You Don’t Have To Die Here

The problem:

You are a normal human being from a developed country.  In your developed country, there’s medical insurance and laws that hospitals have to follow that make you fairly confident that, should you have a medical emergency, that you will be immediately treated and cared for, no matter what.  It’s just something you accept to be a common sense application of tax dollars, which were designed to help and protect you, the citizen…right?

The myth:

One of the early things you’ll hear when you even talk about moving here, let alone actually making the giant leap, is that hospitals are “cash only”, and will let you die bleeding on their floor if you don’t have a car title to offer up.  You’ll hear stories of heart attacks in the lobby for both foreigners and Filipino alike.

The truth:

The truth is, Filipinos are pretty uneducated, and so they DO die bleeding on the floor of the lobby.  Or they watch their children die because the hospital demanded money instead of treating the emergency.  This does happen.  But you, my educated foreigner, don’t have to suffer that fate.

RA 8344

Welcome to the Philippines law that can save your life.  Here’s the legaleeze first:

“SECTION 1. In emergency or serious cases, it shall be unlawful for any proprietor, president, director, manager or any other officer, and/or medical practitioner or employee of a hospital or medical clinic to request, solicit, demand or accept any deposit or any other form of advance payment as a prerequisite for confinement or medical treatment of a patient in such hospital or medical clinic or to refuse to administer medical treatment and support as dictated by good practice of medicine to prevent death or permanent disability: Provided, That by reason of inadequacy of the medical capabilities of the hospital or medical clinic, the attending physician may transfer the patient to a facility where the appropriate care can be given, after the patient or his next of kin consents to said transfer and after the receiving hospital or medical clinic agrees to the transfer: Provided, however, That when the patient is unconscious, incapable of giving consent and/or unaccompanied, the physician can transfer the patient even without his consent: Provided, further, That such transfer shall be done only after necessary emergency treatment and support have been administered to stabilize the patient and after it has been established that such transfer entails less risks than the patient’s continued confinement: Provided, furthermore, That no hospital or clinic, after being informed of the medical indications for such transfer, shall refuse to receive the patient nor demand from the patient or his next of kin any deposit or advance payment: Provided, finally, That strict compliance with the foregoing procedure on transfer shall not be construed as a refusal made punishable by this Act.”

YEP!  If you’re realizing that they have to follow a hippocratic oath, you guessed correctly!  They have to save your life, no matter what.  After they’ve stabilized you, they can talk payment and transfer to another facility.  Until then, they’re not to bother you with such details.

The disclaimer:

Sadly, the penalties for not abiding by this law are pretty low.  Most hospitals could laugh it off if they wanted to. BUT….train your Filipina well enough, and she can yell and scream in Tagalog enough to get the police involved, which gets the news media involved, which is not what they want.  Remember, Filipino establishments want to LOOK like they’re doing the job right while they mess it up behind the scenes.  All you care about is getting your problem taken care of so you can get back home to read more life-saving articles on this blog, right?

Now you have the means to do that.  You’re welcome.  Yes…you now DO owe me your life.

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  1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    take a buddy with a celfone camera along to record the rejection when u r laying on the floor of the hospital dying of a heart attack….
    these people do not like being on utube with a person dieing on them

  2. Profile gravatar of FAFI

    It sickens me how little a Filipino can care about human life (since they don’t care, they must don’t consider each other as human either). It’s very saddening how you can be brought to a hospital in critical condition, and the first thing a Filipino is worried about is settling the payment. Even if you made promises to settle the payment in the near future or after the surgery, they would rather have you walk your sick/broken ass to the ATM before they treat you of your ailments. Not just to foreigners, but to Filipinos too. So much for that motto “The Filipino is worth dying for.” You are such full of shit saying that Ninoy Aquino. I understand not sacrificing your own life to save a Filipino, but these hospitals only have to sacrifice a little effort to save a life, which they are unwilling to do unless they are financially compensated first, which is assuming they wont ever be compensated after the procedure because they don’t trust their patients to pay them on time, or not at all. What a shitty ass pathetic country that don’t give a shit about life, but what can I expect from these animals.

    On the defense side if I can see any up side to this. They are Filipino medical doctors after all, which equates to them being highly incompetent. Do you really wanna put your life in an incompetent Filipino’s hands? Well, I’m sure they are unaware of their own incompetence too. So it’s only safe for their own sake to find an excuse to save as least lives as possible, due to the high possibility of them making shit worst and being blamed for it, and you know Filipinos don’t take blame that well.

