the philippine holidays too.
      20 working days to get a passport.
      in 1981 , it took 5 days!!!!!!!!!!

  1. Profile gravatar of Philophobe

    I regret to hear that, Visa stuff there can drive you half insane….we recently made an experience of some offices (CFO / POEA) that are only open once or twice a week and when they do, the people needing a Visa will queue up at 4am and only the first ones will be “catered” in the morning, the rest can wait come back tomorrow, or next week (or bribe?)

    I’m glad to be cutting ties with people from this country and probably never have to do with its authorities again…in comparison, it’s fantastic how things are organized here.

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    yup,, they export their brand of red tape and stupidity to all 4 corners of the world!!!!11
    one embassy official got caught slave driving a house helper in my country… they escaped b4 the courts could do anything about it..or maybe the maid pulled a fast one to stay in the country.
    I see the philippine immigration dropped the criminal check from your country of origin requirement. The fast track fees must have dried up.
    blue ribbons, stamps, 47 signatures,,, 5 different offices.. I wonder if they ever heard of being efficent

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    It Cant be the Australian Embassy, firstly some one responded to requests.
    i have sent at least 7 emails to the Au. Embassy still waiting for one response.
    Aside from your email is important to us we will get back to you in 2 working days

    Used to be 14 days door to door using VIA. Now the Geniuses at the Aus. Consulate use VFS Global it now takes one month.
    So we change Processing Companies then the processing time doubles. the web site refers you to the Au. Gvt website which by the way doesn’t tell you how much to pay in Peso, only A$, That will work, so you have to ring them whilst you wait they try and get you to use their worthless web site with it Fuck Ups.
    Then you have to draw two managers cheques made payable to the same payee, for the processing fee and the courier, why not one cheque. SAME PAYEE.
    Still waiting on wifes TOURIST VISA !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! OVER A MONTH AND COUNTING. 4TH VISIT TO AUSTRALIA.
    You change things for the better not to make it worse

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    I got aggravation from immigration when I tried to leave the country for a few day with my girl friend on a trip. They demanded that I produce a round trip itinerary. I think it had to do with some with their supposed crack down on human trafficking. They also interrogated my girl friend and asked her if I met her family, and also did I treat the whole family. Yeah it was a disgusting farce!!! You can leave but escape? Nah….