Your Problems Are Not My Problems

I’m one of those guys who works from home. I not only have my own business, which I employ Filipinos, but I also work for and manage another business by telecommuting, as well as manage employees for that business.

And being I’m a foreigner, I’m automatically rich because there’s a money tree spouting 1000’s of pesos every day in my backyard. And even if that was true, it’s still MY MONEY TREE.

As you know, Filipinos have no concept of being self-reliant or self-sufficient. And it’s standard operating procedure to assume that rich people should give them money, instead of GETTING A FUCKING JOB, DO IT WELL, EARN YOUR OWN MONEY, MANAGE IT WELL, BE RESPONSIBLE, FORESEE UPCOMING EXPENSES AND RESERVE FOR IT, AND LIVE WITHIN YOUR MEANS.


Ultrasound scan of Filipino embryoMy employer pays the Filipino employees FAR FAR FAR GREATER than any average wage in Philippines. These guys make damn good money.

And it never ceases to amaze me how just 3 days after payday, they come to me asking for an advance, because their last paycheck was short because of the deduction of the advance from last period.

“Sir, my wife needs an ultrasound scan”.

“For what?” I ask. “So we can know if it’s a boy or girl, and have the snapshots for posting on Facebook.”

You have got to be fucking kidding me!


Now how is that my fucking problem? Shit man, it’s not even a problem at all!! You’re asking me for another advance for something that is not even remotely necessary, only a novelty. Please explain to me how you “NEED” this. Sounds more like a “want” to me, and an attempt to “Keep up with the Jones'” (blank stare on that one!).

“Sir, all our friends get ultrasounds. It’s a Filipino tradition these days.”

But what’s even funnier is, they’ve got the latest iPhone in their pocket and wearing brand name shoes and clothes that cost 5 times more than they’re worth.

Filipinos prioritize giving the illusion they are much better off financially than they really are. This is why they continually spend money they don’t have on things they can’t afford, like that awesome cell phone, the latest hair style, the latest trending fashion,manicures, peticures, facials, and to make sure it’s seen by their Facebook friends. So when it comes to things like food, rent, school tuition, etc, they put on the sad face and go to their employer, their cousin’s foreigner husband, or their foreigner employer to “borrow” money.

“Sorry, but no.” I reply. “Here is how I’m going to help you….with good common sense advice on how to budget, plan, and be responsible”.

And when offering that which makes perfect sense, you can tell they are shut off, not listening, and don’t fucking care about that shit.

I have another employee that asks for advances every month. This is after promising he’ll never ask for another advance again if he can just have this last one this time because it’s so urgent. “I need money for my tuition sir”

“You know exactly when your tuition is due every semester, yet you bought the newest iPhone 2 months ago, to replace the iPhone you bought 6 months ago. The cost of that iPhone would have paid for how many semesters? And now you’re coming to me to realistically pay for your iPhone, not your tuition. Because you spent your tuition money on the iPhone, because you refuse to be responsible.”

What is so knee-slapping hilarious about these brainless idiots is, they don’t realize we can see the money they spend so frivolously. Secondly, I honestly think they believe that having the best of everything so that they can show up their friends is a total necessity. Well, the only thing it shows me is how good you are at getting other people to give you money. And they actually believe that is honorable. They have no clue how fucking pathetic it is.

And 9 times out of 10, the need for all the most UNNECESSARY THINGS are what they have their hand out for. When a Filipino comes to you with their problem, it is almost always for something they DON’T FUCKING NEED, ONLY WANT.

What the fuck does it feel like to be so utterly stupid and have absolutely no common sense whatsoever? It’s something I have never been able to fully wrap my understanding around. I mean, I think we can all admit there have been times in our lives when we tossed out common sense and practicality to get something we really wanted. We can recognize that when it happens, and most of us learn from it, and get more responsible and disciplined with maturity. 

But the Filipino makes irresponsibility, no common sense, and social climbing a way of life.