    Anyway, well come to Philippines….. fuckin shit-bag country

  3. Profile gravatar of Captain PFB
    Captain PFB

    RA 8344 schmar A 8344……That’s just a law. And you all know that the proud Filipino is above the law. Yes, they have laws in Philippines, but seems every Filipino thinks he/she is the exception to the rule. They are PROUD, they feel the laws don’t apply to them. From the humble tricycle driver right on up to the President.

    Laws are for show. They have laws to show the world they have laws. But the Filipino is too damn proud to be UNDER anything….laws included.

    1. Profile gravatar of FAFI

      When was the last time have you ever heard of a Filipino obey any of their laws? They obviously omit to follow any of their traffic laws on a relentless daily basis, so what makes you think they will exhaust the extra effort to abide any laws that prevents them from gaining an illegal benefit?

      Whenever you confront a Filipino about breaking their own laws, they act oblivious to their own actions, and try to blame you as if you were doing something wrong for correcting them. Laws really are just for decoration, just as their lane markings are just there to give foreigners the impression that their streets have a sense of order and organization.

      Damn the Filipino! Why are they so damn ass backwards!? Well, the more I am on this blog, and the more I go out in public meeting other foreigners, the more people I find who tend to agree with me. So I know I’m not alone on this.

  4. Profile gravatar of Penance
    Penance Post author

    Well, the thought is that you have another tool to use to at least try and solve a problem…especially during a life threatening situation. I’d try just about anything at that point.

  5. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    I learnt when I was young ,, change usually comes from outside the country. The IMF and foriegn donor countries could force change on these morons, but then the left wing nuts would cry racism and all that other bullshit.
    Besides, the IMF and our politicians are fat and lazy and get kickbacks from companies that benefit from foreign aid, so bang your head against the wall!!!!
    Bridget Bardot totally destroyed our fur industry. She got the EEC to ban fur imports in the ’70’s

  6. Profile gravatar of SpatandemOhgod

    can you show me the green receipt please, haha that’s true if you dont have a receipt they dont let you out of hospital and if u cant go you have to pay more even if you cant afford to pay in the first place…they wont even give you a bed unless u pay a deposit

    once I thought about labotomising my wife but I was forced to give up the idea.. not calmly talked out of it like what may or may not happen in a first world country but forced to by dangerous politically motivated policy of greed jaw dropped, greed is number one in da phils there is no other I took the blinkers off I put on myself to keep focus and stormed out of that hospital.

    “some of this story is fictional”

  7. Profile gravatar of Bebe Cruz
    Bebe Cruz

    Sad but true, there are many laws that were created for Filipinos. Unfortunately, most laws are merely created just for the sake of having Rules yet never been utilized by the pinoys nor implemented by the government.

  8. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    after the rock hard hospital beds,, getting charged for every tissue,,,, there is a whole gang of idiots in the front door making sure you pid every centavo owed to these greedy bastards at the hospital..
    ”shoot me dead” alive and well

  9. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    The hospitals here have some of the biggest idiots running them.

    I know of a person that went to the hospital for a broken forearm and they were taking xrays of his chest.
    I know a guy that went to the hospital and they said his knee was ok, oh no nothing wrong. 6 months later back in his home country he had a complete knee replacement.
    I know people that have been ripped off by hospitals for unnecessary testing and then ganged up by the guards in the hospital to pay.

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike


      My son got a splinter under left big toe nail which got infected. Pus ozzing out, toe nail turning brown and such. So I took him to the hospital er to get it fixed and get meds to stop the infection. They refused to even look at him. Their excuse? “We can’t look at him because the injury did not happen today”. I shit you not, that was their excuse.

      1. Profile gravatar of FHPS

        Yes, thats just as good as the one where a foreigner in Cebu got stabbed with a scissors by his crrazy filipina gf. The guy had been here a while. The other guy has a business, kids born here, filipina wife, pays taxes, you name it – the copper in charge of the local station said. “sorry, but you have to go to the “tourist police” as you are all foreigners”.

