Your Security

Protecting your identity, especially on this site, should be your top priority. It is also primarily YOUR responsibility. I do all I can to make the site as secure as possible. 

When you comment on a post, this website sends out an email notification to the owner/creator of the post with your comment. Your email address which you used to register to this site DOES SHOW UP ON THE EMAIL sent to the creator of the post. And your server IP address as well. Strong VPNThis is why I highly advise people to use a VPN when connecting to this site for full online anonymity. 99% OF ALL WEBSITES RECORD VISITOR’S IP ADDRESSES! But when you are connected to a VPN (Virtual Private Network), you are virtually surfing the web from a completely different IP Address in a completely different country.

VPN accounts enable you to surf the Internet without anyone knowing your true IP. IP’s are often tracked and traced in order forms, websites, and for malicious purposes. If you are on a VPN, websites will see the VPN’s IP address and country it’s in, instead of your IP and origin country. I use “Strong VPN” and it costs only $7.95 USD per month. A small price to pay to protect yourself online. They will offer full support and it’s easy to install the software. If needed, they can do the set up for you. Another benefit is that you can access content online that is blocked in Philippines. If you are surfing while connected to your VPN server in USA, then you are virtually in the USA electronically. 


Because of this, I HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you DO NOT USE YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL when registering for this site. 

You can create a free email account on any free web based email providers such as Yahoo Mail, Gmail, etc. Keep it anonymous. If you never reveal your real identity online, then nobody can get it. 

Ultimately, your online anonymity is YOUR RESPONSIBILITY. Not mine. Be wise and create a yahoo or gmail email account especially for this site. And keep your info anonymous.

Strong VPN