Just another reason why it’s so easy to see why things are so desperately fucked up in Philippines.

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    “But what’s even funnier is, they’ve got the latest iPhone in their pocket and wearing brand name shoes and clothes that cost 5 times more than they’re worth”.

    I’ve been invited to parties with the above people, the latest fashions and gadgets. It really is laughable how when it’s going home time, if they can’t get a ride from more well off friends, they catch a jeepney! And really, most if not all of them don’t own any vehicles whatsoever anyway!

    Most of these people don’t have a sense of responsibility because they’re never taught it. Monkey see, monkey do. (no offense to the monkeys). But what can a dumb parent who only ever know how to scam, lie, and with a strong sense of entitlement that they are owed a living teach anything to their offsprings? Oh, other than procreate that is. These people learn first and foremost how to be dependents big time! And that’s because someone somewhere is always willing to bail them out, be they Aunties, Uncles, big sister in the US etc. While the Filipino culture perpetuates this sense of entitlement and dependency, they will forever have their palms up to anyone who cares….or not even care! It’s worth a try. And I am sure that a lot of these money “need, emergencies” are just a form of sport for the Filipino, see if and how much they can get away with, see if the dumb Kano brother in law or the sucker OFW sister opens their wallets.

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      I had a very interesting talk to an old white dude in a shopping mall.. He is in and out of this shambled country
      He said filipinos do not pay attention to what a person is saying. I told him it is all about MONEY and how to scam, steal, barrow money. I said we have been talking for 15 minutes. I have been listening to him. He was listening to me…. A filipino will look around, start texting,, etc, ignore you BUT mention barrowing money,, their ears stick right up
      In their limited life,, they keep up with the jones,,, Just try to talk about the stock market, excel spread sheets, something that requires a little sense,,, forget it… try talking to a cat.
      is alive and well.

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      Steve Declerck

      Talking about brand names and shoes. A brother of my wife needed shoes one day. So, my wife and I went to the mall and bought him a pair of good shoes, no trash, but good shoes.
      When we arrived home and she gave him the shoes, his face turned into a tiger face. He was so mad because it was not the correct brand name. He never looked at me or said thanks, nothing. Asshole……

      Afterwards I was pity I didn’t throw my money in the trashcan. I was 3 weeks staying in the same house as him, he never made eye contact or said a word to me. That’s how hospitable those people really are. They simply don’t give a fuck about others.

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        Steve, your comment reminded me of a Pinay (Maria) I met whilst on a stop over in KL last year. She worked as a maid there and was on the way home for a short holiday. She was only 23 years old, but raised her 3 siblings after their Dad went to prison and Mum went with another man (whatever happened to the marriage vows “for richer, for poorer, in sickness and in health”?).

        Being the eldest child, Maria took on the responsibility of raising her 3 siblings. She worked anywhere and whatever work there was, short of selling her body. She told me she was upset that her youngest sibling demanded she buys him a designer pair of shoes costing P4000 ($100) as “pasalubong”. Maria was shocked, knowing that other cheaper shoes can be had for P500. So she bought the P500 shoes, a nice enough shoes but not a brand name and explained to the youngest brother that she could not afford the P4000 shoes, not to mention it was a totally waste of money because the P500 shoes looked just as good.

        Youngest brother was very disappointed but took the shoes anyway….but never wore it! What an arrogant turd!

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    Steve Declerck

    I’m so fucking tired of the fact that a pinoy/pinay seems unable to manage finances. Our 8 year old child knows better already. I gave him some pocket money and he put it in a wallet, telling me he would save it there. He’s outsmarting his mother already. Also whenever “support” is sent to Philippines (read : parasite cash), it is spent in the shortest possible time. Instead they open a savings account and let’s say, they would save 10% of everything they receive, so when there is an emergency, they will be self sufficient. Hell no, everything is spent and when there is an emergency, they just ask again. Morons…

    I gave up on the combination of filipino/saving/future planning. It’s an impossible combo…