  10. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    A lot of foreigners here who are on insurance are UNDERINSURED. they might think the pinoy issued health cover is say 500,000 pesos enough to cover a hospital or treatment but its not. These policies even max out at 200,000. Well, try having a heart attack where stents alone are 450k each (what if you need 3 stents?), a bypass will be over 2 mill. I am certain of that.. What I am saying boys is that don’t underestimate the cost of hospital stay – you need to get a big policy if you wanna protect yourself.

    1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

      foreignerhardpinoysoft, are these figures current? I’ve got a Kano friend with multiple health issues, amongst them heart disease and high cholesterol (to name a few). He already has a pacemaker. As far as I know, he does not even have private medical insurance. I told him he’s a walking time bomb.

  11. Profile gravatar of 30-30

    these fucktards at the hospitals wont let u leave the floor that u have ur room,!,,! The lieing theives can not fathom someone being honest

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      Wife was watching the news once when they were interviewing a woman holding a baby. Well the woman was in a hospital hallway crying. I thought we;;, her kin in accident, someone died and so on then asked my wife what was going on.

      “The hospital won’t let her leave after she had the baby and could not pay the bill”.

      Me: “how much is the bill”? Wife told me but I don’t recall.

      Wife: “She delivered the baby 3 months ago and the hospital won’t let her leave until she pays the bill”.


      I get a pension once and month and after I came here my wife got admitted to the hospital. Well the day she was to be discharged was the day my pension hit the next day and the assholes would not wait until they were paid to process her discharge. They would not take a promissory not nor my passport until I could access my pension.

      So what happens, they refuse to let her leave. They they refuse to feed her because she’s not a patient, so off I go to the hospital to raise hell and take a video camera and start recording. Here comes security telling me I can’t record so I tell them I’m going to and just try to take it away and continue toward my wifes room. Now I have a security guard in the elevator with me, one waiting when doors open on her floor and two more at the door to her room.

      In I go and wife telling me she’s hungry because they refuse to feed her so I told her come on, we’re going to eat. She starts this that they won’t let her leave and again I told her come on, follow me which she did. So off we go to the elevator, security on the radios and even start to block the elevator, then the front door. I just pointed to a place to eat that was right there on the hospital grounds and told them I’m going to take my wife there and feed her. Out the door we go with security watching the whole thing and wife saying I’m in big trouble.

      So they had a guard sit in the hospital watching us but he left when I pointed the camera at him. She ate then we went back to her room. I went and got my pension then back to the hospital where I caught the HMIC before I paid the bill and told him what I thought.

      1. Profile gravatar of Sarah

        Back in 2008 – 2009, there was a case of a Kano called Thomas Hunt, an American veteran/pensioner whose wife did not send enough money to pay for his hospital bill. He eventually died, but the hospital would not release his body because of the bills he owed while he was alive.

        Anyone know the details of that case and what happened? Did the hospital eventually released the body? Apparently the costs of keeping him in the morgue was rising even when he was already dead because they were charging the next of kin for the costs of refrigerating his body.

        If anyone know the details of that case, please share?

      2. Profile gravatar of Mike


        I just google thomas hunt philippines and a lot came up. I direct your attention to Jungle Jil site when you google it.

      3. Profile gravatar of Mike


        That’s what I thought. But the problem is law really won’t do anything about it and most just bend over and take it.

  12. Profile gravatar of Mike

    You know how they have 6 or seven beds to a room right? I went to take wife REAL food and she had a new roommate and wife was talking to me about her. The roommate had family beside her bed which normal right. Wife tells me that the woman was talking when she came in but now could only look around with a dazed look on her face.

    I asked wife why she was admitted and given told why. I looked over at the woman then told my wife, “They need to take her down to the ER now and pan her. There’s swelling on the brain and if not panned it will pressure the brain and can cause death”. Next am I can in and the woman was sitting up talking looking around with a bandage on her head. I asked wife what happened.

    “Her family heard what you said and after you left they caught the doctors and insisted she be treated and told doctor what I said. Doctors took her out and cut a piece of her skull out and when she woke up she was talking and her normal self.”

    “Ok, make sure the doctors keep the removed skull in a supporting liquid to keep it alive then when swelling done and put it back it will take”.

    Shit you not the family all got up and thanked me for what I said the first time when she could not talk. I left to go back to the house. Next day I came back again to see my wife and there is food on her nightstand from outside the hospital and again the woman family is there. I asked my wife why she didn’t eat and she said it was not hers. WTF I think to myself. Wife then points over to the family. After I left the day before they asked my wife if I was coming back the next day and wife told them yes.