    Filofail : you mean your employee asks you money wityhout blinking an eye ? That is something we wouldn’t dare to do over here. Seems it is just normal there ? No shame, nothing. For sure they think it’s no big deal for you, since it’s coming from the money tree you own 🙂

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    Steve Declerck

    ” the latest hair style, the latest trending fashion,manicures, peticures, facials, and to make sure it’s seen by their Facebook friends. ”

    Exactly. I know such a pinay, she divorced her husband and dumped her 2 kids with him. Now she keeps herself busy pretending how rich she is. Buying the latest fashion boots, cell phones, travels, fancy diners, etc….. Of all of this she makes sure to take pictures of everything, and posts the whole shit on facebook. Just to pretend to her fellow pinay friends how rich she really is. The truth is, she just has a simple job. And what is outrageous to me is : she never even paid a schoolbill for her own kids. But so much for pretending how well off she is. When her husband confronted her on the schoolbills/facebook pictures, she still denied the whole thing and started to shout and yell at him.

    I’m wondering about these 2 things :

    1) Why it is so important for them to act like a rich one ? Posting pictures of a pair of boots on facebook, so everybody would see it. I mean it’s childish and ridiculous for a woman who is almost 40 years old. How could they behave worse than kids ?

    2) WHy they seem unable to look into their own hearts and be honest with themselves ? Example: acting rich and never even paying a school bill for her own kids. When confronted with the facts, instead being honest and looking inside her own heart, she started yelling and calling all kind of bad words. Why they can’t be honest with themselves ???

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      I think i can answer no. 2), Steve…it’s their defense mechanism, and they have fared pretty well with it. E.g. when someone tries to give them reasonable advice about sound financial planning, reacting hypersensitive or mad, saying that in their stressful life, they just wanted SOMETHING good for themselves instead of always being there for others, and that “in their culture”, it’s very insensitive to “count”…at one point you just don’t want to put up with it anymore and just shut up. A bit like a spoiled child, and it tends to work so they usually end up getting what they want.

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        Terrible two’s never ended. Increasingly escalating out of control as if will help them win. Lose/lose. They don’t always get what they want, they destroy it wanting it their way because by it’s very nature, reality is reality, there is no way around it.

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      #2 The anger at you for what they did or situation they created. Do they really not see it? They can be void of money issues but still display the pattern and it is no less selfish and damaging then if it was an issue with money.

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    Whenever i read stuff like that, i can’t help but think that they’re all the same (with very few exceptions). Buying unneccessary stuff is a must, but in the case of an “emergency”, they’re suddenly just very poor people.
    A key problem is that when a Filipino sees 20K of salary, he thinks he has 20K of disposable income. It’s so irrational, but they can’t even seem to understand the consequences of fixed monthly expenses (let alone factor in any unforseen expenses). Instead, they see a washing machine with 2K monthly and a shitload of interest and think “hey, i can afford that”. Luckally there’s a seemingly endless supply of good people that bail them out time and time again – be tough and don’t do it.

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      I had a Pinay GF a long time ago who had 3 kids. She was committed to sending her parasitic family in the PI $500 a month, come hell or high water. Her husband was a part time carpenter/part time farmer while she worked as a part time kitchen hand. She and her family lived on a derelict old house. One time I stopped by at her place later afternoon. The children run out of the shower shivering because it was winter and they were cold. I suggested she turn the heaters on for the kids. She refused stating “heating is expensive. They will be fine”. You be the judge what kind of mother she is.

      Then there was a month where she and her husband did not make enough to send the committed $500 a month. She asked us, her friends to loan her the money. I was only a student at the time, so I had to borrow from my Dad who then demanded why I needed $500. I explained to him. I was lectured about how wrong for my friend to make a commitment to her PI family when she can hardly afford to support her family here. He loaned me the money, but then said he’d deliver it himself. I thought nothing of it. Next thing I knew, she paid me back the following week. I asked her “oh, why so quick? I thought you did not have money?”. She replied “It’s OK, I managed to find some”. After a few days, I heard from another GF that she (the one who borrowed money) got upset with me and my Dad because when Dad delivered her the money, Dad asked her if she needed help with budgeting, and she took offence at this and hence was throwing a tampo on me. Dad swore that that was all he said, offered to teach her how to budget.

      We never ever reconciled after that because she became very rude and angry towards me. After that, I made it a rule never to loan money to Filipinos, be they relatives or friends.

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        @selene This little Story should be a lesson to all of us…even without our help, they’re still going to get it from somewhere. What disturbs me is that they even seem to be able to dictate the “conditions”. Maybe everyone who loans money to these people should accompany this with “budgeting help”….

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        Pinay Lover

        This story reminds me o my money moron wife. Ahe was racking up her credit card like there was no tomorrow an i would try to consult her about it and warn her of the mistake she was making. Instead of listenin an questioning her actions like an adult would do, she ran away crying like a baby. “Wahhh wahhhh”.

        What did i learn from this? Pinoys dont want to know the ba truths. They would rather live in fantasy until the repo men come and take their shit away

        Will they learns from this? Well, if i wasnt around i can guarantee you my wife, then gf, woul be in debt up to her eyeballs. I dont understand how they think help is an insult. You try to show them something to help them and they act like they are all knowing superior beings.

        A culture of people living a fantasy and in constent denial. Ungreatful parasites.

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      *Of course, this concept of mentally subtracting monthly fixed payments from your salary would be especially important for the average Filipino. Here in the west, many of our social insurance payments are deducted before we get our net salary, so we do not have to account for this, and the fact that we are better insured lowers the volatility of expenses.

      But good luck trying to explain this to a Filipino…it would be better if employers in the Philippines were made to deduct a certain amount for social insurance or involuntary savings and pay out less net salary. Some People have to be forced to act more rational.

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    I once read that when you start buying the unimportant things, later in life you will start selling the important ones. The problem with these people is the failure to leave the lavish/social life until the moment they are struggling so much. And when they do they pester the people around them and say how tadhana(life) is so hard or harsh to them, discounting their previous lavish life.

    It really is fucking so sick hearing people saying YOLO and “work hard, party harder” when they have money to spend. Even when helping them you still could not see any improvements, they will only pester you later for more since it is viewed as tolerance on them.

    I am not saying it is bad to help, when at work I just do not fucking care about your personal life. When not in work I
    just do not want to think any of your problem. Do not ask any help from me, but when I see you in difficult situation, deserving, and unabusive then you can count me in. The only question is, do we still have that kind of person in this country? … I really could not know nor tell.

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      “Whenever i read stuff like that, i can’t help but think that they’re all the same (with very few exceptions). Buying unneccessary stuff is a must, but in the case of an “emergency”, they’re suddenly just very poor people.”

      I have been approached several times to accept jewellery, (apparently Saudi gold), statutes (which I absolutely had no use for since I don’t live there and did not fancy packing it in my luggage, houses, land to pawn them to me. “Sangla” (pawn), I hate that word because to me, it signifies irresponsibility and not valuing inheritance (in the case of lands) or gifts.

      So many OFWs seemed to buy gold jewellery as “investment” while they are abroad, and yet often when they pawn or sell their gold jewellery it is for far less than what they paid for it. They can’t seem to understand that if you’re buying jewellery you will never get what you paid for it? They can’t seem to understand that liquid cash is best?

      As for the statue that was offered to me, it was a piece of some kind of heavy metal, I was told bronze, but for all I know it might have just been made from cement inside then painted. But the person offering said he paid P4000 for it ($100). What a piece of useless junk! I declined and told them I really have no use for it.

      Another useless object that was offered to me for P2000 ($50) was a glass replica of a pyramid. They needed the money to buy milk for the baby apparently. Again, something I have no need for. But it crossed my mind that they just wasted the money buying that junk, and now they can’t even offload it for half they paid for it.