    When they went home they started cooking all this food and brought to hospital and handed my wife. Wife said she could not eat it as they said it was for me for the medical advice I gave about panning their mother.
    You know something. That was the only time filipinos went out of their way to thank me.

    The sad part, I had to tell the family what had to be done because the doctors did not know or were in no hurry and I’m not a doctor! I was sent to navy corpsman school only but I knew more than the filipino doctors!!!!

    1. Profile gravatar of CantFixStupid

      Most medical folks here are the equivalent of nurses assistants or at best registered nurses. Big reason that most “doctors” here need to take additional courses in the west to become real doctors is because medical education in the Philippines is a joke.

      1. Profile gravatar of Mike

        All education in the philippines is a joke. I read online about a pinoy who was top of his class every year then went to college where he majored in medicine. Again he was top of his class and in fact top in the whole country. Then he goes for his medical license and again top in the whole country so now a doctor.

        He then applies to live in the states which was approved but can only work as a RN because of the education from the philippines. A doctor in the philippines but an RN in the states. What’s the ranking system in the states:

        Nurse practitioner

        He was not even qualified for NP!!

  13. Profile gravatar of FHPS

    Mike, your right about the education. STI college. check the dip in IT ..2 years
    has 2x semesters of english! civics, trignometry, filipino values subjects and 4 YES FOUR!! semesters of phsyical education. LIke wtf?? wheres the IT in that

  14. Profile gravatar of DingDong


    The ubiquitous ‘Slipper’ is available everywhere! – It is Cheap, Convenient, and would appear to be ‘Ideal Footwear’ for a Tropical Climate! – I have been wearing them for years!


    My last Pair of Slippers, were in need of a ‘Retread!’ – So they went into the Bin, and I bought another pair! This time, rather than an ‘Overlapping Band’ (Across the Foot), I chose a ‘Thong Design!’ – Restraint between Big-Toe and First-Toe. Immediately, they began to ‘Rub’ as the excess material had not been trimmed! – No Problem, Emery Paper, and a Scalpel to remove the excess! The next day, I spent several hours working at my desk, on my Computer. When I Stood-Up, I felt a distinct pain in my Groin! – It was ‘Burning,’ and even Walking was difficult! – Then the pain disappeared, once I was in the car, driving! – It also disappeared when I was in bed!


    It was not ‘Jock Itch!’ – Been there done that one, and have the Tee-Shirts! – I do not wear ‘Underwear’ for that very reason! After a closer examination, there was ‘Nothing to See!’ – No Swelling or anything irregular! – Yet having lost two close friends through Testicular Cancer, I was not taking any risks.

    Later in the day, I went to visit a Doctor who prescribed various ‘Pills and Potions!’ – Even suggesting that my Right Testicle would ‘Need to be Removed,’ if the problem did not abate. Needless to say, the ‘Pills and Potions’ did not work, and I was becoming more and more immobile!


    Last weekend I had a friend visit who is a Veterinary Surgeon (Vet)! – Straightaway he suggested that the ‘Slippers were the Problem!’ – True enough, two days later, the pain had gone!


    The ‘Thong Design’ initiates a ‘Reflex’ in order to keep the Slipper ‘Attached to the Foot!’ – Two toes ‘Gripping Together!’ Furthermore, there is very little ‘Arch Support’ from Slippers! The combined effect, is to produce a ‘Referred Pain!’ – This can occur in the Hips and Legs – Or in my case ‘The Groin!’ Referred Pain, can also be very misleading yet my ‘Veterinary Friend’ told me that this is a very common problem with horses who have been ‘Shod Badly!’


    DO NOT Visit a Filipino Doctor! – Seek Advice from a British Vet!

    1. Profile gravatar of Mike

      The filipinos did not tell you the pain was because you were allergic to hot dogs, chicken and eggs? That seems to be the standards thing I’m told across the country. Good thing a filipino doctor was not around when NoyNoy was shot. Fil doc looks at bullet holes and says” His allergy to hot dogs, chicken and eggs is what killed him.”

  15. Profile gravatar of DingDong

    Many a true word spoken in jest, Mike! One of my staff went to doctor recently, suffering from Chronic Gout! – He was told the same! – Alergy to Eggs, Chicken and Hot Dogs! It seems to be like a Call Centre menu item!