      Sometimes, I think the head of the poor Filipinos who become OFWs simply spin and they don’t seem to think of the future, especially if and when they get sick?
      And same outcome for Filipinos who suddenly find themselves with money, be they inherited or because they worked for it, or they marry into it. The (usually) Filipina’s heads seemed to spin and they go berserk with shopping, collecting useless items. This is one of the biggest Filipino fail traits that I can think of, aside from the serious ones like selling their own daughters for money. But that’s another comment for some other time.

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    Barry Smyth

    She buys a gold chain from another so called friend for 1500 pesos because the bimbo told her it was gold,try explaining that a gold chain for 1500 peso is more likely not gold at all, she will not believe me but the bimbo who said it was gold is telling the truth it is gold.
    They sell this crap like Avon to unsuspecting fools like my girl thinking she is getting a bargain L.O.L.
    Now she told me she is going to get it valued, when asked where she told me the porn shop I can not believe just how stupid they are.
    This chain has cost her 4.5 days of work for shit, and the comment is simply the standard answer from them, is as if they do not care,I think they answer that way when they have been caught out by showing just how stupid they are.

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    Filo we hired my wife’s sister as house help mostly out of sympathy and to help her get on her feet after repeated requests for money over the years. We agreed to pay her a salary comparable to what the other house help in our neighborhood were making. FAIL!! after one week she began complaining about the work and doing things half-ass. My wife lost it and fired her…after one week. This woman then had the balls to ask for her week’s pay and “13th month” pay whatever-the-fuck-that-is

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      Steve Declerck

      13th month ? That’s a good one. Here we have this payment after working for the same company THE WHOLE YEAR, not 1 week.

      I’m sure if I would offer a job to my in laws that would give them the same payment like the parasite cash they receive monthly, I’m sure they would refuse. They don’t need the job, only the money that pays it…

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        When I was on dating sites (/Filipina emergency relief fund) I handled all emergencies with an offer of P1,500 a week for housekeeping. Emergency medicine needs, I will buy your moms medicine and her food on a daily basis and you clean on a daily basis. Never any takers. I was threatened once for not giving P3,000 to a girl online for her exam on Wednesday that just contacted me for the first time ever on Monday. She didn’t have time to earn it. She wanted me to feel the pain she felt and she was going to have a witch doctor curse me. A total stranger should give her P3,000 and is responsible for the pain she feels if they don’t? LOL. So absurd. A girl I knew (already ex status) asked me to sponsor her school via FB, she started to slightly pressure. I told her I didn’t do it for my own daughters and gave her a breakdown converted into peso of one of my daughters expenses to put herself through school. Transportation, housing, education, food, she didn’t even ask for help. She earned it. She didn’t ask again, but still texts, even after I stopped replying because of my gf, now wife.

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    Pinay Lover

    As ive mentioned before, in my opinion they are the biggest money morons. At least 8 out of 10 of the Filipinos ive encountered were complete an utter idiots with money.

    What adds insult to injury is the fact they would have the nerve to ask for hand-outs when they’ve spent their money on useless meaningless materials. But you see, its part of their “culture”. That is always the bullshit excuse they use or “It’s juat that way in the philippines”.

    Here’s another partnof the “culture” i fucking love. Getting rewarded for being an idiot and making stupid decisions. These numb skulls are more concerned with status and ego than anything else and were probably making shit up about the ultra sound so they could get some new useless item. Many of them dont want to learn from their stupid mistakes and instead get rewarded. Its a part of the “culture”.

    I can just name a few examples of money moron tendencies off the top of my head.

    1. Filipino at work told me this low waged ponoy idiot bought a new suv because she was envious of one of her “friends” who also had an suv. This dumb ass worked at subway and was probably making min wage. Anyhow, instead of returning the suv and learning a lesson she asked for hand outs every pay day from the other subway employees. You would think these pinoys would refuse but no, they went ahead and “lent” her money. Its a part of the “culture” to give like santa. Its another ego and status thing to make them feel like they have so much success and money that they can just give hoards of it away.

    2. My cousin told me he was waiting in line at the bank and this pinay idiot was demanding more “free” money (credit). The bank teller kindley told her “you owe money and cant be credited. “. So this dumb bitch persisted and eventually gave up and left, meanwhile holdin up a line of people. Like i said, they want to be rewarded for their stupidity even if it means holding up a line and demanding credit at a bank.

    3. Ive mentioned this before in one post. This one Filipino couple had no savings and wanted to get a loan on a deposit for a house. So in other words 0 down payment. Total idiocy at its best.

    4. I used to work at this place where they hired lots of cheap Filipinos. Anyway, i talked to the manager just about everyday. I found out pretty fast the wage these pinoys were making. He didnt like the owner and neither did I. He never gave them raises and his business was not professional in the least. Anyways, this one pinay idiot is making min wage, taking schooling to be a lawyer which costs heap loads of cash and one day rolls up to work in a bmw. Lol, the funny thing is that she was so shy, showed little confidence and rarely even spoke and she wanted to be a lawyer? Ha. I bet you anything she will be stuck in that shit job and payin that tuition off the rest of her life.

    5. Another example. I know a couple (husband white wife Filipino) who work low paying jobs, live in a shack for a house and blow all their money on private school for their son. This is something parents with a salary combined of 100,000$ a year will do. They would be lucky if they even make the 28,000$ mark. They own no home, no decent car and will retire with probably debt to leave for their son. The wife makes all the decisions in the house and being the typical pinoy idiot way, destroying her and her husbands future for someone else. “Thats our culture”.

    I could number dozens more but you get the idea. They praise status, materials, money, ego, and (unknowingly) stupidity and demand rewards for being idiots.

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    Pinay Lover

    Facebook is my wifes life. Sad as hell, but she literally has it open all day. All these shallow and superficial pinoys care about is status and comparing themselves to others. I cant number the amount of times my wife has said ” so and so did this so we should”.

    I told her not to live by money morons example. Their life examples lack merit.

    1. Profile gravatar of 30-30

      sadley,, it took me a long time to figure out that people are users and abusers.
      If u follow the herd,, be prepared to be poor

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    i really really like your blogs filo .
    i can truly relate to that , since im a gamer , i spend so much on it .

    but when the worst case scenario comes, i dont do something stupid like that .
    i take responsibility for what i did .

    by the way, there is no hope to those kind of people who likes to have what is trending .
    it’s like “i have the latest gadget, now tell that to your friends”.
    like that .

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    Visiting my family here in the states, now i’m dreading going back to the Shitlippines each day i stay. I’m forced to go back to Pinas for awhile, but hoping to get back to Florida soon. I hate The Phils so much! 🙁

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    “We can recognize that when it happens, and most of us learn from it, and get more responsible and disciplined with maturity. ”

    I sure did/do, but I never blamed others.

    Taking responsibility for our mistakes, knowing the mistake is ours is how we learn, they never do…

    But neither do I, I’m still here, I am still dealing with this shit.

    1) Making a mistake is not bad.
    2) Doing something the wrong way is how you learn the right way.
    3) I am not smarter than you, I already made that mistake or had that experience.
    4) I only know how to do these things right by learning the wrong ways first. Being wrong doesn’t mean being bad or stupid, it is how you LEARN the correct way.

    But that f***** brain spins non stop to show it’s right, tremendous amounts of energy and processing power dedicated to that one task. It drives me insane, to tears, so painful to watch and endure. The problem is not that you’re wrong because you’re stupid. Not accepting you’re wrong is making you stupid, it’s keeping you from being right, from getting what you need or what you want and can get. Get out of the must be right loop first and grow. Why is reality my fault?

    Still I feel hypercritical, why?

    I’m still here, I am still dealing with this shit.